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CloudMTC (CloudMTS)

The name of the base system (platform): DPC of MTS Moscow
Developers: Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017
Last Release Date: 2019/07/11
Technology: IaaS is Infrastructure as service



Representation of GPU SuperComputer service

On July 11, 2019 MTS PJSC, Russian telecommunication the operator and provider digital services, announced cloud service for high-speed processing data based on super computer, capable more than by 100 times to accelerate calculations and to reduce the related costs. The solution of#CloudMTS provider with flexible tariffing is intended both for big customers, and for small business and startups in different spheres: in the industry, finance retail, scientific and applied researches – where access to big computing powers of century is required cloud.

GPU SuperComputer

The GPU SuperComputer service by 140 times accelerates processes of deep learning of neuronets in comparison with calculations on normal processors. Large business will have an opportunity to multiply reduce time for development and deployment of projects on the basis of artificial intelligence and Big Data, and technology startups – in hundreds of times to reduce costs for the high-performance computing connected with processing of video, face recognition and speech technologies.

For example, the enterprises of aerospace and automotive industry, metallurgy and an oil and gas sector will save considerably and many times to carry out difficult engineering calculations and three-dimensional modeling quicker. In a fintekha of supercalculation can be used for development of solutions on remote identification or assessment of credit risks. Retail networks will be able quicker to analyze consumer behavior for more effective management of sales.

The GPU SuperComputer service can be also popular by technology startups and the small companies due to several options of tariffing and a possibility of daily use of the supercomputer – from less than 1,000 thousand rubles a day. The cost of service for large business in a format of a subscription varies from 29,000 rubles to 200,000 rubles a month depending on required computing power.

Calculations on normal servers gradually give way to the high-performance systems or supercomputers. With start of service we opened for our clients access to high-performance cloud computing that was impossible earlier or required a lot of time and costs. Now business will be able to implement many times quicker innovations, increasing the competitiveness,
noted Oleg Motovilov, the director of cloud provider#ÑloudMTS

At the expense of in parallel the working computing elements the supercomputer effectively solves problems which involve huge amounts of data. Performance of GPU SuperComputer service reaches one petaFLOPS that is comparable on performance with more than one hundred normal servers.

The presented cloud solution of#CloudMTS provider is already approved by the Russian business: after testing one of large Russian retailers, the known bank, also a number of the companies on monitoring of transport which process large volumes of video content uses service. Service is used by own digital-directions of business of MTS: streamingovy WASD.TV platform and division of artificial intelligence. For example, within the WASD.TV platform this cloud service provides an instant transkoding of video flows of users which broadcast and watch streams by other players.

In more detail about GPU SuperComputer service:

Service start "Antivirus protection of virtual machines"

On March 28, 2019 announced MTS start of service in antivirus protection of the IT resources and corporate data placed in a public cloud. The solution is developed in technology partnership with Kaspersky Lab and integrated into virtual infrastructure of a cloud of MTS.

Antivirus protection of virtual machines

The service "Antivirus protection of machines" is focused on the companies which place crucial corporate systems and applications in a cloud: websites of online stores, databases, accounting systems. Service will be popular by the commercial organizations and state institutions which work with personal data of citizens and should fulfill a number of the regulatory requirements for data protection. Among them: banking sector, retail, insurance companies, organizations of housing sector and health care.

The solution scans virtual file systems, distinguishes and blocks vredonosnoyeprogrammny providing, including viruses encoders, also prevents network attacks and a phishing.

Use of service allows to reduce by 25% load of virtual infrastructure of a cloud in comparison with a traditional antivirus. Due to adaptation for work in a public cloud environment the solution does not reduce cloud performance: service performs centralized inspection of files and loading of updates, distributing loading.

Modern viruses perfectly live and extend in virtual environment. As provider, we provide all necessary measures to guarantee protection of our cloud platform at the high level. The Segments of a cloud given to certain clients also should be reliably protected. As practice, the antivirus software at its installation shows as within public, and private clouds in addition loads infrastructure, reducing overall performance. In partnership with one of world market leaders of information security – Kaspersky Lab – we started a cloud antivirus for business which is deeply integrated into a cloud and it is provided as service. It is sure that the offer will be extremely demanded, - the director of cloud provider#ÑloudMTS Oleg Motovilov comments.

