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Circuit. Focus

Developers: SKB Kontur
Date of the premiere of the system: 2014
Last Release Date: 2020/01/14
Technology: SaaS - Software as service


Contour-Focus is the web service intended for express check of partners.

2020: A possibility of obtaining the business certificate of the foreign companies from 30 countries

On January 14, 2020 SKB Kontur reported that users the Circuit. Focus can request business certificates of the foreign companies from 30 countries.

Earlier in service it was possible to check the organizations from Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. For January, 2020 the list of the countries extended:

Depending on the country the speed of accomplishment of a request fluctuates from 0 to 5 days. The most part of business references comes for several seconds. But for a part of the companies information is updated manually because of what references prepare several days.

The standard reference includes:

  1. identification data of the company, its status;
  2. index of solvency, credit assessment and credit limit;
  3. history of registration actions;
  4. data on participants and authorized capital;
  5. information on the management and powers;
  6. type of activity;
  7. financial statements, number of staff;
  8. additional data (belonging to concern, bank details, public negative facts).

However the contents of references can differ. So, in some countries the financial statements are unavailable. Besides, amount of data is connected with pattern of ownership of the organization. For example, open sources contain less data on non-public joint-stock companies.

Business certificates of the foreign companies are available within the additional tariff option "Expanded Data". Relevant data can be requested on a card of the organization.

2019: Release of the solution "Check of Partners"

On May 13, 2019 the SKB Kontur company announced release by DIRECTUM company of the solution on check of partners on the basis of the Circuit service. Focus

Using the solution "Check of Partners" created based on API the Circuit. Focus, it is possible to control reliability of partners directly from the DIRECTUM ECM system.

Data on partners come to a system using the Circuit service. Focus from more than 27 official sources: FTS, State Office of Public Prosecutor, Federal Treasury or Arbitration courts and so forth.

According to the results of check in a card of the partner in the DIRECTUM system there is a color marker which helps to define with what organizations it is worth performing transactions and with what — no.

Using the built-in monitors the solution timely notifies on changes of details of the partner and saves the change history in a chronological order.

In the market there are separate solutions for check of partners and contract management. That our users could work in one system and control a status, reliability and liquidity of the business partners, we developed integrated solution "Check of partners" on the basis of the DIRECTUM system and popular service of check of partners the Circuit. Focus.
Evgenia Sarvarova, business analyst of DIRECTUM

The major information on partners arrives from the Circuit service. Focus via the API-interface in the DIRECTUM system. Our solution in many respects simplifies work of contractual departments, commercial, financial and legal services. Specialists timely learn about all changes of partners, a system will automatically show different risk factors. We constantly study and we analyze the market, trends, requests of clients, we offer enhanced capabilities and functionality, increasing quantity and a data set.
Elena Katayeva, project manager of SKB Kontur

2016: In " circuit.focus " verification of passports appeared

In service " circuit.focus " for fast check of partners in September, 2016 there was a verification of passports. To learn whether the passport is valid, it is enough to enter its series and number into a special field. The present possibility is intended for employees of security services.

For check " circuit.focus " uses the list of invalid passports which creates FMS of Russia. Department carries to invalid passports the lost (kidnapped persons), issued on the lost (stolen) forms, the passports of citizens of the Russian Federation issued in defiance of an established procedure and also nullified.

"It is possible to check the passport and on the website of FMS. But in Focus" it can be done quicker and within 'single window' — without addressing to any other sources — claim in SKB Kontur. — Besides, if the passport became invalid after 9/12/2016, Focus will be able to report date when the passport for the first time was included in the list of invalid passports".

Check is available on the Premium rate.


On January 16, 2014 it became known of the beginning of sales in Russia and the CIS of the solution "Contour-Focus" of SKB Kontur.

Fast check

For fast check of partners official sources of information of FTS and Rosstat are used: USRLE, Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs, Statregistr, base of accounting records of the organizations; Card file of the Supreme Arbitration Court. The fresh information certificate of incorporation or the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs can be requested for one click of "mouse".

Risk reduction

A system helps to calculate the addresses of mass registration, mass founders and heads.

Financial information on the basis of open accounting records of the organizations is available (to 30% of legal persons).

Orientation in a business environment

End-to-end navigation according to links helps to reveal affiliation between the companies and individuals. A system collects historical data on the companies.

Access type

In the standard mode the user will get access to the modes:

  • Search
  • Data of the USRLE / Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs
  • Request for the statement
  • Financial data
  • Government contracts.

"Premium" will provide, in addition to standard, options:

  • Arbitration cases
  • List of the related organizations
  • Expanded unloading of a card

The cost of a subscription is differentiated: from 10.7 thousand rubles to 46 thousand rubles.