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DocsVision (EDMS/ECM system)

Developers: Docsvision (DocsVision)
Date of the premiere of the system: December, 2000
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: EDMS,  EDMS - Systems of stream recognition


DocsVision is the software platform created for management of documents and business processes of EDMS.

DocsVision is developed based on .Net technology and closely integrated with the platform and Microsoft applications. Are composition:

Possibilities of the platform

Based on the platform different solutions for more than 1,000 companies from different spheres of business are developed.

For years of existence in partner community Docsvision the unique examination supported with experience of the solution both standard problems of EDMS and practically any task of management – from integration into GIS for management of municipal property before management of design documentation is saved up.

Adaptation to needs of different clients becomes possible, first of all, thanks to flexibility of the platform which is provided at the expense of modules and applications for the Docsvision platform. They have mechanisms of thin setup — from setup of the system interface for each certain user, before creation of different solutions for integration with other IT systems.

The Docsvision platform can be used for implementation of the most different scenarios of work, and customizers will allow to create the solutions answering to specifics of the companies from different spheres of business.

Advantages of the platform


  • The powerful platform for creation of a document management system and processes
  • Set of ready applications and modules
  • An opportunity to quickly receive business result due to start from 'box', without restrictions for further development of a system

Openness and flexibility

  • A large number of designers for setup without programming, including in the web interface
  • The chance of setup of the interface 'under the user' is given by bigger convenience in work and reduces runtime of transactions in a system
  • Open API. Development on the.Net platform and the widespread# language C

Availability and convenience

  • Quick access to documents and tasks from any device, including without permanent connection with network
  • Existence of various client jobs: Windows client, web client, e-mail client, mobile application

Information security


  • 3-level architecture
  • System scaling options at all levels
  • Additional investments in software are not required, it is possible to use available (Windows server, SQL Server)
  • Additional investments in personnel training of UIT are not required

Transition to paperless document flow

  • Full support of the EDS according to requirements of FZ-63 and requirements to EDMS of state agencies, Assurances of the EDS of attributes of cards, actions of users.
  • Existence of ready integration tools with operators of e-document flow.
  • Cost reduction due to transition to paperless document flow

High quality of service

  • Pro-active technical support from vendor
  • Joint work of vendor and the partner at all stages of system implementation

Architecture of Docsvision

Development History


Representation of "Manager of solutions"

On November 7, 2019 the DocsVision company provided to the partners and clients the Manager of solutions. The module for Docsvision 5.5 will allow to work much more effectively with the solutions which are set up on the platform – will help to minimize neighboring risks and to reduce time for their transfers from one server for another.

The tool will be useful to the companies which actively develop solutions on the platform and feel need of transfer of changes between production environment, a development environment and testings, accounting of version control of changes. To partners of Docsvision who create and develop own solutions on the platform, the module will simplify process of delivery and installation of necessary updates for customer companies.

Using the Manager of solutions it is possible not only to unload the ready-made solution, but also to create for it a service pack, unloading only the changed settings. The module allows to store information on all solutions set on each server, their versions and updates – as a result it is always known that when also by whom it was set within work with a system. Before installation of the solution it is possible to check the possible conflicts and to define a method of their permission, having nullified possibility of the conflicts when importing.

Process is transparent thanks to the fact that the Manager of solutions allows to be connected for unloading and data loading to different servers from one window and right there to see all change history on each of them.

The manager of solutions is available to clients on Docsvision 5.5 within the operating service pack on all servers with which it interacts.

Appearance of the Manager of solutions - an important milestone in development of the concept of Low-code of the Docsvision platform. The platform gives opportunities for creation of various business solutions in the field of content management and business processes of the enterprise, and there was obviously not enough available functionality of tools for integrated management of these solutions. The product was created on the basis of experience of use of the available tools, taking into account needs of our partners, clients, with a careful eye to modern trends in the field of technologies and design. The fast, modern and technological product which radically will increase convenience of work with a system to a great number of our clients turned out,
told Sergey Putsin, the Head of Department of development of a product of DocsVision company

Compatibility with RED OS

On August 14, 2019 RED SOFT company reported that together with DocsVision products on compatibility successfully tested.

During tests the correctness of work electronic document management systems of Docsvision (production of DocsVision) on was confirmed the Russian to the operating system RED OS (productions of RED SOFT). According to the results of the carried-out works the bilateral certificate of compatibility was signed.

"RED SOFT" and DocsVision fruitfully cooperate within Committee on integration of the Russian software at ARPP "Domestic Software". Testing for compatibility of our products an important step in this direction,
commented Rustamov Rustam, the deputy CEO of RED SOFT

Implementing our import substitution program, we test compatibility of our platform with the main domestic OS and DBMS. And it is not just results of tests, this, first of all, close partnership and cooperation of our companies directed to quality improvement of services for our customers


Exit of the updated mobile application of Docsvision

On July 23, 2019 the DocsVision company announced an exit of the updated mobile application of an electronic document management system of Docsvision. Read more here.

Compatibility with electronic keys of JaCarta

On June 20, 2019 the companies Aladdin R.D. and "DocsVision" signed certificates of compatibility of the products. Within cooperation of the companies were tested, the confirmed working capacity and correctness of joint functioning of electronic keys JaCarta and electronic document management systems Docsvision of version 5.5.

JaCarta products of the line from Aladdin R.D. are intended for the organization of the strengthened or strict authentication in information systems and services, safe storage of containers of program CIPFs, user data, certificates, passwords, etc.

Results of tests confirmed correctness of system operation of Docsvision with USB tokens of JaСarta-2 PKI/GOST when using a CIPF of CryptoPro CSP. Testing was held in work on standard scenarios of use of devices when signing electronic documents in the Docsvision system. Test was also passed by the models JaCarta PKI, JaCarta PRO, JaCarta-2 GOST, JaCarta-2 PRO/GOST, JaCarta LT.

It gives to clients of DocsVision the chance to use the protected electronic keys when signing by the electronic signature of documents in Docsvision. It is relevant for all persons having right to sign in the organization as the guarantor of the fact that nobody will use their signature.

Compatibility with OS of the Viola family

On February 21, 2019 reported to DocsVision that together with BaseALT successfully completed testing of work of the web client of EDMS Docsvision of production of DocsVision company with the operating systems (OS) of the Viola of Development of BaseALT Company family. Full compatibility and correctness of joint work of products is confirmed that the web client of EDMS Docsvision for use with OS of the Viola family allows to recommend.

The OS Alt Workstation 8 and OS Alt K 8 Workstation — the distribution kits based on Linux kernel including the operating system and the set of applications for a full-fledged work supporting the different additional hardware.

2018: Docsvision 5.5

On November 19, 2018 the company "DocsVision" submitted version 5.5 of the platform Docsvision which essentially differs from previous in completely processed architecture, serious optimization and implementation of other functions and requirements imposed to modern EDMS/ECM.

DocsVision submitted version 5.5 of the Docsvision platform

As the developer, on researches noted, pilot projects and development 4 years of hard work left. Changes affected all levels of system architecture. The most essential of them concerned data storage level. The database was reorganized and separated into logic gates that allowed to separate into separate DB business data and office and to exclude thereby the conflicts for the DBMS resources during the work with data. In Docsvision 5.5 the possibility of creation of a cluster of databases with load distribution between several servers appeared.

In architecture there was a uniform cache the server constructed based on redis which reduces load of a DB due to reduction of addresses to her increases access rate to earlier requested data. Service of management of file storages which allows to store binary data out of the basis for data - for example, on the file system or in separate base was separately selected, and if necessary it is possible to connect also any other storage, for example, a cloud service. At the same time instruments of flexible configuration and management of structure of storages are provided, emphasized in DocsVision.

According to the statement of the developer, it allows to speak about ample opportunities of horizontal scaling of a system: the platform is ready to simultaneous operation of tens of thousands of users and processing of many terabyte of data, provides a possibility of increase in number of users without decline in the performance. There is a possibility of optimization of cost of data storage, simplification of process of system maintenance and minimization of duration of the technology windows necessary for data backup.

Changes concerned also full-text search. Service of full-text search is selected in a separate entity – it can be taken out on separate servers, is clustered in need of scaling of loading and allows to perform search, including in the data which are stored outside a DB. As the search engine in the provided version it is possible to use not only means of the Microsoft SQL Server, but also scalable Elasticsearch. At the same time service leaves a connectivity and other search engines.

One more significant change which will affect simplification of installation and the subsequent updates of solutions of clients is a transition from a monolithic structure of the platform to modular architecture 5.5. The platform is separated into logical modules which can independently be established, improved and updated, noted in DocsVision.

As Low-code the Docsvision 5.5 platform allows to design applications without programming due to the next development of instruments of visual designing. Completely customized there is a web client of Docsvision who in version 5.5 is transferred to a single platform – it will simplify and will accelerate development of solutions using web and will provide their full backward compatibility, the developer considers.

In the web client mechanisms of the advanced electronic digital signature using the stamps of time allowing to store documents of 15 years are implemented all main instruments of setup of solutions of the platform are supported. Performance of separate elements is increased and the numerous systems of optimization including implemented for the previous version 5.4 which were available in the form of patches and accumulative updates are added. According to the developer, a system provides full backward compatibility of all solutions implemented on the previous version. The companies clients can receive version 5.5 of a system within the operating service pack.

