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ELAR Context

Developers: ELAR (Electronic archive, NPO Opyt)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017
Last Release Date: 2020/03/25
Technology: EDMS,  EDMS - Systems of stream recognition


ELAR the Context - the ECM platform (Enterprise Content Management) for creation of solutions on corporate content management and automation of documentary processes. A system is developed by ELAR corporation on the basis of long-term experience of creation of information resources, design and implementation of complete solutions on storage and document handling.

History of creation and development of a system

2020: Compatibility with software Zircon Operating system

On March 25, 2020 the corporation ELAR reported that together with the company of closed joint stock company "MVP OF SVEMEL" the certified tests which confirmed compatibility and correctness of work Russian of a software platform of ELAR the Context and system carried out software Operating system "Zircon".

Domestic software is a necessary element of creation of the state information systems of different function. We actively work in this direction, our many projects are connected with storage and information processing of limited access, creation of register models for automation of state services at the regional and federal levels where the high percent of domestic technologies is the mandatory requirement. In this regard confirmation of compatibility of our flagman platform with software products of the leading domestic developers is an important step for implementation of effective import-substituting solutions,
comments the head ECM of ELAR corporation Alexander Kuznetsov

Within state policy of import substitution MVP SVEMEL Ltd actively cooperates with the Russian developer companies of the software concerning compatibility of software products.

In spite of the fact that the product line Zircon (production of MVP SVEMEL Ltd) covers a broad spectrum of activity of the customer, we see one of the activities improving competitiveness of the domestic software due to its integration and mutually advantageous consolidation of efforts of developer companies,
notes the deputy CEO of MVP SVEMEL Ltd Alexander Fedichkin


Single system of technical information management

  • The consolidated electronic archive
  • Business process automation
  • Integration with IT systems
  • Virtual spaces for joint work
  • Technologies of scanning and input of documents
  • Control automation by paper archive
  • Technologies of data protection and access isolation
  • User-friendly interface for document retrieval, selections and viewing data

Compatibility with OS "Viola of 8 joint ventures"

On April 24, 2019 ELAR company reported that its software package ELAR Context passed a full stroke of testing for compatibility with the operating system "the Viola of 8 joint ventures" from BaseALT company.

Certification tests were carried out by specialists of BaseALT companies and ELAR. Results of testing completely confirmed compatibility and correctness of work of the Context ELAR platform and the operating system "the Viola of 8 joint ventures".

The domestic ECM system of the last generation of ELAR the Context is a solution for automation documentary and business processes which is selected by customers from different spheres of business and a state administration. Being a cross-platform and scalable product, a system works with different types of operational DBMS and management systems of databases.

The modular architecture of ELAR the Context provides safe storage of unlimited amount of data, flexible scaling and implementation of solutions of different level, including, using artificial intelligence.

The cross-platform and possibility of flexible integration were always advantages of our software platform. On an import substitution wave customers try to expand a stack of domestic technologies and to cover applied, general-system and infrastructure software. It inevitably attracts to interaction of a large number of developers and their products. Therefore to exclude unplanned risks, software makers are mutually interested in confirmation of compatibility of the solutions, as occurs within carrying out joint tests.
Alexander Kuznetsov, head of development department of ESM of solutions and maintenance of sales of ELAR corporation



In a system opportunities for document handling of different type are put. The architecture allows to build flexible and high-performance solutions: from local electronic archives to corporate platforms for management of multimillion document files and data. Even in basic execution a system is incredibly powerful and technological solution.


In a unified environment the scans, applications files, data transmitted through the systems of legally significant document flow and the system of interdepartmental exchange are processed. The built-in module of scanning allows to load documents in single or streaming mode and to manage any scanning devices – office MFPs and high-performance document scanners. For optimization of processing of large volumes of documents the OCR tools, barcodings, mass editing and formation of document packages are used. In case of replacement of outdated EDMS or unloading of your information systems, universal remedies for fast migration of documents and data are provided in ELAR the Context providing quality control and integrity of the processed resource.


ELAR the Context provides storage of any documents and data of the organization. There are no restrictions on volume and a type of the loaded content: scan images, media data, files of office and customized applications, whether it be large-format electronic copies, CAD files or multigigabyte videos archives.

