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Brand Analytics Monitoring system and analysis of messages about a brand

Developers: Brand Analytics
Date of the premiere of the system: November, 2012
Last Release Date: 2019/10/08
Branches: Internet services,  media, TV and broadcasting
Technology: BI



the Solution for automatic monitoring of Stories in social media

On October 8, 2019 the Brand Analytics company announced development and deployment in the analytical system solutions for automatic monitoring of Stories in social media. In the analysis of the found content the technology of search in the text on images and in video is used.

As noted in Brand Analytics, the popularity of "disappearing" content grows in social networks every day. It was fallen in love both to ordinary users of social media, and the inflyuenser even more often selecting this channel for communication with the subscribers. The format of "stories" is also actively used by brands for promotion. In "stories" of Instagram it is possible to upload video, a photo, to conduct the airs, to supplement content with corporate stickers and texts. The published images, how many texts, hashtags, chekina, links and references of users with which authors complement the pictures and video are of the main value for the analysis in results of monitoring not only and not just. The solution for automatic monitoring of Stories allows to look for object of monitoring in all these data.

According to the developer, Stories in the terms Brand Analytics is one more type of the sotsmediyny message, as well as a post, a repost and the comment. If the user comes into an editing mode of settings of the subjects of monitoring, then will see the included Stories monitoring – in settings this type of messages is mentioned by a tick for collecting.

Monitoring of Stories in the analytical Brand Analytics platform

At the publication Stories the user has an opportunity to supplement the image with the text, chekiny, the clickable link, mentioning of accounts of other authors and hashtags. Object of monitoring will be looked for in all these data. Texts of Stories with mentioning are presented in the film by usual illumination of the found object in the text of the message and a mark of the recognized text in the preview of the picture. And when viewing the complete message – the selected area with the recognized text in the photo.

Monitoring of Stories in the analytical Brand Analytics platform

Mentioning in chekina of Stories is highlighted in a tape of messages in the name of a chekin.

Monitoring of Stories in the analytical Brand Analytics platform

Hashtags, links and references of accounts are added to the body text of the message. References of an object in them are displayed as references in the text.

All functionality of work with the message: audience, tonality, tags, the status of the message, it is available also to messages of Stories. Messages of Stories as well as the message of other types are present at unloadings and at functionality of filtering.

Pictures from Stories are present at a system as the picture. And video from Stories is submitted in a system to the previews images. At the same time a system will recognize the text not only on pictures, but also on video, claim in Brand Analytics.

In settings of subjects like "The elected authors" there is no choice of types of messages therefore in such subjects monitoring of Stories is not turned off.

As of October, 2019 in the Brand Analytics system for all clients monitoring of Stories of high-classroom authors (100 thousand +) is included in Instagram. Shortly the classroom threshold will be reduced. Also Stories from VKontakte and Facebook will be connected to monitoring.

"In social media there came Stories era. Having arisen in Snapchat, having become successful in Instagram, this format extended to other platforms, for example VKontakte and Facebook. More and more brands direct the promotional budgets through "stories" of bloggers and inflyuenser. Possibilities of monitoring of Stories with text recognition on pictures, video and in metadata of messages gives the chance to the market to see and analyze efficiency of promotion in this demanded, but still badly measured channel",

Solution integration for search and the analysis of the text on images

On June 18, 2019 the Brand Analytics company, the project of the resident Skolkovo of Palitrumlab company, reported that it developed and implemented the solution on identification of visual insights (Visual Insights) which allows to look for and analyze in real time the text on images in an analysis system of social media. The technology is already available to all users of Brand Analytics without additional payment within all operating rates.

According to the company, every third of 25 million images which are daily published in Russian-language social media contains the text which will not be recognized by the monitoring systems. The solution of Brand Analytics not only "decrypts" the text on images, but also "learns" logos as in most cases brands use text writing in logs. At the same time unlike the existing sensing technologies of logos the solution Brand Analytics does not need to train neural network "uznavat" each brand.

