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Braeron (industrial drone)

Developers: Industrial drones
Date of the premiere of the system: June, 2020
Branches: Transport


2020: Preparation for sales

At the end of June, 2020 the Industrial Drones company  announced the fast beginning of sales (in July) the Braeron unmanned aerial vehicle. The producer sent requests for state registration of the drone which in case of the positive solution of Rosaviatsiya can become the first in the Russian Federation officially registered heavy UAV.

Registration and obtaining number of the aircraft process long, but the state met requirements of us, and we could achieve the simplified procedure. We prepare evidential documentation that the drone is intended for flights and is made in the company which has the license, drawings and the form. Process of registration can take up to one month — the head of department of certification of Industrial Drones company  Igor Shivkov noted.

In Russia sales of the drone lifting 200 kg begin

State registration by Rosaviatsiya means a dispositive fact of reference of the drone to the sphere of civil aviation. So the vessel is obliged to conform to the requirements existing in civil aviation, including certification and admission to flights.

The maximum take-off mass of Braeron is stated at the level of 600 kg in agricultural purpose and 640 kg in logistic. This industrial drone is capable to transport loads to 200 kg on distances up to 300 km.

Braeron can be airborne till 2.5 o'clock, disperse up to 70 km/h and fly in hardly accessible regions at any time and a broad spectrum of weather conditions, developers claim. It is planned that this UAV will transport loads, to irrigate fields and even to extinguish the fires.

Implementation of pilotless technologies to those areas where high risks of threat of human life and ecology still remain is called the global purpose of development team of Braeron. For example, in many hardly accessible regions around the world the helicopters managed by living pilots still fly, and fields process "carpet" bombings which harm the environment.[1]