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Doogee S-серия Smartphones

Developers: Doogee
Last Release Date: 2019/09/10
Technology: Tablet computers and smartphones



Doogee S95 Pro

On September 10, 2019 the Doogee company provided upgraded version the module smartphone DOOGEE S95 Pro. The shock-resistant DOOGEE S95 Pro smartphone with conceptual design, the wearproof body and wide functionality opens boundless opportunities for fans of gadgets.

Doogee S95 Pro smartphone

The S95 Pro smartphone includes four modules, each of which, according to Doogee, will become a good alternative to the full-fledged gadget. All four plug-in circuits supplement each other and are ready to work right after connection to DOOGEE S95 Pro.

From additions for thrill-seekers in Doogee noted the waterproof camera capable to work even being submerged in water on 1.5-meter depth within two weeks. S95 Pro for 99% is unreceptive to influence of dust and is capable to work with the broad range of temperatures from –30 ℃ up to 60 ℃ - from ice heathlands of the Arctic to hot sands of the Sahara.

According to the producer the smartphone is delivered with processor Helio P90, the core artificial intelligence (APU) equipped with two 8-core processors with a frequency of 2.2 GHz and strengthened. In comparison with the predecessor of S95 the version of Pro provides performance improved for 13% that does power management by more effective and allows to reach smoothness of a gameplay of century mobile games. The smartphone works under control of operating system Android 9.0 Pie.

Doogee S95 Pro smartphone

According to the statement of the producer, the accumulator 5150 mAh saves and rationally distributes battery resources, allowing the smartphone to work uninterruptedly till 675 o'clock in standby mode. Wireless charging 10W allows S95 Pro to recover accumulator power in a short space of time. The capacious battery and fast speed of charging mutually strengthen each other, having minimized waiting process.

DOOGEE S95 Pro is equipped with the 6.3-inch wide screen. Black mineral glass in combination with the ultrathin display allows to expand the perception horizons as in direct, and figuratively, claim in Doogee.

The camera 48.0MP(Sony IMX586 with two back 8MP-cameras managed by AI) allow S95 Pro to select an optimal color rendition and lighting depending on weather, a landscape and time of day. The built-in AI not only studies behavior of the user, but also supports face recognition, reasonably regulating light and tonality of paints. Multipersonnel noise reduction, depth of field and different filters provide high-quality shooting under any conditions. The deep water of sharpness provides exact face recognition and provisions of the camera for optimal lighting. S95 Pro is capable to select a portrait object at washing out of a background for capture of photos in real time and for achievement of stereophonic effect. The frontal 8MP-camera from SONY with a big diaphragm of f/2.0 and 80 ° - a coal lens provides qualitative selfies is time-invariant day, emphasized in Doogee.

Doogee S95 Pro smartphone

As noted in Doogee, the S95 Pro smartphone is provided in aviation futuristic design of the body from titanium alloy of a military sample, soft rubber corners and the antiskid thread imitating a skin of an alligator. Waterproof loudspeakers, the receiver and the module of contact give to phone additional protection.

As of September, 2019 the DOOGEE S95 Pro model is already available in the Russian retail chain stores and specialized shops of digital gadgets.

Announcement of the S90 Pro smartphone

On June 25, 2019 the company DOOGEE announced multifunction smartphone S90 Pro. This model will receive Android 9.0 Pie "from a box", more powerful processor Helio P70, 24 W the fast charger, etc. Besides, do not exclude producer that the updated flagman S90 Pro will be completed with the module 5G that is relevant in a type of emergence of 5G networks, in particular in China, USA and other regions of the world.

Doogee S90 Pro smartphone

As noted in DOOGEE preparing for the announcement of S90 Pro will receive the Android 9.0 Pie operating system which uses the artificial intelligence (AI) for the user purposes that, in turn, does the smartphone to even more smart. In addition to Android OS, the device will receive the powerful Helio P70 processor. The producer is sure – the chip will transfer multitasking to higher level, and, besides, will make system operation even more balanced.

According to the producer, Helio P70 gives ample opportunities. So, for example, it has an advanced module of processing of artificial intelligence (APU). He is capable to provide to intelligent devices the high performance of a system. Besides, he has qualitative built-in graphics which is capable of high quality of the picture. It provides smooth game processes and brings in the device the last developments and opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence. Thus, with the smartphone at the heart of which Helio P70, the user has progressive opportunities at the optimal price.

According to the statement of DOOGEE, in the S90 Pro model the technology of 24 W of fast charging will be applied. Still S90 Pro will be capable to give a charge on other devices, it will implement the powerbank function.

Preset of viruses from the plant

At the beginning of June, 2019 the Federal agency on information security Germany (or Bundesamt für Sicherheit in Informationstechnik - BSI) warned users about detection of dangerous malware in a firmware of four models smartphones. The Chinese budget smartphones Doogee BL7000, M-Horse Pure 1, Keecoo P11 and VKworld Mix Plus belong to these models. In more detail here.

Doogee S90

On January 21, 2019 the Doogee company provided the multifunction module smartphone Doogee S90.

The shock-resistant Doogee S90 smartphone with conceptual design, the wearproof body and rich functionality opens, according to the producer, ample opportunities for fans of gadgets. This flagship product – the representative of the last generation of the Doogee S series.

According to the statement of the producer, Doogee S90 includes four modules, each of which will become an alternative to the full-fledged gadget. All four plug-in circuits supplement each other and are ready to work right after after connection to Doogee S90:

  1. Module of night vision. Capable to light even it is impenetrable black scenes, the module of night vision will help fans of shootings to create bright and accurate pictures thanks to the innovation lenses and opportunities of infrared correction. The module of night vision will be suitable for fans of beauty of the night nature, researchers of caves and shootings in the twilight, consider in Doogee.
  2. Module accumulator of 5000 mAh. Functioning as the standard portable accumulator, the module battery will provide to the user two additional days of operation of the battery. Thanks to the compactness, durability and high standards of security the module accumulator of 5000 mAh turns S90 into the smartphone with battery capacity of 10.050 mAh, but with much smaller weight.
  3. Digital walkie-talkie-module. Based on the DMR standard of mobile digital radio, the walkie-talkie-module provides high digital transmission quality of the speech, according to the producer, exceeding normal radio sets. Like the module of the closed Doogee S80 communication, its frequency is ranged in the range 400-480MHz with sensitivity - 120dBm and a possibility of communication at a distance up to 10 km. The digital S90 radio set supports as work on closed, and at open frequencies. In the noisy area the Doogee S90 stereoloudspeaker will provide with a high-quality sound. As consider in Doogee, the smartphone will be estimated by fans of extreme tourism, going to the remote and hard-to-reach spots.
  4. the Module – the professional gamepad. In Doogee S90 developers continued to develop the ideas game of the platform. Thanks to the powerful eight-nuclear to the processor Helio P60 and graphic processor Mali G72 MP3 800MHz GPU, Doogee S90 it is capable to reproduce even the heaviest games without hints on "brakes" and falling of picture frequency. Such quality is provided at the expense of the RAM module with 6GB volume. The S90 smartphone is connected through Bluetooth and is intended for the inveterate players configured to submit new records, thanks to sensitive buttons and the convenient body. With the 6.18-inch screen and and S90 model with a resolution of 1080x2246 provides a good color rendition, wide angle of the overview and effect of immersion in virtual and game reality, noted in Doogee.

With the multifunction Doogee S90 smartphone with plug-in circuits users receive the professional camera, the shock-resistant short-wave radio set and the portable video game console in one device.

For January, 2019 the Doogee S90 model is already available in the Russian retail chain stores and specialized shops of digital gadgets.