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Apple iOS

Developers: Apple
Date of the premiere of the system: 2007
Last Release Date: June, 2020
Technology: OS


iOS is the operating system for mobile devices of the American company Apple, till June 24, 2010 known under the name iPhone OS. The first IOS-DEVICE — iPhone — went on sale in June, 2007. In 2014 support of the automobile multimedia CarPlay Apple systems appeared.

By 2017 more than 1 billion IOS-GADGETS are sold worldwide.

Security of IOS

Main article: Security of IOS

2020: Apple submitted iOS 14

On June 22, 2020 the Apple company submitted the updated operating system iOS. One of the main innovations in iOS 14 is connected with presence of the built-in translator between 11 languages, including Russian. This tool will facilitate communication with foreigners.

There was a Picture in picture mode — along with watching video it is possible to use other application.

In iOS 14 new setup options of the screen appeared - on pages of the home screen it is possible to configure widgets.

In  Maps Apple function of recommendations and guides and also support of bicycle tracks taking into account data on traffic and ladders appeared.

Apple completely changed design of the home screen and now on pages it is possible to place widgets which represent an expanded icon of the application with the additional information. For example, the icon of Weather will show weather on the street, and the calendar — scheduled events. Also so-called smart widgets on which information from several programs and changing depending on a context is fixed are provided.

Siri voice assistant learned to decrypt a voice directly on  the device,  i.e. messages will be quicker decrypted also  without the Internet. The separate element in the form of a circle with Siri will appear over the normal interface. The Siri service began to work 20 times quicker, the producer claims.

iPhone with IOS 14 or more late versions of a firmware can be used as a key for the car.  To open the car, it will be necessary to bring the smartphone to the NFC reader.  The first cars which will support updating will become there will be BMWs of the fifth series. The new feature since 2021 will work.

Service for quick access to the App Clips applications is added. Miniatures of the App Clip applications are loaded for several seconds and allow to purchase coffee, to pay the parking or to perform other operation, said in the press release of Apple.[1]


Share of devices on iOS in the countries of the world

Revolution of smartphones was Android revolution. Shares of Android and iOS in the countries of the world. Data for 2019.

The U.S. Department of Defense recommends not to set iOS 13

On September 19, 2019 the Apple company officially released iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad. Though many users hurry to update the devices, the U.S. Department of Defense does not recommend to do it.

According to the website Inc, Ministry of Defence of the USA sent to the employees and partners e-mails in which strongly recommended not to set iOS 13. According to the letter, the current version of OS contains errors and dangerous vulnerabilities. Advise users to wait for release of the version of IOS 13.1 which release is planned for September 24 of this year. By then the Apple company will manage to eliminate all flaws and a system will become stabler and safer.

"The Ministry of Defence strongly recommends not to be updated to avoid the found errors in Apple iOS 13. It is expected that Apple will release iOS 13.1 at the end of September, 2019 for elimination of vulnerabilities. Be not updated to IOS 13 and iPadOS to the further notification because of the known functional problems which can lead to failure in work of corporate services", said in the letter[2].

Availability of IOS 13 of beta 5

On July 29, 2019 iOS 13 beta 5 became available to all registered developers. Updating can already be set as on "air" (through a special profile), and via the computer, having downloaded the software corresponding file on the official site of the company.

Innovations of IOS 13 of beta 5:

  • The Share tab was processed.
  • In the House application augmented list of available wall-paper;
  • There was an opportunity to regulate the cursor size at connection of a mouse;
  • The updated welcome window for the Siri setup in HomePod;
  • Little visual changes in the status bar: icon 3G/LTE was increased;
  • At initial setup of the device the window of the choice of the interface (the light/dark mode) appeared;
  • Screenshots become now with the rounded edges (only on iPhone X and is newer);
  • The toddler of volume received additional divisions. Each level variation of a sound is followed by haptic feedback now.

What problems were corrected in iOS 13 beta 5

  • The error interfering installation of a corporate profile is corrected;
  • The graphic errors arising during the work with Spotlight are eliminated;
  • The error at which the user could not attach the image in the Mail application is corrected;
  • Stability of third-party applications is improved (WhatsApp, Instagram);
  • The problem at which the user could not enter the PIN code on the setup screen is fixed;
  • Numerous bugs are fixed, the general optimization of a system is improved.

Bugs of IOS 13 of beta 5:

  • In the menu of multitasking earlier closed applications can be displayed;
  • Function synchronization of Messages can incorrectly work;
  • The Locator application works unstably. The option "Notify at Detection" is still unavailable;
  • AirPods earphones can lose connection if the Announce Messages with Siri function is activated;
  • Not translated elements still meet in the operating system;
  • Search in the Notes application works incorrectly;
  • In the keyboard there is still no support of Russian in the QuickPath mode.

Final version of IOS 12.4

On July 23, 2019 it became known that the Apple company as a part of three other releases released the final version of IOS 12.4 which it tested for more than three months. Support of Card Apple service became the main innovation of updating, however in Cupertino did not begin to be limited only to it and added to the operating system some more innovations.

iOS 12.4

In spite of the fact that iOS 12.4 is so-called functional updating, it contains not so many innovations as it would be desirable. Nevertheless, existence of some of them can seriously facilitate life to users.

