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Constellation of a 5G equipment

Developers: Sozvezdie
Date of the premiere of the system: July, 2019
Branches: Telecommunication and communication

2019: Beginning of development

On July 11, 2019 development knew of the beginning in Russia of the equipment for networks of fifth generation (5G). The Sozvezdiye concern entering into Ruselectronics holding of State Corporation Rostec was engaged in creation of such equipment

We have competitive solutions 4G LTE and we conduct development of solutions 5G — the CEO of concern Alexey Bocharov says in an interview of RIA Novosti. — It is about domestic solutions which will conform to international standards 3GPP and will be compatible to solutions of other vendors.

According to Bocharov, Constellation it intends to make only the modern equipment for cellular operators, but also to give technical support at all stages of lifecycle, including upgrade.

Russia started development of a 5G equipment
Russia started development of a 5G equipment

The concern is going to present complete solutions using technology of machine vision and artificial intelligence and also means of suppression of GSM signals and the solution for counteraction to UAVs.

We pay special attention to emerging market of Internet of Things. We conduct development of complex IoT-solutions for municipal economy, transport, the industry and power — Bocharov emphasized.

Development in Russia by a 5G equipment it was announced next day after Rostec, Rostelecom and the government signed the tripartite agreement meaning including development of new generation of a wireless network of a 5G in the territory of Russia. It was noted that state corporations will develop "road map" on development of technologies of communication of fifth generation and the market of the domestic equipment.

Besides, both companies will deal with issues of providing networks of fifth generation with frequencies, will define functional and technical requirements to the equipment and the software, will estimate the volume of the necessary domestic equipment.[1]