DocsVision reported that in the middle of 2018 stress testing of the Docsvision 5.5 platform for the purpose of assessment of its applicability for creation of electronic archive of the company and the subsequent centralization of electronic document management systems of JSC ALROSA (PJSC) was held. Testing confirmed applicability of the platform for work with document registers in number of 20 million and more, c loading up to 7,000 simultaneous users covering requirements of the company on the horizon at least in 13 years. System performance according to basic scenarios improved on average for 40%, separate transactions accelerated much. During development of the platform required high-speed performance on 120 thousand simultaneous users was reached.


The version on a subscription is announced

On December 11, 2017 the DocsVision company announced an output to the market the offer of "Docsvision on a subscription". The event is planned for December 14, 2017.

The stated format of service will allow customer companies to seize systems capabilities of electronic document management based on Docsvision in one week. Setup is undertaken by the company vendor then the customer can independently develop a system as the normal platform solution in the necessary direction and speed, paying a subscription in the amount of 390 thousand rubles once a year.

"Docsvision on a subscription" has EDMSECM functionality / Docsvision:

  • electronic archive,
  • office-work,
  • agreements,
  • management of documents,
  • operational management,
  • external document flow (YuZDO),
  • specialized and industry solutions.

Convenient client locations, web access and mobile applications will be available to users; practically in all workplaces it is not necessary to set anything – enough web client under any browser on any computer.

Certification in FSTEC

The DocsVision company in December, 2017 completed the procedure of certification on compliance of safety features of a software platform of Docsvision 5 to security requirements from unauthorized access to information on the 4th level of absence control of not declared opportunities and specifications on a product. It gives the chance to the companies with increased requirements to information security surely to use solutions for automation of electronic document management and business processes based on Docsvision 5.

First of all, existence of the certificate is relevant for customers from a public sector, the large extracting and manufacturing enterprises of strategic branches of the economy and also the companies working with large volumes of personal data.

In general the received FSTEC certificate permits use of electronic document management based on Docsvision 5 in the following systems:

  • In automated systems to a class of security 1G according to the regulating document the Regulating document. "Automated systems. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Classification of automated systems and requirement for data protection" (State Technical Commission of Russia, 1992);
  • In the state information systems 3 and 4 of a class of security according to "Requirements about the data protection which is not the state secret, contained in the state information systems" (are approved by the order of FSTEC of Russia No. 17 of 2/11/2013);
  • In personal data information systems according to "Structure and the maintenance of organizational and technical measures for security of personal data at their processing in personal data information systems (are approved by the Order of FSTEC of Russia No. 21 of 2/18/2013), for which threats of the 1st or 2nd type are not referred to relevant.

Validity period of certificate No. 3801 issued on September 20, 2017 makes 3 years.

The similar certificate was received by us earlier and affected the previous version of a system, Docsvision 4.5. As most of our big customers passed or still upgrades to the latest version of Docsvision 5, we needed to certify it. Mechanisms of security Docsvision during this time only amplified, but also requirements to certification of FSTEC changed in this connection it was necessary to pass again all necessary certification tests on the updated scheme. It requires very many efforts and time, but the result justifies them — Victor Sushchev, the head of the service direction of DocsVision told.

Joint solution of Konica Minolta and DocsVision

On September 4, 2017 the Russian division of Konica Minolta and DocsVision company presented the first joint solution within the signed agreement on strategic cooperation.

The offer to clients of the joint complete solution which integrates the "iron" and "software" necessary at all stages of lifecycle of documents of the company became the purpose of partnership of Konica Minolta and Docsvision. The feature of the solution consists that it can be offered as service in which the companies vendors completely undertake service. As noted, the companies already start several joint projects.

The first joint solution of Konica Minolta and DocsVision represents a uniform hardware-software complex Electronic archive. Enter it: The Konica Minolta MFP for scanning of paper documents and their subsequent printing from electronic archive, the software of Konica Minolta for text recognition of the scanned documents, and the Docsvision system providing the protected storage, search and information management.

Having received the status of the certified partner on implementation of EDMS Docsvision, Konica Minolta performs implementation of the joint solution. In turn, the DocsVision company intends to receive the status of the certified partner of Konica Minolta for rendering services in outsourcing of printing. The companies are also going to continue development of joint products.

The concept "the started business" used in Konica Minolta assumes involvement of partners and equipment manufacturers and the software for expansion of a portfolio according to market demands and customers needs. A global problem of our partnership — providing hardware-software solutions and turnkey related services – from design and implementation before technical support — Nikolay Dmitriyev, the president of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Russia told. — For customers it is an opportunity to create the unified environment integrating document flow and printing infrastructure, to provide further control and media control, to build the system of safe document flow and to optimize the existing costs of the company. For Konica Minolta partnership with DocsVision is one of the major steps on the way of the announced transformation from vendor of a printing equipment to the supplier of IT and infrastructure solutions.

Updating of the module of integration with operators of e-document flow

On September 1, 2017 the DocsVision company upgraded the module of integration of an electronic document management system Docsvision with operators of e-document flow. The module allowing to exchange documents with partners without leaving the EDMS interface, now supports a format of the universal transfer document (UTD). Connection is possible in the long term to any operator until the possibility of exchange of documents through the Diadoc system by installation of "The connector to the Diadoc" for Docsvision 5 is implemented. Support of a format of electronic UPD in the new version of the module is implemented according to the Order of FTS of 3/24/2016 No. MMB-7-15/155 @.

The universal transfer document costituted since 2013 and legalized by the letter of FTS of 10/21/2013 No. MMB-20-3/96 @ replaces in itself several documents, depending on processes of the company thanks to what considerably reduces document flow amount. UPD can be registered on delivery of goods, services or works, transfer of property rights. UPD in electronic form can be used instead of a packet "the invoice + the primary document", instead of the primary document, instead of the invoice. Document flow of electronic UPD is separately regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of 11/10/2015 No. 174n.

The updated module of integration allows to send adjustment UPD and correction of UPD from Docsvision, to exchange outgoing UPD. Sending, receiving and storage of all receipts and notifications from the operator are provided that is important in terms of validation of data in case of need. Printed form of the document is implemented.

The previous version of the module supported work with unformalized documents which processing is not standardized and can correspond to standard processes of EDMS Docsvision.

All electronic documents sent and received in Docsvision through the operator of e-document flow are signed by the qualified electronic digital signature and have legal force. The module works with any types of the EDMS cards of the customer, supports group sending documents via the Docsvision navigator, sending the document without opening by the user of additional cards.

As of September 1, 2017, connection to a system the Diadoc via "The connector to the Diadoc" for Docsvision 5 is implemented. It is possible to use the available API for development of own connector. The version 2 modules of integration with operators of e-document flow is relevant for the version of Docsvision 5.4.

Integration into the solution SafeCopy

Integration of an electronic document management system of Docsvision into the solution SafeCopy allows to prevent distribution of the printing and electronic confidential documents and also their (photo) of copies which are stored in EDMS. This new opportunity - result of technology partnership of DocsVision company and Scientific and test institute of the systems of ensuring complex security (Scientific Research Institute SOKB) which began in 2017.

In electronic document management systems the documents having confidential character collect day after day. Protection of this category of documents becomes more and more relevant task.

In 67% of cases the staff of the companies was responsible for information leaks. Under the threat there is crucial information of the company, and the extent of potential financial damage can reach the cost of all business at all. At the same time to control actions of privileged users whose information access is almost not limited — extremely difficult.

Technologies which are offered by experts in questions of information security - Scientific Research Institute SOKB company – will allow to simplify this task for users of an electronic document management system of Docsvision. Integration of Docsvision into the solution SafeCopy prevents distribution of printing and electronic confidential documents. Each user in the Docsvision system having access to printing and electronic confidential corporate documents will work only with the unique copy which distribution will lead to uniquely identifying of a source of leak of the document.

Support up to 100,000 at the same time working users

On April 24, 2017 the Digital Design company announced that it completed overload tests of the Priority system of documentary management (SDM) based on the new version of the Docsvision 5 ECM platform. During overload tests of SDU "Priority" the complete operability of a system is confirmed up to 100,000 at the same time working users. Response time on key transactions made less than 3.5 seconds. Measurements were executed on the real depersonalized database of one of large customers containing the complete information accumulated in 7 years of work: number of documents more than 7.5 million, and the size of the structured information of the database - more than 1 TB.

All tests were conducted together with Cluster Technologies of Softpoint company. The load stand was in addition expanded by more productive storage system of RAIDIX company.

As the chief executive of production directorate Digital Design Sergey Gaydamakov reported, overload tests were carried out at emulation of different number of users, and the complete operability of a system was confirmed up to 100,000 at the same time working users, response time on key transactions made less than 3.5 seconds. Sergey also paid attention that measurements were executed on the real depersonalized database of one of large customers containing the complete information accumulated in seven years of work of the organization: the number of documents exceeded 7.5 million, and the size of the structured information of the database was more than 1 Tbyte. At the same time initial settings of a role model, representations and search queries were saved, i.e. testing was held completely in "fighting" conditions.

In the course of testing experts fixed different indicators of work of components of a system of the old and new version of the Docsvision platform, compared them to the indicators received from an industrial landscape during the real work of users. For obtaining more exact analytical data stress testing of SDU "Priority" on 100,000 simultaneous users was executed at various scenarios and in the different modes of setup of components of a system.

Indicators of work of components of a system during the real work of users and in a test environment practically matched at identical number of at the same time working users that confirmed correctness of load tests. Contrastive analysis of indicators of system operation based on the old version of the Docsvision 4.5 platform and new – Docsvision 5 ECM showed that at equal number of simultaneous users new edition of a system allows to lower load of servers and databases more than twice and reaches double increase in speed of execution of operations.