  • Support of Card Apple
  • Wireless data transmission from one iPhone on another
  • Editions in News Apple + are available for offline - readings in the section of My Magazines
  • Function of removal of history of the loaded editions in News Apple +
  • There was an opportunity to add the pleasant publications to top line in News Apple +
  • Walkie-Talkie support returned
  • There was a support of HomePod in Singapore and Japan

Function of wireless data transfer is especially noted. It allows to transfer directly data and settings from one iPhone to another by means of Wi - Fi - connection. Earlier accomplishment of similar transaction was possible only at initial activation of a latest model.

iOS 12.4 is supported:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS/XS Max
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 5
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air 3
  • iPad 5
  • iPad 6
  • iPad Pro 9,7`
  • iPad Pro 12.9' (all generations)
  • iPad Pro 10,5`
  • iPad Pro 11`
  • iPod Touch (6th generation)
  • iPod Touch (the 7th generation)[3]

Release of IOS 13 — 7 main innovations

On June 3, 2019 Apple submitted the new version of the mobile operating system iOS. According to developers, in iOS 13 the speed of work of some functions is increased. For example, a system face recognition works for 30%, updatings of applications and systems "weigh" 50% less former, and programs are started twice quicker. Main innovations of IOS 13 following:

Dark subject of a design

The dark color scheme is used in all OS and in the built-in applications. This mode is convenient for viewing content at low lighting. Third-party developers can add the dark mode to the applications.

Dark subject in iOS 13

Sign in with Apple

This function allows to be authorized on third-party platforms by means of an account of Apple.  A similar system at Google appeared for a long time. In iOS 13 the voice of Siri became more natural, and  the fast Siri commands  support offers of templates of automation with which it is possible to configure sets of actions for often repeating situations, such as way for work or a visit of gym. 

New Reminders

In the Reminders application became possible to mark out other users — they will receive the notification in iMessage. Also there was a panel of quick entry for adding of a task.

Svaypa in the keyboard

Users can type the text in iOS 13, without tearing off a finger from the screen. Possibilities  of text editing are improved: scrolling of documents, cursor movement and the choice of the text are executed quicker and more precisely now, claim in Apple. 

New tools for a photo and video

In iOS 13 it is possible to invert video in gallery, function of automatic reproduction of videos appeared. Enhanced capabilities for editing video and function of automatic concealment of duplicates of photos are also added.

Began to share content more simply and quicker: iOS 13 itself will try to guess which of contacts needs to send the photo or the document


The Health application  offers opportunities of regular check of level of hearing and also new methods of tracking, visualization and forecasting of a menstrual cycle.


In the updated OS permission to sharing data on location, can be given only once. iOS 13 will send reports on that as well as what applications are used by these data.[4]

Apple and SAP provided tools for software development with augmented reality

On May 7, 2019 Apple and SAP announced cooperation increase in the market of corporate solutions. The new agreement assumes release of joint tools for software development with support of augmented reality.

Within partnership the library for sale machine learning of Core ML Apple is integrated with SDK the SAP Cloud Platform for tools iOS. Using possibilities of Core ML Apple, the companies will be able to create applications on the platform SAP Leonardo.

Use of augmented reality in iPad

In a new stage of cooperation of Apple and SAP the emphasis is placed on augmented reality. The companies will be able to involve this technology in iPhone and iPad for the solution of different business challenges, such as repair of the equipment or inventory management of goods in warehouses and shelves of shops, Reuters reports.

Augmented reality and machine learning will become key means for providing the correct information to the necessary person in suitable time — the CEO of Apple Tim Cook at the SAP Sapphire conference said.

In May, 2019 software integration of Apple and SAP was expanded. Main innovations following:[5]

  • Models of machine learning can be loaded on iPhone and iPad for start on mobile devices without connection to the Internet. They will be able dynamically to be updated at connection to SAP Cloud Platform;

  • Mobile applications of SAP for systems SuccessFactors, Concur and SAP Asset Manager got the built-in support of IOS. It will also be implemented in more wide range of products, starting with solutions Ariba;

These steps give SAP "direct access to all good on the IOS platform, and to devices of Apple — to a rich business environment which SAP has worldwide", the representative of Stratix company (the partner of SAP) Marko Nielsen considers.

Release of IOS 12.1.4. The problem with connection to Network is not fixed

On February 12, 2019 it became known that the Apple company released the update of IOS 12.1.4 designed to correct a number of problems for the mobile operating system. In particular the notorious vulnerability in FaceTime allowing to spy secretly on owners of iPhone and also two serious vulnerabilities of zero day in frameworks was corrected.

iOS 12.1.4

Updating had to improve work with gadgets, but iOS 12.1.4 causes problems with connection to the Internet both through Wi-Fi, and through the telecom operator, and in certain cases iPhone even ceased to distinguish the SIM card. These problems torment users from the very first release of IOS 12, and with each exit of updates it becomes better not. For February, 2019 the problem concerned even those to whom has the luck to avoid it last time.

The users who set updating announce problems with voice reminders, photos, e-mail, Touch ID and AirPods[6].


With a release of IOS of 12.1.2 iPhones ceased to be connected to cellular networks

On December 24, 2018, it became known that the Apple smartphones ceased "see" a cellular network after a release of the next version of a firmware of IOS. The problem purchased mass character – worldwide users cannot call and go on-line. The patch eliminating a defect did not leave yet.

The Apple company released the firmware of IOS 12.1.2 intended for elimination of small defects of the previous release. However the users who set an update began to complain of the appeared problems with communication – smartphones ceased to be connected to cellular networks, to send messages and to process the entering outgoing calls, reports the TechSpot resource.

