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ERA-GLONASS the Emergency Reaction at Accidents

The name of the base system (platform): GLONASS
Developers: Assistance to development and use of navigation technologies (NP GLONASS), GLONASS JSC
Last Release Date: 2016/04/05
Technology: Security system and control of motor transport,  Management systems for motor transport service (FMS),  Satellite communication and navigation


"ERA-GLONASS" is the state system of the emergency reaction at accidents and other emergencies on roads. A main objective of its creation – reduction of delivery time of information on accident to the emergency operational services to lower mortality and injury rate of drivers and passengers of the vehicles which got into accident or other emergency situation on the road.

For connection to a system it is enough to have the special device which is used as the navigator. At operation of road accident sensors or when clicking the disturbing button a system transmits a signal of the emergency help to the center of reaction.

Since January 1, 2017 became effective the requirement about obligatory equipment of cars the system of the emergency reaction at accidents of ERA-GLONASS.

Project Progress


Car makers in Russia should put in machines chips with the Russian enciphering

On September 10, 2019 it became known of readiness of the operator of a system of the emergency response to the road accidents (ERA-GLONASS) of JSC GLONASS to participate in the Cone project which provides implementation of domestic cryptography in networks of operators.

The RBC edition with reference to minutes of a meeting of the company with representatives of Institute of exact mechanics and ADP equipment of S.A. Lebedev reported about it (ITMIVT) which is the only developer of the ready-made solution in Russia for use of the Russian enciphering on the cellular networks.

it became known of readiness of the operator of a system of the emergency response to the road accidents (ERA-GLONASS)
it became known of readiness of the operator of a system of the emergency response to the road accidents (ERA-GLONASS)
Now we together with JSC GLONASS, Minpromtorg and the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications discuss technical aspects of our interaction — the CEO ITMIVT Alexander Knyazev whose words are cited in the publication of September 10, 2019 said.

On the cellular transmission networks Cone implements the project on use of domestic cryptography FSB at the request of the Security council of Russia. Since December 1, 2019 will become effective two orders of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications under which authentication and identification of subscribers of networks of mobile communication will be performed using the cryptography conforming to requirements of FSB. For this purpose operators should set hardware securities which will perform cryptographic functions on the networks and to store secret keys of subscribers. It is supposed that requirements will extend only to the SIM cards having the physical medium and will not concern eSIM technology.

As explained in JSC GLONASS, in the ERA-GLONASS system the eSIM technology actually works: the operator loads the profile on the chip installed by car maker in the ringing circuit of the emergency operational services, and this software allows to catch network of any mobile operator.

JSC GLONASS expects that car makers should deliver in all cars chips with the Russian enciphering.[1]

In the ERA-GLONASS system more than 4 million cars are registered

As of July 15, 2019 in the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS" more than 4,033,300 vehicles are registered already. The daily gain makes about 4-5 thousand. In process of increase in number of the cars registered in GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" also the quantity of emergency calls grows. As of July the filtering contact center of the ERA-GLONASS system processes on average 11,600 calls a day.

From the moment of the start in GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" provides operational obtaining information on road and transport and other incidents and data transmission in the emergency operational services. In four and a half years of ERA-GLONASS processed over 3,424,100 calls from which 40,550 reactions of the emergency operational services demanded (data on 7/15/19). At the same time 24,116 calls were performed in the automatic mode — as a result of road accident with strong damages of the car.

During operating time a system became the standard of safety of motorists: it is the tool allowing to save life and to save health of car owners and passengers. We with satisfaction note that users share the positive experience of application of a system. Besides, in case of road accident of GAIS ERA-GLONASS, the providing not adjustability of the transmitted data, becomes for owners of vehicles the instrument of effective interaction with the departments participating in traffic security — the department director Subscription service of GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" Roman Rulev told.

Data on movement of buses and trucks since July 1 will be transferred to ERA-GLONASS

GLONASS company MCC announced on July 1, 2019 that it will equip buses and motor transport involved in transportation of dangerous loads, the special equipment of satellite navigation and monitoring according to order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 153 which is coming into effect since July 1st, 2019 and SIM cards of JSC GLONASS.

Since July 1st, 2019 all data on movements of the buses and trucks equipped with orange flashing indicators will be transferred to the GAIS ERA system GLONASS, Rostransnadzor and also to the owner transport in real time. Department emphasizes that this measure is caused by security issues of passengers and participants of traffic. In more detail here.

Permanent information exchange with a System-112 is provided in 26 subjects of the Russian Federation

In the first half of June, 2019 the order of the Ministry of digital development, communication and mass communications of the Russian Federation on use of uniform number 112 in the Amur region was issued. The order will become effective on July 15, 2019. Earlier, in April, 2019, the similar order entered in the Republic of Mari El. These regions became the 25th and 26th subjects of the Russian Federation where permanent information exchange of GAIS ERA-GLONASS with a System-112 is provided, reported on June 20, 2019 in JSC GLONASS. Read more here.

Production of the ERA-GLONASS systems  can stop because of prohibition on cables from Ukraine

At the end of January, 2019 it became known of threat of suspension of production of the automobile ERA-GLONASS systems because of prohibition on cables from Ukraine.

According to Interfax, the CEO of JSC PES/CKK (joint venture of the Irish producer of the Aptiv autocomponents and JSC Samara Cable Company) Stephen Gaultier asked the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Samara region Mikhail Zhdanov to issue for 6 months the import permit in the Russian Federation of the antenna cables from Ukraine used in production of wire bundles for the equipment of the ERA-GLONASS system.

Sanctions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine threaten with a stop of automobile works of Russia
Sanctions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine threaten with a stop of automobile works of Russia

Specific coaxial cables are made by the Swiss company Tyco Electronics, their  production is developed only in  Ukraine.

Transfer of production to  other country requires several months, and  the available cable stocks will be enough for the enterprise only for  a week. Alternative productions in  the world  do not exist , said in Stephen Gaultier's letter.

According to him, by the end of January, 2019 the enterprise has stocks of cables of all for a week, and on the expiration of this term it can  be closed and dismiss personnel in  forced leaves. It will lead to  a stop of the pipeline of the Russian automobile works and  failure of production of the cars equipped with the ERA-GLONASS system.

Gaultier emphasized that JSC PES/CKK is the only supplier of wire bundles of the ERA-GLONASS system for the cars made by the enterprise GM AvtoVAZ UAZ (capital asset of group Sollers) and also the joint venture Ford Sollers. In particular, it is about Renault Nissan Ford the models Lada, Chevrolet Niva, Duster, Terrano, Skoda Rapid, UAZ Patriot, Transit, Ford EcoSport, Ford Fiesta.

At the end of 2018 Russia imposed an import ban of a number of goods which country of origin is Ukraine — under restrictions the mentioned antenna cable got.

The press service of GM AvtoVAZ reported to Interfax that the enterprise closely interacts with PES/SKK over a question of providing an uninterrupted supply of necessary components for production Chevrolet Niva and supported PES/SKK request in Minpromtorg.[2]


Audi recalls 11 thousand cars because of problems with ERA-GLONASS

The Russian official dealer of Audi recalls over 11 thousand machines in the Russian Federation because of possible problems with operation of the ERA-GLONASS navigation system. It is reported on the website of Rosstandart.

