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CallTouch Technology of determination of advertizing sources

Developers: CallTouch (Koltouch)
Last Release Date: 2019/08/12
Branches: Internet services,  Advertising, PR and marketing
Technology: Call centers


CallTouch is technology of determination of advertizing sources from which calls and requests are made.

Technical solution of CallTouch and API, open, free for all clients, allow to make integration with any external service and CRM.

2019: Report "Predictive analysis"

On August 12, 2019 the Calltouch company announced updating of service of end-to-end analytics, call tracking and management of advertizing in which the instrument of predictive media planning – the report "Predictive analysis" is added to a system.

As noted in Calltouch, the predictive analysis of advertizing is considered more complete implementation of marketing automation. Implementation of the predictive analysis of advertisements allows to simplify not only marketing communications and the analysis of data retrieveds (as in a case with end-to-end analytics), but also to simplify mechanics of decision-making.

As well as in other reports of Calltouch on sources, in it data on quantity of calls, requests, and calls back, only now at the rate on the following calendar month are displayed. The report is executed in the form of the evident diagram on such largest cuts as a source of traffic and the channel of attraction. A system allows to study data as on all sources, and to select top and five of them which according to the forecast will give most of all leads, the developer emphasized.

The predictive analysis in Calltouch

Under the diagram the table in which all data on future leads are provided in numeric expression is located. Besides, the difference of the current indicators from forecast is given in the table.

The predictive analysis in Calltouch

At creation of the report "Predictive analysis" a system automatically analyzes the received indicators, is combined using the Holta-Vintersa and SARIMA models. As processing of large volume of data is meant, the error of the forecast makes 8-10%, the developer noted.

According to the statement of Calltouch, the predictive analysis allows to reduce considerably time for media planning which each marketing specialist faces. As of August, 2019 its use is already available to all who were connected to Calltouch not less than three months ago – it time is necessary for data storage, used for creation of the correct forecast. It is possible to find the report "Predictive analysis" in the section Sources of a personal account of Calltouch.


Integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In October, 2018 Calltouch provided integration with the CRM systemMicrosoft Dynamics CRM. It is possible to configure data transmission from the platform of web analytics Calltouch in Microsoft Dynamics CRM less, than in 10 minutes via the software of "YEW". It is enough to download "YEW" – the application which is installed not on the computer, and directly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After to receive the link to the application at the CRM system administrator, to insert the address into the corresponding line of settings of a personal account Calltouch and to click "Transfer of calls is included". After that data in real time will begin to be transferred from Calltouch to Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is popular in a real estate segment. It is connected with a system capability to take place on own server of the client, but not in a cloud. In other subjects it is used less often where for any of several reasons it is important to business to store data on own servers in connection with requirements of security services.

Integration allows to send all information on the recorded calls which is available in Calltouch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, writing it in cards of clients. On each call detailed information on the address – only more than 40 parameters goes [1].

Service of automatic recognition of a sex of the client

Representatives of the Calltouch project announced on May 24, 2018 creation of service which allows to define automatically a sex of the client who called number specified on the advertiser's website. The feature of technology is that a system itself studies on the errors that allows it to optimize quality of work independently.

According to developers, the sensing technology of a floor allows to change advertizing campaigns to the best. There was an opportunity to automatically determine who calls a thicket in the specific company — women or men. Making a start from this information, it is possible to adjust declarations and to configure settings of targeted advertizing on the basis of data on efficiency.

Having collected statistics on a floor, it is easy to define who buys. And on the basis of these let know absolutely unevident things. For example, it is better to target advertizing on cure for frustration of erectile dysfunction on women, they make the decision on purchase. As well as motorcycle helmets. Everything that it is necessary — to modify rates depending on calling. Budget optimization, costs on marketing are reduced, sales increase — specified in Calltouch.

How it works

The voice recognition system has two modes. In the normal mode of tagging on an input to service the audiofile arrives, then it is processed in a special way. Processed the file arrives on an input to qualifiers which make the decision on what tag is required to be set. The received tag is forwarded in the magazine of calls to the column "tags".

