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Aplana PTF Performance Testing Framework

Developers: IBS AppLine (Before Aplana Software, Aplana)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2018/09/05
Last Release Date: 2020/07/31
Technology: Development tools of applications

Problem of a framework of Aplana Performance Testing Framework (PTF) — to reduce differences between popular paid and free tools for carrying out stress testing.

For September, 2018 the solution represents an alternative as to purchase of expensive ready tools from the western vendors, and to free developments with the open code having limited functionality.

According to Aplana, on the basis of experience and examination of specialists of the company it was succeeded to integrate a number of Open Source-платформ, having expanded their opportunities due to considerable completion of functionality.

2020: Inclusion of the Aplana PTF platform in the register of domestic software

On July 31, 2020 IBS reported that the Aplana PTF platform for carrying out stress testing is included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. It is already the second development of the resident SkolkovoIBS AppLine Innovation companies (before "Aplan IT of the Innovation"), included in the register.

The decision on registration of the Cyclone platform for carrying out overload tests in the Unified register of the Russian software for a computer and a DB was accepted expert advice at the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in July, 2020 (reg. number software 6806).

Within different projects specialists of IBS AppLine faced shortcomings of the existing tools for carrying out stress testing more than once. Ready-made solutions usually differ from the western vendors in high price, and open source-инструменты have limited functionality. The problem of the Cyclone platform was to minimize these inconveniences and to reduce differences between paid and free solutions for carrying out stress testing.

On the basis of experience and examination engineers of IBS AppLine managed to integrate a number of open source-products, having expanded their opportunities due to considerable completion of functionality.

Use of Cyclone significantly reduces costs for testing of performance of the high-loaded systems due to automation of process of carrying out stress testing — from creation of the NT model to obtaining results of testing in real time. Including thanks to the automated modules on processing and parametrization of traffic of applications it was succeeded to achieve considerable reduction of time expenditure on the most labor-consuming task — development of scripts of stress testing.

The Cyclone platform is continuously improved and improved on the basis of both technology trends, and the responses arriving from users of a product. As development is conducted on flexible methodologies, from the moment of receipt of notes from users until software updating there pass no more than two-three weeks. It allows clients of IBS AppLine company to expect a first line support of their processes of testing.

For the end of July, 2020 Cyclone is used on projects on ensuring quality of software both in commercial, and in state sectors.

Our stress testing engineers are engaged in development of Cyclone. Someone from them already completely switched to development, and someone — combines it with project tasks. Total experience of a command — several hundred projects on stress testing. Due to the experience these people see shortcomings of the current solutions both at open source-, and at enterprise-products therefore eliminate them in Cyclone or add functionality. The main focus is placed on the maximum automation of routine technical tasks which face on any project on stress testing. In it there is also a main advantage of Cyclone.

The head of the automated and stress testing of IBS AppLine Nikolay Marchenko:

Inclusion of Cyclone in the register of the Russian software allows the company to participate in programs for import substitution of similar software. When everywhere there are state programs on digitalization, stress testing becomes their integral part. As a result considerably the quality of the crucial and high-loaded systems increases, their performance and fault tolerance increases. At the same time in certain cases due to optimization of systems at early development stages of software purchase costs of the equipment for deployment of systems many times decrease. We will continue to improve our solutions for test automation and we will work on others.


2018: Development and registration in Rospatent

The Aplana company (enters into Aplana Group) announced on September 5, 2018 development and registration of own solutions Aplana Test Automation Framework (TAF) for automation of functional testing and Aplana Performance Testing Framework (PTF) for carrying out overload tests of software. Read more here.