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Galaktika of MES

Developers: Galaktika Corporation
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/03/06
Branches: Military industrial complex,  Mechanical engineering and instrument making
Technology: MES - Management of productions and repairs



Vladimir Putin was acquainted with software of Galaktika

On July 9, 2019 the Galaktika corporation submitted the platform on end-to-end process management at all stages of product lifecycle from industry level to a workplace, services of the industry and also the solution for digitalization of power, transport, executive authorities and the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin was acquainted with software of Galaktika

The board member of Galaktika corporation Anton Malkov told Vladimir Putin about solutions of industry level, in particular, on management of interfactory cooperation ("Galaktika of MCM") and production and technology potential. The enterprise level was provided by resource management with emphasis on production (Galaktika AMM). Tasks of step-by-step planning and scheduling of level of workshop and a workplace are covered by the product "Galaktika of MES".

Also special attention was paid to a management system for maintenance and reliability of infrastructure facilities ("Galaktika EAM")transport, power, production facilities, objects of municipal economy. Digital doubles allow to create such systems and to predict failures and wear of elements of infrastructure on the basis of operating control of technical condition.

All presented solutions successfully functions at a number of the strategic enterprises of the oil and gas industry, such as Transneft and Rosneft and also on defense industry enterprises among which there is NPO Energomash, KBP of Shipunov, the enterprises of the integrated structures of KRET, Tupolev, Almaz-Antey, Ural Carriage-Building Plant and many others.

The software of Galaktika corporation by some parameters of functionality and performance even exceeds the western analogs. For example, at one of the enterprises of Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" calculation of the production program for three years ahead is calculated with formation of 20 million planned transactions in a night. We also carried out payroll to laboratories to 1 million personal accounts in 4.5 hours. As the domestic developer with a 30-year experience we are ready to the solution of the tasks of digitalization set by you taking into account primary use of the domestic software,
noted Anton Malkov

Release of the software product

On March 6, 2019 the Galaktika corporation announced release of the software product – the Galaktika of MES systems which added a line of solutions for implementation of end-to-end production management at all levels: production association, enterprise, workshop. Galaktika of MES the enterprises of mechanical engineering will become key users: automobile, an avia - and shipbuilding, instrument making, engine-building, radio-electronic production, equipment manufacturing and metal working, including defense industry enterprise.

According to the statement of the developer, the Galaktika of MES system is intended for production management at the intra shop level: operational planning of transactions and works in production divisions, control and collection of data on execution of operations and a condition of equipment, efficiency analysis of use of the main production resources (technology equipment and production personnel).

A system supports several options of the interface part for users including mobile terminals and also is equipped with interfaces for data collection in electronic form from technology equipment: industrial controllers, sensors, etc. It allows to issue quickly tasks for execution of operations directly on jobs to contractors, to obtain information on task performance and a status of production resources, to consider at operational planning online task performance and actual state of resources, the developer noted.

As emphasized in Galaktika company, the Galaktika of MES system can be implemented and be operated as together with other solutions of corporation: "Galaktika ERP" (a resource management system of the enterprise) and Galaktika AMM (production management system), and in integration with a production management system of the top level and the ERP system of the third-party developer. Data exchange between solutions is implemented through an integration bus, for example, "Galaktika of ESB". The local option for small and medium-sized enterprises with the small nomenclature and volume of production orders when Galaktika of MES is implemented and operated independently, without interaction with other systems is also possible.

"The Galaktika of MES system logically supplements other software products of corporation and allows customers to implement the full-function solution on production management at all levels: from holding to a workplace".