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DataBro optimum

Developers: CDC (Center of Corporate Developments, Sidisi)
Last Release Date: 2019/02/06
Technology: SOA


Service of integration the Optimum of DataBro is intended for the organization of data exchange between any information systems. Service should facilitate development and operation of integration, having at the same time provided flexibility of process of data exchange.


Optimum of DataBro 2.0

On February 6, 2019 the Sidisi (CDC) group announced release of the second version of service of integration of OPTIMUM of DataBro intended for the organization of data exchange between the different corporate information and accounting systems, web services, databases and application programs.

Service of integration DataBro Optimum

According to the statement of the developer, the service of integration OPTIMUM DataBro 2.0 initiates start of the procedure of exchange for the schedule and that is important, for its work it is not required to make any changes to a program code or a configuration of the IT system of the enterprise. The plug-in – a script in one of available programming languages (Lua/C#) is responsible for data transmission.

According to information CDC, the DataBro service was applied in projects at integration with products 1C and Oracle DBMS Microsoft SQL, spreadsheets Microsoft Excel and web services on the basis of REST and SOAP. If necessary fast safe integration will be carried out also with other IT systems and services.

Program implementation of exchange with DataBro help, in comparison with development of the autonomous solution for accomplishment of the same tasks, has the following features mentioned by the developer:

  • Debugged and fault-tolerant Windows service, ensuring functioning of integration
  • Command center for development, administration and monitoring of service of integration
  • Built-in system of management of schedules
  • Built-in REST service
  • Authentication system when using REST service
  • Flexible mechanism of support of parameters of programs of exchange
  • System of administrative notifications
  • Journalizing
  • Change of programs of exchange and the rapid development which is not requiring recompilation of the application
  • Support of version control of programs of exchange.

DataBro optimum. Description


For February, 2019 the DataBro Optimum service consists of a Windows service which performs actually data exchange, the database in which settings and objects of integration and the interface which is used for development and management are stored.

Service (service of integration)

The most difficult component — service which in turn consists of the following modules:

  • Plug-ins of data access
  • Programs of exchange
  • Schedules
  • REST Service
  • Authentication subsystem
  • Logging subsystem


The database of service of integration should store the following entities:

  • Programs of exchange
  • Authentication
  • Schedules
  • Magazine
  • Other data necessary for functioning of service


The interface of service of integration allows:

  • Browse the list of the installed plug-ins (to add a new plug-in)
  • Browse and configure schedules
  • Specify programs of exchange which are started at operation of the schedule
  • Configure authentication
  • Browse the event log
  • Configure programs of exchange