Our technology discovers the considerable layer of content which was earlier dropping out of a viewing field of the monitoring systems for the analysis. Often on pictures both the hidden throws, and the user insights "hide", and it is a lot of other content, unexpected even for us, and especially for the companies and brands. The picture with the text became nearly main format for promotion in social networks. And in large quantities the published photos from smartphones represent a well of useful information about our consumption.

Natalya Sokolova, CEO Brand Analytics told

The updated Brand Analytics technology is aimed at the solution of a broad spectrum of tasks:

  • promotion – efficiency analysis of an advertizing campaign;
  • reputation – identification of throws and the information attacks;
  • security – prevention of "draining" by employees of in-house documents;
  • product – strengths and weaknesses analysis of a product, the competitive analysis;
  • price monitoring – the analysis of a photo of checks for goods and stocks of shops;
  • piracy – detection of distribution of pirated content.

The proposed solution will be useful for a wide range of users: to marketing specialists, employees of PR and advertizing, smm-specialists and also employees of security services.

We observe a trend on increase in number of publications in the form of the text in the picture for a long time – many information publics and just users of social networks use such approach for drawing attention of audience and simplification of submission of information. However there are no effective tools of the analysis of such publications yet, so rather big information flows are not covered by automated systems of monitoring. Let's surely test the solution of Brand Analytics.

Valery Kurin, the head of department of monitoring and the analysis of communication risks of Sberbank of Russia told

"Nature" of pictures with the text can be absolutely different. For ensuring maximum efficiency a system uses with the broad range of options of writing of the text – from advertisements to checks from shops or disclaimers medications.

At text recognition the Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages are supported. All publications with images are analyzed: both with the accompanying text, and without it. All recognized texts are stored in the platform of data collection at the expense of what relevant to search query of the message "are tightened" in the corresponding subject of monitoring.

The analysis of multimedia data for June, 2019 in focus of attention of all suppliers of BI solutions in a Big Data segment. Developers aim to transfer to the text different types of media content for the subsequent analysis. Text mining (the intellectual analysis of texts) continues to gain steam. At the same time the analysis of the user content from social networks is submitted to the most interesting and perspective for business.

Mikhail Styugin, the project manager Klastera of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation told

To collect in a monitoring subject posts with the images including the text with a key word from search query it is necessary to activate the corresponding option of search of the text "The text on pictures" when choosing search span in setup of a subject of monitoring as shown in a screenshot below.

Brand Analytics

In a tape of messages the special marker selects those publications in which images the text with one of a key word of search query, as shown is recognized below.

Brand Analytics

When viewing the complete text of the message on the image containing the text with klyucheviky the area of the picture containing the recognized text is automatically selected, is as shown lower on a screenshot.

Brand Analytics

For June, 2019 the Brand Analytics system looks for and will recognize the text on all pictures published by authors with audience from 500 users. Within a month it is going to extend this technology to 100% of a public flow regardless of audience of authors.

Submission of the solution on HR brand analytics

On May 22, 2019 it became known that Brand Analytics, developed and implemented the solution on HR brand analytics on the basis of the analysis of social media. This technology allows to analyze automatically references of own employees of the company which have a direct and considerable impact on reputation of a brand as the employer. As for competition of business "cadres are the key to everything", without control of the reputation created by employees, business can be left without the best personnel and under blow.

In practice the unpredictable behavior of internal personnel in social media turns into a headache for many heads. The reputation of business became "collective creativity" which needs to be controlled. But without technological solution risk control, own employees connected with expressions, it is impossible to implement in principle.

The automatic HR analytics in realtaym online or packed into presentation reports is configured "on a turn-key basis" and is available right after a subscription to service. It is also possible to connect instant push-notifications on the situations requiring fast reaction. For example – staff reduction and closing of branches. Now you never miss content, problem for reputation or security, in social media from internal personnel. And for this purpose you should not spend own resources that often appears a problem for implementing solutions.

