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Electronic accountant Elba

Developers: SKB Kontur
Last Release Date: 2019/10/09
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Accounting systems


The electronic accountant Elba is the web service for small business (SP on the STS and an UIIT and also Ltd company) allowing to run business, to arrange document flow, to facilitate management accounting.

2019: Integration with Modulkassa

On October 9, 2019 the SKB Kontur company announced integration of online accounting for entrepreneurs circuit.Elba with Modulkassa. Integration is intended to simplify accounting of income and calculation of a tax.

How it works: the cashier closes change, after that the online cash desk transfers a total sum to the Circuit. Elba, the tax is calculated there. Integration happens online — it means that the result of change appears in the Circuit. To Elba right after closing of change at the checkout.

Integration is available on any paid Circuit rate. Elba and on the trial period, including an action "god as a gift new SP". From Modulkassa the Standard or Expanded rate should be connected.

As of October 9 Elba is already integrated with online cash desks MTS/LiteBox, LIFE PAY and also with banks: Alfa-Bank Point Modulbank Tinkoff Bank Sberbank and Vanguard.


Elba learned to work with currency accounts

The SKB Kontur company provided in the fall of 2014 updating of web service " circuit.Elba ". As reported CNews in SKB Kontur, now its users can conduct payments in currency. Give to users the chance to conduct work with foreign partners and to perform currency transactions became a priority task of development team of Elba service this fall. The fast solution of a task was promoted to some extent also by the sharp differences of ruble exchange rate which provoked the next growth of number of transactions with currency noted in the company. Now clients of service can bring to details numbers of currency and transit accounts and conduct payments in that currency in which it is convenient to them, without leaving the service platform.

Elba is capable to recognize 34 currency types and to work with them. For calculation of a tax service independently transfers income in currency to rubles at the rate of, acting in day of receiving, and considers an exchange difference. It is convenient also that such calculation has the subtleties, specified in SKB Kontur.

As Olga Avvakumova, the analyst of the project " circuit.Elba " explained, "it is necessary to consider only the difference arising at foreign currency sales at the rate of above than Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation in the same day, or upon purchase of currency at the rate of below, than the Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation in the same day. During the work in Elba it is automatic. It is only necessary to specify the selling rate or purchases of currency, and if it is more profitable than the Central Bank rate of the Russian Federation, the positive difference will be considered in income when calculating a tax".

As well as at ruble transactions, results of currency calculations are considered on the homepage and in the section Money, in turnovers and, respectively, in the reporting. Statements on currency accounts are easily imported to Elba from Internet bank. In a tax only receiving money for transit account, and transfer from transit account on current currency is considered and the subsequent currency sales with transfer into the ruble account will not be considered any more.

In general the cloud service " circuit.Elba " is intended for business and sending the reporting on the Internet and designed to facilitate life of the entrepreneurs conducting accounting independently.

Separation accounting.circuit on " circuit.accounting " and " circuit.Elba"

On July 10, 2014 the SKB Kontur company announced cancellation of the joint project accounting.circuit in the mode of uniform online accounting for individual entrepreneurs and the companies.

Creators partitioned service " accounting.circuit " on two initial components: "Circuit. Accounting" for the large companies and " circuit.Elba " - for entrepreneurs, users of the STS and payers of an UIIT.

After separation of projects " circuit.Elba " it is necessary to service 600 thousand users, " circuit.accounting " more than 240 thousand.

On the basis of these data it is possible to draw a conclusion on growth of the user base since September, 2012 when projects integrated. By that moment the number of the registered users of Elba service exceeded 250 thousand from which about 7.5 thousand used paid rates. For Eureka similar indicators were according to 70 thousand and 2.5 thousand.

For July 10, 2014 are unknown, revenue sizes from projects during joint activity, their separate revenue. As of 2011 about 2% of consolidated revenues of SKB Kontur which were 3.1 billion rubles fell to the share of Eureka and Elba (82% of income of the company were brought by an online service for submission of reports Circuit of Ekstern). In 2013 revenue of SKB Kontur made 4.47 billion.

According to the staff of SKB Kontur, merge is unsuccessful and rash - costs for development raised a little, and the new concept of a product did not meet understanding of users.