On a twist of fate, updating of IOS 12.1.2 had to fix the same problems with iPhone in Turkey, but as a result users from all corners of the world began to complain of impossibility of commission of calls. Initially communication failed only on models of a line of 2018, and for December, 2018 complaints began to arrive also from owners of devices of two - and three-year prescription.

The problem which arose in iPhone has no certain symptoms: a part of users can lose access only to LTE networks, someone cannot call at all, but at the same time can send text messages, and everything works for someone, even the mobile Internet, but it is exclusive in networks of the second generation (GSM). At the same time complaints to work of Wi-fi from the users who set updating of IOS 12.1.2 arrive too, therefore, the problem mentions not only the cellular modem.

As of the first half on December 24, 2018 the Apple company did not react in any way to mass negative reviews of owners smartphones iPhone which wave overflowed Twitter also an official forum of technical support of Apple. Representatives of the company are limited to the banal recommendations including hard reset (hard reset) of the device, inclusion and shutdown of the mode of flight and reset to factory defaults so far. The last method, we will note, inevitably involves total loss of all personal data, stored in memory of the device.

As reported, Apple already conducts work on an update of IOS 12.1.3 in which the mass problem with connection to wireless and cellular networks can be solved. For December 24, 2018 the firmware is unavailable to downloading and installations, and updates which are contained in it and changes do not reveal. The owners of iPhone who were not in time to be updated by IOS 12.1.2 yet are recommended to wait until Apple releases stable release of a firmware in which there will be no so serious defects.

For Apple it is a firmware, not the first for December, 2018, with the integrated bugs integrated to operation of smartphones on the cellular networks. The update of IOS 12.1.1 in some cases deprived of users of a connectivity to cellular networks of fourth generation therefore they had to go on-line through slow 3G networks.

In this case Apple reacted to discontent of users more quickly, having promised to release shortly the update correcting the specified defect. To its exit the same ways of solving the problem – return to factory defaults and hard reset were offered users.

The update of IOS 12.1.2 which instead of correcting a situation, repeatedly aggravated it had to become this updating also. Meanwhile, the very first stable iOS 12 which appeared in September, 2018 did not contain so hard errors – opposite, in comparison with iOS 11 of 2017 of release it was quicker and more reliably.[7]

iOS 12 — the fastest OS for iPhone and iPad — is available to downloading

On September 17, 2018 users of IOS-DEVICES had an opportunity to download the final version of operating system iOS 12. It can be considered the fastest platform for mobile gadgets of Apple.

As the producer claims, applications in iOS 12 are started 40% quicker in comparison with the previous version of a system, and superiority in operation of the keyboard and camera reaches 50% and 70% respectively.

According to the user feedback of the preliminary version of IOS 12, new operating system really improves performance including on outdated iPhone 5s and iPad Air first generation.

However, as authors of YouTube channel iAppleBytes found out, the battery life of devices running iOS 12 decreased by 5-10% in comparison with the version of IOS 11.4.1.

The main innovations in the updated iOS are concentrated around three tools "Screen Time", "Grouping of Notifications" and "Not Disturb". The first of them provides the detailed mute about use of devices.

The Screen Time function allows to see, what is the time the user will see off in some applications

Not Disturb mode in iOS 12 had new opportunities. If earlier at the set schedule sounds were disconnected, but the screen when obtaining notifications lit up, then now the mode completely blocks the entering activity and allows not to be distracted by the smartphone at all.

Besides, time inclusion of this mode has big flexibility now: it is possible to activate "Not disturb" for one hour, till the evening, before the end of the current event in the calendar or until withdrawal from the current location.

Not Disturb mode received flexible configurations

In iOS 12 of the notification are grouped in applications and subjects: several notifications from one application integrate in a chain which needs to be developed touch to the screen.

The head the assistant to Siri Apple offers the actions based on behavior of the user and a context of events. For example, service can call the colleague if the user is late for a meeting and to wish the family member happy birthday.

Besides, there was a search capability of photos not only in places, but also on a key word, memoirs, photoeffects.[8]

Emergence of functions of self-restriction

In June, 2018 Apple announced adding in iOS 12 of function of self-restriction. Thanks to it users will be able to weaken the dependence on gadgets.

It is about the section of Screen Time. There detailed information on duration of work with applications and the websites is output, helping it is better to control use of the device. Daily and weekly reports on activity include the general time spent in specific applications, use of applications on categories, the number of the received notifications and frequency of turning on of iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to the Screen Time function which will appear in access in the new version of operating system iOS 12 users will be able to control usage time of applications

The App Limits function will give to users the chance to set a limit of time for  each application. When the user  reaches this limit, the application sends the notification.

The Downtime mode allows to define a period of time during which users  will not be able to use the smartphone at all  — for example, during sleep. After Downtime activation owners of gadgets  will not receive the notification  and also  applications on  the device will not be able to use any if only  do not mark them  as Always Allowed, transfers the Futurism edition.

Besides, Screen Time provides to parents access to reports of the children directly on their IOS-DEVICES through "Family access" to iCloud and also gives the chance to limit time when the child can use phone or the tablet, for example, having prohibited its use at night.

After the announcement of IOS 12 and function the Apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview to CNN TV channel was recognized in the dependence on iPhone. According to him, it uses the smartphone more often than follows. At the same time the CEO did not specify what applications he uses most often. He emphasized that the device in itself does not cause dependence — it is caused with what users do with its help.[9]

iOS 12

The Apple company within the annual conference which is taking place these days for developers 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple (WWDC 2018) announced operating system iOS 12 for mobile devices in its first beta for developers.