Not only the internal personnel, but also the former employees and potential candidates preparing for an interview or who already passed it often writes about a brand. The analysis of such responses on quickly multiplied "work" otzovika is also extremely necessary and complicated in the manual mode. For the solution of this task the Brand Analytics system includes the whole set of the technological solutions allowing to monitor automatically and all similar resources and, for example, relevatny task popular work groups in all social networks (for example - "It is overheard Beeline") and other similar communities.

Natalya Sokolova, CEO Brand Analytics noted:

What is actually necessary for the head of business? The best personnel in the market. Also it is desirable not to spend for their search months, weakening business and that queue from candidates stood behind your door at once. For this Brand Analytics proposes the technological solution giving to a HR command of the company the tool for risk control from expressions of internal personnel and for formation of the employer selecting in the market of an image to which the best personnel should be flown. The analytics of social media already proved the efficiency for PR managers and marketing specialists. Now queue of personnel officers.


HR commands of a number of the companies from banking sector, a telecom, retail and the sphere of public catering already began to use the Brand Analytics system.

The announcement of technology of automatic identification of aggression in social media

On April 18, 2019 the Brand Analytics company reported that it developed and implemented in the analytical system technology of automatic identification of aggression in social media. Development is applied to early detection of the centers of tension in the infopol around brands, regions, subjects and persons, establishes sources, the reasons and orientation of aggression.

Brand Analytics

According to the company, the cyberbullying prospering for April, 2019 in social networks irritates many, but not tabooed aggression becomes one of the main problems of this space. Internet persecution overtakes both certain people, and the whole corporations which damage is even more often measured by million losses.

Aggression is understood as the directed impact on an object with the purpose to cause it damage. First of all, this intended downgrade of the subject or subject of the message. On the commonly accepted classification refer harassment, racism, sexism, trolling, cyberbullying (intimidation) to aggression, etc.

If the individual with protection against virtual trolls is helped by observance of simple rules of information hygiene, to business not to do without "signal system" in time revealing the strength centers around the company and a brand any more.

The technology of automatic identification of aggression in Russian-language social media developed by linguistic laboratory Brand Analytics. The modern algorithms used in the Brand Analytics system allow to reveal not only potential threats, but also to define type and orientation of aggression, to understand its source and the reason and also intensity. A practical example – detection on initial stage of invektivny motives in communication of a client service with users in social media that is very relevant for retail business.

The Brand Analytics system detects three main types of aggression:

  • Opinion: reaction to an event (that for a hogwash!) + aggressive perturbation (bored!)
  • Trolling: aggressive nomination (freaks!) + the directed aggression (I will kill you!) + aggressive intent (would kill!) + an aggressive wish (die!)
  • Call: an appeal to aggression (smash!)

Also the technology reveals aggression force in the detected messages.

The intellectual analysis of a natural language (text mining) for April, 2019 remains a key trend in Big Data as allows to elicit not only the facts, but also deep meanings of the events. Aggression becomes important characteristic of the emotivny analysis of the text, being a marker of a status of social public work of people. And automatic identification of aggression gives the chance at an early stage to detect problem zones in the infopol both around business, and in the social sphere, and to prevent negative effects.

Natalya Sokolova, CEO Brand Analytics

The aggression filter used to object of monitoring, maybe, in particular, to point out readiness of users to offline - to activities. So, the level of verbal aggression usually considerably increases before meetings. And increase in relative number of aggressive messages can indicate formation of information wave - still discharged and not having still created semantic core. Let's say we see surge in being mentioned of an object, but we cannot define to a descent what gives it, messages are at first sight separated, in "chastotka" there are no words, there is no noticeable array of reposts and doubles. Filtering on aggression helps to narrow an array and to reveal a subject - without the need for fixed studying of all messages of splash. It well helps with operational processing of negative and resonant subjects.

