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GfK Performance Pulse

Developers: GFK-Russia (GfK Rus)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/03/14
Branches: Trade
Technology: BI

GfK Performance Pulse is a part of a complex packet of the analytical solutions GfK for monitoring of sales of categories and the prices, consumer behavior, for obtaining information on brands and buyers.

2019: Start of GfK Performance Pulse

On March 14, 2019 GfK, the supplier of data and analytics about the market of consumer technologies and home appliances, announced start of 'GfK Performance Pulse' – mobile application which will help to provide sales departments with information for decision making in real time. The application weekly accumulates the data obtained using POS tracking of GfK and provides them in the form of ready formats which manufacturing companies and their sales departments will be able to use for monitoring of competitive environment.

GfK Performance Pulse

Specialists of sales departments, using GfK Performance Pulse, will be able to understand, their brand or a product is how successful, tracing in real time a market share, dynamics of sales, actions of competitors and the most demanded products. In addition to data on key segments of the market, GfK Performance Pulse shows also data on the most sold models, the most successful brands and the prices.

Retail is very dynamic also a role of sales department in achievement of target indicators of business – one of main. The GfK Performance Pulse application will provide sales managers with up-to-date data about a situation in the market and, thus, considerably will simplify daily business processes and will help with instant acceptance of effective solutions.
Tilghman Rotberg (Tilman Rotbeg), VP Market Insights, GfK

At the first stage of start of the solution GfK Performance Pulse it will be available to separate product groups which are monitored on a weekly basis (Smartphones, TV and Washers), expansion of the list of available product groups is planned further.