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Chark (service of delivery)

Developers: Mercedes-Benz
Date of the premiere of the system: August, 2019
Branches: Logistics and distribution

2019: Start of services

At the beginning of August, 2019 Mercedes-Benz provided service of delivery of sendings to car luggage carriers from any online stores. For this purpose buyers should equip a luggage carrier door with the special lock or just to give to the courier access to a luggage carrier through the application. The German producer successfully carried out a pilot project in Stuttgart, delivering sendings in the parked cars, and now starts service in Berlin.

The Chark service successfully delivered more than one thousand sendings directly in luggage carriers of the cars compatible to the Mercedes me connect application for iOS, i.e. the models produced after 2015. Daimler claims that the buyer can use this service even if he uses the leased or official car.

Mercedes-Benz began to deliver sendings in car luggage carriers from any online stores
Mercedes-Benz began to deliver sendings in car luggage carriers from any online stores

Orders with such delivery can be placed in any online store. In the course of the order the buyer specifies that sending should be delivered via the Chark system, and enters the hub address then the user ID follows. It is also necessary to specify delivery time and the place where the car is parked.

The delivery service receives a digital key which allows to open once a vehicle luggage carrier (at the same time the car cannot be moved using this code), and leaves sending inside. The buyer receives one notification that the courier came out to the place of the parking of the car, and one more upon termination of delivery, with photos this time.

In August, 2019 the service is available also to drivers of Mercedes-Benz in the capital of Germany. However the pilot test phase is not completed yet therefore programs will be able to participate in the Berlin part only 250 drivers for what they will need to leave the request on the website or through the application. The producer is going to expand in the future tests of service and for other cities of Germany.[1]