Svetlana Podgornaya, adviser for anti-recessionary communications of Rights Business Standard


Brand Analytics is included in the register of the Russian software

The analytical Brand Analytics system underwent testing of expert advice of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and is included by the order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation of 9/25/2018 No. 493 in the register of the Russian software. This status allows to use without any limit Brand Analytics in public authorities, state institutions and state companies.

Let's remind that since January 1, 2016 state bodies of the Russian Federation are obliged to purchase products of domestic software developers, being guided by the unified register of the Russian programs. The register contains data on all software which is officially recognized the events from the Russian Federation. The plan of transition of federal bodies for domestic is implemented by software. The commercial organizations also even more often are guided by the Russian register that allows to avoid long-term economic and political risks. To similar IT policy also the foreign companies for which participation of the supplier in the register is additional guarantee of quality of software adhere.

Mobile application of Brand Analytics

On October 17, 2018 the Brand Analytics company provided mobile application of Brand Analytics using which it is possible to obtain quickly information on a brand media field status in social media and media and to receive push-notifications about all important publications. Mobile Brand Analytics, according to the developer is intended, first of all, for top management of the companies and managers of an average link.

According to the statement of the developer, mobile application allows:

  • Receive notifications about important messages and changes of a media field on the set conditions.
  • Browse messages on subjects.
  • Sort messages by importance – the size of audience, the involvement, comments, etc.
  • Carry out the assessment key a brand metrics – dynamics of references, tonality and subject of publications.
  • Configure reports – to select the necessary subject, a time frame, to filter by parameters (to tonality, sources, geography, etc.), to look for in texts of publications in a subject.

The application menu is located in the lower part of the screen and consists of 4 sections: Film, Statistics, Notifications and Profile.

Mobile application of Brand Analytics. The screen of the Tape of messages with the main governing bodies, the indicator of new messages and the screen with the complete text of the message.
Mobile application of Brand Analytics. The screen of the Tape of messages with the main governing bodies, the indicator of new messages and the screen with the complete text of the message.

The tape of messages is an analog of the Summary report in the web version of a system. Here it is possible to read messages on the necessary subject for the selected period. In addition to dynamics of references and key a brand metrics, for the Tape all types of sorting are available to detection of key messages and also search in a subject and multiple parameter filtering, the developer noted.

Mobile application of Brand Analytics. Management of the Tape of messages – sorting according to key metrics (at the left) and multiple parameter filtering (on the right) on types of sources, sources and authors of messages.
Mobile application of Brand Analytics. Management of the Tape of messages – sorting according to key metrics (at the left) and multiple parameter filtering (on the right) on types of sources, sources and authors of messages.

In the section Statistics in addition to the main a brand metrics it is possible to estimate the general tonality of discussions of a brand, to analyze key platforms of references and the main subjects. The main scopes of discussions are usual automatic tags. Each diagram is interactive — allows to manage structure of the output data and "fail" in a tape of messages with the corresponding filtering.

Mobile application of Brand Analytics. Statistics of references by sources and subjects
Mobile application of Brand Analytics. Statistics of references by sources and subjects

Brand Analytics separately noted function of instant individual notifications about all significant events of a media field. Notifications are implemented in a format of native push-notifications and are displayed both in the Brand Analytics application, and in all formats of the notifications provided operating system iOS and personal settings of the user. Taking into account opportunities of setup of notifications on personal filters, the mobile system of the push-notifications Brand Analytics implements complete and most operating control for infopoly, consider in Brand Analytics.

Mobile application of Brand Analytics. On the screen of notifications the new and read notifications (at the left) are selected, the different color gamma notes notifications on different to monitoring subjects. In the section the Profile (a screen on the right) it is possible to address in one click to technical support of Brand Analytics.
Mobile application of Brand Analytics. On the screen of notifications the new and read notifications (at the left) are selected, the different color gamma notes notifications on different to monitoring subjects. In the section the Profile (a screen on the right) it is possible to address in one click to technical support of Brand Analytics.

