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Aerodisk Engine (A-Core)

Developers: Aerodisk (Ayero Disk)
Last Release Date: 2020/05/21
Technology: DWH



Transfer to OS "Viola of 8 joint ventures"

The companies "Aero disk" and "BaseALT" created a hardware-software storage system (DWH). In its structure – a line of domestic DWH of Aerodisk Engine and the Russian operating system "Viola of 8 joint ventures" with the high level of protection. It became known on May 21, 2020. Import-independent DWH will allow to state bodies and it is reliable to business companies to store and process large volumes personal data and confidential information. The solution can be applied to creation cloud of solutions, equipment DPCs, creation of the entrusted digital infrastructure.

Before transition of Aerodisk Engine to OS "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" to us was necessary to duplicate constantly independently process of completion of the basic operating system, including security patches and support of the equipment at the level of core modules. As a result we were faced the need to support not only a product, but also development of the basic operating system. Also use of the domestic certified OS having all necessary certifications allows to apply our hardware-software complex and on objects of critical information infrastructure".
noted the CEO of Aerodisk company Vyacheslav Volodkovich.

The operating system "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" is submitted by distribution kits "A viola 8 JVs Rabochaya stantion" and "the Viola 8 JVs Server". OS "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" has FSTEC certificates and FSB; timely receives all necessary security updates and it is provided with long-term support. The software product is developed by BaseALT companies and IVK. OS "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" is created on the basis of the Russian repository Sisyphus which is developed by BaseALT company. It is in the Russian jurisdiction therefore the operating system does not depend on foreign repositories.

New hardware-software DWH is logical result of development of partnership of our companies. Running OS "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" already works domestic DWH Aerodisk of the East, and we conduct negotiations on transfer of other products of Aerodisk to the Viola platform. These joint developments will extend through our partner networks,
shared plans the deputy CEO of BaseALT Alexey Novodvorsky.

At the heart of the updated model of DWH Aerodisk Engine N4

On April 1, 2020 it became known. that Aerodisk company, domestic manufacturer of solutions in data storage areas and virtualizations, and Ricore holding, the developer and the producer of difficult ADP equipment, started joint development of a high-performance storage system, the version of the Aerodisk Engine N4 model. In its basis – the software of Aerodisk Engine (A-Core) and also the hardware platform of Ricore company developed and made especially for work of this DWH within technology partnership. Read more here.

As a part of a domestic complex of DWH

On March 19, 2020 it became known that the company "Aero disk", the developer of solutions in the area data storage and virtualizations, and Russian computer system manufacturer ICL of the Techno announced hardware-software joint creation storage systems. This DWH will be developed based on the equipment of production of ICL of the Techno and software Aerodisk Engine (A-CORE). Also the companies consider the possibility of joint developments based on processor "Elbrus". It will help their customers to execute Governments of the Russian Federation Resolution No. 1746.

Within cooperation the Aerodisk company gives to ICL of the Techno an opportunity to install the software of Aerodisk Engine (A-CORE) on the server hardware. In addition, Aerodisk will be engaged in training of employees of the partner.

The software of Aerodisk Engine (A-CORE) is included into the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications. The software is set on all solutions of a line of storage systems Aerodisk Engine.

For March, 2020 together with ICL of the Techno we create a portfolio of the Russian products, as one of components of which our software acts. Especially readiness of the partner for possible general development of completely domestic solution based on the Elbrus processor pleases. We already have a similar experience: as a result of consolidation with a number of the leading Russian technological companies in consortium we could develop DWH which hardware platform completely consists of domestic components,
notes Vyacheslav Volodkovich, the CEO of Aerodisk company

the Basic reason on which we selected Aerodisk for cooperation - it is a flexible, active and initiative command which works in the company. Earlier we already implemented the joint project: delivered solutions based on our equipment and the software of the partner in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. We select what processors will form the basis of the joint solution, and in this quality we consider the equipment Elbrus",



  • porting of software of ENGINE under architecture of e2k - Elbrus