Documents of different divisions are stored in separate sections, for each area own reference books and subject heading lists are created. There is a possibility of document storage in several sections at the same time for the addressing the general documents at accomplishment of different tasks and processes. The structure of sections in a system can repeat an organization structure of the company or be created again. Along with this ELAR the Context supports functions of differentiation of access rights which allow to implement any security policies admitted to the organizations. For example, to configure access to documents or separate pages, to create the lists containing user names with a possibility of determination of the different access levels for each specific user or to inherit access rights from LDAP or an external information system.

Thanks to tracking of duplicates the integrity of data is guaranteed – when loading document attributes are automatically verified and at detection of coincidence a system suggests to compare visually and if necessary to replace documents. The document in a system can have an unlimited number of versions, all changes of documents remain in the history where there is an opportunity to look at the current version and to return to any previous. Functions of version control can be used for different data: it is possible to monitor changes of reference books, cards of documents, processes and the code. Depth and types of accounting of versions are configured depending on tasks and preferences of the customer.

Solutions on the Context ELAR platform are prepared for certification of FSB and for work with classified documents.

Management and access

A system allows browse information and work with documents from any place in the world. The modern and beautiful interface provides intuitive and easy management irrespective of the device. A system works with any browsers, supports Windows and * by nix operating systems. Quick access to information is possible through a client workplace or the mobile phone out of office. Modern services of integration for viewing information stored in ELAR the Context allow to use external applications and systems: ERP, EDMS, accounting systems, corporate portals.

In a system it is possible to share documents with your clients and partners, having organized full or partial access to storage, having sent the link with limited validity period and also having regulated the address and the domain for opening and viewing the document.

Audit and reports

The developed control system allows to process and store constantly information connected with documents, processes and actions of employees.

For tracking of the made transactions at a system there is an audit module. The employee with the appropriate rights can set a time span and see the complete protocol of transactions with documents and actions of users in a system.

Other useful function – the reporting module which is easily configured under different indicators: system effectiveness, KPI, etc. Reports have a tabular or graphical idea. They can integrate statistical information from ELAR the Context and external information systems. Tools for customization and setup of printed forms, design of templates according to requirements of the company are in addition provided.


The industrial search engine allows to find the necessary information from hundreds of millions of documents for fractions of a second. You can look for on metadata and texts – according to contents of the electronic and scanned documents, according to all sections and archives. To quickly create selections of documents by different parameters and attributes, to sort and group search results. For your convenience search corrects spelling errors of requests, uses synonyms, looks for taking into account difficult word forms and special characters.

A system is capable to fulfill a set of requests at the same time without performance penalty, allowing to scale the solution and to regularly increase volumes of the stored documents.


Flexible instruments of integration allow to configure quickly interaction with any external application and an information system (ERP, EDMS, to CRM, portals, etc.). Standard modules of integration into office suites, accounting to systems, email and other customized applications give the chance to look for and browse the documents which are stored in ELAR the Context, to cause or start standard business processes, to fill registration cards of documents from the interface of external systems and services.

Consolidation at the level of server data is provided. In addition ELAR the Context can be a reference source of the reference information – a system provides centralized operation with reference books (partners, legal entities, etc.) and allows to operate with up-to-date and historical information.


The scalability and flexibility of implementation allows to build solutions of different level and functionality: from implementation in one division before acceptance of ELAR the Context as the corporate standard.

ELAR the Context is developed on Java- the platform. The applied Hibernate ORM technology allows to use different DBMS MS SQL MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle. The architecture and use Java- technologies provide: deployment in heterogeneous information environment, support *-nix systems (Linux RedHat and t.p), scalability and a possibility of system deployment in a cloud. The platform is developed taking into account implementation of server clusters of applications. A system has industrial means of caching, management of balancing of loading, monitoring of loading in a cluster.

Authentication of users is implemented through the Active Directory, using the LDAP compatible directory. Via the administrator's console IT specialists can keep independent lists of users, in whole or in part synchronize them with the AD directory.

For quick search of the necessary information in ELAR the Context is used the search system ElasticSearch. The high-speed core supports morphology of Russian and allows to look for documents on metadata or using end-to-end search in all sections and properties of the stored documents. Other advantage of Elasticsearch is a possibility of creation of the high-loaded distributed systems where automatically the index is separated into logical subindexes (shards) and replication and balancing of loading is provided.

