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Cisco WebEx

Developers: Cisco Systems
Date of the premiere of the system: 2016
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Video conferencing


Cisco WebEx is the system for web conferences with a high transmission rate of the image, support of conference communication through VoIP and public telephone networks providing integration into office applications and messengers. According to data of Gartner, the share of Cisco WebEx occupies more than 53% in the world industry of web conferences.

The platform integrates four types of the services created for the solution of specific business challenges.

  • WebEx Meeting Center is intended for the organization of joint work and also holding meetings and meetings. The functionality gives the chance not only to communicate by means of video and high-quality audio communication, but also to provide to users shared access to documents and applications.
  • WebEx Event Center allows to hold webinars, it is adapted for event management with a large number of participants, has the attention indicator helping speakers and organizers with holding of conferences, the built-in mailing of invitations and the instrument of collecting of statistics.
  • WebEx Training Center is service for the organization of sessions of distance learning. With its help it is possible to organize within the session work in groups, to hold full testing, to perform accomplishment of tasks on remote computers and laboratory classes.
  • WebEx Support Center is the solution for rendering technical support services which is supplied with instruments of access to desktops of users, diagnostics of their IT services and rendering consultations in real time. Service also provides tools for formation of queue from the entering addresses for subsequent distribution on specialists.

Service is provided according to the SaaS model by means of global cloud infrastructure of Cisco consisting of sixteen data centers with own communication channels. Corporate users get access to the microwebsite of the organization where necessary services WebEx are placed. The flexible model of licensing provides payment for quantity of accounts (virtual rooms) necessary for the organization of conferences. For implementation of a voice communication the customer receives unlimited audiotraffic.

It is easy for Cisco WebEx to unroll and scale: the solution does not require equipment installation and software implementation, it is simple to regulate the number of services depending on business needs. Participants of conferences also do not need to install any applications: necessary modules are loaded automatically at connection. At each user the WebEx window where he will see material, the participant list of an action, a window of a chat, the webcam opens. Users can participate in a conference from the stationary or mobile phone and other mobile devices.


Solutions Webex Edge for Calling. Options for connection of the PBX to Webex Calling cloud

On November 7, 2019 the Cisco Systems company provided a number of updates for the portfolio of solutions in the field of joint work, including the platform for the Webex web conferences.

Among the innovations offered by developers:

  • The solutions Webex Edge for Calling add modern functionality to opportunities of the available PBX of Cisco and other vendors. Now the IT administrator will be able to integrate separate infrastructures and using cloud services of Webex to implement for all organization global plans of numbering, routing for the smallest cost and also such centralized services as IVR, voice mail, etc. Geographically distributed business will become more profitable if to use clear and logical telephone functions, such as set of extensions, cheaper intra network calls and also one Webex application for telephony, teleconferences and messages.
  • Additional options for connection of the PBX directly to a cloud of Webex Calling allow to work with the operator needlessly in the local gateway. We aim at simplicity and we provide freedom of choice.
  • The Cisco Unified Communication Manager Cloud platform works with a cloud of Webex and supports all UCM functions. The selected private copy of CUCM unrolled in a cloud together with Webex Calling for branches will help to scale globally business and to accelerate transition of the enterprise to a cloud. At the disposal of the companies - the global cloud created for transfer of content in real time with all necessary and usual functions.

The vulnerability allowing to eavesdrop on others conversations

On October 2, 2019 it became known that WebEx and Zoom are subject to the attack of transfer (user enumeration) of Prying-Eye.


Malefactors can easily get access to communication sessions to Cisco WebEx or Zoom because of vulnerability in API. Specialists of the CQ Prime command of Cequence Security company found out that API of software for conference communication of WebEx, Zoom and, perhaps, other services, we will wound to Prying-Eye attack ("A curious eye").

Prying-Eye represents the attack of transfer or user enumeration. According to researchers, WebEx and Zoom allow to touch automatically using a bot all potentially valid identifiers of sessions through API calls. As soon as the valid identifier is detected, the malefactor can get access to a session and eavesdrop on conversations (if the user did not set the password).

Vulnerability constitutes still big danger if for simplification of process of management of sessions the user set the personal identifier. Having picked up this identifier, the malefactor will be able to eavesdrop on conversations for a long time

Researchers notified Cisco and Zoom on vulnerability in July, 2019. Both companies published the corresponding warnings for the users, however did not recognize a problem real threat. Cisco specified that sessions in WebEx are by default password-protected, however users can disconnect it for bigger convenience. Having learned about vulnerability, Zoom developers made some changes to the platform, in particular made the password default setting[1].

Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack expansion

On October 1, 2019 Cisco provided the Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack expansion which does use of the Cisco Webex platform even more conveniently and even more safely.

The broker of secure cloud access Cisco Cloudlock CASB for the application has Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack Webex Teams it is connected to the native Webex functions for protection from harmful SOFTWARE on the basis of Cisco Talos ClamAV technology in Webex Cloud cloud.

  • Simplicity of acquisition and implementation. Customers can purchase this tool kit together with a subscription to Webex.
  • The possibility of joint work outside the company (cross-company collaboration) was considered already when developing a packet: Cloudlock CASB supports politicians of prevention of date leak (Data Loss Prevention, DLP), protecting users, even when they work outside the organization.
  • Full-function protection against the malware. The solution of protection against the malware protects from trojans, programs racketeers, etc. even during the work on personal or uncontrollable devices or in interaction with external users.

The packet of Webex Extended Security Pack provides necessary protection of confidential interaction both within the company, and at joint work with our customers, partners and suppliers. The functionality of Cloudlock CASB is developed very easily, it prevents data loss as inside, and out of the company. It gave us the chance to provide high quality of interaction on the open modern platform for joint work, without forgetting about protection of important files and content. We lay great hopes on the appeared functionality of protection against the malware which as a part of a packet will protect us from trojans, viruses and programs racketeers even if files arrive from external users,
commented Jens Uhle, the system architect and the manager of the international projects of Wacker Chemie AG company in the field of unified communications


Monthly 6 billion minutes of conference communication

  • In May, 2018 facilitating the distributed groups processes of holding meetings and the solution of the tasks facing them, developers integrated the Cisco Spark and Webex platforms. Now at the disposal of customers the new Webex Meetings application for holding online conferences and the application for seamless group joint work of Webex Teams (before Cisco Spark).
  • Also the device which turns any premises in which the TV is installed into Webex conference room was provided.

Webex Meetings updating

  • The main feature of updating of Webex Meetings — gain of emphasis on video. When using the application it is strongly recommended to turn on the video camera. It is made proceeding from the fact that one of basic conditions of successful group work — an opportunity to participants to see each other. There passed those times when users looked at the screen only to examine the presentations. Now you accurately and clearly see all participants of your command regardless of the fact that before you — the notebook, the Cisco equipment for video conferences or the mobile device.
  • Thanks to the fact that Webex services are provided by means of a cloud one hundred millions of users of Webex around the world should not take any actions. In the coming months they will just receive upgraded version.

2017: In Cisco WebEx dangerous vulnerabilities are corrected

On July 17 the company Cisco released the corrections of security for Cisco WebEx affecting expansion for browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Plug-ins for other browsers are not subject to vulnerability. [2]

In particular, the detected vulnerability of CVE-2017-6753 allows malefactors to execute any code on the system of the user at visit of the harmful website. No additional actions from user side are required for successful operation of vulnerability, specified in Cisco.

The producer recommends to all to set users of a plug-in Cisco WebEx the latest version/10/12.


Cisco and Salesforce announced creation of global strategic alliance

Joint work. Cisco also Salesforce implement at the level of platform functionality integration of solutions Cisco Spark and WebEx into the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications using Salesforce Lightning Framework. As a result the general customers will be able to communicate with each other in real time by means of a chat, video and voice services without an exit from applications of Salesforce and without need to install special modules, i.e. without switching between applications.

Cisco Webex 31

The main improvements of the updated Cisco Webex concerned the interface and quality of broadcast of video. Besides, possibilities of the application for Android OS are expanded, function of a call back to a conference from the terminal of a video conferencing Video Call Back appeared.