To response extends to 11.003 thousand A4, A5, Q5, Q7 cars sold in 2017-2018. On them it is necessary to carry out a software update of the inter-network interface.

The reason of recall — possible failure in the system of a call of emergency services. After road accident the current provision of the car can not be defined by a system if it changed after accomplishment of an abnormal call. Besides, if the abnormal call was for some reason diconnected, then callback of the car is impossible.

Development of a single platform for the systems "Safe City", ERA-GLONASS and "112"

The Rostec state corporation announced on April 24, 2018 that the Avtomatika concern which is its part Videogard which will allow to integrate the Safe City systems, ERA-GLONASS and "112" conducts work on creation of a technology platform. Development in general is intended to minimize a response time on emergency situations and to increase safety of citizens, noted in state corporation. Read more here.


TsOV-112 processed about half a million emergency calls of ERA-GLONASS

Within development of the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS" based on Naumen technologies the center of processing of emergency calls – TsOV-112 is created. The center works without idle times thanks to the hi-tech developments of the Russian vendor providing fault tolerance of an automated system at the level of 99.99% in mode 24х7х365. You look in more detail here.

226 thousand calls

From January 1, 2016 to June, 2017 a system accepts and processes more than 226 thousand calls. From them emergency calls at real road accidents – 1350, and 485 calls – in the automatic mode at serious damages of cars.

The period of "mastering" of a system actually ended also for manufacturers of automobile devices, both for car makers, and for users. Therefore the quantity of test calls decreases, and the percentage of real emergency calls to the total number of arrived grows.

As of the beginning of June, 2017 in the ERA-GLONASS system more than 542 thousand vehicles equipped with ringing circuits of the emergency operational services are registered.

In 2017 active development of commercial services of information services which will appear using infrastructure of the ERA-GLONASS system begins. These services are among: The help on the road, Evacuation at road accident/breakdown, the Average commissioner, Security services, Legal aid, Remote diagnostics, Monitoring of transport, Control of fuel and others.

Based on "ERA-GLONASS" creation of the domestic service information and telematic platform is planned that will allow to create and develop commercial navigation services. Among these services there is a design of road accident according to the European Accident Statement, the help on the road, evacuation, security services and many others.

"Creation of joint products and services based on the ERA-GLONASS system means interaction with software developers, equipment manufacturers and providers of services. Within interaction with this group of partners we are aimed at creation of new joint services and services which can be offered further consumers. The second direction consists in promotion of products, joint with partners, and services of JSC GLONASS. It will allow our partners to increase the customer base. Today we can already speak about the real "ecosystem" which arose around the ERA-GLONASS system and JSC GLONASS. "Ecosystem" of partners, products and services further will only extend", – the CEO of JSC GLONASS Zheregelya Andrey told.

Rostec will manage the ERA-GLONASS system?

GLONASS joint-stock company, the operator of a system of the emergency response to accidents, ERA-GLONASS in 2017 can pass under control of Rostec.

The experts polled by Life note that the discontent with results of a company performance could become a probable cause to such step. The matter is that based on ERA-GLONASS only the regular functionality without commercial services is provided. Besides dealers and buyers of cars were not notified on problems at customs with import of the used[3].

The source in the Russian government told that Andrey Nedosekov, the head of JSC GLONASS, wrote the application for a holiday together with the resignation letter. According to the interlocutor of the edition, also other heads of JSC GLONASS can leave the posts. "The Ministry of Transport discusses the future changes in the company", - noted a source.

The press service of Ministry of Transport told that the draft of the decree of the president on transfer of JSC GLONASS in Rostec is introduced to the Government of the Russian Federation. Representatives of Rostec refrained from comments.

Revolt against "ERA-GLONASS": officials promised to change rules of installation of a system

On February 26, 2017 the governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky reported that in the nearest future the changes in the technical regulation of the Customs union concerning installation of the ERA-GLONASS system on second-hand foreign cars[4] should be made[5]. Changes are demanded by residents of Primorye where on import of second-hand foreign cars significant business is made of Asia. With introduction of new rules it appeared under the threat.

Since January 1, 2017 rules of registration of foreign cars changed. According to the technical regulation of the Customs union "About safety of wheel vehicles" all cars for the first time imported into Russia from abroad should be equipped with the system of a call of emergency services "ERA-GLONASS". At the same time, the installation procedure of security systems on used cars is still not regulated. Also there are no certified centers where the car can be equipped with a new system.

Because of it in Vladivostok where the most part of used cars is imported from Japan, since the beginning of year about 1400 machines got stuck at customs. In February the Far East customs authority reported that about one thousand cars "got stuck" on customs warehouses in Primorye, still a part – in Japan.

In February in Vladivostok there took place the meeting against obligatory installation of the ERA-GLONASS system on the cars imported from abroad
In February in Vladivostok there took place the meeting against obligatory installation of the ERA-GLONASS system on the cars imported from abroad

The wide range of persons which are anyway involved in automobile business was hostages of a situation in the region: seamen, customs applicants, haulers, owners of a car. Under prohibition the used cars and new machines imported individually got. Miklushevsky notes that in Minpromtorg preparing the technical regulation of the Customs union simply forgot about these categories.

With respect thereto locals repeatedly stated protests and addressed the authorities with requirements to influence a situation. In Vladivostok in February inhabitants even held a meeting: participants required to cancel the obligatory ERA-GLONASS installation on the cars imported from abroad and suggested to prepare the appeal to prosecutor's office for check of legality of new provisions of the technical[6].

Against the background of the arisen public response the governor of Primorye for the purpose of solution addressed the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District – the Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev.

Developers of new regulations of the Customs union did not consider difficulties which faced at registration of used cars. New cars equip with the device directly on the pipeline, respectively, this equipment is not on used cars. And for us, Far Easterners, it is very important issue. Therefore I suggested to postpone application of new rules of registration at least for half a year — the governor of Primorsky Krai noted earlier.

Later the Administration of Primorsky Krai reported that at the request of the chairman governments Dmitry Medvedev Minpromtorg works on change of the technical regulation: for used cars the "simplified" installation procedure of "ERA-GLONASS" should be registered.

I consider that the power has no right such clumsy actions to prevent people to work. I addressed the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Petrovich Trutnev, he heard me and supported, in the government necessary decisions were made, in the nearest future the situation will be completely settled, – the portal of Administration of Primorye cites Miklushevsky's words.

Navitel and GLONASS will create an automated system of monitoring

Navitel (CNT) GLONASS was also announced in February agreement signature about creation of an automated system of monitoring of objects based on the State automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS". The most large-scale Russian IT project in the field of monitoring will become result of cooperation transport.

GLONASS sets before itself the purpose on creation in Russia of the innovation transport environment. The uniform ecosystem will increase traffic safety, will accelerate time of reaction of emergency services and will provide to motorists a set of modern services. The automated system of monitoring of transport is necessary for successful implementation of these problems of GLONASS.

