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Corus Consulting CIS: Service of check of partners

Developers: Corus Consulting CIS
Last Release Date: 2020/05/21
Branches: Internet services

Service of check of partners - an online service for complex check of partners on reliability. Reduces potential threats for business: penalties of FTS, non-payments, event of default.

2020: Data availability about partners of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan

On May 21, 2020 Sberbank reported that the Corus Consulting CIS company added an option to Service of check of partners. Now users will be able to obtain information not only on the Russian companies, but also on partners from other countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

Service of check of partners

This option will allow to see necessary data on the partner in the form of the summary report. It is possible to check data on registration of the trademark, the license, permission, certificates, information on shopping facilities, existence of the status of the bankrupt, judicial history and stay in the register of unfair suppliers. Besides, clients of service can learn whether there is their partner in the register of the commercial organizations with the increased risk of commission of offenses in the economic sphere.

Earlier check of the partners registered in the territory of other countries was difficult as data on such companies are absent in the Russian open sources. In fact, the Russian entrepreneurs began cooperation with partners from neighboring countries, without having made sure of their reliability, and did not know how there will be a business further. To increase transparency of similar transactions and to secure our entrepreneurs, Service of check of partners updated functionality and gave a data acquisition opportunity about the companies from other countries from open sources, such as Unified State Registers of Legal Entities and individual entrepreneurs, registers of unfair suppliers and the checks of partners given from partner services,
told Maxim Silenov, the owner of the product "Service of Check of Partners" "Corus Consulting CIS"

This option is available to corporate clients of Corus Consulting CIS.

Thanks to Service of check of partners the Russian entrepreneurs can identify potential non-payers and secure business against risks of neopayments.


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