The data which are stored in a cloud, especially public need, perhaps, even more careful protection, than that information which contains on own servers of the company. At the same time it is important to provide cyber security without damage of performance and dynamism of a cloud which are its key advantages. For this reason we developed a separate flexible solution of Kaspersky Security for virtual and cloud environments which considers all features of remote infrastructure and offers the most optimal approach to protection in each case, – Sergey Zemkov, the managing director of Kaspersky Lab in Russia, the countries of Transcaucasia and Central Asia tells. – Cooperation with MTS allows us to make protection of a cloud against cyberthreats even more available to hundreds of the companies in Russia.

In more detail about service of MTS "Antivirus protection of virtual machines":

  • Service protects from file, mail and web threats, also network attacks, phishing and harmful URL, viruses encoders, etc.
  • The solution provides fulfillment of requirements of the regulator on work with the personal data which are stored in the certified cloud segment#CloudМÒS according to 152-FZ.
  • The service is licensed on number of virtual kernels (processors, vCPU). The number of virtual machines and types of their operating systems do not matter.
  • The Kaspersky Security Center single console allows each client of a cloud to manage on a centralized basis the system of protection, for example, to start checks and to watch quarantine zones. Also to apply individual security policies within the segment.

Start of a cloud service for corporate clients on storage of data bulks

On February 20, 2019 the MTS company announced start of a cloud service for corporate clients on hraneniyubolshy data arrays. The object storage #ÑloudMTS is unrolled in own data centers of MTS connected by communication channels of the operator. The solution will allow to optimize costs of the companies for IT infrastructure, solving problems of reliable storage of hundreds information terabyte.

According to the developer, service will be popular by the companies which work with heavy content: studios of a videoproduction, image banks, design offices, design studios, video hostings. Also representatives of business who have a need for the organization of storage systems, creation of corporate archives and directories. For example, video files of the security systems, static content of websites, these backend-platforms of mobile applications and games, history of transactions and electronic document management. The object storage can be used as the platform for formation of Data lake for the purpose of further processing and data analysis.

As noted in MTS, within service the payment is levied only for the used volume of storage: 1.5 rubles for 1 GB. At the same time there is no tariffing for HTTPS requests entering and outgoing Internet traffic. For February, 2019 corporate customers can test free of charge service within two weeks. Clients in all territory of the country can use service.

"With development of technologies of Internet of Things and Big Data, industrial automations and emergence of the "smart" cities are generated huge arrays of information. The data obtained in an analysis result of a consumer behavior, geoanalytics, condition monitoring of the environment and technology objects it is necessary to store and process somewhere, and it is desirable to do it quickly and safely. With start of service of object storage we propose to business the reliable and functional solution on profitable terms".

The object storage#ÑloudMTS provides an access control system with a role of the administrator, function of quick search, monitoring and the analysis of use of data. The solution can be integrated in IT infrastructure of corporate customers. High reliability of service is provided with use of own infrastructure of MTS, architecture of technological solutions from leading manufacturers of storage systems, use of secure channels and data transfer protocols, emphasized in MTS.

In more detail about Object storage#ÑloudMTS:

  • Infrastructure of object storage is unrolled in own data centers of MTS connected by communication channels of the operator.
  • The structure of service allows to distribute objects on "containers" which can be connected with the separate project or a user group. For joint work the access control system to data is provided.
  • Work with storage is carried out by a program method or through applications for the PC on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
  • The minimum size of Object storage for the customer - 1TB. For access the object S3 and Swift protocols are used. In plans start of protocols of file access of NFS and CIFS.


Start of services based on Microsoft Azure Stack

The telecommunication operator and provider of digital services MTS and Microsoft corporation announced on August 13, 2018 start of cloud services based on Microsoft Azure Stack in Russia. The services based on a system are deployed by a team of technical specialists of cloud provider#CloudМТС and Nvision Group system integrator, child for MTS. Having used the offered services, corporate clients will be able to reduce costs on development of own solutions and to accelerate an output of products to the domestic and international markets.