  • Interface. First of all changes of Cisco Webex affected the interface – the color gamma became brighter, graphics of icons was updated, he became friendly and intuitive including to those users who for the first time use Webex or have the minimum skills of use of digital devices.
  • "Customization" under the client's tasks. In the new version of Webex the "customization" under preferences and the client's tasks allowing the page of the personal room so that she created feeling of own space, including loading of different images for an avatar and pictures for a wall is entered.
  • The processed CMR interface. The new version of Webex received also processed CMR interface (Collaboration Meeting Room) – the service allowing to carry out video conferences. Now from the personal account the user can perform customization of the interface under each specific conference. Besides, for the participants using video terminals and CMR service there is no compulsory provision of connection of a packet of city telephony any more, audio connection will be provided using VoIP. Removal of this restriction allows to reduce the cost of use of service.
  • Broadcast of video on different platforms. The quality of broadcast of video is significantly improved, including at start of service on different platforms. The new version of Webex, when using broadband communication practically levels differences between video systems and means of video conference on personal devices.
  • Possibilities of the application via OS Android. Possibilities of users are considerably expanded during the work with service through OS Android. Now function of demonstration of all desktop, and not just separate applications as it was in the previous versions of Webex is available to them (the option is available to devices with the version of Android 5.0 above).
  • Function of a call back is Video Call Back. At last, emergence of function of a call back to a conference from the terminal of a video conferencing (video call back) became a basic innovation of new release of Webex WBS 31. Function allows to save invariable quality of video conference and to simplify connection. Participants can manage the list of the preferable video addresses therefore there is no need to enter the address every time to a privkhoda into a conference or at recovery of communication after break.


Enhanced capabilities of audio conferences in WebEx services

Thanks to start of a possibility of hybrid audio it is possible to participate in an audio conference of WebEx not only via the Internet, but also using means of traditional telephony. Within providing service to users connection to a voice conference using hybrid audio of WebEx will be available - within one session participants can select connection on PSTN * or VoIP **, i.e. using the normal landline phone or by means of the IP telephony.

Thanks to a possibility of hybrid audio it is possible to use numbers with code 8-800 and other regional codes (local landline numbers) that will allow to perform incoming calls across all Russia and also to order an outgoing call on the personal number from the WebEx system. Use of telephony in the WebEx conferences allows to increase qualitatively communication level due to stable connection with good voice transmission.

WebEx services are updated on WBS 30

On October 7, 2015 it became known of planned updating of WebEx services from the version of WBS 29 on the version of WBS 30.

Updates of WebEx Business Suite 30 affected four products:

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center,
  • Cisco WebEx CCA,
  • Cisco WebEx CMR
  • Cisco Spark.

Changes affected the interface of meetings, "The personal room", "Instruments of administration", the version of CMR Cloud 3.0, CCA and Cisco Spark. Possibilities of video are improved. Pop-up windows - video previews which help the user to decide - to start or not specific video are provided in version 30. In the version the possibility of start and shutdown of automatic start of video, scrolling of video images appeared from left to right.

WBS 30 helps to register automatically most often used webcams. Broadcasts of video images of two participants have a uniform marking now. Options of notifications and a management tool became much more convenient: windows of the toolbars received additional indications, and some icons changed the arrangement.

"Personal room": the organizer can configure automatic blocking of the room for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes after the beginning of a meeting, having delayed participants in "lobby" of the room of a meeting. If the organizer did not come into the room of a meeting, the participant can send the notification by mail from meeting "lobby". The new version of service profitable differs in the increased level security of CMR: for an input it will be necessary to enter the password on the video terminal.

In WBS 30 integration of the Proximity application about WebEx (Beta mode) became possible and the call back from WebEx on the video terminal (Beta mode) became available. Now the user of Lync can begin a session as the organizer and to join a meeting to an input of the organizer.

"Together with our partner, CTI company, we are capable to provide that model of joint work which is ideal for business and is capable to lower costs for moving and business trips to 50%, - Anton Karpov, the business development manager of Cisco in Russia and the CIS noted. – The new version of WebEx differs in the best performance and a user interface that it is capable to simplify and accelerate significantly work on projects even for unsophisticated users".


Updating of fall of 2014

The updated interface of WebEx services became more clear, bright, expressive and more flexible - fonts and icons in applications have more modern and simplified appearance now. The window for the invitation and a reminder on the beginning of a meeting improved, there was an opportunity to manage windows - to stretch and narrow them not to complicate management of other applications, the appearance of the microwebsite and e-mail of notifications is updated. Tools for creation of notes are also changed – it became simpler to use them due to process optimization of transition from one editing tool to another.

In the version of WebEx there were additional functions which allow to change a method of holding meetings. The virtual meeting can be locked now, even when not all participants were connected. There was available an opportunity to leave, without finishing a meeting and to return in case of need - at the organizer the possibility of setup of notifications about an input and output of participants of a meeting appeared.

Updates are and in the section for administration of service - in a meeting center each participant can request the status of the leader now, before only the organizer had an opportunity to appoint. Detailed step-by-step planning of a meeting became more convenient - the calendar became visually more clear and is updated in real time.

