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Diasoft: Autotesting service

Developers: Diasoft
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/02/13
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: IT outsourcing



Autotesting service start

On February 13, 2020 Diasoft offered customers autotesting service. With its help, according to the company, the bank will be able to reduce a share of manual work by 80%, to accelerate time of check of the updated systems and to be sure of stability of functioning of software products. At the expense of resource optimization the bank will have an opportunity of a fast output to the market of new offers to clients, without being afraid of regress at updates of systems.

The service of autotesting from Diasoft includes writing of cases for carrying out tests, installation of updates and setup of a complex of automatic testing at the customer's stands. The selected team of qualified specialists of Diasoft holds testing taking into account specifics of business of the customer, the current IT landscape and relevant settings of software products.

We see the big need for test automation of software among our current and potential clients. There is no wonder, as testing – the regular labor-intensive process requiring the involvement of many employees of the bank. Besides, experience shows that under tasks of different groups of end users unique settings even within one information system are required. As employees are exempted from accomplishment of routine operations on testing of functionality, they can focus on more priority tasks, – Dmitry Dyadyura, the area director of business application services of Diasoft noted.

Within providing service specialists of Diasoft offer individual maintenance on all process steps of testing: from the description of business cases before elimination of the notes revealed in the course of autotesting.

Structure and features of service of autotesting

For February, 2020 the service of autotesting from Diasoft includes:

  • installation of necessary updates of a system and setup of a complex of autotesting at the customer's stands;
  • description of changes of settings of software products;
  • regression testing;
  • fixing of the revealed discrepancies and collecting of information, necessary for their elimination;
  • elimination of the incidents which arose during the work with software of Diasoft and revealed during autotesting;
  • the report on the done work with analysis of critical incidents;
  • consultations on the questions connected with software products;
  • recommendations about correct maintaining data in IT solution from Diasoft.

Among features there are services:

  • the selected team of qualified specialists;
  • individual maintenance on all process steps of testing;
  • preparation of cases of testing by specialists of Diasoft;
  • conducting testing based on the client with relevant settings of software products;
  • economy of resources of the customer due to failure from "manual" transactions;
  • reducing costs for testing of updates of the legislation;
  • operational solving of tasks within service due to effective communication of contractors and customer's employees.