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Apple Watch 5 Series

The name of the base system (platform): Apple Watch
Developers: Apple
Date of the premiere of the system: September 10, 2019
Branches: Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

2019: Announcement

On September 10, 2019 the presentation of the Apple Watch 5 Series smartwatch took place . The active Retina display became one of the most remarkable innovations always: it constantly displays time and other information, and users do not need to raise a wrist or to concern the screen. At the same time the wearable gadget is capable to work 18 hours without recharge.

In the device there was a Compass application which allows to define the direction of the movement, a bias corner, width and  longitude  and also height  above sea level.  On the dial it is possible to install the extensions to define the direction, having looked for  hours.

Apple Watch 5 Series with the new Compass application

In the 5th generation of Apple Watch with the module of cellular communication it is possible to make emergency calls from abroad (works without connection to iPhone). Besides, function of a call of emergency services automatically works if the person fell and long lies without the movement.

In  the watchOS 6 operating system  there were additional functions allowing to watch over  health. The Tracking of a Cycle application stores data on  a menstrual cycle and  predicts the beginning of a new cycle and  window of fertility.

The Noise application monitors  the level of surrounding noise, for example  during the concert or a sports match, and  warns when volume exceeds admissible regulation.

The Activity Trends application on  iPhone allows to browse sports indicators for  the long period and  to estimate progress. 

Buyers of Apple Watch 5 Series can pick up own combination of the body and a thong

Sales  of the Apple Watch 5 Series smartwatch will begin on September 20, 2019. Their cost in Russia will be from  32,990 rubles. The device can be purchased in the aluminum and titanic body, models from white ceramics and stainless steel are also provided.

For the first time the producer will offer an opportunity of individual selection of a thong and the body upon  purchase  of Apple Watch 5 Series.[1]