The version of WebEx Meeting Center service had ability to integrate with the systems of a video conferencing TelePresence that allows to expand audience and to simplify work for all participants, to execute safe exchange of the double-sided image, audiotraffic and messages between participants, including mobile users. During the conference participants see the speaker from any terminal equipment and also on the WebEx screen or the mobile client. Integration gives the chance of use of the existing WebEx and TelePresence services with maximum efficiency.

In addition to a subscription to WebEx Meeting Center service the Collaboration Meeting Rooms function which gives the chance of quick access to planned and always to the active room for meetings with audio, video and providing the general access is available. Service supports a broad spectrum of terminals – to 25 terminals and 500 participants with the included video.

Upgraded version of WebEx Meeting Center service had ability to integrate with the systems of a video conferencing TelePresence that allows to expand audience and to simplify work for all participants, to execute safe exchange of the double-sided image, audiotraffic and messages between participants, including mobile users. During the conference participants see the speaker from any terminal equipment and also on the WebEx screen or the mobile client. Integration gives the chance of use of the existing WebEx and TelePresence services with maximum efficiency.

In addition to a subscription to WebEx Meeting Center service the Collaboration Meeting Rooms function which gives the chance of quick access to planned and always to the active room for meetings with audio, video and providing the general access is available. Service supports a broad spectrum of terminals – to 25 terminals and 500 participants with the included video.


WebEx Meetings для Android

According to IDC analytical company, by 2015 the number of mobile workers will reach 1.3 billion, i.e. 37.2% of the busy population. Thanks to Cisco AnyConnect mobile users can set the protected connection with corporate network. Cisco Jabber provides instant messaging, speeches and video, and using Cisco WebEx Meetings it is possible to participate in meetings irrespective of location.

Among applications for mobile devices web conferences are high on the list. The WebEx application numbering more than four million loadings on mobile devices is in the lead in this sphere. WebEx has the biggest feature set and can work with a broad spectrum of devices and operating systems: iPhone and iPad, smartphones and Android tablets and also new BlackBerry 10 OS. The Cisco WebEx application allows users to plan, to organize WebEx-meetings and to participate in them. During such meeting it is possible to connect quickly audio, to talk to participants, to browse the general content both in book, and in a landscape format. Cisco continues to invest in this sphere, expanding functionality of WebEx Meetings on mobile platforms, and the number of users of this application continuously grows: only for Android annual growth was 248%.

In the spring of 2013 of Cisco announced Cisco WebEx Meetings service for Android v3.0, available in Google Play shop. This produkt1 offers new functionality together with completely changed user interface for smartphones. Now over 50% of traffic of mobile communication in this connection users need ampler opportunities for watching video on the devices fall to the share of video. WebEx Meetings of version 3.0 for Android expands video offers for Android, entering duplex multipoint video conference for OS of the Android smartphones of version 4.0 above. Now users of the Android smartphones will be able to participate in meetings at qualitatively new level providing transfer and obtaining video. Functionality is optimized for book and landscape formats.

During the meeting the user interface is dynamically updated: from video acquaintance at the beginning of the meeting before the subsequent exchange of content and discussion. The management tools a sound and video allowing to transfer without effort video and also to switch off or turn on the microphone are in addition provided.

Having WebEx for Android, the users aiming to display the mobile devices but new performance level can participate in trainings of the center of training WebEx now. In addition to support of all modern opportunities of mobile meetings, including video functions, the center of training WebEx offers participants and instructors of such trainings a resource of questions and answers. Participants can ask instructors specific questions, and instructors can select those questions which they wish to answer and also to solve, whether to answer publicly or in a private order. Now users can participate in trainings when it is convenient to them: waiting for run, reaching for work or sunbathing on the beach.


Cisco WebEx Connect 6.5

The version of Cisco WebEx Connect 6.5 IM provides to users access to contact lists and allows to transmit instant messages through the IM client working as the browser. This solution can work on any computer running any operating system without loading of the additional client software.

The client of Windows for Cisco WebEx Connect IM is translated into the French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese languages that simplifies use of this product in multinational corporations.

Journalizing of instant messages on the server allows to store records about all messages of this type for the effective satisfaction of statutory and regulatory requirements. The customers who already have the systems of archiving of e-mail can continue to use the existing infrastructure.