The company also for the first time showed the updated macOS 10.14 Mojave OS for the desktop Mac systems, and announced availability of new versions of OS to the smartwatch – watchOS 5, and TVs – tvOS 12. All updates are available to the registered users on the Apple portal to developers.

Within the presentations of the first day of a conference of Apple also shared fresh statistics of the achievements. Thus, key announcements of WWDC 2018 came down to updating of software products while the main updates of gadgets and devices of the company by tradition will take place in the fall.

The IOS 12 mobile operating system on WWDC 2018 was submitted by the vice president for software development of Apple Craig Federighi. According to him, the new version of mobile OS allows "double performance" smartphones and Apple tablets, having provided at the same time the best speed and "reaction to the arriving signals"[10].

Especially it will be reflected in the iPhone and iPad models of back issues, it is more than other victims of productivity slowdown after release of new versions of IOS. Updating, according to Federigi, will be available to all products of Apple that does start of IOS 12 by the most important event for all history.

New mobile OS will also be useful to users of recently produced iPhone models: so, applications on iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 12 will be started up to 40% quicker. After software updating the efficiency of the camera should increase on by 70%, declared Federigi.

In general, acceleration of work will be noted by users of smartphones from iPhone 5s to finishing iPhone X (iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s), users of the majority of iPad (12.9-inch iPad Pro of the second generation, 12.9-inch iPad Pro of first generation, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.6-inch iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad of fifth generation, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2) and also iPod touch of the sixth generation.

Representatives of Apple also said that they did not begin to change location of Control Center to iPhone X instead in iOS 12 they transferred control functions by gestures from iPhone X to iPad.

Much attention was paid to the story about the ARKit 2 platform developing present practices of the company. Also the new Animoji type under the name Memoji was provided. They differ in bigger similarity with human faces which can be configured by change different features from initial smilies". Memoji and Animoji are also added to group chats of FaceTime.

iOS 11.4 will protect iPhone from opening through USB

Apple added the new feature of security blocking data transmission from the device through USB to iOS if did not use it within seven days. This function does useless many of the data applied by law enforcement agencies the technician of extraction from devices of suspects[11].

The first the new feature of security under the name USB Restricted Mode was detected by researchers of Elcomsoft company during the analysis of the IOS 11.4 code. In this mode the device can be still charged through USB, however data transmission becomes impossible if it was blocked within seven days. When the user independently unblocks the device, the mode will be turned off.

"The mode of restriction of USB" will allow the user to protect confidentiality of the data and will prevent a possibility of receiving them from the device without its consent. As a rule, having withdrawn the suspect's iPhone, law enforcement officers are forced to use a special exploit for his unblocking. If at the time of withdrawal like that is absent, law enforcement authorities just register the device as the physical evidence and put on the shelf before emergence of an exploit.

Now, thanks to a new feature, it will be impossible to obtain data from the withdrawn device which lay idle within seven days. The Lightning port will lose capability not only to transfer data, but also to distinguish the computer to which the attached device. Nevertheless, if the owner for a week ceases to use the iPhone (for example, will leave it at home for the period of the holiday), and then will unblock it using the password, data transmission will work indifferently.

Updating of OS to version 11.3

On March 30, 2018 the company Apple announced availability of large updating mobile operating system iOS to version 11.3.

According to developers, key function of the version OC11.3 – the section "Accumulators and performance" where the status of the iPhone accumulator is displayed and is announced need of its service maintenance. These functions are available on the iPhone 6 smartphones above in the section of Setup –> Accumulator.

Settings of a power supply in iOS 11.3. Photo:

Users will also be able to see whether control function is included by a power supply, it dynamically manages maximum capacity and prevents unexpected accumulator unloading. In version 11.3 users can include and turn off this function. It is available in the section of Setup –> Accumulator on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Condition monitoring of the accumulator and setup of performance in iOS 11.3. Photo:

In addition, in iOS 11.3 management of iPad of charging is improved. There was a support of a charge of the accumulator at connection of iPad to electric power supply during a progressive tense, for example when using in booths, the systems of retail or storage in charging carts cabinets, specified in Apple.

In iOS of version 11.3 of technology of augmented reality are available with enhanced capabilities. In addition to horizontal surfaces, such as tables and chairs, virtual objects can appear on vertical surfaces, for example, walls and doors. Recognition of surfaces of irregular shape, such as round tables is also improved.

Thanks to technologies of computer vision for search and recognition of two-dimensional objects – signs, posters and drawings, there was an opportunity to create augmented reality. At a view of the real world via the camera permission became 50% higher, the auto focus adds additional clearness, noted in Apple.

In iOS of version 11.3 of technology of augmented reality are available with enhanced capabilities. Photo:

According to the developer, updating of IOS 11.3 added Animoji for users of iPhone X: they can appear in the form of a lion, a bear, a dragon or a skull. The A11 Bionic processor and the camera TrueDepth register more than 50 movements of facial muscles — users can write and send voice messages of Animoji and create a karaoke video from Animoji.

The Business Chat function in the beta gives to users a communication opportunity directly with the companies, including, asking questions in a support service and to perform purchases via the Apple Pay. For March, 2018 function is available only to users from the USA and Canada.