The victory in tender on creation of an automated system of monitoring of objects based on the State automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS" was won by CNT company.

The navigation and dispatching system "Navitel Monitoring" completely conforms to requirements imposed on GLONASS. She is failsafe and capable to work with the large volume of data. These characteristics are especially important as the number of the vehicles connected to a system will only grow every year.

Obligation of ERA-GLONASS terminals for new cars in the territory of the countries of the Customs union

Since January 1, 2017 all new cars sold in the territory of the countries of the Customs union will be equipped without fail with ERA-GLONASS terminals. ERA-GLONASS is the state system of the emergency reaction at accidents and other incidents on roads. Implementation of ERA-GLONASS – an important step in development of traffic safety in Russia. Thanks to operational informing services of the emergency help it will be possible to reduce their time of reaction at accidents more than by 30% that will allow to save thousands of people annually.

Through the button of an emergency call installed in the car the driver will be able not only to report the accident, to call the police and the ambulance, but also to receive a number of necessary services, such as departure of private groups of reaction, ensuring anticreeping safety of cars, processing of the telematic information arriving from the car, legal, information and technical assistance. Also the operator of telematic services and services in security Caesar Satellit company is engaged in rendering additional commercial services and services.

The large-scale scope the program of the market of new cars will simplify and will reduce the price of access for car owners to security and search services, services of the complex help at road accident and in emergency situations in the road. Car owners will have an opportunity to order protection of the car against stealing and to receive additional services, such as tow truck call, settlement of the road conflict and questions with insurance company, the armed escort.

Kia Motors, Ford, Skoda, Renault and Hyundai carmakers reported that they will equip all the cars for the Russian market with ERA-GLONASS onboard receivers. At the same time BMW, Audi and other car makers in whose model range there are luxury machines will not begin to certify exclusive models on compliance of "ERA-GLONASS". Producers considered certification of luxury cars for the Russian market economically unprofitable action. It is necessary to provide several machines on crash tests for certification. The cost of actions is 10 thousand euros without the broken machines. In Russia the equipment of "ERA-GLONASS" already equips about 120 thousand machines.


ERA-GLONASS will allow the Russian police to suppress the engine of the chased car remotely

On April 5, 2016 the meeting of the interdepartmental working group on questions of development and production of electronic and component base at which participants discussed a possibility of expansion of already existing functionality of ERA-GLONASS and implementation of new services took place. For the beginning of 2016 a system performs only the basic function, namely, the emergency reaction at car accidents.

In the next years traffic police officers and police will have an opportunity to remotely suppress the engine of the chased car by means of the ERA-GLONASS system. Since 2017 installation of this system will become obligatory for owners of all new cars released in the territory of the countries of the Customs union report Izvestia[7].

The possibility of communication with equipped with ERA-GLONASS of a car will allow to manage remotely the vehicle, and shutdown of ignition will be made by means of the signal given from the satellite or through cellular networks.

During the meeting the possibility of establishment of full control of observance of traffic regulations due to permanent tracking of a trajectory of the movement of the vehicle was also discussed. According to the edition, by 2020 the accuracy of measurements of GLONASS should be 50 cm. Thus, it will be possible to prove the fact of intersection of an oncoming lane for the purpose of overtaking by means of data from the ERA-GLONASS server, and violators it is not necessary to catch on site crimes.

MegaFon was included into partnership with "ERA-GLONASS"

On April 5, 2016 it became known of the beginning of partnership of MegaFon with ERA-GLONASS. Within the project the operator will provide a part of the network for use in the project[8].

According to trends, the certain MVNO operator where infrastructure of MegaFon will be used as transport networks for the admission of eCall-and office traffic is supposed to create. Other elements of network will belong to JSC GLONASS. MegaFon will also become the partner in development of the commercial direction.

{{the quote|the author = Vlad Wolfson, the development director of corporate business of MegaFon|For the last few years the operator implemented several similar projects at once that became its advantage: advantage of cooperation with MegaFon - unique experience of implementation of such projects. For the last few years on PJSC MegaFon network MVNO operators of different models on an integration scale, among them are implemented: Yota, Net-by-Net, Gazprom Telecom (the specialized operator of PJSC Gazprom), a number of projects for group of operators of SMARTS.

ERA-GLONASS devices underwent certification on 28 types of vehicles

For March, 2016 certificates were received by devices/a systems for several models of AvtoVAZ, Mitsubishi, vehicles of production Jaguar Land Rover Limited, Bentley Motors, the commercial Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford and Iveco models, the Chinese models (Changan, DongFeng, Haima, BAIC), buses PAZ and MAN and still some cars.

In March, 2016 this list was replenished with trademark buses LIAZ. Thus, ERA-GLONASS devices underwent certification on 28 types of vehicles.

Official certification on compliance to requirements of the technical regulation of the Customs union as the ringing circuit of the emergency operational services ERA-GLONASS for installation on trademark vehicles LIAZ passed the terminal "Granit-navigator-6.18".
"In case of road accident it provides instant data transmission about the vehicle (the identification number VIN, exact coordinates, etc.) in a system for reduction of time of reaction of the relevant services", – Nikolay Borisenko, the CEO of "Santel-navigation", entering into Speystim holding reported.

The device can be also used for connection of additional services: monitoring and scheduling of vehicle fleets, recovery of circumstances of road accident or control of style of driving (European Accident Statement or KASKO), control of transportations of dangerous loads, management of passenger traffic.

The certificate is issued on the basis of tests of the test center "Omega" (Federal State Unitary Enterprise NIIR branch). "Are tested according to the national standards developed by NP GLONASS, and included in the list of standards approved by the Eurasian economic commission on December 2, 2014", – Andrey Ionin, the top analyst of NP GLONASS says.
"According to requirements of the technical regulation of the Customs union since January 1, 2016 ERA-GLONASS devices should be installed without fail on all new buses for commercial transportations, school buses and vehicles for transportation of dangerous loads" – he added.

At the end of 2015 the terminal "Granit-navigator-6.18" was certified for installation on a lineup of buses PAZ-3204 intended for corporate transportations and also for work on city and suburban routes including – with the increased passenger traffic (Vector model).


The government set rules of work "ERA-GLONASS"

The Government of the Russian Federation published in February, 2015 the text of the resolution[9]approving rules of interaction of the operator of the ERA-GLONASS system (JSC GLONASS state company) with different owners of the up-to-date information necessary for its normal functioning. The speech first of all goes about geospatial data of the area, basic parameters and the current location of under control vehicles and also about the taken responses to the road accident and other incidents arising on highways of Russia[10].

Besides, rules of interaction of a system with the AIS of compulsory insurance approve by the resolution. Let's remind, "ERA-GLONASS" is the system of the automatic notification of emergency services about car accidents. The "Assistance to Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" non-profit partnership (it is NP GLONASS), which under the contract with Ministry of Transport and developed the approved rules is engaged in its creation and implementation.

The concept of "ERA-GLONASS" means that in the near future the electronic block capable in case of accident without fail will be installed on all new cars sold in Russia to determine coordinates of an affected car and to transfer them to rescuers.

