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DPC of Bitriver

Developers: Bitriver (Bitriver Rus)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2018
Technology: DPC

Bitriver is the data center leasing the capacities. The DPC in the building near the world's largest Bratsk Aluminum Plant is located.

2019: Details about a cryptofarm on Oleg Deripaska's energy

The Bloomberg agency visited in data center of Bitriver and on November 24, 2019 shared information on the "cryptofarm, largest in the CIS" created at capacities of DPC. Formally Bitriver is not engaged in mining, and provides the capacities in lease to everyone. The data center was open in 2018, but already managed to attract clients from around the world, including the USA, China and Japan.

The Bitriver Rus LLC company rents the building near the world's largest Bratsk Aluminum Plant which was constructed in the 1960th together with Brotherly hydroelectric power station: the main costs fall on the electric power and when melting aluminum, and when mining bitcoins. Power directly of a farm, according to Bloomberg, is 30 MW - it is 5% of all cryptocomputing powers in Russia (600 MW) and nearly 0.5% — from world (7 GW). Also mining equipment should be cooled that in Siberia not a problem (annual average temperature — minus of 2 °C).

The data center has two premises with a total area more than 15,000 sq.m, the territory is round the clock protected by the National Guard of the Russian Federation. The staff of the center was trained at the mining plants in Shenzhen.

Told Bloomberg about the cryptofarm, largest in the CIS, on Deripaska's energy

Bratsk Aluminum Plant and Brotherly hydroelectric power station through En + UC Rusal of Oleg Deripaska owns, Bloomberg writes.[1]

The CEO of En + Deripaska Maxim Sokov spoke about the idea to earn from miners at that time in 2018. According to him, the aggregate demand of miners on energy had to keep the company to 100 MW a year. It could bring to the company additional one billion rubles, analysts at the request of Vedomosti estimated.[2] of Structure of Deripaska were ready to provide to miners five platforms, Brotherly — the most powerful of them. Besides, for mining entirely gave the UC Rusal plant closed because of sanctions to Karelia.[3]