By search of shops, hotels, banks and other companies through search of Spotlight, Safari or Card users will be able to be linked with these companies directly from the Messages application on iPhone or iPad, and then to continue a conversation on Apple Watch or Mac. All contact information will remain under control of the user: by default they are not transferred to the third parties, noted in Apple.

Health Records allows patients of the medical centers to browse the medical records from a set of sources directly on iPhone, including analysis results, the prescribed medicine, data on the states of health and many other things. Data of Health Records are always ciphered and password-protected. Function is available only to users from the USA.

The Apple company emphasized that expanded information on data and confidentiality is available to users of IOS 11.3. Every time when Apple requests access to personal information for inclusion of certain functions to secure Apple services or to adapt iOS for convenience of the user, on the screen the confidentiality icon with detailed data appears.

In upgraded version of mobile OS the Apple application of Music broadcasts video clips without advertizing. Subscribers can watch the last new products, musical classics and clips by the favourite contractors in new playlists of video clips.

The Apple application of Music broadcasts video clips without advertizing. Photo:

In News Apple display of the most important videos in a day became simpler: they are located in the Video group in the section "For you" and in the section "Hot news".

For the Chinese users of IOS living in Beijing and Shanghai the feature to pay trips to the subway and buses via the Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch is added.

Support of the Apple application of TV also appeared in Brazil and Mexico. These two countries will be added to those countries where the Apple application of TV is already available: USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Norway, France and Sweden.

In Brazil there will also be a support of Siri on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4 generations. Users can find and start movies, series, songs, applications and other materials, using only the voice.

Program authentication of HomeKit provides to developers an opportunity to add to the existing accessories support of HomeKit with preserving of security and confidentiality.

Support of Advanced Mobile Location (AML) technology allows to send automatically data on location of the user by calls of emergency services in those countries where AML is supported.

In addition, performance is improved by search in the Contacts program of users with long notes, work of the Handoff and "Universal Clipboard" functions when both used devices are in one network Wi-fi is improved. The error which could interfere with a screen output from the dream mode incoming calls is corrected, the error which could slow down or interfere with reproduction of messages of the Visual answering machine is corrected, the problem interfering opening of a web-link in Messages is fixed, some other errors is corrected.[12]


There was  version 11.2.5 beta 1 for  developers

On December 14, 2017  the Apple company released iOS 11.2.5   beta 1  for  the authorized developers.

This  minor updating, it  does not contain significant changes. In  it   visual innovations, additional functions are not registered. Only error corrections[13].

Release of OS 11 of the version

On September 20, 2017 the company Apple announced availability of the version operating system iOS. As a part of changes in iOS 11 design, a set of additional opportunities.

The commercial version of IOS 11 is available to free download since September 19, 2017 to all supported devices[14].

In the list of the supported devices of 22 mobile products from Apple:

Features of the version

In this version of OS the payment service of the Apple Pay can send money between users through iMessage and with fast identification on Touch ID.

The personal assistant to Siri in iOS 11 received the upgraded voice scoring, started talking men's and women's by voices. Support of machine learning in Siri allows the assistant "remember" acceptances of use of applications by the owner and afterwards to prompt. Now Siri can automatically translate the English words and phrases into the Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages.

The Files application got enhanced cloud capabilities. It is possible to connect storages to it iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

In iOS 11 the operations control room is upgraded, it is configured with a possibility of adding or removal of different points. On iPad the list of recently started applications is also displayed.

The lower panel where was fixed to six applications earlier, turned into Dock and became dynamic, displaying on iPad, in addition to fixed, recently opened applications.

The multiwindow mode allows to open from the Dock panel applications at the top of the screen in the form of a narrow column which can be stretched in a working surface in the mode of the separated viewing windows (Split View) near already opened application.

On the iPad screen in the multiwindow mode it is possible to display up to four applications, two of which are displayed in the Split View format, one is displaid sideways, plus the videoplayer.

The mode is convenient for drag and drop of content and links between applications. Drag and drop of data is available in the unopened application.

In the version instruments of expanded editing screenshots and scanning of documents appeared.

In the previous versions capture of the iPad screen or iPhone required connection with the computer. In iOS 11 record function automatically creates video with all events on the screen.

Editing "live photos" (Live Photos) on the basis of moving pictures allows to create photos with effect of long exposure and "pendulum".

In the standard IOS 11 keyboard the possibility of text typing by one hand appeared. Characters and signs in the QuickType keyboard are executed on some buttons that allowed to reduce number of switchings of layouts. Changes of characters on the button are implemented by sliding by the button from top to down.

Pencil Apple allows to make instant entries in the PDF files, on screenshots or on the blocking screen with the subsequent preserving in Notes.

Apple created a product of technologies of augmented reality: ARKit allows to point the camera at objects and in real time to add the elements moving or changing a form to the image.

The App Store shop consists of sections:

  • "Today" with a selection of the last applications,
  • interview with developers,
  • "Games"
  • "Applications".

The design of pages of applications underwent change.

In iOS 11 support of formats of images of HEIF and video of HEVC is expanded.

The House application got support of additional accessories, including AirPlay 2 loudspeakers which can be managed using Siri now.

Not Disturb function is included.

Operating system iOS 11 supports only 64-bit applications. 32-bit applications do not work at iOS 11. All 32-bit versions of software are unavailable to search in App Store, and earlier loaded will not be established through Purchases.

