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DPC Avantage

Developers: Avantage
Date of the premiere of the system: 2016
Last Release Date: 2020/07/30
Technology: DPC


Avantage LLC is registered on January 12, 2011 for implementation of investment and construction activity. A main objective (the priority project / direction) of the enterprise - design, construction and further operation of the Data processing center in the city of Lytkarino.


Placement of more than 2,000 sensors of Internet of Things

PJSC MTS, the Russian company on providing digital, media and telecommunication services, announced on July 30, 2020 implementation of the first stage of the large-scale project of Internet of Things in the data center Avantage certified according to the Tier III Constructed Facility standard. MTS placed more than 2,000 sensors of Internet of Things in data center halls. Implementation of the IoT-project allows to increase reliability of work of data center and to reduce wear of the equipment of clients to 20%. The companies can also control parameters of the racks independently remotely.

Data on change of temperature condition in halls of data center and energy consumption of the IT equipment are quickly transferred to command center. Sensors equip distribution manifolds of a power supply of all levels of DPC – trunk, line and also inputs of a power supply of client racks, cold and hot corridors. Each rack with the equipment of customers is completed with temperature sensors. In case of a deviation from the set parameters to the staff of data center the SMS notification comes that allows to react quickly to changes and to prevent emergency situations.

On a uniform monitoring panel in command center DPC "the temperature map" of halls, including each rack with the client equipment forms, there is also a visualization of the mode of energy consumption. It became possible thanks to integration of the IoT-solution with Zabbix monitoring system. Besides, all set of controlled indicators arrives on a cloud platform of Teleuchet of data and is automatically unloaded in a personal account both services of operation of customer services of data center, and commercial customers.

The implemented IoT-system provides infrastructure management of data center. Thanks to telemetered informations the service of operation had an opportunity in real time to see all happening changes and to react preventively to them. It allows to guarantee to clients of data center Avantage high quality and reliability of the rendered services. For difficult technology objects, such as Avantage, the system of remote control of a condition of equipment is one of bases of continuous work in the round-the-clock mode. Besides, implementation of similar projects and improvement of operational processes trains us for an exit to the next stage of certification on Tier III - Operational Sustainability, – the director of cloud business of MTS Oleg Motovilov noted.

At the second stage of the project we are going to connect about two thousand more sensors in Avantage. The complex IoT-solution allows to manage flexibly infrastructure and parameters of halls, irrespective of type of the operated equipment and its functionality, guaranteeing to clients security and safety of data. In the long term on the basis of sensors and the platform it will be possible to receive even more complex analytics and also to develop algorithms and to automate actions for response to the most typical deviations in operation of the equipment, – the director of the department of IoT of MTS Mikhail Kozlov commented.

Start of Managed Firewall service

On February 6, 2020 reported to MTS that for clients of data center Avantage is started Managed Firewall service which clients within projects of a collocation can use. The service will allow to save on purchase of the profile devices necessary for security of IT infrastructure multiply.

Start of Managed Firewall service

For each of client connections virtual Firewall is selected. It provides firewalling with a possibility of flexible configuration of safety rules and also protection against network attacks. Service processes traffic in real time, checking it according to the configured security policy and performing the corresponding operations.

Key customer value consists in flexibility and a possibility of operational scaling of capacities of Firewall during the building of IT infrastructure and growth of the consumed traffic,
notes Alexander Karpuzikov, the manager on development of products cybersecurity of cloud provider#CloudMTS

It is possible to use the option IPS providing the additional level of protection of network, supplementing safety rules of Firewall. Service maintains the following functionality: detection of the compound attacks, check on signatures with tracking of a status (minimization of false operations), detecting of the attacks and attempts of operation of the known vulnerabilities on more than 20000 statefull of signatures, decoding more than 60 protocols, protection against zero day attacks. Service performs search in signatures in legal contexts that reduces the number of false operations and increases performance.

The Managed Firewall service with the option IPS allows to distinguish the first stages of invasions and to react to them, minimizing possible technology and economic damage from cyber attacks. Managed Firewall will unroll based on the hardware solution of an operator class of reliability and it is provided in addition to service of Internet access. The uniform web management console is provided.

Obtaining certificate of PCI DSS of version 3.2.1

On January 24, 2020 announced PJSC MTS compliance of data center Avantage to requirements of the global standard of data security of the industry of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard payment cards (PCI DSS). Business clients will be able to ensure security of financial transactions, using capacities of data center for data processing of bank cards when rendering services.

Passing of certification allowed data center Avantage to become the platform for placement of the IT equipment which is involved in storage, processing or data transmission of payment cards. Service will be popular by banks, processing centers, owners of electronic money transfer systems, traditional and online retail.

Volumes of non-cash payments and transfers annually show multiple growth. As result, the companies of the financial sphere and retail store and process more and more data which need reliable protection. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the whole package of measures of security, concerning IT infrastructure. Receiving by data center Avantage of the certificate of PCI DSS gives us the chance to exempt clients from need to build own server and it is reliable to protect them according to one of key standards in the field of data security at transactions with bank cards,
noted the director of cloud business of MTS Oleg Motovilov

During certification data center Avantage confirmed compliance to the PCI DSS standard in the latest version 3.2.1. For fulfillment of requirements of the international svtandart in data center the package of measures of technical and physical security is provided: control and management systems for access, the security fire warning and video surveillance in all territory. The possibility of the organization of shields for the isolated placement of the equipment is implemented.

2019: Start of CloudMTC of services in creation of private and hybrid clouds

On October 2, 2019 announced MTS start by #CloudMTS provider of services in creation of private and hybrid clouds based on data center Avantage. Read more here.

2018: Acquisition of DPC by MTS company

On September 14, 2018 it became known that the MTS mobile operator purchased Avantage for 8.9 billion rubles of DPC. The data center belongs to Avantage LLC — redeemed 100% of this structure of MTS from group of private investors. The amount of a net debt was included in the price of the transaction. Read more here.

2017: About the project

Characteristics of the Data processing center and administrative office building:

  • The land plot - 30 thousand sq.m
  • The built-up area of the land plot – 1.08 hectares
  • The area of asfaltirovaanny spaces – 1.08 hectares
  • The area of gardening – 0.88 hectares

The governor examined the DPC, largest in Russia, which is under construction in Moscow area

Investments into the project exceed 6 billion rubles. The media giant "Channel One", structures of Sberbank and also the Aeroflot airline, largest in the country, can become the first clients of DPC of Avantage LLC, report[1] the authorities of Moscow area.

According to the government portal of the Moscow region, an object is aimed at rendering services in storage and security of commercial data for large business clients. Also the DPC will generate and transfer Big Data which are not intended for "office" storage.

The unique data center with a power consumption of 20 MW on 2.5 thousand server racks is designed taking into account the innovative technologies. In case of blackout an uninterrupted system will provide daily autonomous power supply of an object. It is planned that operation of DPC starts in December of this year after a series of profile tests of infrastructure, and profitability of data center will make 2 billion rubles annually.