New opportunities of the web client of Docsvision 5: designer of web cards and backward compatibility

On April 14, 2017 the DocsVision company released the new version of the web client of Docsvision (earlier "The easy client") and also updating of the designer of the Docsvision cards. Now the designer allows to configure a marking of web cards, and the web client – to work with the cards configured in the designer.

Now customers and developers can visually project the web interface of the electronic document management system and adapt it for business needs. The interface of the new web client completely adapts depending on a context and a role of the user and also from type of the device with which the user works: notebook, tablet, phone. Besides, everything that is configured/is configured in the designer of cards – the automatic machine of statuses, a role model, the data scheme of a card is supported. As a result of opportunities of setup of the web client became more, than in normal Windows client. It and adaptivity for different devices, and a possibility of application of the style CSS templates.

Designers provide flexibility of the Russian Docsvision 5 platform in creation of solutions for management of documents and business processes. With the updated designer of cards the customer has equal opportunities on setup of the interface and functionality of EDMS for both clients – windows and web.

Today the companies vendors aim to provide to users access to all functions of a system via the web browser", - Sergey Putsin, the product area director of DocsVision says. - "We went a little further. Usually in attempt to repeat everything that the user has in the desktop application, the form overloaded with controls turns out. As it looks, I think, everyone can imagine. The web client of Docsvision is exactly "WEB", but not a mirror of a desktop system. The web designer allows to configure the interface in that type to what users got used, working in the most popular Internet-applications. Appearance of controls, their arrangement, a data entry method, – literally everything can be changed for convenient and productive work. It is possible to apply the corporate style of the company to the new web client of Docsvision also. We are sure that already soon the web client will become the primary client of a system.

In addition to rich opportunities for setup of the interface, with the new designer in Docsvision it is possible to create also backward-compatible program expansions for the web client, erasing all restrictions on opportunities of adaptation of a system to business needs. Despite unprecedented opportunities of modification, the Docsvision 5 platform provides backward compatibility: the project solution constructed using these tools and open API can be freely postponed for the subsequent new versions of the web client of a system, without limiting the user in access to all appearing product capabilities and allowing to save completely the value of the made practices and skills of users. Web cards of the Management of Documents built-in application are also implemented on the new designer now, and they can be edited in the course of setup of a system that is the functionality which was very demanded by customers.

The appeared new version of the web client of Docsvision (earlier Easy client of Docsvision) – the eighth – became an important step on the way of the global technology updating of the Docsvision 5 platform aimed at creation of new generation ECMBPM of the domestic / corporate level.


Creation of the joint solution with "Biorg"

The Russian developers - the companies "Biorg" and "DocsVision" - announced in November, 2016 the beginning of technology partnership which will be directed to creation of the joint solution. The new functionality will allow to recognize and enter for read seconds into electronic document management system Docsvision hand-written data from the scanned documents (in more detail...).

Docsvision developed "murderer" of Documentum

In October, 2016 Docsvision announced new product development – the Docsvision ECM platform intended for automation of internal processes and document flow in the large companies and authorities.

Docsvision explained TAdviser that the processed core of the main Docsvision platform is the cornerstone of a new solution. Its architecture was changed so that considerably to increase reliability of a system and possibility of its scaling. According to the company, the new solution is capable to be scaled without performance penalty at simultaneous operation up to 50 thousand users and allows to enter up to 1 million documents a day. The normal Docsvision platform, according to the representative of the company, supports simultaneous operation about 5 thousand users.

In more detail about the Docsvision ECM system.

Andoc offers "Docsvision the HYBRID" on the PaaS model

The Andoc company specializing in development of solutions on workflow automation and business processes in the summer of 2016 announced the solution "Docsvision HYBRID" - an electronic document management system in the PaaS model (Platform as a Service). As a part of service 3 components: the built-in standard solution, the licenses Docsvision in property and virtual infrastructure in lease.

Andoc – the certified partner of DocsVision company - offered earlier services of SaaS (lease of EDMS in a cloud) and on-premise (local implementation of EDMS at the customer's capacities). Since June, 2016 the list of services Docsvision filled up "the HYBRID", one of key advantages of which is expense reduction with preserving of the high level of reliability and availability of EDMS. This problem is solved in a complex.

In more detail about the HYBRID Docsvision system.

Integration of MyOffice into Docsvision

On June 20, 2016 it became known of plans of integration of office applications My office in an electronic document management system on the Docsvision software platform, creating thereby a product for the public sector and the companies interested in import substitution[1].

The agreement was signed by developer companies: New cloud technologies and DocsVision respectively.

In more detail about the project New cloud technologies: MyOffice.


The module of interfilial exchange for the Docsvision 5 platform

For the organizations with the distributed structure needing effective interaction between divisions, the DocsVision company released in January, 2015 the module for the Docsvision 5 platform – the Module of interfilial exchange.

The geographically distributed organizations inevitably face a question: work to remote branches with the server of parent organization or install the local server and implement interfilial exchange? Existence in branch of the developed document flow and becoming isolated in processes and also the bad communication channels complicating work of remote users with the central server become premises for the choice of the second option, as a rule.

The module of interfilial exchange provides transfer of tasks and documents from the Docsvision system of one division in the Docsvision system of another, integrating them in a common information space and solving a number of problems of work with documents and tasks. Document transfer between systems, setting and control of instructions to the staff of remote division, approval of documents by the staff of remote branches of the company, creation of end-to-end business processes is implemented and not only.

Uniqueness of the module - in a possibility of its adaptation under needs of the specific customer. It not only contains the preconfigured basic scenarios of exchange, but also allows to configure rules and scenarios of interaction between systems arbitrarily, according to already adopted rules and regulations. Advantage of the module is existence of different methods of data transmission: as directly at direct coupling of one server with another, and through intermediate file storage. It allows to perform data exchange with divisions even in the absence of permanent Internet connection, and, besides, there is a possibility of use of any transport subsystem.

The module is created in close interaction with the partner in Novosibirsk - ECMGroup.Pro - Docsvision Certified Solution Partner Gold. The company took part in development and shared the expert experience of implementation of interfilial interaction. The module of interfilial exchange Docsvision is result of generalization of a number of the implemented successful projects of multiserver configurations.

The utility for migration in Docsvision 5

As a part of the complex offer on transition to Docsvision from foreign solutions the DocsVision company suggests to use the special utility. The utility of migration provides high quality and faultlessness of process of data transfer of the most popular ECM systems in EDMS Docsvision. At the heart of development – long-term project experience of the partner of DocsVision – HIT-Service company.

Data migration between systems means a certain sequence of actions and transfer of a number of linked objects. The created solution will allow to avoid typical and possible errors at transfer of large volumes of data between electronic document management systems, having made process safe, convenient and effective. The utility can be used as the ready-made solution or with introduction of completions according to requirements of the customer in the project of migration.

Transfer of the saved-up data in Docsvision with preserving of their integrity and properties by means of this solution can be performed from the most popular foreign solutions: OpenText Documentum Microsoft SharePoint Lotus Notes.

A developer is the HIT-Service company, the partner of DocsVision - Docsvision Certified Solution Partner. The broad competence of the company purchased in the transition project progress between different document management systems and processes formed the basis of the solution especially relevant in the light of an import substitution trend.

Module "Management of Archive"

The Digital Design company developed and provided at the beginning of 2015 the module "Management of Archive" for electronic document management systems on the Docsvision platform (versions 4.5 and 5). The solution is intended for automation of work of archive of the company regarding completing, storage, accounting and use of documents that allows to reduce quantity of errors and to exclude a possibility of loss of documents.

Software module Management of archive provides complex automation of activity of archive of the company – from maintaining the nomenclature of affairs of the enterprise before destruction of documents or their transfer on the state storage.

The module allows to complete archive, to systematize document storage and to keep account of their movement and also to trace storage lives and to select the affairs intended to destruction or to delivery on the state storage. Besides, the solution gives an opportunity of formation of the final data and reports giving an evident picture about the state of affairs in the organization.

The architecture of the module ensures functioning of users from a standard automated workplace Navigator and document storage and reference books in the EDMS Docsvision uniform base that facilitates its deployment and administration.

As note in Digital Design, the module "Management of Archive" completely conforms to requirements of "The basic rules of work of archives of the organizations" and allows to automate work with archive at the enterprise of any scale: small, average, big, including structurally and the geographically distributed enterprise performing the centralized departmental document storage.


Docsvision 5.4

The optimization of architecture performed by developers allowed to accelerate work of service of business processes, in particular, considerably. Now, for example, time of working off of one test process of one thousand at the same time started is less than 30 seconds that it is 70 times better than results of testing of version 5.3. At the same time process execution time practically does not depend on a total quantity of active processes.

A number of new features is presented in the new version of a document management system and business processes of Docsvision 5.4 and also earlier implemented tools are finished.