Release of the seventh public beta of IOS 11

On August 28, 2017 it became known of release of the seventh public beta of IOS 11 by Apple company. In it there are no differences from similar assembly for developers. The main feature — it can be set, without creating the paid account on the website of Apple. To set updating, it is necessary to be registered in the program of beta testing of Apple.[15]

iOS 11

The main innovations of IOS 11 for iPhone

  • The gesture for cleaning of notifications on the screen of blocking does not work, and design of an upper blind indistinguishable from the blocking screen — on it hours and the current notifications are located. The lower blind represents one screen, and users can add to Command center new buttons for quick access.
  • As soon as the screenshot is made, its miniature will appear in the lower left corner. Clicking it will start the interface with tools editing which will allow to do marks and to add the note.
  • In the camera iPhone the expanded set of filters, and for editing live photos is three effects. The scanner of QR codes is also by default active.
  • In the Files application all documents will be collected.
  • Storage not only announces the section amount of free and busy memory of the device, but also makes recommendations about its release.
  • App store in iOS 11 was considerably changed, and the mechanics of its work is completely rethought.
  • An opportunity to browse popular tracks and playlists of friends became one of the main changes in Music Apple.
  • In iOS 11 it will be possible to communicate with Siri not only by voice, but also the text.
  • Smartphones will become compatible to NFC tags, charms and other similar gadgets.
  • 32-bit applications are incompatible with iOS 11 (also treats iPad and iPod).

The main innovations of IOS 11 for iPad

  • In the Dock panel more icons are located, there are no signatures of applications, there is a separate block with three recently started applications.
  • The additional application can be opened on the screen from the Dock panel — in the Split View mode it will appear together with flowing on one screen, and in the Slide Over mode the second application can be moved to the left. on the iPad screen about four applications can be at the same time openly: two in a screen partitioned mode, one sideways and a videoplayer window.
  • Now it is possible to transfer the text, photos and files from one application to another. iOS 11 allows to draw documents on one or to select at once a little.
  • Function of scanning of documents in Notes automatically determines the document, cuts off superfluous at the edges and straightens the image.
  • QuickType keyboard. Letters, digits, characters and punctuation marks are on some buttons now that allows to reduce the number of switchings of the layout. That instead of a letter to select the necessary character, it is rather simple to carry out on a key from top to down.

There was a beta of IOS 11

On June 27, 2017 the Apple company announced release of the public beta of IOS 11. OS is compatible almost to all smartphones and tablets running iOS.

Submission of IOS on screens of mobile devices, (2017)

Version 11 of mobile OS is available to all owners of compatible devices: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5s, Pro 12,9 ″ (second generation), iPad Pro 10.5 ″, iPad Pro 12.9 ″, iPad Pro 9.7 ″, to iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (2017), iPad 4, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 3[13].

Some functions are processed into iOS 11: in Siri support of text commands instead of voice appeared,

  • the portrait iPhone 7 Plus mode works at night,
  • in a system record of video from the screen appeared.
  • the Files file manager for iPhone and iPad allowing to study quickly contents of local and cloud disks is added.

Other changes are less noticeable and affect the interface — integration 3D Touch in settings. The final version of IOS 11 will appear in the fall of 2017. During the summer the company is going to release several test assemblies.

APFS Apple file system

The APFS file system provided by Apple company in March, 2017 does not give to the user the chance to refer to as files in any language, except English. It is better to make the file name or folders only of ASCII encoding characters, otherwise with this object there will be problems. The matter is that APFS does not support normalization of characters of a universal system of coding of Unicode. Written characters of different languages which differ from letters of the English alphabet suffer from it first of all.

APFS was developed by the company from scratch and focused first of all on work with flash drives and more perfect data encryption. At the moment APFS works on all devices where the version of IOS 10.3 or above is set. Thus, the specified problem is observed only on iPhone and iPad on which the user has no direct access to files. However, as until the end of 2017 Apfsbudet is unrolled also in macOS, researchers have already now an opportunity to record a problem of names of files and for this case[16].

Unicode normalization

The system of coding Unicode includes alphabets practically of all languages of the world having writing and also digits, mathematical characters, etc. The unique code which does it by a part of the general system is assigned to each such character. Some characters are designated by several code combinations at once. For example, the letter "é" can be provided in UTF-8 encoding as two hexadecimal bytes of c3 a9, and can look as three hexadecimal bytes of 65 cc 81. Nevertheless, visually it is the same letter, and the computer should read it uniformly what requires normalization.

Four systems of normalization are provided in the Unicode standard. The previous file system of Apple which is called HFS+ uses a form of normalization of D. So two different "é" are automatically given to one type and appear in the form of three bytes of 65 cc 81. In HFS+ it becomes at the file system level. Thus, everything that is executed on Mac, whether it be applications, commands or macOS, works with the normalized names of files and folders. HFS+ does not allow to create any "abnormal" names.

2016: Apple iOS 10

On September 13, 2016 the Apple company released the version of IOS 10.

Among innovations there is open API Siri for third-party developers. Now users can communicate with the voice assistant, as with the person: for example, "call the taxi", "write to the CEO" and so on.

There was a QuickType function - for those who love chats: contact information, the operating location, the calendar, the last addresses[17].

The device screen with iOS 10, (2016)

In the Photo application face recognition and objects appeared. Sorting of a photo more advanced, by means of a special possibility of Memories. According to sources in the company, for sorting of photos the artificial intelligence is used: albums it seems Family, Travel and "A birthday of mother" are created automatically. Integration with macOS Sierra is implemented.

