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Cyberverse the Platform of the mixed reality

Developers: Huawei
Date of the premiere of the system: August, 2019
Branches: Information technologies


2019: Announcement

On August 11, 2019 Huawei provided the platform of the mixed reality of Cyberverse which as the company claims, will allow people to understand better the world around them. The solution integrates possibilities of virtual and augmented reality, combining digital objects with the real world.

During the technology presentation on an action of Huawei Developer Conference 2019  it was shown how the person points the camera at office Huawei buildings in Dunguana and immediately obtains detailed information on numbers of buildings, routes, quantity and location of free premises, etc. Besides, it was shown how the technology allows to play the games similar to Pokemon Go.

Huawei announced the platform of the mixed reality
Huawei announced the platform of the mixed reality

Huawei claims that Cyberverse can find application in tourism when at guidance of the camera of the smartphone on some object the traveler sees information on it — about the museum, a sculpture or a route to sights.

Also service can be useful when shopping: the person will be able to see data on characteristics of goods, its cost and presence of the sizes, without coming into shop. At last, the producer sees in technology of an opportunity for use in hospitals, stations, the airports and other public places.

To key Cyberverse opportunities developers referred data acquisition from different sources, a set of developers, simple in mastering, a communication channel with advertisers, replenishment of library of 3D models, a space marking using own smartphone, a prerendering of objects in a cloud and exact determination of provision of an object (about 1 degree).

According to the road map of the project, to  the fourth quarter 2019 five different platforms will be digitized to  the platform, and  to the second quarter of the 2020th their number will increase up to 100.[1]

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