  • Management of the documents Support of the Working Groups
  • The functionality allowing the users who do not have the administrator's rights to organize a working space for joint work in the working groups over group projects and processes is added. In more detail about use of EDMS for the working groups it is possible to read in article.
  • Convenience of work
  • The interface of all document types and tasks preconfigured in the application is simplified. New document types — Request, Memo and Worker are added (any document type, including for use in the working groups);
  • Application folder structure, including folders of routing, representation and search queries is completely updated and brought into accord with the configured document types;
  • In cards of types the Document UD changed a method of viewing the sheet of approval. Now Liszt of approval opens on viewing in one click by a command on a tape of a card.
  • New functionality
  • The new control Discussion allowing to leave the user comments on the course of all process of work with a task is added to marking of cards of tasks;
  • In cards of the tasks which are able "Is complete" the possibility of copying of results of execution from child tasks in parent appeared.
  • Designer of marking
  • In control the Tree of execution there was an opportunity to configure types of the Task card which can be displayed in a tree;
  • In control the Tree of communications there was an opportunity to configure types and types of cards which can be displayed in a tree;
  • In control the Partner when using quick search data of the employee in the format configured in the Reference book by partners are displayed now;
  • The new control Discussion allowing users to add comments on course of execution of a task or at accomplishment of approval of documents is added;
  • In controls the Employee and Employees when using quick search are displayed data of the employee in the format configured in the Reference book by employees now;
  • In control of the Link there was a possibility of an exception of the menu of elements which in properties Types of cards and Types of links are defined as unique for the choice;
  • In controls the Table, Number, the Integer number for the numbers consisting of 4 and more signs to separate at display each three digits a certain sign.
  • Reference book by partners
  • In the reference book the feature for setup of attributes for check of uniqueness of the partner is added. Check is performed when adding in the reference book of the new organization.
  • Reference book of types of cards
  • In settings of document types the feature for setup of attributes for check of uniqueness of documents is added. In the Management of Documents application check is performed when preserving the document.
  • Reference book "System Settings"
  • In the new version of a system support of enciphering of files appeared. In the reference book "System Settings" the feature for setup of parameters of enciphering in the section "Basic cards" is added;
  • In the same section the feature for setup of parameters of use of the TSP and OCSP protocols for the strengthened qualified EDS was added.
  • Designer of approvals
  • For a stage of approval appeared possibility of setup of end of a stage after the choice by one of agreeing negative semantics of the solution;
  • Changes are made to marking of types of the cards used in operation of the module the feature to leave comments in the Discussion format between all participants of approval is added.
  • Docsvision Navigator
  • As the house folder there was an opportunity to specify the section from the My Folders shortcut bar;
  • There was a possibility of full-text search for the cards on field values selected from basic reference books of a system;
  • At users of the application of Docsvision the Navigator appeared an ability to manage own status with indication of the period of inactivity and appointment of deputies to an absence period;
  • When editing and preserving a template of a card check on filling of obligatory fields is excluded. Relevant for all cards of library Basic objects which it is possible to be used as templates.
  • Workplace of the administrator
  • The component which is used for display of bool parameters in a window of parametrical search is changed. Instead of earlier used flag the drop-down list with values Yes/no is applied now;
  • In a window of formation of conditions of search query there was a possibility of grouping of conditions by means of logical operators AND/OR and also creations of requests with consolidation of several sections at all levels of a tree of conditions (including the most upper);
  • When forming a condition there was an opportunity not only to create separate parameter for each condition, but also to choose parameter from among already existing for this data type;
  • When editing and preserving a template of a card check on filling of obligatory fields is excluded. Relevant for all cards of library Basic objects which it is possible to be used as templates.

Besides, in version 5.4 there was essentially new functionality – the support of the working groups combining freedom of management of information space of group with all advantages of a corporate ECM system.

Designer of reports

On August 04, 2014 the DocsVision company announced inclusion in the version of software of DocsVision of the new designer of reports.

The module significantly expands standard functionality of the Docsvision platform and is an instrumental tool for interactive reports, user interfaces and specialized jobs of any complexity.

The module has flexibility and can operate with any data and objects, both in the Docsvision system, and in external systems, allowing to create the integrated analytical reports, obtaining data at once from several corporate systems. Besides, reports may contain own business logic. In the form the reports and interfaces developed using the designer of reports can be different too, it can be the web page or.Net a form.

During creation of the report widespread language means – C# and T-SQL and also language of the VTL templates are used. Own convenient editor with support of formatting and illumination of the code has the module.

The module "Designer of Reports" will allow partners of DocsVision to create in the solutions specialized jobs for separate groups / roles of users and to build completely interactive reports with a necessary depth of detailing. At the same time full seamless integration of such solutions with the main platform is provided.

Any companies can be target consumers of a product, and the most demanded it can be in the large companies which have a need for obtaining summary analytical information, including, from the adjacent accounting systems, and/or in creation of specialized workers are banks, insurance companies, retailers, the construction organizations, large state institutions.

Sergey Putsin, the product area director of DocsVision company, noted: "We created the module "Designer of Reports" together with our partners, relying on their project experience. Its basis was formed by the solutions constructed in such companies as VTB 24, Otkrytiye Bank Rollton, HeadHunter, KIT Finance Bank, Zap-Sibtranstelekom, Ferrero and others therefore it is possible to tell that he already managed to prove as well-tried and flexible remedy which is demanded and is successfully used in the most different companies. The module will allow our partners to create even more friendly and user-friendly interfaces for work with a system, leaving at the same time an opportunity to the customer independently to support and develop the constructed solution".

Docsvision 5.3

The DocsVision company announced in May, 2014 a release of the new version of a document management system and business processes of Docsvision 5.3. The new release of a system includes the additional functionality doing work of users it is more convenient, and development of solutions – quicker and cheaper. In addition to expansion of functionality of a system, its reliability increased, performance increased by 17%.

The platform underwent a number of architectural and functional changes. Updates were mentioned by designers of the platform and the Management of Documents built-in application.

Also the Designer of approvals of Docsvision did not stand aside. Released in February, 2014, he already managed to prove as the powerful and convenient instrument of process automation of approval. Taking into account the DocsVision company of a feedback received for this period from partners, possibilities of the module were significantly expanded. So, the possibility of editing a route 'on the fly' appeared, extended opportunity on calculation of the agreeing persons participating in process the feature for use of the electronic signature was added, the interface of work with files in the tasks approving is processed the autoconsolidation mechanism appeared.

Updates (all them more than 30 were performed) affected also some other components of a system. Settings of reference books are expanded: reference books of marking, reference books of roles, employees and partners. For employees and partners it is possible to configure now a type of a card which will be used when adding records. The designer of roles is synchronized with the reference book of statuses, abilities to manage are added by sessions of users, support of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 is implemented.

Docsvision - the Easy client

On April 8, 2014 the DocsVision company reported about a release of the new version of the Easy client of Docsvision.

The product is focused on middle managers, contractors, the executions which are not engaged in document registration as a main type of working activity, using the workflow system as necessary or issues of tasks, approvals of documents. Basic purpose of the module – accomplishment of key scenarios of users without installation of any software, work on different platforms (Windows Linux Mac OS) and in different browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Google Chrome Apple Safari).


In the new version of "The easy client" support of the module "Designer of Approvals of Docsvision" is added that "The easy client" in projects where "The designer of approvals" is applied helps to use. The module "Easy Client" will execute key scenarios of work of the user of Docsvision by means of remote access and the web interface from any mobile device.

The release of the new version of "The easy client" is caused by the output of the new module "Designer of Approvals of Docsvision" and need of its support in "The easy client". Now from "The easy client" of Docsvision it is possible to send documents for approval along the combined routes configured using the Designer of approvals difficult, to execute actually approval and consolidation of the document based on the notes approving.

Sergey Putsin, product area director of DocsVision:
  • We consider a release of the new version of "The easy client" natural continuation of the line of improvement of the Docsvision system and its applications at which we are aimed in 2014. The added functionality of difficult approvals will open new opportunities when using the client.

Docsvision is Stream input

On February 27, 2014 the DocsVision company announced release of the module "Stream input" of the mass input of documents intended for automation in an electronic document management system of Docsvision 5.


The module of stream input gives the chance to partners of DocsVision not to pay attention to development of this functionality in the solutions on the Docsvision platform, and to use a ready-made product.

Stream input is very demanded in projects with the big entering flow of documents. It considerably simplifies document handling in large public institutions, banks, insurance and construction companies, on retailers and others. Solutions using the module "Stream input" will allow the companies to reduce costs for document handling and to increase data input rate in EDMS.

The module "Stream input" can be used in any solution on the Docsvision platform and it is easy to modify according to requirements of the specific customer. The module supports work with files of the scanned images, separate files of the recognized text and also with the barcodes applied on the document for identification. By means of barcodes it is possible to connect automatically scanned document with a registration card of the original. The module "Stream input" provides input of documents from the scanner, and results of scanning and recognition automatically become attached to already available or newly created registration cards of documents in a system.

"Office-work" on sale

On January 24, 2014 the DocsVision company announced an exit in sale of the new Office-work Docsvision 5 application.

The application is intended for automation of basic processes of office-work of the organization according to the Russian legislation and traditional practice.

"Office-work" registers, performs and stores white papers in archive. In the application the user-friendly interface for work of clerks, heads and contractors is created.

In this application version Office-work for Docsvision 5 advanced functionality the finished scenarios of processing of white papers are also implemented. Thanks to it, the application can be recommended for implementation of difficult projects of automation of the developed office.

"Office-work" is intended for process automation of office-work of the organization – registration, the organization of execution and storage of white papers according to the legislation and the Russian practicians.

In Office-work version new objects and scenarios are implemented: cards of documents of 5 views with an expanded set of attributes, the magazine of reception-transmission of paper documents are developed, about 50 search queries and representations are configured. Thanks to it, it is possible to use the application practically right after installation, with the minimum settings.