Separation of products, after their joint two years' existence, was preceded by cleaning of a subscriber base. In June, 2013 the easy version " accounting.circuit " completely refused free rates then from base of subscribers a part of "free" users was eliminated, but the audience "those who are ready to pay" became stronger.

Elba considers, the time-division multiplex of products brought some pluses: in accounting the section Employees where there is a possibility of accounting of advance payments, sick-lists and the choice of nationality of the employee is created.

2012: Merge to Evrika service in a product circuit.accounting

The SKB Kontur company, the Ekaterinburg software developer, announced in the fall of 2012 start of new service for the business " accounting.circuit " integrating functionality two accounting SaaS services of the company — Elba (for the entrepreneur) and Eureka (for the accountant) which thus stopped the independent existence.

SKB Kontur, " accounting.circuit " are a natural stage of development of Elba and Evrika web services which for fall of 2012 attracted over 350 thousand users. In 2013 the company expected to increase this digit to 500 thousand.

"By our estimates, today in Russia more than 2 million organizations. Microbusinesses which headaches are solved by our service — about 500 thousand. The most part of entrepreneurs got used to do business 'on a knee', in Eksel. At the same time it is rather uncommon task. You only provide: the ordinary entrepreneur (without employees) in a year needs to prepare not less than 24 'pieces of paper', and with employees — 119. How to hold all this in the head? Through our services 370 thousand reports are already sent, we have more than 10 thousand really working users. And it only the beginning" — the project manager " accounting.circuit " Ilya Bublik said.

2011: The online editor of agreements was added

In web service "The electronic accountant Elba since fall of 2011 appeared the online editor of agreements. The multifunction designer allows to create the ready document within 2-3 minutes.

"To understand how the editor is suited, it is enough to remember how Microsoft Word works. To make changes to the document, it is necessary to make only pair of clicks. And in Elba: there is a set of templates, and there are tools for work with them. Plus all this is online", – Evgeny Kobzev, the project manager "The electronic accountant Elba comments.

The designer of agreements is separated into several blocks. In the left part details which are loaded automatically, on the right – a form for editing the document are submitted. To transfer data from one block to another, it is enough to make only pair of clicks.

The online editor allows to insert any text necessary to the user into the main part of the document and also offers standard templates. In need of the text it is possible to make the changes concerning not only contents, but also registrations (basic functions of formatting are available).

After the document is ready, it can be printed, sent by e-mail or to save in the necessary format (Word, Excel, pdf).

The electronic accountant helps to create also and other primary documents (acts, accounts, delivery notes, invoices). Quite recently there was an opportunity to work with payment orders.

2010: Start of service

In 2010 in IT market the trend connected with development of software solutions for small and medium business amplified. In turn, SKB Kontur company, being the expert in accounting software, created a product for the Russian entrepreneurs – "The electronic accountant Elba. Elba is intended for SP on the STS and an UIIT and also Ltd company and helps to conduct all accounting to the person without special knowledge in this area. Besides, web service gives the chance to individual entrepreneurs to hand over the electronic reporting in tax absolutely free of charge. In a year the customer base of a product exceeded 25,000 users.

The accountants servicing individual entrepreneurs and the organizations had an opportunity to bring order to current affairs using Personal account. The new business tool allows to automate the majority of the processes connected with preparation and submission of reports and as a result – by two-three times to increase labor productivity of the specialist.

According to experts, one accountant is able to conduct no more than three-four organizations qualitatively. It is about full accounting service taking into account tax and financial planning. At increase in number of clients the accountant needs the help of specialists who will be able to undertake a part of tasks. And it is in turn fraught with additional expenses and essential time costs for search of employees.

The electronic accountant Elba allows to accelerate the procedure of customer service through Personal account. The new functionality of web service includes a possibility of maintaining several enterprises under one account at once. On each client the separate card therefore it is convenient to accountant to keep track of quantity of the active and carried-out tasks of all organizations is got.

Templates of ready documents, tooltip balloons, automatic calculation of taxes and contributions and other opportunities of web service significantly facilitate accounting and allow to increase income.