Thanks to start of Azure Stack in Russia within cloud provider#CloudMTC clients can create modern hybrid applications with simultaneous capacity utilization local data processing centers (DPC) MTS and global infrastructure Microsoft Azure. At the same time customers have a choice where to store data and to start virtual machines: in own or partner DPC, in the territory of Russia or in any of 140 countries of presence of a global cloud of Microsoft Azure.

According to MTS, having got access to the services of the Azure Stack platform placed in Russia, business clients can provide data processing in the territory of the country. Work with the services similar on functionality and the user experience to global Microsoft Azure, reduces costs for adaptation of technological solutions and personnel of the client to new working conditions. Seamless integration between the local environment and a public cloud in hybrid scenarios promotes smooth operation of IT infrastructure, accelerates an output to the market of new business systems of the customer and opens a possibility of their flexible scaling.

In general, according to the operator, use of Azure Stack from a cloud of MTS will help business to optimize IT infrastructure maintenance costs: the pay-as-you-use model (literally "payment for use") assumes that the client pays only actually consumed volumes of services.

The MTS company became the first partner who provided to corporate clients cloud services of Azure from own DPCs placed in the territory of Russia. Emergence of Azure Stack in our country is confirmation of demand of hybrid cloud scenarios and, undoubtedly, will contribute to the development of digital transformation and all information ecosystem in Russia — Dmitry Marchenko, the marketing director and to operations of Microsoft in Russia considers.

As of August 13, in the list of available services Microsoft Azure Stack from#CloudМТС:

  • The IaaS-platform for creation and control of virtual machines with a possibility of elastic scaling (VM Scale Set technology) and the mechanism of reliability augmentation of service (VM Availability Set);
  • Possibility of the organization of virtual networks — Site-to-Site VPN — for connection of local and cloud infrastructure and also ensuring balancing of a network load;
  • Storage system and the different type of information — BLOB storage;
  • IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code, "infrastructure as the code"), in particular, abilities to integrate with Azure Stack services of building tools and managements of software (Visual Studio Enterprise, PowerShell, Jenkins, Chef and others);
  • Access to Azure Marketplace with a wide choice of solutions of third-party developers.

According to plans of MTS, in the nearest future the list will be added: service of creation of cloud applicaions AppServices, besserverny architecture of Azure Functions and the solution DBaaS — the database as service, SQL.

According to Vladimir Hrenkov, the director of the innovative development of MTS, service based on Azure Stack from#CloudМТС test the companies from different branches of the economy: carmakers, web developer, retailers, corporations of an e-commerce segment which aim to come to world IT market or to strengthen positions in Russia.

Azure Stack

  • Azure Stack IaaS Services
  • Azure Stack Networking Services
  • Azure Stack Storage Services
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • MarketPlace
  • Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Evaluation tests of the protected CloudMTC segment

The "National Certification Center" (NCC) entering into Informzashita group announced on July 2, 2018 carrying out evaluation tests of a segment of a personal data information system of MTS. Thanks to implementation by specialists of NCC of this project, services of the protected segment of a cloud platform#CloudМТС the companies which value data security of the clients and for which essentially observance of requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data protection, was emphasized in NCC will be able to use. Read more here.


Cloud service on Big Data processings

On September 19, 2017 the telecommunication operator of MTS announced the beginning of provision of services on cloud processing of data bulks based on own DPCs. As envisioned by the company, use of infrastructure of Big-Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) will allow clients quickly and to flexibly organize processing of Big Data without creation of own computing powers.

Thus, now clients of MTS, using the cloud product#CloudМТС, will be able to process and analyze in software environments of Hadoop-as-a-Service and Spark-as-a-Service data arrays for the solution of a wide range of tasks: business and financial analytics, target marketing, targeting of advertizing, analysis and personalisation of content, collecting and processing of open data.

According to the director of the innovative development of MTS Vladimir Hrenkov, with emergence in the Russian IT market of a cloud service of MTS processing of Big Data becomes available to the small and medium enterprises that increases competitiveness of their business. The operator offers clients the protected failsafe environment with powerful computing resources and the preset instruments of calculation into which the user needs to load information on the templates and algorithms and to receive result of processing. At the same time the solution is easily scaled and meets strict requirements for information security.

