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Hikvision HiWatch of the video camera

Developers: Hikvision (Hikvizhn)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/06/10
Last Release Date: 2020/07/31
Technology: Video surveillance systems



DS-I250L и DS-I253L

On July 31, 2020 it became known that the DS-I250L and DS-I253L models became the first IP cameras in a product line of the HiWatch brand which got support of ColorVu technology. IP cameras transfer the full-color image of good clearness at weak lighting or its total absence. The ColorVu technology expands possibilities of a product line of the HiWatch brand for projects in a segment of small and medium business and also for security of private territories.

As it was explained, in the HiWatch DS-I250L and DS-I253L IP cameras advanced lenses with an aperture of F1.0, soft no-glare LED illumination with a range up to 30 meters are used. One more possibility of a line of the cameras ColorVu is the photosensitivity of a matrix: the indicator of the minimum illumination is 0.001 lx.

DS-I250L и DS-I253L

Models are provided in two versions of the body: cylindrical DS-I250L and dome DS-I253L. DS-I250L and DS-I253L support the RoI function (area of interest) which allows to code that area of a frame where there are most significant events in terms of security with the maximum quality. At the same time the rest of the image is exposed to a bigger compression that reduces load of a data network and saves a disk space.

For ensuring network security of devices the filter of the IP addresses is implemented. Function protects cameras from unauthorized connection from the IP addresses which are not added to the list of permitted.

Cameras work in the temperature range from-40 to +60 degrees. Support a power supply on PoE technology and from external power source 12B.

The 24/7 full-color image at any lighting and even its total absence allows to ensure safety on objects for which an important condition is the round-the-clock observation. When developing this solution our main task was to provide optimal balance between the cost and functionality.

Maxim Savelyev, the product manager of the HiWatch brand told

Key characteristics for July, 2020 of DS-I250L and DS-I253L:

  • Resolution is 2 Megapixels
  • Support of ColorVu technology
  • The fixed lens of 2.8/4 mm
  • Support of codecs of compression of H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264
  • No-glare LED illumination with a range up to 30 m
  • Digital WDR
  • Protection against dust and IP67 moisture

HiWatch DS-T200L and DS-T203L with ColorVu support

On June 10, 2020 the Hikvision company reported that HDTVI camera HiWatch DS-T200L and DS-T203L with support of ColorVu technology released. Both models can be used in security systems for projects of the most different scales.

HiWatch DS-T200L и DS-T203L

According to the company, on night-time the majority of incidents are the share (thefts, illegal penetrations of the protected area). Normal cameras can record them, but the quality of record will be low: the image turns out dark, on it it is difficult to distinguish important parts on which also the speed of reaction to an incident, and results of its investigation often depends. With ColorVu technology instead of the compromise monochrome image of the camera transfer the full color image with the necessary detail level. It became possible thanks to the improved lenses and matrixes and also "soft" and no-glare LED illumination which allows to create the color image.

Support of ColorVu technology will become an additional point of interest in a line of HiWatch which for June, 2020 is used in a segment of small and medium business and also for small installations in private projects.

Maxim Savelyev, the product manager of the HiWatch brand of Hikvision Russia company told

The ColorVu technology was for the first time presented at the market in 2019.