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Alice Golosovoy assistant

The name of the base system (platform): Yandex SpeechKit Cloud
Developers: Yandex
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/10/10
Last Release Date: 2019/08/23
Branches: Internet services


Alice is the voice assistant created in Yandex. She turns on the music and video, answers questions, executes instructions and is ready to keep up the conversation on any subject. It is possible to manage the smart house through smart columns with Alice — Yandex. Station, Irbis A, DEXP Smartbox, Elari Smartbeat and LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y. And also through Yandex. Phone and mobile applications — Yandex, Yandex.Browser, Yandex. Navigator and Yandex. Loncher.


Skill of free search of the lost phone using Tele2

Tele2 company, alternative mobile operator, announced on August 23, 2019 start for a virtual assistant of "Yandex" of skill of free search of the lost house or at office of phone.

Tele2 "trained" the virtual assistant to "Yandex" in skill of search of the lost phone

At the command of the user Alice will contact Tele2 network, and the company will call on phone lost at home or at work. The company considers that the skill will be demanded as the audience of the virtual assistant exceeds 35 million people. Tele2 does not limit a circle of clients — subscribers of any operators can use Alice's skill.

To find the lost phone, it is enough to user to say a phrase: "Alice, ask Tele2 to find my phone". By the first call Alice will suggest the subscriber to tie the number to that device from which in the future he is going to look for the smartphone. It can be any gadget where there is Alice — a smart column " Yandex.station ", the computer with "Yandex.Browser", the second phone or the tablet with applications of "Yandex".

Registration of number on the device is simple: Alice will ask the user to dictate number, and then the confirmation code specified in the SMS. For the following search will be to say a code phrase enough, and the lost phone will begin to call.

Externally simple skill is based on artificial intelligence technology. Clever Alice will help the user and to conduct dialogue with him even if he incorrectly called a code phrase or not at once found the phone.

Tele2 believes that this skill of Alice has a high potential in the Russian market. According to the operator, function of search of phone using a virtual assistant is popular abroad and enters the five of the most demanded skills. At the same time unlike Russian, the American version is paid.

Among Alice's skills, popular among users — playing of music, a weather forecast, image understanding, calculation of a route, installation of the alarm clock and the translator.

Skills of the voice assistant Alice were replenished with sounds

"Yandex" announced in June, 2019 that now developers of skills for Alice can use short audio recordings — lasting not more than two minutes. Thus it is possible to add an actor's postscoring of remarks, different audio effects or sounds which create an image of a brand to skills. All this will allow the companies to increase the involvement of users of skill.

"Today about 20% of search traffic of Yandex are the share of voice requests, and this share grows. Many companies already learned to create voice skills for Alice, among them there are Sony, HeadHunter, SkyEng, Qlean, Asics. The new functionality expands possibilities of communication of business with the clients and also gives broad lands for imagination of developers" — Daniil Kolesnikov, the head of marketing of Alice told.

It is possible to load an audio recording in a personal account of " Yandex.dialogs ", for this purpose it is enough to transfer the file to the field of loading. In total it is possible to load up to 1 GB of materials. Soundtracks will be stored on servers of Yandex and to be reproduced in interaction of the user with skill.

Opportunity was already tested by several companies. So, the Finna command developed skill "the Citadel. Part second" in which the game plot is developed in short dialogs with the user. In this skill about 50 soundtracks sounded by actors are used. The AppTractor command created skill of Bird of Russia which allows to hear voices more than 40 birds and to learn the interesting facts about different types. And the project of the command "Abrupt bits for a track rap" finds free and paid bits by such parameters as speed, a genre and mood.

Integration in "Yandex: Smart house"

On May 23, 2019 the Yandex company provided the smart house which is managed by Alice. Now it is possible to ask to switch on it light, to lower temperature on the conditioner or to make louder the TV. The smart house of Yandex works with about tens of devices created by Philips, Redmond, Rubetek, Samsung and Xiaomi — smart bulbs, sockets and home electric devices. Read more here.

Integration into the smart column LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y

On April 19, 2019 the Yandex company reported that Alice for the first time lodged in the structure of Electronics LG company — the smart column LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y. Read more here.

