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Arbyte CADStation WS ready for VR

The name of the base system (platform): VE VR Concept Engine
Developers: Arbyte (Arbayt Kompyyuterz)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017

"Арбайт" announced at the beginning of 2017 the beginning of deliveries of the systems of virtual reality for the solution of industrial tasks based on the Russian software for virtual prototyping of VR Concept. Use of such systems reduces the term of development of a difficult product by 15-30%, minimizes risks of defects, reduces the cost of tests and increases efficiency of collective work on the model of a product of specialists of different areas, separate divisions, avoiding expenses on trips and transportation of the tested models.

Systems of virtual reality for the professional purposes images should meet the high quality standards, and at the same time require the big computing powers reached due to use of special graphic generators. The professional graphic station ARBYTE CADStation WS ready for VR is one of such solutions. The software of VR Concept visualizes a three-dimensional function model of a product, using data from CAD CAE, CAM packets in any system of virtual reality. It opens ample opportunities for use of such systems in design offices, the project organizations, design departments of industrial enterprises and educational institutions. The systems of virtual reality are effective at all stages of work — from creation of a prototype of a product before its production, operation and utilization with a possibility of collective discussion and adoption of key solutions on them, and also training using virtual models.


"Арбайт" proposes to customers the productive tested solution on the basis of a helmet of virtual reality, the most optimal at the cost and opportunities of use. The professional graphic station ARBYTE CADStation is included in the package, we send to virtual reality, detectors of the movement and the controller of management and the license VR Concept.

Previously configured system has everything that is necessary to start work in virtual reality both for one user, and for the whole collective. Use of a helmet does not require the special premises, besides it is distinguished by freedom of movement in virtual environment and perception of a 3D model in scale 1:1. For collective work it is enough to use standard corporate network. VR Concept offered software has a simple and user-friendly interface, to the clear specialists who do not have skills of programming.

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