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Cryptoautomated workplace GOST

The name of the base system (platform): CryptoARM
Developers: Digital technologies (Trusted)
Last Release Date: 2020/05/22
Technology: Cybersecurity - Means of enciphering


Software Kriptoarm of GOST — the program for creation and verification of the electronic signature and also data protection by means of enciphering. Kriptoarm of GOST is distinctive feature a possibility of its use on the operating systems of Linux entering the Unified register of the Russian computer programs and databases.

"Cryptoautomated workplace GOST" is widely used as autonomous working means of the signature for implementation of legally significant actions for transfer of electronic documents in different state departments and organizations.

2020: Confirmation of compatibility with Red OS

The companies "Digital technologies" and "Red Soft" within partnership held testing for compatibility of the products. Developers confirmed full-fledged and smooth operation of the Kriptoarm of GOST program (production "Digital Technologies") on to the operating system Red OS(productions of RED SOFT). According to the results of tests the bilateral certificate was signed. On May 22, 2020 Red Soft reported about it.

Creation of qualitative solutions and tools for the information security and the protected electronic document management based on domestic technologies and developments is one of main goals of our company,
noted Alexander Sidorov, the commercial director of Digital technologies.

Specialists "Digital technologies" and Red Soft regularly test versions of products, providing thereby complex import-independent approach to solving of tasks on information security,
commented Rustamov Rustam, the deputy CEO Red Soft.


Compatibility about OS Alt 8 of the joint venture

On July 24, 2019 it became known that IVK Russian the manufacturing company computer of the equipment, backbone SOFTWARE and means data protection expands an ecosystem Russian application software, compatible page operating system Viola of 8 joint ventures. In more detail here.

Compatibility with RED OS

On February 21, 2019 the company "RED SOFTWARE" reported that together with "Digital technologies" tests of compatibility of the Kriptoarm of GOST program of page completed operating system Red OS.

According to the results of testing the certificate testimonial of correctness of work Kriptoarm of GOST was signed with the RED OS 7.1 operating system as MOORE.

We separate with our colleagues from RED SOFT company the aspiration to create the qualitative Russian products providing observance of modern requirements for information security.
Alexander Kurzenev, director of Digital technologies

Regular testings for compatibility within the affiliate program allow RED SOFT to be flexible as for the offer for customers. It is more than partners, it is more than options, it is more than solutions.
Rustam Rustamov, deputy CEO of RED SOFT

Description Kriptoarm of GOST

According to information for February, 2019 of Kriptoarm of GOST provides a possibility of creation and verification electronic signature of files with any expansion on operating systems Windows, Linux and macOS.

The cryptoautomated workplace GOST works with certificates and keys of the strengthened qualified electronic signature and is completely compatible to CryptoPro CSP CIPF cryptoprovider starting with version 4.0.

In the application standards for the electronic signature and hashing of GOST P 34.10-2012 and GOST P 34.11-2012 which since January 01, 2019 should replace the GOST P 34.10-2001 and GOST P 34.11-94 standards stopping the action are supported.


  • Electronic signature. Creation (formation) of the electronic signature in two options: combined and separated. Format of the signature of CMS (PKCS#7). Verification of the electronic signature taking into account certificate revocation lists. Adding of the electronic signature to already existing.
  • Enciphering. Enciphering of files to several receivers. Deciphering of data. Archiving of results after enciphering.
  • Management of certificates. Import and export of certificates. Removal of the selected certificates and keys. Installation of certificates from tokens (from the containers located on alienable carriers). Automatic creation and check of a chain of certificates.

The supported OS

Each released Kriptoarm version is tested by GOST on the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 10 x64/x86 Ubuntu 16.04 x64 CentOS 7.0 x64 Viola x64 Workstation 8.0 Rosa Fresh R9 x64 Rosa Enterprise Desktop (RED) X3 x64 GosLinux 6.4 x64 macOS 10.13 x64

At the same time the application opportunity for work on other platforms which are not entering the provided list is not excluded.