Integration into the smart column Elari SmartBeat

On March 19, 2019 the companies Elari and "Yandex" announced the beginning of federal sales portable smart column Elari SmartBeat with voice assistant Alice. In more detail here.

An opportunity to include radio station or TV channel

On March 15, 2019 Yandex reported that users Yandex. Stations, smart Irbis Dexp columns A and Smartbox can listen to radio now. The voice assistant Alice will help to find and turn on radio station.

In Yandex. The station and other smart columns with Alice tens of radio stations are available. To turn on radio, it is enough to tell: "Alice, turn on 91.2" or "Alice, turn on radio ""Maksimum'". Alice will define where there is a person, and will find the local version of radio station. If not to call the specific station, Alice will start accidental or will turn on that to which the person listened earlier. And if to ask: "Following" or Previous, the voice assistant will find the first in frequency. Besides, Alice is able to answer a question what radio stations she has.

Using Yandex. The station can watch TV channels of Yandex also. Air. For March, 2019 on air of well more than 140 TV channels, including about 20 channels of Yandex. The company offers the audience content of different subject. They are broadcast from early morning to the dead of night, and without advertizing. Some channels of Air can be looked in the increased permission — thanks to technology of Yandex DeepHD.


Training in skills of the guide in the museums of Sverdlovsk region

On December 26, 2018 the company "Routes of the Great Northern expedition" reported that the voice assistant Alice can already become to spring of 2019 the guide in the museums of Sverdlovsk region and tell visitors about Renaissance pictures, exhibits and artifacts, the artificial Earth satellite and Vitus Bering's expedition.

According to the company, Mamatov publishing house together with the platform of free audioexcursions izi.TRAVEL are going to train the voice assistant to Yandex. Alice will be able to become the guide in nine museums of Sverdlovsk region which were included into the project "Routes of the Great Northern expedition". During "study" the audioassistant will master data on exhibits of the museums of Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, Irbit, Verkhoturye, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Turinsk, Kamyshlov and the settlement of Bilimbay. To visitors will be to photograph on the smartphone an object from exposure enough, and Alice will start about it the audioguide.

According to the plan Alice will become this guide and will be able to tell a story about the original of a picture of Rubens "The repenting Mary Magdalene and the sister her Marfa", a portrait of the princess of the Netherlands Van Dyck's brushes, guns cast for Vitus Bering's expedition, model of the first artificial Earth satellite and for December, 2018 about 200 rare exhibits from collections of the museums.

Ildar Mamatov, author of the project "Routes of the Great Northern expedition", member of the Russian Geographical Society

The voice assistant distinguishes objects using computer vision. Then starts audio recordings from the izi.TRAVEL platform on which for December, 2018 audioguides of nearly 2000 museums of the world are placed.

Organizers of the project collected data for Alice in a set-up time of routes of excursions on the cities where for December, 2018 more than 300 people studied the places connected with Vitus Bering's expedition using historical quest on traces the captain-commodore.

Consultation on insurance questions from Absolute of Insurance

On December 14, 2018 the Absolute Insurance company reported that a virtual voice assistant Alice will advise clients of the company on insurance questions now. According to the company, skill Absolute Insurance is available in Yandex.Browser and on smartphones.

Alice answers for December, 2018 the most widespread questions of clients which were received on analysis results of appeals to contact center by phone and via the website of the company. As a result, the voice assistant will help to reduce loading of call center operators at the answer to simple questions. Also Alice helps clients to understand the main insurance products of the company and directs to the page of purchase of the insurance policy.

Further is going "teach" Alice predzapolnyat the calculator and calculate the cost of an insurance on a request of clients and also to online make out and pay the policy. Thus, clients of the company will be able to purchase an insurance, using exclusively voice commands. To begin a conversation, the user should tell an activation phrase: "Start skill Absolute of Insurance!

The Absolute Insurance company takes steps as much as possible to bring closer dialog with Alice to usual human communication, to make it more thematically various, comfortable and effective. For convenience of potential insurers in the nearest future skill Absolute Insurance will be released for Yandex. Stations.

"Smart" devices with Alice — IRBIS A and DEXP Smartbox

On November 19, 2018 the Yandex company provided compact devices with Alice — IRBIS A and DEXP Smartbox.

