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Croc Cloud services: Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Developers: Croc Cloud services
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/03/24
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Firewall

2020: Start of a cloud service of Web Application Firewall

On March 24, 2020 it became known that Croc Cloud services together with Valarm, the complex platform on protection and testing of web applications, microservices and API which developer is the Onsek company started a cloud service on protection of web applications. The service will help the companies to be protected with a cloud from all widespread cyber attacks to web applications. Thereby clients will be able to ensure smooth operation of the corporate websites and online stores.

In the world annually there are about 85 million attacks on corporate web applications. Suffer from them first of all retail, financial that, mass media and suppliers of client online services (aggregators, marketplaces, etc.) and also the state organizations. The attacks lead to suspension of business processes and activity of the companies in general, to reputational risks, real financial loss.

The cloud service of WAF (Web Application Firewall) is intended for prevention of the specified risks. He allows to analyze traffic in real time and automatically blocks suspicious requests, including 0-day vulnerabilities (threats against which protection gears are not developed) and also protects from threats from the OWASP Top-10 list. Besides, Croc Cloud services are available to clients Valarm platform products which can be used for testing of web applications at a development stage, helping to provide continuous process of CI/CD.

Start of service for protection of web applications — a step, logical for us. Many clients of CROC Cloud services, placing with us the systems and services, are interested in additional services: optimization, monitoring, means of information security. To meet this demand, we select the checked solutions of the Russian and foreign vendors,
reported Sergey Zinkevich, the product manager of CROC Cloud services

Use of the platform of adaptive protection Valarm together with the Cloud of CROC gives the chance to get double advantages: reliable protection against the attacks and access to flexible and productive IT infrastructure of the partner. Thanks to it it is possible not to worry about effective work of service,
noted Sergey Lakhin, the head of sales, Valarm