As reported in Brand Analytics, mobile application passed test by task force of clients – was received fidbek and wishes of users are collected. Key of them will be implemented in the second version which is planned in November, 2018. The application for operating system Android for October, 2018 is in a stage of development and will be available in the nearest future.

2013: Brand Analytics. Description

For July, 2013 in the database of service – over 2.5 billion messages of social media and media, are daily analyzed up to 10 million new messages. The Brand Analytics system is focused on the companies of medium and large business, public authorities, the ministries and departments and allows:

  • carry out effective management of reputation in social media;
  • reveal a negative at the earliest stage for its operational localization;
  • analyze efficiency of advertizing campaigns and actions in real time;
  • provide the effective analysis of activity of competitors;
  • conduct marketing researches of the market;
  • analyze success of promotion of goods and company services in social media;
  • perform selection of proposals of clients for improvement of goods and services;
  • find and analyze responses of clients about quality of a company performance, its products and services (an alternative highway for customer supports).

Practice of use

The Soglasie insurance company for several months successfully uses the Brand Analytics system for operational identification of negative and positive reviews, search of new platforms for communication with target audience, the analysis of strategy of presence at social media, monitoring of activity of competitors and so on.

It is obvious that free mass communications in social media, the disregarded companies, bear in themselves a set of risks among which there are a reputation loss, decrease in sales level, leaving of consumers to competitors and many others. Avoid all these risks and turn information space of social media on Wednesday, favorable for the company, monitoring and analytics of social media helps.

The Soglasie insurance company uses the Brand Analytics system for the automated monitoring and the analysis of social media. For several months of work with a system, SK "Soglasie" it was succeeded not only to strengthen the reputation, but also to detect new platforms for work, to improve work of call center and other business divisions of the company. And, above all – to learn everything that speak about it in network.

Operational work with a negative

According to TNS, at emergence of a problem with a product or service, more than 50% of users prefer to look for the solution in social media. Among audience at the age of 16–24 years, this digit will make 71%, and in group of 25-34 years — 65%.

But most of users leave negative reviews even without expecting solution, and with the purpose to splash out the collected negative or to warn acquaintances. It is difficult to trace similar messages as they are published not on pages and accounts of the organizations, and, as a rule, on pages of users.

Happens and so that the user hopes for reaction from the company, but at the same time does not address even official accounts in social networks.

The automated system of monitoring of Brand Analytics traces also such publications that helps the companies to improve customer relations and to transfer negative opinion on a brand to positive. Not seldom positive reviews after study of such situation leave far beyond a user profile in social media. A case in Soglasie insurance company:

The user left on the page VKontakte the message:

The client did not expect to find thus solution or to inform of the opinion representatives of the company. Soglasie received this comment using the Brand Analytics system. The staff of the company contacted the client, an inspection was carried out and it is established that the complaint of the client is really not unreasonable. Then the question was settled in short terms and the client remained is completely satisfied with company services. Often the clients who are pleasantly surprised with such turn of events often change opinion on the company for opposite and leave positive reviews on external resources which influence drawing up authoritative ratings of insurance companies.

Customer support in a format, convenient for them

Reaction to responses in social media, helps not only to save reputation and a customer loyalty, but also to reduce load of call center.

For example, using Brand Analytics the staff of SK "Soglasie" managed not only to improve the image and to save the client, but also to acquaint users with such communication channel with the company as Twitter. Dialog speaks for itself, comments, perhaps, are excessive:

Determination of platforms for promotion of a brand

Less obvious, but not less important scope of monitoring systems and the analysis of social media is determination of priority platforms for promotion of a brand. Using Brand Analytics you will be able to learn at what forums, blogs, social networks there is the most active discussion of your brand.

SK "Soglasie" revealed that one of key discussion platforms on discussion of insurance companies and in particular SK "Soglasie" is the forum of BMW club.


Having analyzed a forum, its participants and messages, SK "Soglasie" decided that the ordinary specialist, but one of company executives should not represent the company at a forum.