Officially into commercial operation of "ERA-GLONASS" it was put since January 1, 2015. From this date with the mentioned blocks all vehicles in the countries of the Customs union which for the first time undergo the procedure of approval of the type will have to be equipped. Since January 1, 2016 this requirement will be expanded on the cars used for commercial transportation of passengers and transportation of dangerous loads, municipal solid waste and garbage, and since January 1, 2017 — on all new vehicles sold in the Customs union.

In the issued resolution it is specified that information which is required for functioning for "ERA-GLONASS" should be placed in a system its owners on a grant basis. It is meant that a part of up-to-date data can be in others state the AIS therefore the operator of a system is offered to provide with them integration for collecting of necessary data in the automatic mode.

Navigation and topographic maps in a system will begin to place the federal institutions which are engaged in maintaining federal kartografo-geodetic fund. The joint order of Mintransport and Federal Service for State Registration, Cartography and Cadastre should determine terms, frequency and the regulations of placement of this information.

Concerning each under control vehicle a system will contain data on its brand, model, the color, number of a body, the state registration sign, the identification number VIN assigned to a car by his producer and also the identification number of the installed electronic module.

Except the state sign, for the cars imported on the territory of the Russian Federation in "ERA-GLONASS" the Federal Customs Service should place data on all parameters using the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SIEI).

When it is a question of vehicles which are manufactured in Russia, the same data will transfer the organizations manufacturers. For this purpose they will need to sign the relevant agreement with ERA-GLONASS operator.

As for the state registration signs, it is, certainly, the sphere of responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or military autoinspectorates if case concerns the army equipment.

Coordinates of road accident and its time will be transferred to a system automatically, except as specified, when the special equipment set on the car requires manual control.

The last part of rules of information exchange of the main participants of process describes parameters of data on actions of rescuers (time of receiving a signal, reaction time and so forth).

Concerning information exchange of ERA-GLONASS with the AIS of compulsory insurance the separate collection of rules means its implementation through SIEI. The ERA-GLONASS operator is offered to transfer to insurers of data on road accident and other road incidents. For this purpose he will need to sign the special agreement with the operator of the insurance AIS in whom information, technical and other conditions of their interaction will be defined.

ERA-GLONASS for state structures is obligatory

On July 3, 2015 it became known of acceptance in the State Duma in the third reading of the bill of introduction of amendments to the law "About the State Automated Information System of "ERA-GLONASS"" approved in 2013[11].

The necessity of change is caused by the decree of the president Vladimir Putin of 2014 which creates the new operator of a system the state JSC GLONASS and the possibility of commercial use of a system is provided.

According to these regulations, since January 1, 2017 all new cars without fail should be equipped with the system equipment.

Initially powers of the operator of Hera GLONASS were undertaken by the company NIS "GLONASS" created by AFK "Sistema" with the assistance of Russian Space Systems state corporation. In 2012 the Government transferred functions of the operator to the GLONASS newly created non-profit partnership (NPP) which was headed by the former head of NIS "GLONASS" Alexander Gurko.

New JSC GLONASS is formed on June 19, 2015. At the head of the company there was the former deputy minister transport Andrey Nedosekov. According to the bill which got approval of the State Duma in addition to collection of information about road accident, the company will have also other appointment. It is about the information systems using navigation — the state and being a part subjects of concessionary agreements.

Customers of such systems or their operators will be obliged to use possibilities of Hera GLONASS. Features of addresses about such use are stated in the amendment approved by the State Duma during the second reading. The operator of any state information system (state agency or the organization working according to the government contract as a part of concession or in a format of public and private partnership) should send an inquiry to JSC GLONASS of rather possible use of Hera GLONASS.

The answer should be provided within 40 days. At the same time, it will be possible to refuse an opportunity use of Hera GLONASS only on the technical bases. If JSC GLONASS does not give the answer at the scheduled time, the operator of the corresponding information system can do without use of Hera GLONASS.

Use of Hera GLONASS third parties will be possible on a paid basis. JSC GLONASS on the basis of a calculation procedure which should be developed the state agency set by the Government will begin to set rates. In need of use of results of intellectual property of Hera GLONASS the license agreement will be signed.

In the explanatory note to the bill it is told that thus it is supposed to cut down state budget expenses on work of the state information systems due to use of already ready infrastructure of Hera GLONASS.

The adopted bill transfers all property of Hera GLONASS to the possession of JSC GLONASS. Including it is necessary to transfer also electronic keys of enciphering (necessary for stability of information transferred in a system). The possibility of property acquisition of Hera GLONASS is not allowed.

Input of GAIS ERA-GLONASS in operation

GAIS "ERA-GLONASS" was put into commercial operation since January 1, 2015.


The property of ERA-GLONASS will become completely state

On July 15, 2014 the president Russia Vladimir Putin charged to the government to develop and approve "road map" on creation of open joint stock company "GLONASS" from 100% by the state participation, the corresponding order of the head of state is published on Tuesday on the Kremlin website.

As the main areas of work of JSC GLONASS there will be ensuring operational receiving on the basis of information GLONASS signals about road and transport and about other incidents on highways of the Russian Federation, processing of this information, its storage and transfer to the emergency operational services and also ensuring access to this information in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, an ensuring use and development of technology infrastructure of the ERA-GLONASS system for the benefit of the state and other information systems performing collecting and processing of the navigation information arriving from the vehicles equipped with the equipment of satellite navigation.

According to order, the development strategy of new joint stock company should be developed and also the federal law draft about entering into the law "About the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS" of the changes necessary for creation and functioning of JSC GLONASS is prepared and introduced to the State Duma.

When developing strategy should be provided, in particular, a possibility of providing JSC GLONASS of services in the field of navigation activity to the state and commercial customers a possibility of creation of joint ventures for development of additional services and the investment attraction.

The property complex of the state automated information system "ERA-GLONASS" will be transferred to authorized capital of newly created joint stock company.

By 2015 the supply rate of ERA-GLONASS terminals will reach 3 billion rub

The system of the emergency reaction at accidents of ERA-GLONASS is unrolled in all territory of Russia in full strength. According to NP GLONASS, in 2014 ERA-GLONASS will be put into commercial operation and finally integrated with the systems of services of the emergency reaction: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, 112, ambulance. At the moment the Russian developers create and test prototypes of the automobile terminal which in case of road accident will provide instant data transmission about the vehicle (the identification number VIN, exact coordinates, etc.) in the dispatching center "ERA-GLONASS".

According to regulations of the Customs union "About safety of wheel vehicles" since January 1, 2015 an aircraft equipment of "ERA-GLONASS" the vehicles of categories M1, M2, M3 and N1, N2, N3 for the first time undergoing the procedure of approval of type on compliance to requirements of the technical regulation should be equipped; since January 1, 2016 – the transport of the above-stated categories used for commercial transportation of passengers, transportation of children and dangerous loads and also MSW and garbage, released in the territory of the countries of the Customs union; since January 1, 2017 – transport of the designated categories released in the territory of the countries of the Customs union.

