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Flipper Zero

Developers: Flipper Devices
Date of the premiere of the system: July, 2020
Branches: Information technologies

2020: Attraction of $840 thousand.

By July 31, 2020 the project Russian "tamagoch for hackers" Flipper Zero attracted $840 thousand on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at a stated purpose in $60 thousand.

Flipper Zero is supplied with the 1.4-inch monochrome LCD screen, the five-button joystick, the status indicator, USB Type-C port, the IK-transmitter, the radio module, GPIO contacts and also a key for an exit and return. "Lives" in the device virtual who needs regularly to be fed up — as popular digital small animal from the 1990th.

The project Russian "tamagoch for hackers" collected $82 thousand.

According to developers, the device allows to intercept control of TVs, a Split systems, on-door speakerphones and other electric devices, even garage gate.

The infrared transmitter  can send signals to any TVs, conditioners, stereosystems, etc. Flipper supports the built-in library of widespread commands, such as inclusion/switching off, change of volume or adjustment of temperature. Also the IR receiver can intercept signals and save them in memory.

Flipper does not get under the description of a specific or the device for secret collection of information. Has no possibility of fixing of audiovisual information, it is not disguised under use objects. In a factory firmware there will be no functions of a dzhemming, brute force and other potentially harmful functions — developers explain.

The code of the device open that allows specialists to modify the equipment under own needs. Flipper Zero is compatible to the Arduino IDE platform — for a multitool it is possible to write the programs and plug-ins through open SDK or to load strangers.

Flipper Zero price for the first buyers was equal to $99 - $119. The gadget was constructed  by Pavel Zhovner, the head of community for Neuron Hackspace tekhnoentuziast.[1]