ELAR the Context switch on tools for customization of the user interface and cards of documents. Thus, the staff of IT service can independently finish the used system or develop new sections of a system. For automation of procedures of work of divisions the mechanism is provided for the description of business processes in a modern notation of BPMN 2.0. For optimization of works on system implementation the possibility of creation of the structured archive on the predeterminated templates is provided. For example, the section of technical documentation according to ESKD, or ORD archive taking into account the nomenclature.

The possibility of accumulation of functionality by creation of plug-ins is provided. For this purpose in composition SDK is delivered, and the console of the administrator includes micro IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Plug-ins can process the user and system events both on client, and on server side.

All possibilities of the platform are in detail documented and also training of administrators in deep setup of a software platform of ELAR the Context and to the best practices of implementation is offered.


The configuration of the platform can be adapted for different requirements and tasks: from archive of legally significant documents e-document flows or top secret documents before automation of OTsO and accounting of paper archives. Along with it we provide to our customers the choice of an optimal method of licensing and flexible approach to implementation of the project and payment of licenses.

Creation of electronic archive:

  • From local storage to archive of the organization: a system will provide fast creation of the solution for separate division and easy scaling to the level of the organization.
  • Documentary support of business processes of the organization: integration with external systems, easy migration and consolidation of data in uniform archive will allow to unload the used information systems considerably

Specialized industry and business solutions:

  • Process automation of OTsO: operational processing, control of processes of accounting and reliable storage of the arriving documents
  • Electronic storage of accounting documents: the centralized storage of electronic documents e-document flows and the scan copies of paper documents
  • Single system of storage and management of documents of bank: consolidation of documents of operating activities of bank in electronic form, process automation of processing and management of documents
  • Electronic archive of technical documentation: a single system of the design, project and estimate and associated documentation with a possibility of viewing images and CAD files

Cloud archive

  • Implementation of cloud archive of division: inexpensive solution for fast automation of functional processes
  • Cloud corporate platform of the organization: effective solution for complex automation of documentary processes, including with a possibility of outsourcing of transactions of indexing and input of documents in a system
  • Processing and storage of confidential documents in remote data center or creation of a private cloud: security accreditation of your documents

Main Advantages

  • Storage of unlimited amount of data, search and work with information
  • Cluster distribution of data with permanent replication of storage allows to maintain loadings without performance penalty and access rate to information
  • The architecture, cross-platform and scalability allow to implement high-performance solutions in any IT environment
  • Support of databases MS SQL Oracle, PostgreSQL and others
  • Integration tools with external systems using SOAP services and modules adapters to external information systems (ERP, EDMS, to CRM, portals, etc.)
  • Version control of documents and reference books. Preserving of historical information and a search capability taking into account the saved versions
  • Openness of the platform. Application solutions and the code of application solutions are open for the customer. Thus, the staff of IT department has an opportunity to change settings of a system and to execute completions independently
  • Modules for expansion of functionality of a system: designer of reports, business process automation module, extra office storage, accounting of paper documents and others

Concept of a brand

The name Context is selected not accidentally, it comes from Latin "contextus" that in transfer — coupling, connection, communication. And the new platform is designed to integrate information systems and resources, providing interaction of individual employees, project teams, partners or branches in end-to-end business processes.

ELAR corporation accumulated all accumulated experience on studying and document handling, automation of documentary processes and integrated it within a single system. ELAR the Context is an ECM system which knows documents and is able to work with them.

A system operates with any formats of data and effectively works at the level of documents and processes, being closely integrated with external sources and applications.


In 2001 ELAR corporation started implementation of storage systems and managements of documents. The first project - electronic archive of Central Election Commission.

In 2004 in the company the separate ECM direction is organized. From now on over 500 projects on business process automation and management of documents on a software platform of ELAR SAPERION are implemented.

In years experience is accumulated and the range of proposed solutions is expanded that pushed the company to activation of plans of creation of the new industrial platform of the class ECM.

Development of ELAR the Context began in 2014. In a year a system passed successful test and in 2015 was implemented in ELAR corporation for own needs of automation of documentary processes. The new platform showed high efficiency and stability of work. Within a year some more implementations at customers from commerce and the industry came to the end. In 2016 a system was included into the register of domestic software.