As a result of presence of the top manager of the company at a forum, SK "Soglasie" it was succeeded to increase also quantity of positive reviews both to localize a negative and to strengthen the reputation not only among members of BMW of club, but also outside a forum which participants became actually agents of influence of the company and adherents of a brand.

Reduction of image risks

In VKontakte social network, in group of regional radio station, the publication devoted to the following situation was detected:

During rest in Egypt a certain young man dropped out of a window 3 floors of hotel, broke cervical department of a backbone, the insurance company does not pay treatment. At the same time to SK "Soglasie" and in the publication, and in comments on it, there was a set of unflattering epithets.

In the case considered here it should be noted that the company did not refuse the obligations. Time for refining of circumstances under which the client suffered was just necessary. The matter is that cases if the victim was in a status of drug or alcoholic intoxication are not insurance. And as the facts of the case were strange, the staff of SK "Soglasie" according to rules of insurance, carried out the corresponding inspection on this incident. Of course, active discussion in social network became one of the reasons to accelerate process of consideration of this case in the emergency order. Blood test of the victim showed that it in blood at the time of a loss occurrence had no alcohol, all problems were solved quickly, and closed case for benefit of the client.

The PR-service of the company had no information on case in point as monitoring of social networks is not within its competence.

The situation was detected thanks to monitoring and analytics of social media: "It is unlikely we would manage to detect this publication at early stages any different way — Stanislav Peychev, the head of department of digital competences of SK "Soglasie" noted. — The community in which it appeared initially was not really popular and belonged to regional radio station. Most likely, by own efforts we would detect this publication later when it could receive a big virus scope and would be already late".

Initially negative publication became a PR reason for SK "Soglasie".

Thus it was succeeded not only to help the client with solution, but also to solve an image problem at a stage of emergence and to avoid any loss, and the press release issued afterwards on this subject allowed to strengthen reputation of the company.

Results of monitoring and the analysis of social media resources find application not only on the Internet, but also help to optimize many business processes in the company: improve service quality, strengthen control of work of contact center, to quickly receive information on tastes, preferences and the interests of target audience.


On article materials Monitoring of social media: cases for insurance companies

2012: Release

The I-Teco company in November, 2012 announced product output of own development – a monitoring system and the analysis of references in social media of Brand Analytics.

Brand Analytics is a tool for a business intelligence and reputation management in social media. The Brand Analytics system allows to monitor all references of a brand, the company, a product, service or the person from all social media in one tape, to see origin of trends in real time, to reveal resources on which the target audience is concentrated and to trace its interests for building of the most effective strategy of promotion.

Brand Analytics in real time collects and analyzes information on the set subject from such sources as Twitter, VKontakte, LiveJournal, YouTube, Facebook, many other social media and also thousands online of media and the thematic websites. For several months in a system 1 billion messages are saved up, daily gather up to 10 million new. A system automatically determines tonality of expressions, creates the connected chains of discussions, selects the most important messages and subjects, reveals trends and presents information in the form of intuitive diagrams and reports. Distinctive feature of Brand Analytics is real-time operation: both new messages, and analytics are updated in the mode real time – clients can see at once dynamics, origin of new trends and to react quickly to change of a situation.

"Our purpose – to create a uniform versatile tool for the organization of work in social media for all structures of the enterprise, beginning from marketing department and PR and finishing with sales and user support. In Brand Analytics the set of functionality is implemented already today: monitoring in real time, reports on tonality of messages, authors, sources, filtering on keyword parameters, sorting and selection according to date of placement, to the number of comments and doubles of the message and some other. Testing of the module of a feedback comes to the end that will allow to respond to messages in social media directly from the system interface or through a corporate widget. The Brand Analytics tools will be useful and, we hope, is demanded by representatives of medium and large business, the analytical agencies and media", – Natalya Sokolova, the head of department of development of management of implementation of IT systems of I-Teco company tells about the project.