In addition to direct use, the application implemented based on designers of Docsvision can be built in any solution based on Docsvision 5 according to specifics of requirements of the customer. For this purpose the structure of the application includes the controls allowing to build in functionality of office-work both a standard card of the document of the Management of Documents application, and any other card of the document developed using the designer of the Docsvision 5 cards. It allows to implement quickly based on the application special types of office-work, for example the project documentation or quality management.

"Office-work" is suitable for optimal automation of office-work of bodies of authority and management, administrations of municipal entities, at its development we relied on extensive experience of the implemented projects in a public sector.


"Office-work" for Docsvision 5.2

On December 11, 2013 the DocsVision company announced release of the new Office-work application for Docsvision 5.2.


The application is intended for registration and execution of white papers according to the Russian practicians of documentary ensuring management. It complements with scenarios of the work built in the Docsvision "Management of Documents" platform.

Using the new application, the partner can provide to any customer the ready-made solution on classical office-work including performance of a document under the resolution, additional options of registration, write-off in case, the nomenclature of affairs.

At the beginning of 2014 there will be a next version of the application which except standard objects will include also standard scenarios of work of users of traditional office-work – clerks, heads, controllers and registrars.

Specific Features

As new Office-work is implemented on the designer of cards, partners of DocsVision have ample opportunities on an application tuning under requirements of the customer. Including, it can be used as base for creation of other applications.

Zakharov Mikhail, the product area director DocsVision, noted: "The Office-work application is an excellent example of flexibility and functionality EDMS Docsvision. The scenarios of the movement of documents which are built in Management of documents are complemented now with expanded. Using designers, it is always possible to modify them under the requirements".

Functionality of integration of the Docsvision and SAP Business One platform

The product is for the first time shown at the Partner forum of SAP which took place on October 29 and 30, 2013. The functionality is intended for the organization of interaction of the Docsvision and SAP Business One systems as a part of the complete solution on control automation by the enterprise. The functionality provides synchronization and double-sided data exchange between systems, implementation of legally significant exchange of documents, increase in efficiency of joint work of employees, has some other advantages. The perspective of development of the solution is planned: the next version will include integration of the invoices SAP Business One with the certified operator of electronic document management.

The functionality is free and is available through a partner network of DocsVision and partners of SAP company.


EDMS DocsVision 5

The version of DocsVision 5 represents the complete solution for automation of all classes of tasks based on a single platform. In the information system the DocsVision company already passed to use of the new platform for management of documents and business processes.

Docsvision 5 distinguishes the flexible interface and also powerful tools of rapid development, including tools for visual designing. Key change of the platform – existence about seven different designers allowing partners and customers of DocsVision to perform tuning of a system for users and also to develop decisions based on the Docsvision 5 platform without programming use.

Advantage of Docsvision 5 are the functions of the electronic signature implemented in the new platform conforming to requirements of Federal law N 63-FZ of April 6, 2011. In addition, for the purpose of increase in security, in Docsvision 5 the new unique mechanism of a context role model providing dynamic access isolation to documents on the basis of their contents and a context of processing is implemented.

Within performance improvement, reliability and convenience of system modules of Docsvision, in 2011 the developer company performed transition to pro-active management model by development and testing of products of the company. Testing of performance and reliability is carried out for each module on the basis of specially created stand of the testing reflecting typical large enterprise. Each release of a product is developed with the set, constantly growing target values of performance and reliability.

Deliveries of the new Docsvision 5 platform will begin with basic edition after completion of stabilization and optimization of the Management of Documents application entering basic edition of a system. At the moment the Docsvision 5 platform is available to partners of DocsVision company on demand.

The DocsVision company also announced in April, 2012 changes in conditions of support and acquisition of the version of Docsvision 4.5: since April 16 rules of rendering technical support to users of different editions changed. The users of the Docsvision 4.5 system having the operating service packs will get technical support by old rules before the end of action of service packs.


Docsvision 5 is a universal and adaptable document management system and business processes.

It is the balanced complex including:

  • The platform – a basis for creation and work of the most different solutions;
  • Applications are ready-made solutions for rapid implementation of standard functionality;
  • Designers – means of rapid development and modification of application solutions;
  • Add-on modules are extenders of technical capabilities.


The Docsvision 5 system is intended for control automation by documents and business processes, including both the general management activity, and different functional tasks of divisions, and operational processes in activity of the enterprises.

For example:

  • Office-work (or documentary ensuring management");
  • Contractual document flow, from preparation of the offer before obligation fulfillment;
  • Archive of primary documents on business activities;
  • The document flow accompanying new product development;
  • Processes of service of requests of clients for delivery of products and rendering services;
  • Internal auxiliary processes from a design of business trips to requests in technical services;
  • Management of instructions within the current and project activity;
  • And many other things, not solved by the accounting systems of the class ERP.

Docsvision 5 can be applied at the different enterprises and in the organizations, irrespective of their type of activity and the sizes. Everywhere there are documents, tasks and processes – basic objects of which solutions on the basis of Docsvision 5 are under construction. The specifics of different industry and functional tasks are reflected in the expanded set of applications in the Docsvision 5 platform, released by DocsVision company, her partners and also in the custom solutions created at implementation.

Management of Documents built-in application

The Management of Documents application is the ready-made application solution for electronic document management. It is included into the platform and forms a basis for others, more specialized, the Docsvision 5 applications and custom solutions created at implementation. In it the basic functions of electronic document management demanded at any enterprise are implemented. With it you can make daily work with electronic documents and tasks convenient and effective.

In the application all main actions with electronic documents are available:

  • Reliable storage and convenient classification;
  • Flexible differentiation of access rights;
  • Change of documents and preserving of their versions;
  • Search in attributes and text of documents;
  • Approval, signing and document approval and also acquaintance of employees with them;
  • Imposing of the electronic signature on the document;
  • Work with tasks: their creation, execution and control.

In the application there are all basic elements necessary for work:

  • Standard folder structure of storage on document types and functional structures of the enterprise. For folders the corresponding representations are configured. For document retrieval search queries are configured.
  • Main types of documents: correspondence, organizational and administrative, contractual, and any. For them forms, lifecycles, and a role model are configured.
  • Workplace of the user: structure of virtual folders for display of tasks and documents by different criteria with which the employee works.

The Management of Documents application is focused first of all on mass use by employees in each workplace, on their daily interaction as a part of the working groups. It allows to organize effective and ordered work with electronic documents without excess formalization. At the same time, in the application basic elements of classical office-work are implemented in the simplified type.

The Management of Documents application is the solution, ready to use, and a basis for development at the same time. It is expected rapid standard implementation and further expansion of functionality. All elements can be configured under specifics of the customer. In addition to Management of documents you can use other customized applications of Docsvision 5 and also create custom solutions at implementation.


Designers – the key system concept of Docsvision 5 providing it universality and adaptivity.

Customers need fast, economic and easily upgradeable implementations. In traditional technology of creation of software solutions from scratch it is almost unrealizable. All this is possible, only if we have at the order designers: basic objects and tools and settings new on their basis – without programming. It is reduced not only the general time and cost of creation of the solution, radically changes process and its participants: not the programmer, but the specialist who is well understanding data domain and mastered means of designing can develop the solution rapid prototyping instead of long requirements gathering and design, etc. is actively applied.

By the principle of such subject-oriented designer the Docsvision 5 system is also constructed.

Basic objects of which the solution is under construction are folders, cards of documents, tasks and business processes, reference books, representations, search queries, reports, etc.

Respectively, instruments of designing are:

  • Designer of folders;
  • Reference book of links;
  • Reference book of categories;
  • Designer of representations;
  • Designer of search queries;
  • Means of designing of cards:

Reference book of types of cards;
Designer of marking;
Designer of statuses;
Designer of roles;
Designer of scripts.

  • Designer of numbering rules;
  • Designer of reference books;
  • Designer of business processes.

In technology of designers of Docsvision 5 programming is applied only in the form of the scripts defining additional logic of behavior of cards and actions in business processes. Thus, the designers supplementing a core of the platform and ready-made solutions allow to execute fast, economic and easily upgradeable implementations.


Docsvision 5 is constructed in modern three-level architecture "The client the Application server – the Database server":

  • The database server – on the basis of the Microsoft SQL Server, stores all data and settings of a system, is supported a failover cluster of Windows, and own technology of a clustering with load distribution;
  • The application server – on the basis of Microsoft IIS in stateless-architecture, services requests of clients for data access, the NLB clustering for ensuring fault tolerance and load distribution is supported;
  • The clienta.NET-application, with a possibility of start via the web browser, manages input and data mapping for the user.
  • The easy client – the web service providing access to the main scenarios of work of the user without software installation via the most popular web browsers.

The set of protocols of interaction of the client and the server, including HTTPS\SOAP is supported that allows users to work as in the local area network, and far off through the Internet, equally.

Except the standard client of Docsvision the Navigator, for special scenarios of use additional clients of Docsvision, including for special devices and built in interfaces of widespread office systems are provided: The easy client,the SharePoint-client, Microsoft Outlook-client, the Head's Tablet for iPad, a mobile informer and the assistant for smartphones, etc.

Docsvision 5 has open interfaces of application programming (API) that allows to develop based on the platform program expansions, highly specialized applications. For integration with other systems of the enterprise are included in the structure of Docsvision gateways are ready to the most widespread systems (the file system, e-mail, Microsoft SharePoint, 1C: Enterprise, etc.). In the absence of the gateway in a system, for integration it is possible to use the API interface.

For access to basic functions of the platform WEB SERVICES are implemented.


Docsvision 5 can effectively work as in local solutions for several users, and in the distributed solutions with thousands of users.

