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CSI Keyboard POS system

The name of the base system (platform): Kristallservice: CSI RX series System units
Developers: Crystal Service Integration (CSI, Crystal Integration Service)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/03/13
Branches: Trade
Technology: Office equipment,  trade Automation systems

2019: Description of a system

The Crystal Service Integration company provided on March 13, 2019 a keyboard POS system. In a set — the keyboard, the cash register equipment, the scanner and a strongbox.

Keyboard POS system of Crystal Service Integration company

As the solution designer noted, the CSI RX1 system unit is equipped with the processor of the IoT Intel platform — J1900. Along with it, the bezventilyatorny body, the unsoldered ports and insignificant quantity of wires and loops promote fast and smooth operation inside. The producer supplied the system unit with connectors which allow to connect practically any USB/COM periphery and to make it a core for external solutions, for example touch cash desks or self-service terminals. Devices are powered through it from one socket. For simplicity of connection to IT infrastructure and mobility of cash desk the Wi-Fi-module is built in CSI RX1.

The monitor of the cashier is installed on the rotary platform. Use of such development is connected with variety of cash desks — the rotary monitor is universal and gives more opportunities for comfortable arrangement of the equipment. The monitor turns by 120 degrees that will allow the cashier to hold comfortable position. The quality of the picture will provide TFT LCD a matrix from AU Optronics and electronics of Benq. The vacuum and luminescent display of the buyer — the joint product CSI and Firich Electric Company. For compatibility with different cash programs in it the module VFD is installed. The device can be adjusted on height to any format of point of sale, it bends and turns by 270 degrees, claim in CSI.

The keyboard is compact, configuration of buttons is configured under the client, and each key maintains 10 million clicking, on assurances of the producer. CSI completes the POS system with the Pirit cash registers, focusing attention to speeds of the device and an opportunity to issue checks with logos, pictures and QR codes.

To a complete set the cash equipment of CSI is supplemented by the scanner and a strongbox of third-party producers. For management of the POS system the producer offers the Set Retail 10 program of own development.

The solution designer offers an expanded guarantee — up to 3 years on a set.