IRBIS A и DEXP Smartbox

According to the company, devices resemble mini-columns superficially, but inside at everyone — the miniature computer. On the computer there lives Alice who understands the human speech and helps with simple affairs. Both devices easy and compact, are no more than tea cup therefore it is convenient to use them on all house. In kitchen such assistant will prompt how many to cook semolina porridge, and will deliver the timer that it did not burn slightly. In the nursery — will tell the fairy tale and will sing a song, will play or will chat with children. In the bedroom — will set the alarm clock and will turn on the pleasant music or noise of the sea that it was easier to fall asleep. In the living room — will prompt time or will retell the latest news.

Clever assistants are not the future any more, they firmly enter our life. For example, users of Yandex. Stations for November, 2018 address it on average 20 times a day. That such assistants became more, we created the Yandex.IO platform which allows the producer most to make the product "smart'. For November, 2018 we are glad to provide the first devices created by our partners on this platform"

Konstantin Kruglov, director of experimental products of Yandex

Both devices work from the electric network. They can also be connected to external acoustics: DEXP Smartbox — on Bluetooth, and IRBIS A — a wire.

For November, 2018 along with IRBIS A and DEXP Smartbox Alice already lives in Elari KidPhone 3G children's watch and Sony Xperia Ear Duo earphones and also at the Station, in the Navigator, the Browser and other services of Yandex.

Additional skill "I am a professional"

On October 16, 2018 SPbPU reported that the voice assistant Alice learned to help with career guidance.

It is possible to ask it not only for the help in the solution of routine tasks, but also for council in choice of profession. The appeared skill of the voice assistant is called "I am a professional". It is the professional orientation test which results will tell users about their tendencies and suitable fields of activity. Using seven original questions of triangles, a game and jokes to the user will help to select one of 11 specialties connected with the directions of the Olympic Games "I Am a Professional" as which technical partner Yandex acts. To begin the test, it is necessary to appeal to Alice: "Start skill 'I am a professional'".

For October, 2018 at the Olympic Games more than 100 partner employers from whom we constantly work with HR consultants of the majority. But Alice, certainly, is the HR expert of the Olympic Games with artificial intelligence.
Valeria Kasamara, head of the Olympic Games "I Am a Professional"

"I am a professional"
Career guidance with Alice – an interesting idea. Very much reminds the game 'Akinator', only Alice solves a problem more difficultly – guesses who you are is. As a result of small entertaining poll the result which surprisingly describes you turns out. Besides, perhaps, Alice will make out in you something else what you do not even guess.
Andrey Bryansky, the silver medallist in the Mechanical engineering direction from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Registration for the Olympic Games "I Am a Professional" started on September 26, 2018. Till November 22 all Russian students and recent graduates of universities can submit applications for 54 Olympic Games directions. On the portal demoversions of tasks and profile webinars from teachers of the Russian universities are already available to participants. These materials will allow to be prepared for tests better.

Tender "Alice's Award"

On October 10, 2018 Yandex announced the competition "Alice's Award". Every month the company will award developers who teach Alice to different skills. Until the end of 2018 they will receive in total more than one million rubles. Tender is started in honor of a birthday of Alice.

Alice's award

Anyone can teach Alice to something. For this purpose it is necessary to think up the scenario of skill, to program it in any language and to add in the voice assistant through the Yandex platform. Dialogs. The skill will appear in Alice's directory and will be available to all users. They will be able to find it in the appropriate thematic section or a selection. And that learned as much as possible people about the added Alice's ability, it is possible to tell about it, for example, in social networks.

Once a month Alice's team will select five best skills and to award their creators. The award will be got by authors of the most popular skills to which people return again and again. It will be considered also as far as these skills are useful — whether they do life of people more pleasant and more interesting. The author of the best skill will receive 150 thousand rubles, other winners — 100, 85, 70 and 50 thousand rubles respectively. Only independent developers can apply for an award, tender will last until the end of 2018.

To create good skill, it is not necessary to be the superprogrammer. Even the beginner can make it. Here the idea, the scenario of user interaction is important. If it is possible to grope something that the truth is necessary for people, the skill will become popular.
Denis Filippov, Alice's head

Alice is available in Yandex.Browser to Windows and mobile devices, in the Yandex application, the Navigator and Yandex. Stations. She is able to look for on the Internet, knows a set of games and is capable to help with affairs. For October, 2018 in Alice's arsenal of 28 thousand skills, 900 of them are chat-bots.