With the assistance of experts of NP GLONASS a number of standards which define requirements to the equipment of satellite navigation and the data transfer protocol is developed. Automobile ERA-GLONASS terminals should support the EGTS protocol (Era Glonass Telematics Standard) and to be completely compatible to the European eCall system within formation of uniform navigation space on roads of Russia and the European Union. The aircraft equipment also should function within infrastructure of cellular communication, have the modem with support 3G and contain the SIM chip.

In difference from the navigation and coherent equipment of monitoring systems and control of transport in ERA-GLONASS terminals not only the functionality of exact determination and transfer of coordinates of road accident, providing a voice communication "driver manager", but also recognition of severity of accidents is put (from sinusoidal vibration before mechanical accelerations of blow of repeated action). It should be noted that data from the ERA-GLONASS terminal come to a system only in case of road accident or when clicking the SOS button.

Operators will be obliged to service free of charge "112" and "ERA-GLONASS"

The letter of the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Dmitry Alkhazov sent to the Ministry of Transport was at disposal of CNews. According to the text of the letter, according to the results of a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Transport Alexey Tsydenkov, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications suggests to make changes to the Law "About Communication" concerning functioning of a system of the emergency response to car accidents of "ERA-GLONASS" and also uniform number of emergency services of "112"[12].

Since 2015 ERA-GLONASS terminals will be installed without fail on all cars of new modifications. In case of accident the sensor works, incident coordinates then a system sets connection with the dispatching center of a system with a possibility of further call transfer on "112" are defined by GLONASS. The signal is transmitted through cellular networks, for this purpose the creator of "ERA-GLONASS" - the GLONASS non-profit partnership - agreed about work as virtual mobile operator based on networks of VimpelCom, MTS and MegaFon.

The proposed amendments in the Law "About Communication" are directed to obliging all to be connected mobile operators to the ERA-GLONASS system, otherwise it will be considered as violation of license requirements. Besides, according to amendments, mobile operators will be deprived of the right of receiving compensations for calls of their subscribers to numbers "ERA-GLONASS".

The same way all telecom operators - both mobile, and fixed - will not be able to receive reimbursement of expenses for calls of subscribers for uniform emergency number "112". Will compensate to operators only expenses on accession to ERA-GLONASS networks and emergency services.

The existing Law "About Communication" means that calls on numbers of emergency services should be free for subscribers. But expenses of operators on accession to networks of emergency services and traffic transmission on their numbers should be compensated by the organizations servicing these numbers (i.e. emergency services).

The source in one of mobile operators says that adoption of the bill can simplify to telecommunication companies calculations for accession and traffic transmission. Connection to uniform number "112" is performed through Rostelecom which includes a payment for traffic on these numbers in the general estimate of settlement. If the bill is adopted and it is correct to be applied, then operators will be able to cut down the expenses at the expense of an exception of a payment for calls for the emergency numbers.

Harmony of "ERA-GLONASS" and eCall

On June 23, 2014 it became known of representation by GLONASS Non-profit partnership of harmonization of the systems of the emergency reaction "ERA-GLONASS" and eCall.

Standardization of the technical requirements and standards shown to the ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems helps to create uniform global space of traffic safety. Thanks to it, the European drivers, whose cars are equipped with eCall terminals, staying in the territory of Russia, can receive the operational help through contact center of the ERA-GLONASS system. Similarly - calls from the Russian cars equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals, being in the territory of the European Union, go to contact centers of eCall.

Start of the ERA-GLONASS system in operation is planned for January, 2015. In 2017 ERA-GLONASS terminals will equip all cars going on sale in the countries of the Customs union. Operation of the European eCall system will begin in 2017 in the territory of the European Union countries.

The accredited laboratory for ERA-GLONASS devices

For certification of ERA-GLONASS devices there was at the end of 2014 an accredited laboratory - the relevant document was received by testing laboratory of AYR of the certified center "Svyaz-sertifikat".

The laboratory of AYR is intended for carrying out tests of the components providing satellite navigation and a call of the emergency operational services. The ERA-GLONASS system is put into commercial operation in 2015. Since January 1, it agrees requirements of the technical regulation of the Customs union "About safety of wheel vehicles" (TR CU 018/2011), all new models of cars for the first time undergoing the procedure of approval of type in the territory of the Customs union should be equipped with ERA-GLONASS terminals.

Rules of ensuring access to information which is contained in "ERA-GLONASS"

The order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2014 No. 1530 approves "Rules of providing access of state bodies, local government authorities, officials, legal entities and individuals to information which is contained in the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS".

Rules define an order of providing access (item 1):

  • State bodies, local government authorities, officials, legal entities and individuals to statistical information and analytical information on road and transport and other incidents, information on which was processed in the state automated information system of "ERA-GLONASS";
  • Legal entities and individuals - to information on coordinate and time parameters of the vehicles which are in their property or in ownership at the time of road and transport and other incidents on highways in the Russian Federation which is contained in the ERA-GLONASS system.

Statistical and analytical information, except for information, access to which is limited in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, is provided by the operator of a system by placement on the official site of the operator of a system on the Internet of the following data (item 2) updated at least once a quarter:

  • The number of the vehicles equipped with the ringing circuits of the emergency operational services registered in the ERA-GLONASS system;
  • Quantity of cases of transfer by ringing circuits of the emergency operational services, information on road and transport and other incidents on highways of the Russian Federation;
  • Quantity of cases of information transfer about road and transport and other incidents on highways of the Russian Federation from the ERA-GLONASS system in the emergency operational services;
  • The average time of information transfer in the emergency operational services.

By state bodies, local government authorities and officials for execution of the powers other information using the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction can be requested from the operator of a system. Reply to the request of such information is submitted by the operator in time no more than 15 working days from receipt date of a request (item 3).


Technoserv and NVision project infrastructure for "ERA-GLONASS"

The Ministry of Transport in April, 2013 signed the government contract on creation of a system of the emergency reaction at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS" with GLONASS non-profit partnership. Contract amount is 1.69 billion rubles, Technoserv and NVision Group will act as contractors.[13]

Within this contract several projects are provided. In particular, three navigation information center (NIC) - in Stavropol, Khabarovsk and Yekaterinburg - the second level and 59 regional switching node (RSN) will be created. Besides, it is going to complete development of the navigation and information platform, to provide interface of "ERA-GLONASS" to services of the emergency reaction in pilot zones, to finish national standards for the ERA-GLONASS system according to changes in the Technical regulation of the Customs union "About safety of wheel vehicles". Trial operation of the ERA-GLONASS system in full as a part of one Research Center of the first level, seven Research Centers of the second level and 72 RKU is already carried out.

Completion of these works until the end of 2013 will allow to provide readiness of a system for continuous operation, the press service of NP GLONASS which is determined by the only contractor by creation of "ERA-GLONASS" according to the decision of the government notes. Contract amount is 1.69 billion rubles.

By April, 2013 outline engineering design of the ERA-GLONASS system is executed, two Research Centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, one RKU in Kursk are created, the equipment for placement in three Research Centers of the second level (Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa) and 12 RKU is completed, models of ERA-GLONASS terminals are developed, offers on formation of the regulatory legal base necessary for start of a system are prepared.