According to MTS, testing of service on the analysis of the depersonalized metadata of web pages showed high flexibility of a system — processing speed can be set depending on the located budget, and creation, the reconfiguration and removal of applications occurs in "one cliques".

In more detail about service of MTS of Big-Data-as-a-Service

Announcement of a cloud platform

The telecommunication operator of MTS announced in the spring of 2017 the beginning of provision of services of cloud computing to large business in all regions of presence in Russia. The corresponding cloud platform and also existence of own DPCs in combination with an extensive network of trunk and city communication channels will allow the operator to propose complex, completely disaster-proof solutions on cloud computing and data storage.

The company constructed a commercial cloud platform based on the solution of VMware and also converted DPCs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, having installed modern storage systems and servers of world vendors with the high level of reliability. Thus, MTS organized the distributed cloud system integrated by own communication channels that allows to guarantee smooth operation of cloud resources, claim in the operator.

For project implementation#CloudМТС on providing cloud services to large business the separate cross-functional team based on the Center of innovations of MTS is formed. In 2017 MTS intends to convert within the project DPCs in other cities and also to continue increase in quantity of computing resources using the equipment and the software of world vendors not only for implementation of IaaS-projects, but also for start of the innovation of SaaS - and PaaS-services, such as Big-Data-as-a-Service (providing to clients cloud access to analysis systems of data).

"Implementation of cloud model of use of computing powers is able to allow the companies to reach triple reducing costs of own IT infrastructure. At such obvious cost efficiency in combination with flexibility and simplicity of management of cloud capacities large business will go more actively to 'clouds' — the director of the Center of innovations of MTS Vladimir Hrenkov considers. — We are ready to provide to clients the complete solutions integrating IT and telecom services and at the same time to guarantee the due security level and reliability due to existence of own DPCs in different regions of the country. MTS installs the modern equipment of world vendors in DPCs, due to scale effect reducing costs for its purchase that allows us to provide for the clients access to the reliable equipment on profitable terms".

Data centers of MTS are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. The first DPC of MTS was started in Moscow in 2007. Level of reliability of data centers of MTS is Tier-III. Earlier the company offered services of commercial DPCs generally according to the scheme "colocation" at which the companies placed own equipment in DPCs of the operator. Besides, MTS works at the market of services of cloud computing for small and medium business.

2013: MTS started shop of the SaaS-applications

In May, 2013 MTS announced start of shop of cloud applicaions for corporate clients which located at the address At the time of opening in it services "1C: Enterprise online", "1C: Small Business Management 8", "1C: Trade Management 8", the Guarantor system and also the Spontaniya application are available to data exchange and the organization of voice and video conference.

The shop is intended for subscribers of MTS of any corporate plans in Moscow and the Moscow region in the presence at them the mobile or fixed Internet access channel with a speed from 512 kbps. MTS promises to make afterwards it available to subscribers and in other regions of Russia.

The subscription fee makes from 250 rub/month on the user depending on the selected application and its configuration. Within the first month after registration of the application of cloud shop are provided free of charge, and then are rated upon use.

MTS told TAdviser that works on installation and integration of SaaS platform with network and the system of billing of the operator were executed by NEC. Throughout the entire period of operation it will provide technical support and upgrade of the solution.

In addition to start of shop of cloud applicaions of MTS also announced the beginning of providing access to a cloud service of Microsoft Office 365. The organization of access to it is performed within within strategic partnership with Vodafone operator who provides similar service more than in 10 countries.

The subscription to Office 365 is available to corporate subscribers of MTS of any tariff plans in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Gradually the geography of providing service will extend, speak in MTS.

MTS notes that start of own shop of the SaaS-applications and a subscription to Office 365 is a part of complex strategy of the company on development of cloud services. The director of the department of MTS of development and product management of the business market Sergey Irevli says that in addition to cloud services on access to IT resources the operator in the future is also going to give to clients an opportunity to use cloud solutions on remote storage of corporate data.

It should be noted that access to Office 365 together with other services since 2011 provides to corporate clients VimpelCom (Beeline works under a brand).MegaFon does not provide access to Office 365. From cloud applicaions on the websites of the operator as of May, 2013 it is possible to find only the Internet designer of the websites.

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