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Developers: ISBC Group (Intelligent systems of business management)
Last Release Date: 2020/03/24
Technology: ACS - Control and management systems for access,  Security system and control of motor transport



Ensuring secure access of Avto-SKUD of Esmart in the conditions of a pandemic

On March 24, 2020 the ISBC Group company announced ensuring secure access of Avto-SKUD of Esmart in the conditions of a coronavirus pandemic when there is extremely important a providing the mode of self-isolation. Minimization of stay in public places and uses of public transport allows to prevent spread of a koronavirusny infection. Ensuring secure access in similar conditions is one of key methods use of technologies of radio frequency identification (RFID).


Usually many parkings are equipped with the systems of access according to cards requiring repeated contact transactions with parking coupons and opening of windows. Thereby all advantages of safety of the individual transport are leveled and risks of contact with COVID-19 virus grow.

ISBC RFID technologies allow to pass without contact on the territory of the cottage settlement, office center, a parking, without opening windows. On a windshield miniature RFID tags are placed or the cards of frequency range of UHF which are storing the unique identification number and not requiring power supply are issued to the driver. When the car gets to a RFID reader area of coverage, the tag answers with the unique number coded in her memory. Process of identification is automatic.

Principal components of a system of identification of ESMART Avto-SKUD vehicles are RFID tags, stationary RFID readers and antennas of far field region of action – up to 15 meters. Points of registration and control are equipped with RFID readers and antennas. A system is connected to the majority of ACS controllers under the Wiegand protocol and are integrated with all widespread models of barriers. Independent operation of the RFID equipment without connection to external systems of control is possible.

RFID tags can be made in the form of the sticker on a windshield of the car issued to the driver of the card or a tag in the body fixed on a body. The device has necessary protection against interception of the individual code and, if necessary, can be password-protected.

Avto-SKUD ESMART developed by ISBC is completely ready-made solution for secure access on the territory of cottage settlements, office centers, the yards and parkings. A system provides full automation of access for drivers. We help to reduce a pin count on scanners and terminals at barriers that is extremely important in the conditions of high alert on COVID-19,

- Roman Podprugin, the Head of department of RFID identification of transport and people of ISBC company told

Opportunities, structure and operation principle of Avto-SKUD

According to information for March, 2020 the system of access of AVTO-SKUD ESMART it:

  • RFID for cottages
  • The ready-made solution working independently without the need for connection to the third-party systems.
  • Comfort and security at access to the territory of the cottage settlement.
  • Lack of morning and evening jams at the check point.
  • An opportunity to automate access of cars to the territory of the cottage settlement.
  • Possibility of mailing of Sms.

A RFID System includes:

  • The RFID equipment (the RFID reader and set of antennas) for automation of access of cars on the under control territory of Avto-SKUD
  • The software for administration of a system (with a possibility of remote access via the WEB BROWSER)
  • SDK / API for integration into third-party information systems
  • Test set of RFID tags for fast start and for the debug purposes (tags are entered into the system)
  • Integration with existing the ACS via Wiegand interface (26/34) with a possibility of registration of the direction of journey

A system perfectly is suitable for automation of access of cars on the territory of cottage settlements. Morning and evening jams at barriers - now it not about your settlement!

The operation principle of a system is that each car of the settlement is equipped with the specialized radio-frequency tag containing the electronic chip. The most widespread type of tags - a sticker on a car windshield. The second in prevalence - the card having the sizes normal bank. Depending on settings of a system, desire of the customer and a configuration of the check point, the tag can be defined on an entrance, from distance to 15 meters. At detection of a tag a System checks access rights for the territory, based on check the barrier rises or gate which are supplied with automatic drives open. It is possible to manage practically any barriers or drives of oar or recoil gate.