After Cisco purchased Jabber company, users who need web applications with functions of chats and control of availability (presence) can easily implement these functions using the Cisco AJAX XMPP library allowing to create quickly the XMPP web applications and to integrate portals. For this purpose in library there are source codes, detailed documentation and practical examples. All this can be used for embedding of functions of control of availability and chats in the Cisco Quad environment.

Cisco announced in January, 2012 the beta of the updated WebEx service, platforms for multimedia communication and joint work. The beta of the WebEx platform includes functions of file sharing, the organization of HD video conferences, instant messaging and also function of display of the statuses of availability of subscribers, managements of contact information, records of meetings and other widespread functions of social communications.

Support of management of a full stroke of holding meetings is among important innovations of Cisco WebEx. Now all types of communications are collected around participants of virtual meetings that allows them to concentrate on a subject of discussion and related documents, but not on technologies.

The Cisco WebEx platform provides for each series of meetings the separate social web portal which is used for storage of records of negotiations, documents, images, video, magazines of discussions, including in forums and using other forms of communication. The solution Cisco WebEx can be also integrated with the systems of corporate security.

The Cisco WebEx software application won the prize Green IT Summit 2012 as the best solution for remote work and holding of conferences in May, 2012. Video conference of WebEx is promoted by safety of the environment, reducing number of business trips for those employees who should be present at meetings personally. Using this solution employees without effort interact with the colleagues and clients who are in other points of the globe. At this WebEx helps to save time and to reduce costs. Council of Green IT awarded six awards for eco-friendly IT solutions in the following categories: the distributed network calculations, innovations in data processing centers, virtualization of the desktop systems, solutions for energy management, energy efficient computing systems, solutions for remote work and holding of conferences. Remote work — one of names of remote presence when the employee executes the duties of the house using the home PC. It is, one may say, one of the major concepts in the field of eco-friendly IT systems.

According to Telework Research Network, 45% of specialists hold the positions allowing to work far off at least a part of day in the USA. It is counted that 2.9 million distant employees in the United States annually save 1,476 million liters of gasoline and prevent emission of 3.6 tons of greenhouse gases. During the period from the 2005th to the 2009th year the number of such employees grew by 61%. So an award for the best solution for remote work and holding of conferences — very important achievement". Cisco constantly aims to help people to work, live, have a good time and to study so that not to do harm to the environment. The company reduces emissions of a carbon dioxide gas, invites the customers, partners and employees to participate in programs for management of impact on the nature, develops the IT solutions helping to cope with climate changes.

Cisco WebEx Meetings server

WebEx Meeting Center is a specialized service for holding meetings with partners, clients and colleagues online, joint work over documents, applications in real time and creations of the presentations, including playing of audio and HD of video. The service allows to hold any meetings and the presentations via the Internet from any place in the world. Moreover, an opportunity to transfer control of the presentation to that whose active participation is necessary at present is given. WebEx Meeting Center supports access from any mobile devices and many other things.

The Moscow office Cisco Systems announced in the fall of 2012 creation of server modification of a system of the organization of the Cisco WebEx conferences, still a system was available to subscribers on a subscription in the form of a cloud service. The Cisco WebEx Meetings server held for use within corporate IT infrastructure is going to be released until the end of the year.

Among the functions provided in Cisco WebEx Meetings, selection of the image of the acting conferee, switching in the full-screen mode, simultaneous demonstration of video and the presentations.

Cisco WebEx Meetings is the virtualized software package working in the environment of VMware, provides carrying out audio-, video and web conferences. For its installation the Cisco UCS servers and the software of VMware 5.0 are used.

The server as emphasize in Cisco, has the same user interface, as cloud WeBex option, is completely integrated with other solutions of the company intended for the corporate joint communications (including telephone exchanges, management systems, telepresence complexes), as well as with popular mobile devices.

Holding voice conferences will be performed at first using the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP PBX, however support of the PBX of other producers including which are already set in the systems of telephony of the enterprises should be provided later. As Teplov noted, the possibility of joint participation in conferences of the subscribers using VoIP terminals and normal devices of a corporate telephone network is provided.

The maximum supported permission — 360p; afterwards it is going to increase it twice. Such functions as selection of the image of the acting conferee, switching are provided in the full-screen mode, simultaneous demonstration of video and the presentations, support of Russian on mobile devices.

Four options of configuring of the Cisco WebEx Meetings server expected 50, 250, 800 and 2000 participants of conferences are available.