Based on the carried-out NP GLONASS of tender by the main contractors on creation of telecom infrastructure of a system there will be Nvision Group Ltd and TechnoServ A/S Ltd.

62 regions of Russia should be connected to "ERA-GLONASS"

Within the public contract with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on creation of a system of the emergency reaction at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS" for 2013. The GLONASS non-profit partnership will connect the remained 62 regions of the Russian Federation to system infrastructure.

Works on creation of infrastructure of the ERA-GLONASS system in 18 regions of the Russian Federation are conducted.

For this purpose partnership held a competition in the form of the closed request for proposals among four telecom operators. It is about lease of communication channels for creation of a data network and also lease of platforms for placement of the equipment of the created navigation information centers of the 2nd level and regional switching nodes of the ERA-GLONASS system in 62 regions of the Russian Federation.

For successful project implementation, in particular, for the purpose of risk minimization of failure to meet time constraints of delivery of works, the tender committee NP GLONASS into which all members of partnership (Rostelecom ("РТКомм.РУ"), MTS, VimpelCom, MegaFon, Summa Telecom, "Yandex", Navigation-Information Systems, Tranzas Group, GLONASS/GNSS — the Forum Association, Caesar Satellit Group) enter made the decision on separation of a range of services and selected four winners of competition. Services of lease of platforms for placement of the equipment of the ERA-GLONASS system will be rendered by Rostelecom and MegaFon, lease of communication channels will be provided by Rostelecom, MegaFon, VimpelCom and MTS.

Such distribution was made on the basis of key criteria, such as features of system architecture of "ERA-GLONASS" and also geographical distribution of infrastructure of operators, their experience of accomplishment of similar projects and presence in regions.

The equipment of the ERA-GLONASS system on platforms of Rostelecom and MegaFon will be placed in August, 2013.

The ERA-GLONASS system is constructed and tested

In December, 2013 the GLONASS Non-profit Partnership (NPP) and Ministry of Transport announced the successful end of comprehensive tests of a system of the emergency reaction at accidents of ERA-GLONASS in all territory of the country. During tests work of basic service of a call of emergency services was checked. Trial operation will come to the end with acceptance tests of Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and other interested departments, including power which should take place until the end of 2013[14].

Creation of the compatible telematic systems will become a technology basis for development of services of different function – transport monitoring systems in the international transport corridors, passenger traffic and transportations of especially dangerous and heavy loads, the systems of collection of a payment from heavy-load motor transport, security search systems, digital tachographs. Besides, possibilities of infrastructure of ERA-GLONASS allow to provide to motorists the most modern services through service of providers of the sector of insurance telematics, such as Pay As You Drive (the program considers a manner of driving of the car owner), Pay As You Use (the program considers the periods of active use and idle time of the car), reconstruction of circumstances of road accident on the basis of which conditions of insurance policies will be created.


Tests of terminals

In the spring of 2012 in Dubna tests of pilot samples of the ERA-GLONASS terminal created by engineers of the innovation holding "M2M Telematics" took place. Testing took place within implementation of the next stage of the ERA-GLONASS project on trial operation of the navigation and coherent equipment, and further and equipment of passenger transport on the pipeline of the largest car makers.

At tests the emergency situation which showed positive results of operation of the telematic ERA-GLONASS terminal of development of "telematics M2M" was simulated. In the equipment the algorithm of automatic detection of the moment of accident and record of a profile of acceleration after road accident is implemented. The ability to integrate operation of the terminal with architecture of multi-layer system of the emergency reaction of "ERA-GLONASS" for which implementation the federal network operator of JSC NIS is responsible is also provided.

During creation of the ERA-GLONASS terminal specialists of "telematics M2M" considered all qualifying standards to this type of the equipment developed for project implementation of "ERA-GLONASS" which large-scale start is expected in 2013.

Besides, technical protocols and standards of the ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems (European Union) are unified that gives the chance to render a necessary assistance to citizens and Russia, and the European Union at intersection of borders on the car.

Since 2008, the M2M Telematics group and the science city of Dubna cooperate on implementation of the innovative technologies. Joint efforts with assistance of Administration of Dubna created pilot model of the intelligent transport system (ITS). Today elements of ITS are successfully implemented in 52 regions of Russia.

Draft resolution of the government on creation of "ERA-GLONASS"

The Ministry of Transport published in May, 2012 the draft resolution of the government on creation of a system of the emergency reaction at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS". As it appears from the document, in 2012-2013 for this system it is going to select over 2.5 billion rubles. Earlier it was reported that about 6 billion rubles will be spent for all project within several years.

What terminals will be used in a system, is not approved yet, as well as their cost is not known, however earlier officials calmed that it strongly not to affect the final cost of the car. The aircraft equipment for "ERA-GLONASS" was developed already by several companies among which – M2M Telematics (in 2012 integrated with NIS) and RNT. In pilot projects the equipment of different producers was used.

The prime minister Dmitry Medvedev the order of September 18, 2012 No. 1732-r determined "Assistance to Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" non-profit partnership by the only contractor by project implementation of creation and system implementation of the emergency reaction at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS".

Earlier, according to the order of the government of May 25, 2012 No. 522, "Assistance to Development and Use of Navigation Technologies" non-profit partnership functions of the federal network operator in the field of navigation activity which since 2009 were performed by Navigation-Information Systems company (NIS GLONASS) departed.

Plan of creation of the virtual operator

In July, 2012 the head Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Nikolai Nikiforov discussed with mobile operators development of a system of the emergency reaction at accidents "the ERA -GLONASS". For project implementation department is going to create the virtual operator who will use infrastructure of "the big three".

"Held an interesting meeting with mobile operators about what SIM cards in 40 million cars in Russia for "ERA-GLONASS" will be, - Nikolai Nikiforov in the Twitter microblog shared with readers. "ERA-GLONASS" is this system which will appear in each car over time and will transfer the message about road accident with its coordinates, - he wrote. - This general platform will also create the market competition between telecom operators and operators of final navigation services. Cellular operators agreed that creation of the uniform virtual operator, including with participation of the state is for this purpose reasonable".


Development plans for a system

"By the end of 2011 in the mode of trial operation also regional navigation information centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg will begin to function federal", - the CEO of NIS GLONASS Alexander Gurko says.

Completely it is going to start a system by the end of 2012. And since January 1, 2013 without fail it is going to connect to "ERA-GLONASS" all new cars. After complete deployment a system should help to save annually lives more than 4 thousand people and it is essential to reduce budget expenses of mitigation of consequences of road accident. Besides, it will become a basis for providing GLONASS services in mass market.

However according to A. Gurko, the CEO of "Navigation-Information Systems company, the constructed system will be rather a platform for providing the most various navigation services to private users, the commercial organizations or state structures. It is going to equip with similar devices all cars of public services, and since June 1, 2011 will even fine transport enterprises if on their cars receivers with support of GLONASS are not installed. Now the legislation for similar innovations prepares.[15]

In some regions there are already control systems for public transport. For example, in St. Petersburg all city transport is equipped with GLONASS receivers which allow to control its movement on route. At stops information displays on which the expected arrival time of the bus is shown to passengers are set. The similar project is implemented in Krasnodar Krai by Russian Navigation Technologies company. Not only public transport, but also school buses, and ambulance cars is controlled. The first project assumes integration into already existing solution of the ERA-GLONASS components. Meanwhile the chief executive of RNT I. Nechayev very crucially treated the uniform standards of interaction offered NIS: "We cannot guarantee operability of our system if in it someone else's protocol is used". However it is quite possible that interaction with infrastructure of ERA-GLONASS will be organized at the level of the situational centers and dispatching offices.

