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The name of the base system (platform): Java
Developers: Eclipse Foundation
Last Release Date: 2016/03/04
Technology: Development tools of applications

Eclipse – one of the most widespread development environments among associates of developer Java, available to Windows platforms, Mac and Linux.

2016: Eclipse Che

On March 4, 2016 the community Eclipse Foundation announced release of the version of Eclipse under the name Eclipse Che. The companies took part in work on creation of this version Codenvy Red Hat, SAP and Microsoft[1].

Screenshot of the editor of the Eclipse Che (2016) environment

Among features there are versions of the Eclipse development environment:

  • Server of a joint working environment. Host Eclipse Che is the server of a working environment giving to groups of programmers an opportunity of shared access to program services. Names of hosts are appropriated to working environments, and it is possible to address them using remote client users.
  • Cloud IDE. The development environment which is not requiring installation and accomplishment of applications in the form of the browser into which it is possible to come from any local or remote device.
  • System of plug-ins. Che easily extends thanks to a possibility of setup of the built-in plug-ins and activation of own expansions of the user.
  • Stacks. Projects can be created in any programming language and for any platform. It is possible to create application runtime environment using the library of images and stacks which is built in Che, to take it from a repository of Docker Hub or to generate own images on the basis of instructions in files of Dockerfiles.

But even if not to take into account integration into building tools of Microsoft, the Eclipse environment for a long time not that that it was earlier.

Eclipse Che reinterprets architecture and methods of use of the IDE environments by developers. This version uses clouds and technologies of microservices for creation of more flexible and dynamic working interface of the programmer.
Mike Milinkovich, chief executive of Eclipse Foundation fund

The source code Eclipse Che is available to loading on the GitHub portal.