In the summer of 2012 the WebEx Social platform for use of opportunities of social networks in the course of joint work of staff of the enterprises appeared. The name WebEx Social was appropriated to the software of Cisco Quad released two years ago added with integration into Microsoft Office applications and e-mail clients including Microsoft Outlook. The staff of the enterprises had a joint work opportunity with Word documents, PowerPoint, Excel, they can also create news messages and send them from Outlook and other clients of e-mail to the pages on corporate social network. Among new features of mobile applications there is WebEx Social for iPhone and iPad — support of instant messages and a possibility of the organization of web conferences. For integration of WebEx Social into third-party applications the packet of the developer is released.

WebEx Social, as well as other corporate applications with functionality of social networks which offer IBM, Jive Software, Tibco Software and some other the companies make available to the staff of the enterprises the usual opportunities of Facebook and Twitter adapted to corporate application that as it is meant, should promote work performance improvement.

Interest in applications of category Enterprise Social Networking constantly grows. The Forrester Research considers that by 2016 the world volume of their sales will reach 6.4 billion dollars (in 2010 this indicator was 600 million dollars).

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center provides:

  • communication through network for representation of the ideas, information exchange and joint work.
  • Product demonstration, holding commercial presentations and general meetings of the working groups.
  • Work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and on mobile devices.
  • Support up to 500 participants with a possibility of further expansion.

Cisco WebEx Training Center gives the chance:

  • train in real time using interactive multimedia means of teaching.
  • Estimate qualification and loyalty using the built-in means of questioning, holding polls and examinations.
  • Cut down expenses on training, cover wider audience and increase learning efficiency.
  • Train up to 1,000 listeners.

Cisco WebEx Support Center:

  • provides unlimited technical support in real time for all users.
  • Provides the fast remote solution of technical issues and eliminates need for expensive departures to the customer.
  • Accelerates process of preparation of answers to questions of the users addressing in help desk, and increases service quality of customers.
  • Gives the chance to connect up to 10 participants to each session of remote support.

Cisco WebEx Event Center:

  • helps to draw attention of audience using high-quality video and multimedia contents.
  • It is used for holding the public and corporate presentations for a large number of participants.
  • Provides convenient management of all processes before and after actions.
  • Provides broadcast of actions via the Internet, at the same time supporting up to 3,000 participants.

Cisco WebEx Event Center is the specialized solution for carrying out large marketing activities online. At once time you can bring together up to 3000 participants. WebEx Event Center allows, to control effectiveness of an event from beginning to end, to expand base of participants using the automated web invitations and promo-materials, to range and analyze the effectiveness of contacts through reports on participation and many other things.

Cisco WebEx Social

This platform allows to share knowledge, to find the necessary specialists and information, to create virtual working collectives for more effective interaction thanks to wide feature set:

  • Integration of WebEx Social and Microsoft Office will help corporate customers to use office applications of Word, PowerPoint and Excel for joint editing and the publication of the updated documents, the presentations and spreadsheets.
  • E-mail (email) will stop being the isolated autonomous application. Expanded integration of e-mail will allow employees, without coming out the client application e-mail (for example, Microsoft Outlook), using WebEx Social to create and publish the updated materials.
  • Mobility. The Cisco WebEx Social platform is upgraded for iPhone and iPad devices. Now the client WebEx Social systems installed on these devices will allow employees to pass freely from social networks to instant messaging in real time and to implementation of web conferences and a voice communication directly from mobile application.
  • WebEx Social provides video conference via the interface of browser type, allowing to participate in high definition video conferencing (HD) without use of other applications. This function is compatible to the wide range of terminal video devices, including Cisco TelePresence®, IP videophones, mobile and software clients.
  • Flexible options of implementation. WebEx Social provides several options of implementation: this platform can be set in the customer (on the WebEx Social server), at the partner (Logicalis, ACS and Alphawest) or in Cisco cloud.

The Cisco WebEx Social platform extends cloud services of Cisco WebEx not only to the platform known before as Quad, but also to Cisco Callway (Cisco TelePresence services provided by Cisco company on a hosting). Cisco integrated the Quad and Callway brands with the WebEx brand, and from now on these technologies are the uniform, leading in the market solution portfolio for web conferences and instant messaging. Displaying a full range of solutions of this type in a cloud, Cisco provides to end users and IT specialists simple access to resources of social networks using any device. The expanded set of services of WebEx on social networks will be provided for joint work based on a global data processing center and highly functional cloud of WebEx. As a result customers will receive the reliable cloud services implemented in real time and meeting the requirements of the most exacting organizations. It is appropriate to remind that the cloud of WebEx takes the second place in the list of the largest network clouds intended for joint corporate work.