Alice learned to understand music and received computer vision

The voice assistant to Alice developed by "Yandex" had a computer vision and ear for music. If to show to Alice the photo, she will understand what on it is represented and if to turn on the music — prompts the song and will suggest to listen to it on " "[1].

Alice recognizes model and a make of the car, breed of a cat or dog by a photo, identifies the unfamiliar building or a monument, will call a celebrity or the work of art. If in the photo there is a text, Alice will suggest to recognize it and to translate into the Russian or other language using " Yandex.translator ". Having seen the smartphone, pair of shoes or other goods — will find similar options on Yandex.Market or in search of "Yandex".

If nearby music plays, it is enough to ask: "Alice, what now plays?" — and she will prompt the song and the contractor. With it Alice is helped by the technology of " " created on the basis of neural networks. The sensing technology of images which Alice uses is also developed using machine learning. The same technology works, for example, searching according to pictures on the computer and in the Yandex application. In more detail how computer vision is applied, Alexander Kraynov — the head of service of computer vision of Yandex told at the YaC conference today.

"Alice is created to help people with daily affairs — and it does all this better and better. Look for on the Internet, learn a situation on the road or it was able to do a weather forecast for a long time, and this year learned still a set of the necessary things: call the taxi, set the alarm clock, put the timer — the head of the product "Alice" Ilya Subbotin says. — Now Alice is able to prompt that it for a tune plays on radio, or to identify some mysterious fruit according to the photo. Also will continue to study".


Gref called the voice assistant to "Yandex" silly. Alice could not answer it because of the first law of robotics

The head Sberbank German Gref said on December 21 that the voice assistant Alice who is let out by "Yandex" in October, 2017 very silly and needs completion. "I tried to talk to it, but at me not really it turned out" — Gref[2] reported[3].

At the same time Gref noted that in "Yandex" amazing people work, and engineers of the company it is not worse than the staff of Google.

In several hours the press service of "Yandex" answered the head of Sberbank: "Under the first law of robotics, the robot cannot do harm to the person. And, unfortunately, everyone can offend the robot". As the press service of the company told Jellyfish, Alice does not take offense, works further and wishes all a Happy New Year.

System presentation

On October 10, 2017 the Yandex company provided Alice — the voice assistant who will help to find information in the Internet, will prompt where to have supper, will tell about weather for tomorrow and will help to solve a set of other routine tasks.


Thanks to the neural network trained at a huge array of texts it is possible just to chat with Alice. According to developers, she is able to distinguish and process incomplete phrases and questions, considers a context of told and is capable to improvise, at the same time is allocated with character and even sense of humour.

For example, it is possible to ask Alice: "Where nearby to drink coffee?", instead of dictating "coffee shop the street of astronauts". Alice will glance in Yandex. The reference book will also offer the suitable place. In response to "Perfectly and how there to pass?" — will give the reference to already constructed route in Yandex.Maps.

Voice and technologies

Recognize the speech, define value of told and synthesize a voice to say the answer, Alice is able thanks to speech SpeechKit technologies. She speaks by voice of the actress Tatyana Shitova. Alice was trained at Shitova's records using a neuronet which sticks together sounds in words and selects intonation.

We wanted that Alice spoke with people their language, but did not accustom to the as it was done by computer interfaces in the past — Denis Filippov, the head of speech technologies of Yandex told. — For this purpose, first of all, it is necessary that she understood this human speech, and not just ideally said requests. It was one of priorities when developing Alice's, and now, according to our measurements, it — the best of voice assistants on recognition of the Russian speech. On a metrics of WER Alice recognizes the speech with an accuracy close to human.

Work with services and applications

Alice is able to work with several services of Yandex, including with Search, Cards, Music and Weather. According to plans of Yandex, over time she will learn to address other services and will be able to do more — for example to advise the movie or to call the taxi.

In the long term other companies will be able to give to Alice access to the services too, and already she is able to start third-party applications — it is possible to ask it to open Instagram or VKontakte.


It is possible to talk to Alice in the Yandex application and the beta of the Voice assistant for Windows. Shortly it will appear in Yandex.Browser, and then and in other products of Yandex.

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