Also service can work in the after-training mode. If the user listened to any audiofile in the magazine of calls and does not agree with that tag which delivered floor determinant before, then it can change this tag to another: for example, the man tag is set, and the user changed it on "woman". At change of tags: "man"-> "woman" or "woman"-> "man" technology passes "after-training" into an operation mode.

Tagging does not depend on scope of a conversation — quality of sex determination for projects, for example, in medical subject or a car will be same, specified in the company. By estimates of developers of service, thanks to Calltouch technologies the accuracy of the sex determination calling reaches 90-95%.

2014: Solution description of CallTouch


ROI reports

The CallTouch service helps to define:

  • the most conversion advertizing channels;
  • sources from which target and most solvent clients come;
  • sources and groups of requests providing to the company the maximum revenue.

ROI (from engl. - return on investment) — the financial ratio illustrating the level of profitability or unprofitability of business. The indicator of ROI is the relation of the amount of profit or losses to a cost amount on a certain canal.

ROI reports are available in the Personal account of the client in the section of Sale. This section is intended for cost determination of each appeal to the company and obtaining information on investment soundness to each canal of promotion. The report allows to analyze, means in this or that advertizing campaign what profit it makes are how reasonablly used. As a result of viewing the report it is possible to draw a reliable conclusion on efficiency and address orientation of further advertizing investments.

ROI is considered not only on separate sources, but also on the whole segments of traffic. Thanks to such functionality it is possible to determine ROI by each key request, the page of landing, the specific declaration of contextual advertizing and any other parameter of promotion.

The report has 4 subsections:

  • The diagram of profitability for the selected period
  • Statistics on all sources for the selected period
  • Statistics on traffic segments for the selected period
  • The diagram of ROI on sources

Window of the interface of the program

Pass CRM

The CallTouch service provides control of actions of the client from transition to the website and to the order of goods or service. Having defined orders in service, there is an opportunity to construct ROI reports that will help to define real profit (or a loss) which is made by each advertizing channel.

Static call-tracking

CallTouch helps to analyze online traffic to within a key word (dynamic call tracking), to use advantages of static call tracking. Use of static numbers for control is offered:

  • different offline - sources (billboards, booklets, exhibitions and conferences, business cards);
  • obtaining additional online statistics (for example, calls from Yandex or Google Maps, online business cards).

Dynamic call-tracking

The CallTouch company developed and implemented dynamic call tracking in 2012.

The visitors who are at the same time on the website see different phone numbers regardless of the source which gave them on the website. At commission of a call the phone number corresponds on time to a specific user session. Service registers all data of this session: A source, Search phrases, the Device, the Browser – all parameters of transition of the visitor who made a call.

The uniqueness of service is that it traces a source to within a search phrase, and contextual advertizing – to each declaration.

Pent-up demand

The user not always makes a call at the first run on the website. More often the client remembers the company name or the address of the website. When is going to make a call, just once again visits the website or looks for the name of the company searching. At the same time, if not to monitor primary sources of such calls, the efficiency of channels from which the client initially came will be strongly underestimated. According to the statistics the companies, up to 30% of clients make a call at repeated run on the website.

CallTouch will help to see visually:

  • how many calls are made after repeated runs;
  • from what source the client initially came;
  • what is the time the visitor of the website spends for making decision on the address;
  • what advertizing campaigns stir its interest.

Magazine of calls

The magazine of calls to CallTouch opens not only all statistical and analytical parties of each call, but also gives great opportunities for clients for use of service as mini-CRM.

In addition to fixed functions of the CallTouch system (determination of a source of a call up to a key request), the Magazine of calls helps:

  • it is evident to see the card of visits of the user to a call (all its transitions to the website preceding a call);
  • listen to record of a call and also leave to it the comment or send by e-mail;
  • enter commercial and details according to this address of the client (contacts, the planned amounts of orders, comments) that will allow to make the effective ROI report;
  • add tags of events to each call (for example, "sale", "lead", "information call"). Further they can be used for conversion calculation.

Magazine window

Monitoring of positions of the website

The CallTouch service overcame the requests "closed" by search systems and gives the chance to estimate from what positions call more as dynamics of positions on separate key requests changes and as it affects quantity and quality (conversion) of calls.


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