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Fujitsu Digital Annealer

Developers: Fujitsu
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/03/13
Technology: BI,  Data Mining,  SaaS - The software as service,  Data processing centers are technologies for DPC

2019: Announcement of the second generation of architecture

The Fujitsu company announced on March 13, 2019 the second generation of computing architecture of Fujitsu Digital Annealer allowing the organizations to achieve achievements in area of the solution of difficult tasks of combinatory optimization and in such directions as optimization of production processes, minimization of jams on roads and optimization of investment portfolios by financial services providers against the background of constantly changing risks. Created on the basis of quantum technology, the architecture of Fujitsu Digital Annealer can be used in the different purposes, including search of new drugs and molecular modeling, prioritization of placement of base stations of mobile networks for the maximum scope of subscribers.

Fujitsu announced the second generation of computing architecture of Fujitsu Digital Annealer
"Our ultimate goal is in helping our customers and society in general at the solution of more and more major and difficult tasks. Fujitsu solves a problem of shortage of computing resources using computing architecture of Digital Annealer which offers essentially other approach to finding solutions based on enhanced capabilities of quantum computings for parallel processing. The main difference from traditional calculations is that the architecture of Digital Annealer can solve difficult combinatory tasks, comparing thousands of possible results at the same time, but is not consecutive".

As noted in Fujitsu, the architecture of Digital Annealer can be unrolled in the form of a cloud or local service solution, depending on the choice of the customer. It is integrated into standard environments of DPC without the need for creation of energy-intensive and difficult expensive cooling systems which are required for normal quantum computers.

According to the statement of the developer, ample opportunities for simultaneous data processing allow Fujitsu Digital Annealer to find almost instantly optimal combinations of difficult and earlier uncontrollable variable data. So, for example, the choice of an optimal combination of 40 of 100 things which need to be taken with themselves in a campaign can lead to formation of such quantity of options which in one million times exceeds quantity of stars in the Universe. Using the provided computing architecture it is possible to solve this problem less than in one second. Digital Annealer, for example, is able to allow banks to optimize a tab of cash in ATMs. This architecture can quickly define what ATMs collectors should visit, calculate an optimal route for the movement and along with it to calculate the amount for a tab of each ATM.

According to information for March, 2019 Fujitsu Digital Annealer is already used by the companies in the different industries. In the field of financial services the NatWest bank uses architecture for optimization of set of quick assets. It allows bank to execute difficult computer calculations quicker and more precisely. As a result of NatWest defined new profitable opportunities for investment at a full compliance to normative risks and, along with it, reduced the probability of emergence of the errors connected with a human factor. In automotive industry of Digital Annealer development of services of intellectual mobility or improvement of a form of a body of cars for noise reduction is used in the test mode for the solution of a broad spectrum of tasks, including work planning on production. Also when implementing the project on reorganization of own warehouse of Fujitsu company, the computing architecture of Digital Annealer analyzed data and offered ways of optimization of movement and placement of products. It allowed to reduce the distance necessary for collecting of objects, by 45% that led to saving of time and means.

"With release of the second generation of computing architecture of Digital Annealer we give to our customers an opportunity to receive answers to difficult questions "That if?" due to adding of a bigger quantity of variables and due to more exact work. It gives the chance to solve problems with which traditional computers in connection with the exponential growth of quantity of possible combinations are not capable to cope. Unlike quantum computers which are far from commercial use because of too high price the architecture of Digital Annealer is available to the companies in all sectors of economy".

Doctor Joseph Reger, the technical director of the company of Fujitsu in EMEIA region

As noted in Fujitsu, services for implementation of joint work allow customers to start in short terms Digital Annealer use. According to information for March, 2019 the architecture of Digital Annealer is available in the form of service on a subscription which includes technical and consulting services, support and consultations at solution deployment. The second generation of architecture of Fujitsu Digital Annealer is offered as the pilot version. The commercial release of the solution is planned for April, 2019.