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CFT Platform of bank self-service

Developers: Center of Financial Technologies (CFT)
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit

The Platform of Bank Self-service service concentrated in itself more than 20 years' experience of automation of front office solutions of banks accumulated by specialists of the CFT Group. The main activity of Service is complex control automation by infrastructure of financial credit institutions with own processing centers and large networks of devices of self-service. Partners of Platform of Bank Self-service Service are 125 banks.

2019: Trial operation in the SBP industrial environment

Zolotaya Korona gave technology support of PJSC Sovcombank and RNKO Payment Center (LLC) at connection to the System of Fast Payments (SFP). Within a pilot project of the Bank of Russia on start in operation of System of Fast Payments the hardware and software system of Zolotaya Korona "The platform of bank self-service" successfully underwent trial operation in the SBP industrial environment, reported TAdviser on February 8, 2019 in the CFT Group.

During testing there was smoothly running information exchange of a HSS of Platform of Bank Self-service Service from the NSCP which is the operational payment SBP clearing center. After testing completion of the procedure credit institutions were connected to SBP and began work in a system in the mode of commercial operation.

Interaction of banks with SBP is executed through a HSS of Platform of Bank Self-service Service (platform) in which support of sending transfers s2s, by me2me from client fronts of bank and acceptance of the transfers addressed to clients of bank s2s, me2me for their reflection on customer accounts in the core banking system of bank and/or on maps customer accounts in a processing center of bank is implemented.

As explained in CFT, the platform allows credit institutions to register bank in SBP for the clients as "bank by default" for acceptance of the transfers addressed to these clients, to receive and use reconciliation mechanisms for perfect transfers on the basis of data of clearing of OPKTS SBP and the Platform. Application of cloud computing considerably reduces the term of start of SBP in banks, claim in the company.

2018: The chat-bot of monitoring of banking networks of self-service summed up of CFT the results of trial operation

The center of Financial Technologies within Platform of Bank Self-service Service summed up the results of trial operation of the solution for operational mobile monitoring of the ATM and terminal infrastructure by bank in March, 2018.

The solution is implemented in a type chat-bot and allows to provide access to up-to-date information about operation of devices of self-service from client devices via the interface messenger Telegram. Such implementation allows to provide universality and fast connection of the solution as the Telegram service is available to all popular mobile and desktop platforms.

The service the chat-bot of monitoring allows to obtain in real time information on all self-service devices (SSD), including devices with errors. In the presence of failures in work of software or warnings from the equipment, the list of incidents on this SSD is displayed: there is no communication, there are no transactions long ago, cash ended, the safe is open, a little \there is no paper in the printer, etc. The functionality of the chat-bot also gives the chance to perform condition monitoring of the devices of self-service grouped, for example, in the territorial principle.

Based on trial operation of this solution by banks the service will purchase new opportunities, and visual indicators of a status of devices, graphic marking of incidents using emodzhi-characters, display of summary information on all network of bank on one screen, notifications of the user on different events in networks of devices and also device management via the interface of the chat-bot will already become shortly available.