The overload tests which were carried out with the Docsvision 5 platform confirmed its capability to work at the following indicators of loading:

  • Users – thousands;
  • Documents in day – tens of thousands;
  • Documents of they are hundreds of millions;
  • Database volume – tens terabyte.

For solutions of large scales at implementation the optimal architecture and performance of a hardware and software system, operation modes is developed, the optimized applied components and solutions are created.

Scaling within one server complex is provided with means of the Microsoft platform, support of multiprocessor configurations and the 64-bit mode, a clustering of all a component: DB servers, application servers, workflow servers.

At a geographically-distributed structure of solutions in Docsvision 5 two strategy are supported:

  • Remote access of clients to the server: web access, terminal access;
  • Cross-server interaction.

In real solutions are used also one, and another, and mixed approaches.


Docsvision 5 provides the high level of data security. Security systems of the platform are the cornerstone mechanisms of security of the Microsoft platform. Users have no direct access to the database, all their requests are controlled the application server.

Two Windows of an access mechanism integrated with a security system to documents and other objects of a system are the cornerstone:

  • Discretionary – appointment for each subject of the list of the users having to it access with differentiation on levels: Complete access \Removal \Reading data \record data \creation of child objects \Removal of child objects \Copying \reading permissions \change permissions \change of the owner;
  • Mandatory – appointment to each object of the access level, and each user – the tolerance level, will also lock works with objects of higher level of privacy.

At the same time automatic inheritance of the rights from parent objects to child is supported.

Besides, in Docsvision 5 the unique mechanism of the configured context and role security allowing to manage dynamically user rights on actions with an object (including at the level of separate fields) depending on a role of the user and a status of an object is implemented during lifecycle of processing.

For ensuring authenticity and the invariance of the documents necessary for their legal importance, support of the electronic signature of all three types provided by the Russian legislation (No. 63-FZ) is implemented:

  • Simple – the hash function the built-in means of a system is implemented by calculation;
  • Strengthened – is implemented by integration with external CIPFs and PKI via Microsoft CryptoAPI (for example, the means which are built in Windows);
  • Qualified – is implemented based on strengthened by application of the certified CIPFs and special organizational events.

The Docsvision 5 system conforms to requirements of FSTEC on the basis of RD "Computer aids. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Security indicators from unauthorized access to information" (State Technical Commission of Russia, 1992) – on the 5th class of security and also it can be used during creation of automated systems of a class of security up to 1G inclusive according to requirements of RD "Automated systems. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Classification of automated systems and the requirement for data protection" (State Technical Commission of Russia, 1992), and personal data information systems to the 2nd class inclusive.

Basic systems capabilities
  • Compatibility with standards of the description of business processes;
  • Creation of a template library of business processing of information in the organization;
  • Execution and monitoring of processes, making changes in real time;
  • Member combination of tough and free routing of documents;
  • Program expansion of processing;
  • Inclusion in processing of objects of systems and information exchange and documents with the applied systems;
  • Synchronization of processing of documents on time and on events;
  • Dynamic change of processing depending on the conditions arising in processing.


The DocsVision platform is basis for electronic document management - creation of a document management system and business processes and includes only basic elements intended for information storage, access to it and also providing to the user a usual and user-friendly interface. The platform consists of client and server parts.

Server components allow to create all necessary structures for data storage (registration forms and files of electronic documents) and also to maintain their integrity further, provide receiving, updating and removal of data by the client according to access rights and also many other functions. Client components provide to the end user a user-friendly and clear interface for implementation of all work with information which is contained in the database including its search, viewing and modification.

The principal client component of the DocsVision platform is the Navigator providing access to all objects of DocsVision: viewing tree of the folders and cards which are in folders; viewing contents of cards and their grouping on certain signs; search of cards in the set criteria and also creation new and editing already existing documents. The navigator works as the application in the environment of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For descriptive reasons and conveniences of work with electronic documents of a card are grouped in the Folders similar to folders of the Conductor providing logical and ordered document storage agrees to the rules set in the organization.

Forms for document registration — cards of documents — can differ in each separate organization and be developed by it independently therefore they are not a part of the DocsVision platform, and are a part of the DocsVision Deloproizvodstvo built-in application.

All applications created using DocsVision provide:

  • Uniform mechanisms of storage and information representation
  • Uniform mechanisms of differentiation of access rights to electronic documents and actions with them
  • General navigation aids and data access and organization of a working space of the user
  • General structure of reference books
  • General means of search and extraction of knowledge
  • Uniform management tools lifecycle of applications and routing
  • Uniform infrastructure of management and administration of applications
  • Uniform development tools (settings) of infrastructure
  • Uniform object model for all applications of a system and existence of the general set of the components used for embedding in client applications.

The ideology of the components nondirectional on connection with the server is put in a system concept that provides the maximum scaling options of a system.

For accomplishment of these requirements a system is implemented in three-unit architecture as which average link the Web server acts. One of principal components of a core - the server of storage which provides data access and to a file store works on the Web server. The server of storage is implemented as a stateless-component that allows to solve a scalability problem at the level of an average link of the application.

Besides, by means of the Web server the problem of installation of modules at the client workstation is solved that sharply reduces costs for installation and updating of a system.

A system allows to work along with several database servers and also can provide balancing of loading of DocsVision application servers, during the work running Microsoft AppCenter.

DocsVision will allow to ensure functioning with:

  • Electronic documents, the containing large volumes of data
  • Large numbers of documents which are kept on the server
  • Large number of simultaneous user sessions

System architecture is expected opportunities for work within the current infrastructure of an information system. DocsVision is expected work with the Microsoft SQL Server as a basic information warehouse, however can support also others the most widespread the database server. As the System of routing of documents both Microsoft Exchange Server, and any system of e-mail supporting the SMTP protocol can be used. The primary server of applications of DocsVision works under control of Microsoft Internet Information Server.

As client applications both Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook can be used. The DocsVision applications can be built in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server using Digital Dashboard WEB Part technology.

The DocsVision system is implemented in an open architecture. All functions of applications DocsVision are available using the program interfaces providing unprecedented flexibility of use of components of the platform for creation of specific solutions. There are means for embedding of separate functions of a system in the applications which are already used in the companies. A system allows to integrate all applications created on its base in a uniform complex.

Initial and complete WEB system compatibility, in particular, of its management tools, allows to use applications of DocsVision from any point of world network, existence of means of off-line of routing of documents is allowed to connect to work with the system of the users interacting with office of the company only by e-mail.


In July, 2010 the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of the Russian Federation certified version 4.5 of the DocsVision system with indicators on the 5th class of security according to requirements of the regulating document "Computer aids. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Security indicators from unauthorized access to information".

The certified version of DocsVision can be used during creation of automated systems of a class of security up to 1G inclusive and personal data information systems to the 2nd class inclusive. Existence of the certified version of the DocsVision system allows customers to certify constructed on its solution base and also confirms quality of the mechanisms of security which are available in a system.

The Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of the Russian Federation certified SR1 service release to the version of DocsVision 4.5 with indicators on the 5th class of security according to requirements of the regulating document "Computer aids. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Security indicators from unauthorized access to information". The certified version of DocsVision can be used during creation of automated systems of a class of security to class 1G inclusive and personal data information systems to class K2 inclusive. A number of amendments for system operation improvement is entered to SR1 service release to the version of DocsVision 4.5 and also its high-speed performance is increased.

In May, 2011 inspection control of updates of the DocsVision 4.5 SR2 system which proof is the decision about the invariance of the certified product parameters received according to the results of check according to security requirements of FSTEC is carried out. It means that on the version of DocsVision 4.5 SR2 action of earlier issued FSTEC certificate on compliance to requirements of the regulating document "Computer aids expatiates. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Security indicators from unauthorized access to information" on the 5th class of security.

Existence of the certificate confirms quality of mechanisms of security of the DocsVision 4.5 system, and allows customers to certify constructed on its solution base on compliance to requirements of the law on personal data (Federal Laws 152). Use of the certified version of a system is especially relevant for the organizations processing personal data of citizens in large volumes not related labor relations. State bodies, the enterprises of the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, etc.), medical and educational institutions treat them.

EDMS DocsVision – one of the first EDMS, received the certificate on personal data protection. DocsVision 4.5 SR2 as well as the previous service release of a system, can be used during creation of automated systems of a class of security up to 1G inclusive and personal data information systems to class K2 inclusive.

DocsVision protects the EDS with eToken

DocsVision and Aladdin R.D. companies completed certification tests of products of the line of eToken with the electronic document management system (EDMS) of DocsVision. Results of testing confirmed efficiency of use of electronic keys of eToken for storage of key information in the DocsVision system.

The DocsVision system allows to organize legally significant document flow using the electronic digital signature (EDS). The certified eToken products of the line were selected from the carried-out certification tests for safe storage and use of private keys (GOST 34.10-2001) and signature key certificates. Results of tests confirmed correctness of work of electronic keys of eToken PRO/32K, eToken PRO/64K and eToken PRO 72K (Java) (in a form factor of an USB key and a smart card), eToken NG-FLASH, eToken NG-FLASH (Java), eToken GT, eToken NG-OTP. Besides, full compatibility of products with all versions of operating systems of Windows (32 and 64-bits), including more and more demanded by the Russian customers of MS Windows 7 is confirmed.

The certificate of compatibility received as a result of tested, confirms that all eToken models are the recommended carriers of key information for EDMS DocsVision 4.5. Their use allows to execute enciphering and signing of electronic documents in EDMS DocsVision. It considerably increases security and reliability of the workflow system both at remote work, and in corporate information environment and also allows users to be fully confident in authenticity of signed documents.

