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Developers: Sapphire International Corporation
Date of the premiere of the system: 1980
Last Release Date: July, 2009
Technology: DBMS


About the Product

DataEase (Sapphire DataEase) is the building tool of applications intended for creating applications for work with data. DataEase was created at the beginning of 1980 developers Arun Gapta and Joseph Bush. The first software version was released in 1981 by Software Solutions Inc. Project managers sold the practices to Sapphire International Corporation company from Great Britain in 1991. Sapphire continues to develop and promote a product. There are two product options excellent from each other in the history of DataEase DBMS: DataEase for DOS and DataEase for Windows.

DataEase for DOS

The initial name DataEase was Datamaster, at early stages of development of the project this development was selected among other similar products, simplicity of application development for work with databases, even for unprepared users. The DataEase project allowed the user to work with data by means of forms and messages, without loading his not necessary parts an inner pattern of data. Besides, difficult processes of management of data which usually required that a set of difficult actions were executed by traditional software tools were processed automatically and is transparent for the user. For example, editing the existing form if the user deleted area, added another, entered other pointer or changed field data type, then those changes in the data structure which is the cornerstone of a form were automatically and are under control applied when the form was saved.

Creation of reports was also simplified. The user just announced access to desirable data, using the simple procedural language known as DataEase Query Language (DQL). The master of creation of scenarios who allowed any user to create immediately a script of DQL without the previous knowledge of syntax of DQL remains one of the most convenient and profitable features. Not why was to remember details about application components or a syntactic construction of DQL before writing of the correct script of DQL.

DataEase for Windows

DataEase for Windows (DFW) is the fast building tool of applications to create applications of the database for Windows OS. DataEase for Windows refused many intuitive features of DataEase for DOS. DataEase for Windows OS was designed and positioned for more technically trained programmer. It occurred because at that time, there was such point of view that all data will be stored in the client-server platforms based on SQL soon and that DataEase would develop in a development tool of SQL.

DataEase for Windows was originally released in 1994, as a result from DataEase Express which lacked a procedural language of DQL. The user interface was rebuilt, and automatic creation of data structures along with screens of Forms was left in not personalized type. In spite of the fact that DataEase for Windows included both automated the instrument of migration (from DOS DE 4.53) and capability directly to inherit tables and data from DFD5, for DOS it was difficult for many users of DataEase to rebuild perception of a hierarchical paradigm of a character user interface and to use the best and new work benches in a product for Windows OS.


DataEase 7.2

In 2008 the new group of development DataEase was appointed under the direction of Ulrika Krona to develop and promote a product in a new century and to bring functionality to full network compatibility. On July 1, 2009 DataEase 7.2 was officially started. This version was considerably improved and contains more than 1000 improvements and corrections.