To help higher educational institutions to achieve resolute achievements in the educational and teaching sphere, the Cisco company announced in the fall of 2012 of Cisco WebEx Social for the higher education. This integrated cloud solution developed together with such leading universities as Duke University, North Carolina State University, Case Western Reserve and University of Chicago is beyond e-mail, portals and management systems for educational process. It integrates people and helps to accumulate huge volumes of knowledge and experience in an educational ecosystem, doing these resources convenient and available to students and teachers where those were.

WebEx Social for the higher education helps colleges and the universities to transform processes, to increase performance level and innovations and to considerably reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure. Now users can quickly find experts in the necessary knowledge domain, collect responses, jointly develop documents, get instant access to the mentors, communities which developed around the studied subject, to lesson schedules, lists of the recommended literature and links to training video records.

The Cisco company developed this solution in close cooperation with leaders of the higher education that helped to provide its practicality and efficiency for educational institutions. Now four above-mentioned universities work with a new solution in the test mode. At the same time Duke University intends to extend in the next weeks it to all group of the students, teachers, administrative workers and support personnel.

The integrated products WebEx Social, WebEx Meetings and WebEx Messenger supporting functions of accounting of presence and instant messaging through a cloud of Cisco WebEx Cloud are a part of the solution WebEx Social for the higher education (represents a cloud platform with high availability, unsurpassed performance, flexible integration and information security of the corporate level). Global distribution of this platform is very profitable to the universities having remote branches and providing services of distance learning in the different countries.

The solutions WebEx Meetings and WebEx Messenger Integration allow to pass easily from social networks to communications in real time using the button which is instantly starting message exchange service and also using the function of web conferences which directly is built in WebEx Social. In this solution about eight participants of the WebEx conferences with voice transmission over IP (for support more than eight participants are levied the mezzanine board) are supported.

Requirements of the universities which need to manage in the dynamic mode access of tens of thousands of teachers, students, auxiliary and administrative workers are satisfied using the most widespread technologies, such as means of synchronization of the Active Directory and authentication system of Shibboleth. These technologies are used by the majority of higher educational institutions.

WebEx Social facilitates personalisation of the services received by end users. The user can change configuration and submission of web pages using portlets, OpenSocial gadgets, RSS feeds, etc. Besides, he can browse the consolidated flow of constantly updated information arriving from network from communities and from people with whom this user is connected and also to conduct monitoring of the list of important messages (Watch List) to be aware of all changes of content interesting him, including the materials transferred manually and in the automatic mode and also the comment on these materials. Users can continuously "stay in touch" as the solution WebEx Social initially supports a set of operating systems and devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Social networks in workplaces

As it was already told, WebEx Social gives an opportunity to work on mobile devices, to use e-mail and office applications for joint work. Besides, the new packet of WebEx Social software developer kit (SDK) developer allows to expand basic opportunities of WebEx Social (Activity Streams flows, the Watch List lists and functions of open search Open Search), extending them to the applications having crucial value for business.

Integration of communications in real time and video

WebEx Social integrates the joint work functions characteristic of the social networks and solutions working in real time (a voice communication, video, instant messages, functions of accounting of presence and a web conference) in unified user environment. It allows not only to provide to users instant access to necessary tools, but also helps to extend quicker and better new formats of joint work. WebEx Social supports new attractive video functions and is perfectly integrated with the systems of conference communication WebEx.

Video of high resolution (HD Video Calling). Getting access to the solution WebEx Social through the web browser, the user can initiate sessions of a voice communication and video conference of high resolution (HD), without using any other applications. Built-in calendar of WebEx. The updated unified calendar and the integrated WebEx functions are a part of the solution WebEx Social. The personal calendar of WebEx Social gives an opportunity of viewing, connection and link establishment directly from the calendar.

New web and mobile interfaces

The web interface and the mobile client of Cisco WebEx Social support the new, intuitive working methods which are not requiring preliminary preparation. The web interface allows the employee to personalize easily the screen, adding authorized applications there and changing configuration of screen windows. The organizations can configure web interfaces and the mobile WebEx Social interfaces so that in them the corporate brand was reflected. Simple and clear interfaces will help to distribute quicker this solution among end users.

Simple and effective access to expert opinions

WebEx Social not only helps employees to look for the necessary specialists and to obtain necessary information, but also allows to solve quicker problems by search of ready answers to the questions posed. The new Expert Q&A system will redirect questions to the best specialists.