Expanded technical support

In October, 2010 it was announced commissioning of expanded technical support: the company will provide efficiency of response to customer appeals and will increase availability of technical support from 10 to 12 o'clock in day. Expanded technical support is entered for ensuring smooth operation of customers at emergence of non-staff situations. Within new service the main operating time of technical support – from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. on the working days. If the situation demands prompt actions, then the staff of DocsVision will solve it till midnight and from six in the morning. At the request of the customer, work can be organized also on days off and holidays. The guaranteed response time is reduced by incidents, now it makes from two to eight hours, depending on a task priority. At the same time error correction time with a critical and high priority is at most three working days. Other feature of expanded technical support of the DocsVision system is fixing to customer company of the personal manager that will provide high quality of service.

Module "Managements of Documents of Archive"

The DocsVision company announced release in August, 2010 of the module "Management of Documents of Archive" for the DocsVision system of version 4.5 which expands opportunities for work of users and allows to organize convenient storage of the documents which appeared turnover.

Each company faces a problem sooner or later how to store documents which appeared operational office-work. As a rule, it is necessary to store not only the files created in different applications but also paper archives, for example, accounting documents. Developers of DocsVision company offered essentially a different approach to a document storage problem. The new DocsVision "Management of Documents of Archive" application is intended for process automation of formation, accounting of issue return and storage of the affairs containing paper copies of documents which already appeared operational office-work.

In general the new module allows: create electronic archive of the organization; automate work of archive service of the organization; automate activity of services of the documentary ensuring management (DEM). Employees of this service will be able to keep the nomenclature and a design of affairs by the most convenient method for the subsequent document transfer on archive storage, says DocsVision.

"Management of documents of archive" can be used as independently, and in integration into any DocsVision application. If this application is integrated with DocsVision "administrative office-work", then users can turn on documents from archive in any case directly from a registration card of this document. The main convenience is that all cards of the application can be quickly configured taking into account requirements of the specific organization and also each certain user.

Varfolomeyev Anton, the director of production of DocsVision, noted: "During creation of a product line of DocsVision for version 4.5 the main emphasis was put on high-speed performance and customizability. The module "Management of Archive" is especially demanded in the state organizations where the flow of documents requires constant control and systematization. Therefore we created the new version of the module taking into account needs of such customers".

Personal data protection

DocsVision – one of the first systems which received the certificate on personal data protection under Federal Law 152 it can be used as a part of ISPDN to class K2 inclusive. Existence of the certified version of the DocsVision system, confirms quality of mechanisms of security of a system, and allows customers to certify constructed on its solution base, in compliance requirements of Federal Law 152. Security mechanisms which are used in DocsVision allow to limit the group of people, taking part in work with data that allows to control process of work with the protected document and the nobility from where information leak is possible.

This scenario can be implemented both within discretionary differentiation of access rights, and by means of mandatory security. In addition data protection is provided with application of security measures at remote work, for example using VPN tunnels, HTTPS-of protocols, the EDS and other means. The regulations which are created in a system allow to protect documents, besides systems capabilities allow to configure a role model of access to documents, information of reference books of a system and to search results which also help with restriction of rights to use of documents.

Legally significant interorganizational and internal electronic document management

In February, 2013 the companies "DocsVision" also SKB Kontur announced the beginning of the affiliate program within which users of EDMS Docsvision will have an opportunity to organize legally significant interorganizational and internal electronic document management.   Sharing of internal and external electronic document management systems will provide cross-organizational legally significant electronic document management for users of Docsvision. For the solution of this task the add-on module of the Docsvision system providing interaction of internal EDMS based on Docsvision and a system on exchange of the documents "Diadoc" electronic legally is implemented. The module is developed by partners of DocsVision, ECMGroup.Pro company.   The module solves problems of external exchange of documents not only for accounting and finance division, but also for any other divisions of the enterprise involved in a circuit of electronic document management: supply managements, contractual departments, divisions which are engaged in sales and clerical document flow.   Work with electronic documents will be same convenient, as well as during the work in internal EDMS. At the same time the legal importance of documents according to all requirements of the legislation will be provided. Users of Docsvision will be able instantly to exchange any unformalized documents with the clients, suppliers, partners deleted with divisions without quitting the system. Users "Diadoc", in turn, will have an opportunity to automate internal document flow, having connected it to document flow between the companies.   Besides, all users of Docsvision will have an opportunity to purchase digital signature certificates of SKB Kontur Certification center – the largest commercial certification center in Russia guaranteeing the high level of security and quality of the certificates provided to his clients.

Docsvision of Management of meetings

The DocsVision company announced in July, 2012 the beginning of sales of Management of meetings — the new application for the Docsvision 5 platform. The application appeared along with release of expanded edition of this platform.

The Management of Meetings application allows to organize meetings, to fix results and to control onto execution of solutions of meetings. The application is focused first of all on a regulation and simplification of processes of preparation, carrying out and execution of solutions of meetings. For this purpose it is supplied with such functions as mailing of notifications to participants of the meeting, formation and mailing of the file of the agenda, protocol and report on results of a meeting, approval of meeting minutes, mailing of tasks with a possibility of control of execution.

Except providing complete lifecycle of a meeting from planning before completion of execution of all solutions, Management of meetings gives the chance to estimate and increase efficiency of the held meetings at the expense of the reports including both the general statistics on the held meetings and detailed data on attendance of meetings and execution of solutions. Implementation of the application can be performed on special conditions with free completions within the Early Adoption program.

Testing of compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 platforms

The DocsVision company held in the spring of 2012 testing of compatibility of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 platform and a document management system and business processes of Docsvision of version 4.5 and Docsvision 5. The held testing showed complete operability of Docsvision 4.5 and Docsvision 5 on SQL Server of 2012.

During testing possibilities of creation in Docsvision of the new database, updating of the industrial database were checked, basic scenarios of work of users in the Docsvision system (navigation, document registration, search and viewing reports, execution of tasks, etc.) and also work of business processes in a system are checked. The held testing showed complete operability of all above-mentioned scenarios with a high speed and without failures on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Since April, 2012 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is available in Russia. The new version includes a number of improvements for work with business and critical applications and a business intelligence both in traditional dates centers, and in private, public and hybrid Microsoft cloud environments. The technologies implemented in SQL Server 2012 provide fault tolerance and availability of applications, the improved scalability and the increased performance of data warehouses and applications of a business intelligence. The improved tools for integration and data management and also new mechanisms and models of analytics were a part of the new version.

Docsvision 5 "Citizens' appeals"

This application is available to users of EDMS Docsvision 5 and is focused on process optimization of registration and consideration of citizens' appeals in state bodies, local government authorities or to specific officials of the large companies. When processing citizens' appeals in government institutions the application provides full compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In particular, the application helps to organize accomplishment of all provisions FZ-59 "About an order of consideration of citizens' appeals of the Russian Federation".

The simple, user-friendly and friendly interface both for heads and for contractors has the appendix, provides a convenient form of storage and data retrieval of applicants and the history of their addresses. The built-in mechanism for integration with external systems has the appendix (for example, the portal of public services). "Citizens' appeals" has the functions allowing to register the addresses arriving in the oral, written form by e-mail, the fax from external automated systems and at personal acceptance of the official. Also the application allows to trace all cycle of passing of the document: registration, consideration, formation of instructions according to the address, preparation of the answer that provides control over execution of tasks and allows to receive evident reports of performing discipline.

The application can be used for consideration of addresses from individuals to the commercial organizations as has enough settings of scenarios of work with the arrived requests. Implementation of the application can be performed within the Early Adoption program with a possibility of free completions according to requirements of the customer. "Citizens' appeals" supplements the line of applications for the Docsvision 5 system including applications: Management of documents, Management of meetings.

Docsvision 5 Management of meetings

Managements of Meetings version is released taking into account wishes of the first users of the application. Management of meetings provides complete lifecycle of a meeting: from planning before completion of execution of all solutions, gives the chance to estimate and increase efficiency of the held meetings at the expense of the reports including both the general statistics on the held meetings and detailed data on attendance of meetings and execution of solutions. Help accelerate process of preparation and fixing of results of meetings of function of automatic mailing of invitations to meetings, automatic generation of tasks according to solutions of meetings, generation of files of the agenda, the protocol and the report. These files are generated on the configured templates that gives the additional chance of setup of submission of final information.

Docsvision 5.0.3 Management of meetings

The Docsvision "Management of Meetings" application is intended for process automation of preparation, recording and control of execution of solutions and also for efficiency evaluation of meetings. In the new application version "Management of meetings 5.0.3" the functionality of the previous version is finished and also a number of new opportunities is provided.

Among the most important innovations It should be noted a full integration with MS Exchange which allows to create and update automatically the calendar of events in MS Exchange during creation of a meeting in Docsvision. For this purpose the structure of a product includes the expansion for MS Outlook giving an opportunity to create meeting cards in Docsvision directly from MS Outlook events.

In the new version both single, and periodic meetings (planning meetings) are supported. The user interface of cards of the application is optimized. It became easier and more convenient control results of the tasks appointed according to the results of meetings.

The solution will be interesting to the enterprises of an average and large scale, being faced the need of optimization of work between separate divisions and the subsequent strict control of accomplishment of instructions. Until the end of 2012 the company the application will be implemented in DocsVision company that will positively affect efficiency and quality of processing of the internal and external matters related to partners and customers.