Maps. In iOS 10 the application had the processed designs and opportunities. Navigation is optimized, the interface of object search, information on traffic is upgraded. Are open for Maps Apple for third-party developers — it is possible to find restaurant in OpenTable, to open it on the card, to order the machine in Uber and to pay the Apple Pay.

Music. The application is submitted in other design. Service will select music under preferences of users, support of the text of songs will help to echo contractors.

Updating of the application of Home for iOS is released. Using iPhone, iPad and special accessories it is possible to manage the smart home: turn on the light, regulate its brightness, open windows and another. The application will be available on the blocking screen — for example, the picture from the surveillance camera.

In the Phone application voice messages will be transformed to the text automatically. The interface of the utility was updated, VoIP API is available to third-party developers, including WhatsApp.

In iMessage recognition of links and video with YouTube appeared, integration into the Photo application is upgraded, icons of the emoji are increased.

There is an opportunity to draw messages and to answer the interlocutor using Digital Touch.

Sending tracks from Music Apple, their listening directly in iMessage.

Support of the general notes is implemented.

2015: Apple iOS 9

Apple released in September, 215 the operating system for the mobile devices IOS 9. It is available to downloading, but as a rule, at first waiting of loading can be rather long.

In this version of OS the battery regime of economy and also Wi-fi Assist service appeared — it disconnects networks with a poor signal. Besides, in iOS 9 of the application will take less places, than earlier. OS also decreased in the amount of: if for updating of the last version it was necessary to download more than 4 gigabytes of data, then now 1.3 gigabytes. Also in iOS 9 "smart" input in Russian appeared and the search capability through Spotlight in third-party applications was added. The multitasking was added to versions for the iPad.

2014: Apple iOS 7.1

Operating system iOS 7.1 from discharge of the beta passed in March, 2014 into a stage of ready release. The final version of IOS 7.1 is considerable program updating of the platform in which innovations are concentrated in the field of the user interface and functionality of OS[18].

Support of CarPlay technology became one of the main innovations in iOS 7.1. The main task of this technology — to simplify use of the equipment of Apple in cars. As the developer claims, with her help it will be possible to make calls, to use maps with navigation, to switch tracks in a player and to work with messages in iPhone and iPad by means of the touch screen on the meter panel of the car. As the main method of interaction voice commands which are processed by the assistant to Siri who is built in iOS are assumed.

The last, by the way, had 7.1 enhanced capabilities in iOS. In Siri the Push-to-talk function appeared. It allows to control manually when the voice assistant listens to the user by means of keeping of the Home button by him while he speaks with Siri, and to tell releases of the button when it completed. This scenario is an alternative to already existing option at which Siri is given an opportunity to automatically determine that the user completed to say.

The search box located over 'A selection of stations', allowing to create more conveniently stations on the basis of the favourite actor or the song is added to iTunes Radio. Subscribe on iTunes Match to listen to iTunes Radio without advertizing, it is possible not only from the computer now, but also with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Also the feature set of Calendar was updated. In the last scheduled events are displayed in the section of 'Mesyats' now. Besides, Apple improved operation of the sensor of fingerprints of Touch ID.

A number of innovations in iOS 7.1 concerns only the iPhone 5s smartphone. So, the Camera program learned to include automatically function of shooting of a photo with a high dynamic range (HDR). Besides, Apple fixed a problem which led to failures of the home screen of devices from time to time. The company also assured that after the IOS 7.1 installation the iPhone 4 smartphones will quicker work.

From other changes: parameters of display of forms of buttons, shading of flowers in programs and also lowerings of a white point are added. Function of automatic cleaning of notifications on FaceTime calls when the user answers a call on other device is provided. The error from time to time leading to failure of the home screen is corrected. Updating includes also the service part increasing safety of operation of the device in network and eliminating software failures which malefactors could use. It is possible to be updated to the new version of IOS through the tab 'Setup', 'Software updating'.

iOS 7.1 can be set on Wi-Fi or via the computer with iTunes. Updating is compatible to the same devices, as iOS 7 is the iPhone 4 smartphones, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s, iPad tablets (since the second generation) and players of iPod touch of fifth generation.


Apple iOS 6.1.3: complaints to problems with Wi-Fi and fast discharging

In the new version of March, 2013 the error as a result of which strangers could get access to the Phone program bypassing password entry is eliminated, and the map of Japan in the Cards program is improved.

The error allowing to bypass password protection by means of manipulations with the blocking screen, including the emergency call, was found in February, 2013. After the publication of article about this error of Apple released iOS 6.1.2, however did not manage to add correction to this version.

In iOS 6.1.3 Apple eliminated vulnerabilities which allowed to crack devices using the Evasi0n tool.

It became known later that users complain of problems with Wi-Fi and fast discharging after updating of the mobile devices of Apple to the version of IOS 6.1.3, reports the blog Gotta Be Mobile with reference to an official Internet forum.

Owners of devices note that standard methods of solution of the problem of fast accumulator unloading - shutdown of notifications and reset to factory defaults - do not help.

As for problems with connection to Wi-Fi, they are observed from the version of IOS 6.0. In a firmware of IOS 6.1.2, according to some users, the Apple company corrected an error, but it returned to iOS 6.1.3 again.

Updating of IOS 6.1.3 was intended to fix a bug which allowed to get data access on iPhone in circumvention of the password, manipulating the blocking screen. However some found a new method of manner of the password already in the last update.