Cisco WebEx Telepresence

The service of Cisco WebEx Telepresence set in a cloud (the former name - Cisco Callway) is provided through network of the authorized partners. Customers can purchase or rent multi-purpose and personal terminal units and connect them to the service of Cisco WebEx Telepresence provided on a hosting. This service reduces the cost and complexity of "telepresence" that is especially attractive to small enterprises. Here some new opportunities of this service:

  • Hosting of video calls (to nine participants) in WebEx Telepresence network. Support of high-quality audio and video (up to 1080 lines of non-interlaced scan) allows employees to meet the colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers in realistic virtual environment.
  • The administrators appointed by the company can manage in the centralized order a subscription to these services via the on-line portal at any time.
  • Services are delivered via the Cisco TelePresence MX300 and Cisco TelePresence SX20 systems.
  • The order and payment of services for partners and customers of Cisco become simpler thanks to optimization of the procedure of a subscription and possibility of making advance payment for the annual subscriber.

Cisco WebEx - Office on wheels

Having got used to use every day mobile devices and special applications to them, we live with confidence that most effectively we spend time, staying in touch with colleagues and partners day and night. Exclusive it seems to us unless a situation when we are forced to get stuck in traffic jams: here even existence of the mobile phone and tablet computer does not save from feeling that time leaves as sand through fingers. Meanwhile it is easy to solve this problem, having organized office on wheels.

Everything that for this purpose is necessary, – the mobile phone, the tablet computer (in my case it is iPad), the hands free headset and cellular communication. An important part – the holder for iPad doing the tablet PC also of hands free.

For this purpose I developed own method of fastening iPad on a car panel. Together with the child we made a framework of a necessary form, having used a wire coat hanger on which return clothes from a dry-cleaner. Then densely wound a wire with a rope, having given to a framework a type of a fashionable accessory. Agree, it is absolutely simple so you can note my know-how. Feel, being in the car, the full-fledged participant of business processes and business communications such convenient applications as Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber installed on iPad help.

Meeting on the run

The cloud service of Cisco WebEx provides to users participation in multimedia web conferences and meetings. During the web conferences I use such tools as shared access to the discussed online documents and the presentations, an interactive board, a text chat.

For full use of all opportunities of Cisco WebEx of rather mobile 3G-Internet. To more comfortable communication is done by the hands free headset.

Let's note that in the version of Cisco WebEx developed especially for mobile devices of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) there is a Single sign-on function which allows a corporate system of security to control authorization of connections to Webex-conferences.

Thanks to the listed solutions my machine became full-fledged mobile office, and now I am ready practically to any unexpected turns connected with the organization of business communication. One of indicative cases occurred when I agreed that I will provide the presentation to clients in St. Petersburg on a video conferencing from Moscow. On the way to our Moscow office I understood that I because of traffic jams am not in time at the right time to which the presentation was appointed. Then I just found the parking lot, turned on iPad and hands free and held it directly from the car. At me be not organized mobile office, the presentation would break with all that it implies.

Chat for business people

The second application almost irreplaceable at mobile office, – Cisco Jabber. It is intended for joint work within the protected corporate network in any place and provides such opportunities as a voice communication, presence control, voice mail, instant messaging, video calls. The application allows to initiate a chat or a video call with my colleagues directly with iPad.

In fact, Cisco Jabber is the multimedia application for corporate unified communications: at any time it is possible to communicate to any of colleagues whose contact information easy to find in a corporate directory. The function of a chat which is available in this application is especially effective at mobile office on wheels. Thanks to a chat it is possible to answer almost instantly a question of the colleague or to ask the question that considerably increases efficiency of solving of tasks and sending Sms does not require additional payment as, for example.

When I am driving, Cisco Jabber resides in an active mode. If someone writes me, it is displayed on the screen at once, and I answer at the first opportunity, say, when I get up in the next stopper or there is an opportunity to park. In such format really important issues are resolved. For example, somehow, getting stuck in a traffic jam, I approved the budget of a business action of Cisco.

Traffic jams to case not a noise

Already more than half a year I use office on wheels that considerably affected efficiency: before about 10% of my working time ate traffic jams. Now any trips take place with advantage for case, I can see persons of the colleagues and communicate with them even in the machine. On the one hand, the solution which is thought up by me allows to be aware of all important working issues and quickly to react to them, and with another − does not distract from driving process.