GLONASS gradually finds the place in the world system of positioning. Several western chipmakers already announced support in the products of the Russian navigation system. The matter is that two-system receivers can work more precisely. Now in a satellite segment of the Russian system of navigation more than 20 spacecrafts — they are in the orbits optimal for subpolar territories. Besides, points of correction of coordinates are tied to seven geodetic centers in the territory of Russia and to two more — in Antarctica. As a result a domestic system works better in northern latitudes, than GPS therefore for Norway, Finland and other countries of Northern Europe it is more preferable to use GLONASS.

However, despite support of the Russian technology of positioning, all navigation devices issue area coordinates in the international standard WGS, at the same time all our cards are made in the domestic geodetic standard "Earth Parameters" (PZ-90.02) which was adopted in 2005. As a result, the foreign navigator cannot be combined with our cards — they use different representations of Earth. Different models exist most precisely to correspond to the area in which the standard is developed. In particular, the Earth Parameters standard uses Krasovsky's ellipsoid, and WGS is an ellipsoid with other geometry. As a result of discrepancy of the card and the navigator can reach hundreds of meters, depending on width. For orientation according to the kilometer card it is insignificant, but the modern systems of positioning give accuracy in one meter, and discrepancies can be serious; let's tell, for maintaining the car on an automatic pilot the accuracy of determination of its coordinates and the card should be within one decimeter. However electronic cards in the Russian coordinate system are not manufactured yet. And the Russian State accompanies the efforts on distribution of GLONASS with promotion of Parameters of Earth.

Completion of sampling of terminals

The federal network operator of NIS GLONASS announced in November, 2011 completion of selection of prototypes of automobile terminals for the ERA-GLONASS project. The equipment of ENDS Ltd company according to the results of an open tender answers all to required characteristics and is selected for further testing from pilot zones.

In addition to ENDS Russia competition was won by six more companies conducting development of hardware-software devices on GLONASSGPS bases / technologies. The telematic modules provided on tests are intended for information transfer about accident in services of the emergency reaction, control and processing of indications of the sensors installed on the vehicle. At this stage of the project prototypes of terminals should confirm ability to integrate with (U) SIM- chips for work in GSM/UMTS networks and also compatibility with the European eCall navigation system.

- The system of the emergency reaction "ERA-GLONASS" - the complex project directed to increase in traffic safety, passenger and freight transportation, - the CEO of ENDS Ltd Krakhin Dmitry comments. – The main goal of the project consists in decrease in effects of injury rate and death rate on the Russian roads at the road accidents. Automobile terminals will provide instant information transfer about the fact road accident on the dispatching center of service 112 including exact coordinates of location of the machine. Thus, time of reaction of emergency services can be considerably reduced. The ERA-GLONASS project will lead to creation of mass market of navigation services and the equipment, conditions for healthy competition and also will allow to accelerate process of implementation of GLONASS technologies in Russia and abroad.

Full-scale equipment of transport ERA-GLONASS devices will begin in 2013. Navigation equipment passes test in pilot zones of the federal network operator in the Moscow and Leningrad regions, Kursk. On completion of tests ENDS company will continue development of the new terminal to start serial production.

Transfer of financing from Roskosmos in Ministry of Transport

Since 2012 financing of a federal system of the emergency reaction at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS" will be transferred from Roskosmos to the Ministry of Transport - such solution in December, 2011 was approved by the interdepartmental working group under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov. That the solution became effective, the corresponding government decree is necessary.

"At the first stage Roskosmos was a customer, and this year NIS finished outline and engineering design and also creation of prototypes, - told the reporter of ComNews the source close to the government. - Now there is a question of future user of a system. Three ministries were considered: The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and, in the general opinion, the greatest efficiency will provide to a system entry into composition of Ministry of Transport. It is about expansion of functionality of the ERA-GLONASS system - it is not only actually emergency reaction, but also creation based on its infrastructure of a federal management system for a transport complex. It both monitoring of especially dangerous loads, and system of tachograph control, and system of collection of payments from 12-ton trucks, and intelligent transport system, etc.".

2010: System design

In 2010 it was going to design system architecture, prototypes of automobile terminals and a regulatory framework. NIS GLONASS said that all tasks planned for 2010 are carried out. At the same time the outline sketch of a system including 10 models of all principal components is handed over to Roskosmos which acts as the state customer.

In a number of areas (Moscow, Leningrad, Kaluga, Kursk and Ryazan) together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and administrations of regions trainings on working off of response to accidents using the coordinate information obtained from prototypes of terminals are held.

According to CNews, the NIS GLONASS company belonging to AFK "Sistema" begins testing of work of the virtual mobile operator servicing the ERA-GLONASS system since April, 2011.

"Navigation information systems" (NIS GLONASS) prepare for creation of pilot zones of the ERA-GLONASS system intended for traffic monitoring, the representative of the company I. Frumkin told. The controlling shareholder of NIS is AFK "Sistema" which also holds a controlling stake of MTS mobile operator. But test zones are created not only with MTS, but also with MegaFon, Frumkin says.

With the third operator of "the big three" - VimpelCom (a trademark Beeline) - there are no joint zones yet, but the agreement on accession of networks is already signed, the representative of NIS adds. MegaFon confirmed creation of test zones, joint with NIS, for "ERA-GLONASS". The press secretary of VimpelCom A. Aybasheva also confirmed the agreement signature fact with NIS, having noted at the same time that the speech goes too about tests based on which the company will make the decision on participation in a system.

2009: Start of the project. Development of the business plan

Project implementation of "ERA-GLONASS" began in 2009 - with development of the business plan.

Purpose of the project

The ERA-GLONASS system, as it appears from its name (ERA — "The emergency Reaction at Accidents") is intended for reduction of number of road accident and for acceleration of liquidation of their effects. As envisioned by her creators, at accident the system terminal installed in the car will join and transfer automatically or manually information on the vehicle, including its exact coordinates, to a dispatcher station of System 112. The manager has an opportunity to talk to the driver and, having received confirmation, will organize departure of services of the emergency reaction.[15]

Click on the scheme for its increase

Basic purpose of the project is increase in traffic safety. It is supposed that at severe accident a system will independently transfer information on the vehicle, including its coordinates, to a dispatcher station. The manager will have an opportunity to contact the driver and, having received confirmation, will organize departure of services of the emergency reaction. It will be possible to turn on the terminal and manually. It is expected that when using the ERA-GLONASS system arrival time of ambulance and rescuers to the place of accident should be reduced on average by 30%.