Docsvision 5.1

The recommendations about improvement of the platform collected in the course of commercial operation of Docsvision 5 were considered when developing new release of Docsvision 5.1. The new controls demanded at Docsvision 5 implementations will be added to versions of Docsvision 5.1: consecutive and parallel approval, purpose of group tasks. In a system the business calendar, support of barcoding of documents will appear. Improvements of some existing opportunities, in particular, an opportunity for work with several main files in one document, a possibility of installation of the general of "the house folder" and many others will be made.

Docsvision 5 "Designer of applications"

The module "Designer of Applications" is intended for creation by clients of a system of own libraries of cards. "The designer of applications" will allow users not only to use a standard set of cards – basic objects of Docsvision 5, provided by the developer, but also to create the additional cards corresponding to the client's business challenges.

The module is completely integrated with designers and reference books of the Docsvision system that gives to the client unlimited opportunities for creation of unique individual solutions and setup of own cards using standard tools of a system. Ample opportunities of customization in total with reliability and performance of the Docsvision 5 platform do "The designer of applications" by the irreplaceable tool for the customers who are faced the need of implementation of specific settings. Such approach does work with the workflow system Docsvision of the most convenient for the solution of any user tasks.

Basic functions of the module:

  • creation of own libraries of cards;
  • determination of a data structure of cards and basic logic of data processing of cards;
  • loading of libraries of cards in the database of the Docsvision server.

The tool is intended, first of all, for software engineers, but can be used also by other users of a system as one of advantages of the application consists in a possibility of development of cards without profound knowledge of programming, at the expense of a broad spectrum of the available tools.

The main tools of the module are designers:

  • The designer of statuses allows to configure lifecycle of a card. With its help it is possible to create statuses, transitions between them and to specify the permitted transactions for each status.
  • The designer of marking is intended for setup of property of the existing controls and their further editing.
  • The designer of roles allows to define the rights of the user and a set of its opportunities during the work with a card.
  • The designer of scripts is intended for storage and editing special scenarios (scripts) created in the designer of marking. The designer of scripts allows users to add own scripts and also to substitute or use the available scripts. The possibility of a call of parent methods from child scripts is provided.

"The designer of applications" does not enter standard delivery of Docsvision 5.0 and demands separate installation, and when updating the version — reinstallations.

Docsvision for Windows 8

The DocsVision company announced in October, 2012 release of the client of Docsvision for work in the latest to the operating system Microsoft Windows 8 at office workstations notebooks, tablets and smartphones. The new client is completely implemented in the concept of ModernUI ("Metro"). The most important feature of "the client's Docsvision for Windows 8" is support offline work, necessary for tablets and smartphones. The application allows to see one look quantity of new tasks, remaining in the mode of blocking of the tablet or computer, to open the main screen of the application and to estimate priority of categories of tasks, to open any task for viewing or accomplishment.

At login of the notification on new tasks in a system the user can see directly on the initial screen of a system in "A live tile" on which the counter of the new arrived tasks is displayed.

According to developers, the application can work in "the compact mode" — in the main area of the screen the user sees the main documents, the calendar and other open programs, the Docsvision tasks are displayed at the left.

In the main screen of the Docsvision system of a task are displayed in the form of specially designed report forms. What is important, the program completely supports functions of browsing for devices with the touch screen.

The application works as on standard stationary PCs and notebooks, and on tablets with the Windows 8 operating system, including the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Both Windows 8, and WindowsRT is supported there is a special version of OS for tablets, reported in DocsVision.

Docsvision 5 the Manager for Outlook

The solution "Docsvision 5 the Manager for Outlook" supports work of the user of EDMS Docsvision in the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client. The application does not require additional settings, is completely ready to work after installation on the user's PC.

The main destination of the program — work with tasks. Tasks can be created as in the Docsvision system, and directly in Outlook. During creation of a task accomplishment term can be specified, reminders are put down. If necessary files for acquaintance can be attached. After creation of a task the final contractor can browse it in an e-mail client or in the Docsvision cards after the corresponding setup of folders. All fields of cards of a task can be configured individually for each user.

The appointed tasks are displayed in sections of Outlook "Kalendar" and "Zadaniya" that simplifies control of completion dates and excludes need of additional opening of the Docsvision navigator.

The main difference "Docsvision 5 the Manager for Outlook" from earlier versions — support of offline independent operation. All data are updated and synchronized at the following connection to the server.

"the manager for Outlook" supports by Docsvision 5 work with 32-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 and also demands access to the Microsoft Exchange server (the version not lower than 2003 sp2).

Docsvision 5.2

A number of new features is presented in the version of a document management system and business processes of Docsvision 5.2 and the existing tools are improved. Flexible configurations provide the new level of convenience in work of the solution designer and system administrator. Performance and reliability of a system are increased – the held stress testing showed growth of keyword parameters.

Updates affected a number of key components of a system. Settings of the following reference books are expanded: type of cards, employees, partners and system settings and also numbering rules and marking. Input of new records in reference books is possible along with the choice in shape now. Scanning of documents became functional more richly – the possibility of scanning in the PDF format appeared, PDF file compression ratio options are added. Use of scanners with support of TWAIN of the interface is supported. Tuning of the used type of the scanner can be performed for all users and for individual employees.

In version 5.2 the full-fledged work with MS Office 2013 is supported. Possibilities of the Management of Documents and Process management applications are expanded. Settings of a group task are changed – now for each of the specified contractors individual preferences according to which the employee will perform a task can be defined. The feature for creation of a group task for any of contractors (support of a tree of tasks) is added.


EDMS DocsVision 4.5

High-speed performance and performance

As a result of the performed optimization of internal mechanisms of a system, significant acceleration of system operation in the following directions was reached:

  • Reaction to actions of the user
  • Start of the navigator
  • Deployment of a node of a tree of folders
  • Output to the screen of difficult representation with a large number of cards.
  • Opening of the folder with a large number of cards.
  • Loading/unloading of files.
  • Search of the necessary entry in reference books by employees and partners.
  • Platform functions
  • Work of standard processing of tasks and approvals.
  • Processing of business processes with a large number of composite functions.
  • System operation on low-speed links. In particular, output speed with a large number of cards increased by the screen of difficult representation by 2-3 times.

Functionality for users
  • Copying of a branch of a tree of folders

The feature to copy entirely a branch of a tree of folders is added (i.e. some user folder with all child folders of all levels). The branch of a tree is copied with preserving of folder structure, all properties of the copied folders save original values.

  • Page-by-page data output

In the new version of DocsVision 4.5 support of page-by-page data output in the Navigator is performed that allows to reduce time of creation of representation and an output to the folder contents screen. Now for work with the big document list convenient buttons of transition between pages and the button of an output of all data on one page if necessary are used.

  • Journalizing

In DocsVision 4.5 the magazine of the navigator is broken into three independent magazines (the magazine of security, the magazine of applications and the system magazine) in which transactions of the corresponding types are recorded. What transactions (from among possible) will be recorded in each of these magazines, it is specified in the reference book of system settings. All possible transactions are by default recorded.

  • Purpose of the rights to deputies

In the version of DocsVision 4.5 there was an opportunity to manage the mechanism of purpose of the rights to deputies on cards of the substituted person. Additional options which allow to define to what deputies the rights to cards of the substituted person will be issued were published in the Reference book of system settings (except for cards of tasks).

There was an opportunity to save for further use function with all parameters specified in it. Save as preconfigured it is possible any function, for example to create a template of difficult function in the setup which is used in different business processes with little different parameters. The functions preconfigured in one business process will be available to use from a card of any other created business process. Work with the preconfigured functions is conducted as well as with other DocsVision functions.

Functionality for administrators
  • Blocking of the right of login

In the version of DocsVision 4.5 there was an opportunity to block user login on a certain period, or forever.

  • 64-bit mode

The DocsVision server installer for the 64-bit systems is implemented. Thus, now there are two install packets: 32-bit, including basic, expanded, corporate, both SharePoint of edition, and 64-bit, also including all editions.

  • Operating system

To number of operating systems with which the client software of DocsVision can work, it is added Microsoft Windows the 7th any edition.

  • The gateway to a mail system

The type list of mail servers with which the gateway works extended. Are included in their number: • POP3; • Microsoft Exchange WebServices. The gateway to mail is configured in the DocsVision setup console (in the normal mode or in the master mode when installing DocsVision) or in the reference book of system settings.

Docsvision 4.5 the Top manager for iPad

"Docsvision 4.5 the Top manager" — the mobile solution providing access to a certain functionality of an electronic document management system, supporting business scenarios of work on the iPad tablet. "Docsvision 4.5 the Top manager" considerably will simplify work of heads for whom access to a system for control of business processes and tasks out of office is necessary.

The solution has the simple interface and provides easy access to the data included in the implemented business scenarios of work with instructions, tasks and approval of documents. Numerous settings of the program allow to configure independently the interface for the maximum convenience of the user.

The program supports a standalone mode of work with the subsequent synchronization of data at the moments of contact with the server that is important for heads and employees during the business trips or departures, in the absence of continuous access in the Internet.

In Docsvision 4.5 Top manager version processes of setup of work with the reference book by contractors are improved and optimized that facilitates search of employees and distribution of tasks. Function of sending instructions using an e-mail client and creation of events in the system calendar is developed. As before, Top manager supports joint work of the head and assistant.

Besides, the demonstration version of a system which can be installed on iPad became available and to get acquainted with basic functions of a product. The version is available to downloading on the website of DocsVision company.