Apple iOS 6.1.2

Apple released in February, 2013 update of IOS 6.1.2 which is intended to correct an error in work of the Exchange function leading to increase in traffic and fast discharge of the battery. Update was released less than a week later after Apple promised to correct an error, AppleInsider notes. Its size is 12.8 MB. It is possible to load updating on phone on Wi-Fi.

Since the beginning of February, 2013 it already the second updating of a firmware. Approximately a week ago the company released iOS 6.1.1 in which corrected problems with 3G-connection. Nevertheless, one more bug in iOS remained - users announced detection of a method to bypass password protection.

Apple iOS 6.0.1

Apple released in the fall of 2012 update of a firmware of IOS 6.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new firmware contains a number of corrections and improvements: the error interfering installation "by air" of updates on iPhone 5 is eliminated; the problem with emergence of accidental horizontal lines on the screen keyboard is fixed, the error because of which the camera flash sometimes was not switched off is corrected. Besides, in iOS 6.0.1 reliability at connection of mobile devices to Wi-fi networks with protection of WPA2 is increased. Let's remind that many owners complained of reliability of connection to Wi-Fi after a release of IOS 6. The amount of updating is about 70 MB. It is possible to load it as directly from the mobile device, and through iTunes.

2011: Apple iOS 5

Mobile OS from Apple will significantly differ from the previous versions, and will be followed by a number of new 'cloud' services among which there will probably be a cloud service for storage of music and also service of finding of friends and family members on their location. A part of cloud strategy of Apple will probably be opened during the WWDC conference (Worldwide Developers Conference Apple) which will take place in June. However most likely, at a June conference it will be provided only preliminary, but not final, the version of IOS 5, reported TechCrunch.


Apple iOS 4.3

In the test version of IOS 4.3 there was a function of spot jotas which allows to use iPhone as Wi-Fi access point, connecting to 3G network up to 5 wireless devices - notebooks, tablets and so on. The functionality of a firmware 4.3 became known after Apple released its beta. Now it is available on the website to developers. It is supposed that updating will become available to users in March, 2011. In addition to function of spot jotas, support of new 4-and 5-manual gestures for iPad is added to a firmware. According to MacStories, parting with five fingers of a hand from the center the user will be able to get access to the home screen, and executing rotary gesture - to open a tray of the active or recently started programs.

Apparently, Apple also changed a switch purpose in iPad. Initially it was conceived for blocking of orientation of the screen, with a new firmware it will be able to play a sound switch role.

It is supposed that after a release of the new version of a firmware over time Apple will refuse the mechanical button under the screen in iPhone and iPad as it will be replaced by the touch screen. Boy Genius Report with reference to an anonymous source reports about it.

Apple iOS 4.2

The new firmware adds more than 100 new features to iPad, including multitasking, folders, the integrated Entering folder, Game Center, AirPlay and AirPrint. The Game Center function allows players to hold competitions and to monitor the gathered points, AirPlay is intended for a vospoizvedeniye of content which is stored in memory of iPad on the TV by means of a prefix of Apple TV. At last, AirPrint is a function for wireless printing on printers (according to the Wi-fi standard). In number of the first devices, work with which is supported by this function, entered HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet Pro and HP Officejet.

The new firmware also allows to use the Find My iPhone function (iPad or iPod touch) is free, without need to be registered in MobileMe service. Free function of remote removal of data on the potereyanny or stolen device or access locks also became available to users. All this is executed through a special application.

Updating is available to iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch of the second, third and last generations. Existence of certain functions depends on device model. The company told nothing about whether the new firmware increases iPhone 3G performance. iTunes 10.1 is necessary for updating.

Apple iOS 4

On June 21, 2010 there was a version operating system iOS of Apple 4 earlier known under the name iPhone OS 4. New OS is already available to owners iPhone of devices 3GS, iPhone 3G and also iPod touch of the second and third generations. Besides, the fourth version of IOS will be preset on iPhone 4 devices.

iOS 4 has a number of changes and improvements in comparison with the previous version, the most considerable of which are a multitasking support and also opening of API for third-party developers.

The multitasking for applications of third-party developers for the first time appears on portable devices of Apple company. It allows users to combine work at once with several applications whereas it was necessary to close one application earlier to start another. However, the multitasking will not be available to the owners of iPhone 3G who installed this system - it is provided only on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch of third generation.

As notes the ArsTechnica edition, proprietary applications of Apple maintained earlier multitasking (for example, the user could receive notifications from the iCal program, playing a game on the smartphone, or to listen to music, browsing web pages), but this functionality became available to third-party program writers to iOS for the first time.

According to analysts, the multitasking added Apple to the fourth version of the iOS for third-party developers nevertheless is very limited and will not be compared to opportunities of desktop PCs or even functionality of proprietary applications of the company. Representatives of Apple claim that they limited this technology that third-party applications did not overload the device battery, saving high performance.

So, now users can make, for example, calls through VoIP-services, such as Skype, without the need for an exit from other applications, or to listen to music in streaming mode through a special application, making some other actions on the smartphone.

In iOS 4 there was also a number of other new features among which there is a connectivity to devices of wireless Bluetooth keyboards, adding of a 5x-zoom on the camera, spelling, the searcher according to text messages, a geolocation, etc.

However, some users who were already in time to install on the devices new OS from Apple announce an unpleasant problem with a system - they lost access to the e-mail, contacts and the calendar on Google services of Apps and Microsoft Exchange after installation of IOS 4. It is expected that this problem will be corrected in the nearest future.

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