If to consider that to predict and provide readiness for natural disasters, according to the experts, 15 times cheaper, than to liquidate the caused damage, there is clear an aspiration of the state in large quantities to implement navigation and information systems in all road and transport infrastructure of Russia. Today in the world GPS systems and GLONASS, operate on a development stage the European Galileo and the Chinese Compass (Beidou-2). GPS uses 30 satellites (24 working and 6 reserve), at their GLONASS 26 (24 and 2 respectively). Galileo will be included into a system in 2014-2016 when all 30 planned satellites are put to orbit (from them three reserve). In the Compass system there will be 35 satellites, from them five on a geostationary earth orbit and 30 in average circular orbits.

Except natural disasters, security on roads is threatened by an anthropogenic factor. In particular, special attention will be paid to escape systems. Since 1977 in the territory of Russia, the USA, Canada and France the satellite Cospas-Sarsat system installed on ships and airplanes works; during the existence it saved more than 30 thousand lives. In 2000 a system began to extend to personal radio buoys. For Russia having about 60% of the territory without reliable and available communication, use of such radio buoys is especially relevant for timely assistance to the people who got into accident. The radio buoy of Cospas-Sarsat is built in also in ERA-GLONASS terminals, it will help to reduce weight of road accident. Since 2013 ERA-GLONASS terminals will equip all new cars. Developers also recommend to install without fail the breathalyzer, control systems of the high-speed mode and efficiency of the driver. The A-GLONASS technology (A-GPS is similar) increases receiver sensitivity in difficult conditions.

Harmonization of the ERA-GLONASS and eCall system, the European integrated automobile system intended for operational informing emergency services on road accident became one of steps to creation of uniform European space of security on transport. According to the estimates of specialists, calls according to the eCall system allow to save annually in Europe up to 2.5 thousand lives and to reduce quantity of serious injuries by 15%.

Scheme of system operation "ERA-GLONASS"

Image:Shema ERA.jpg

Determination and transfer of coordinates and time of road accident, data transmission about weights of accident, existence of a bidirectional public address system belongs to basic functions of the ERA-GLONASS system. At the severe accident, for example, which is followed by operation of safety cushions, the terminal automatically determines coordinates of the affected vehicle via satellites of GLONASS system, establishes connection with the server center of a monitoring system and transfers data on accident on channels of cellular communication to the operator. The operator by voice specifies parts of incident and in case of confirmation of information or in the absence of the answer directs services of the emergency reaction, for example, of rescuers the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ambulance, traffic police. The driver or passengers can turn on also manually the device, transfer data and contact the operator.

Security systems

Within program implementation of "ERA-GLONASS" ready-made solutions - end-to-end systems of safety of motor transport based on GLONASS which allow to define in real time a status and location of the vehicle are proposed and to broadcast information for ensuring reaction of "ERA-GLONASS". Proposed solutions have advanced functionality regarding providing security and search and navigation and information services that significantly increases security and comfort on roads and motivates the driver to safe driving. Monitoring of the set car operation parameters allows to recruit specialized sensors that leads to improvement of an ecological situation in the megalopolis.

The consortium has wide experience of providing telematic services to the population, commercial users and departments. The centralized condition monitoring of all protected objects is performed from the uniform Federal monitoring center providing broadcast of the arriving disturbing signals in services of the emergency reaction.

GIS component of the ERA-GLONASS system

Within the ERA-GLONASS project of Geocentre-Consulting Ltd developed geoinformation component (further GIS) the navigation information platform and also delivered geoinformation data set of "RuMap" on the territory of all Russia. The Geocentre-Consulting company developed a geographic information system (GIS) for automatic detection of location avtomobilyapostradavshy. This application will be used by the call center operator at message handling about road accident (by phone from the victim) and information transfers in service of the emergency reaction "112".

System interface of NIP "GIS"

GIS is intended for accomplishment of the following basic functions:

  • Fixing of information on the received message about road accident or emergency on the road;
  • Position fix of road accident or emergency on the road by means of the interactive map;
  • Data transmission about road accident or emergency on the road to a system-112 (service of the emergency reaction).

GIS includes the following subsystems: the cartographic database, the cartographic server, the automated attendant workstation, accepting the message about road accident and archive of events.

When processing the message the operator specifies the address, next to the scene, on the coordinates received from the ERA-GLONASS terminal which is in the vehicle.

As a cartographic basis geoinformation data set of "RuMap" was selected. "RuMap" represents the uniform data set ("one card") including the continuous ("seamless") digital cartographic description of all territory of Russia in which the different cities, areas, villages, areas are provided by data of different degree of detail (from survey detail of not populated Siberian territories to circuits of buildings and the addresses in the cities and villages). This product is developed on uniform technology, on the basis of uniform reference books, qualifiers and the system of identification of objects.

The infrastructure created within the ERA-GLONASS project should become a basis for development in Russia of navigation and information systems, services and the equipment based on GLONASS technologies for the benefit of all categories of users.


On the project Ministry of Transport is appointed the state customer (earlier Roskosmos was it).


In 2011-2012 more than 2 billion rubles will be selected for development of a national system of the emergency response to the road accidents of "ERA-GLONASS". Reported about it in NIS GLONASS company which is engaged in project implementation.

The relevant decision was made by the Government of the Russian Federation at the disposal of No. 13-r of 1/11/2011. "About the budgetary appropriations on actions for project implementation approved by Presidential Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia's Economy".

In January, 2011 became it is known[15]that all 6-7 billion rubles are going to spend for project implementation. From them about 4 billion rubles - from the federal budget. 2-3 more billion rubles are going to invest NIS GLONASS. Earlier from the state budget 180 million rubles were already invested in the project.

Among other things, means within a new stage of financing will go for creation of the navigation information centers ensuring system operation (in the mode of trial operation). Besides, in 2011 is going to begin release of prototypes of terminals based on different Russian producers.

2015: 331 million rubles

On December 30, 2015 it became known that at accidents of "ERA-GLONASS" from the budget will be selected for development of the state system of the emergency reaction additional a third of one billion rubles in 2016. The corresponding order was signed by the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

The government aimed to Ministry of Transport more than 330 million rubles at the development of the ERA-GLONASS system
The government aimed to Ministry of Transport more than 330 million rubles at the development of the ERA-GLONASS system

The government will provide to the Ministry of Transport 331 million rubles on "implementation of new components of a system regarding ensuring data protection, integration with external information systems and increases in accuracy and reliability of functioning of a system", said in the document published on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation.[16]

In the same place it is noted that "ERA-GLONASS" needs development for the purpose of reduction of delivery time of emergency messages about road accident on highways of Russia to services of the emergency reaction.

"The made decisions will allow to provide financing in 2016 of measures for development of "ERY-GLONASS"" — explain in the government.

"ERA-GLONASS" began to work in Russia since January 1, 2016. From this point all again certified cars should be equipped with a system. Since January 1 of next year it is the requirement will extend to all buses and large-size machines, and since January 1 the 2017th — to all new cars released in the countries of the Customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

In the government road map on development of JSC GLONASS which since January 1, 2016 will become ERY-GLONASS operator for 2014-2017 selection from the cash budget in the amount of 1.95 billion rubles was supposed.