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Hisense VIDAA

Developers: Hisense
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/09/09
Technology: CMS - Content management systems

2019: VIDAA U4 presentation

On September 9, 2019 the Hisense International company announced expansion of the strategy for providing a multimedia content within the presentation of the content VIDAA U4 platform.

Hisense International presented the new content VIDAA U4 platform

According to the company, this development expands possibilities of providing content, consolidation in itself for September, 2019 content more than two hundred suppliers. The platform is created taking into account all needs of modern users therefore not only aggregates audiovisual products, but also selects multimedia global and local products using a simple and user-friendly interface.

Within the presentation the producer emphasized that development is focused not only on providing content, but also offers different digital services, having, thus, a positive impact on sustainable social development of society. During creation of the solution of Hisense cooperated with producers of world-class content, including DevianArt and Yoola companies.

For the first time in the world the special operation mode which transforms the traditional TV to the modern digital display for demonstration of an original digital art is provided, and within cooperation with Yoola a number of developers of social products who were provided on other platforms earlier will be added to the platform.

The VIDAA platform is the first step on the way of an entry of Hisense into the content distribution market. The infrastructure and services which are the cornerstone of this solution also of support underwent significant changes in order that partners of the company could integrate the products and services into this platform.

VIDAA U4, upgraded version of VIDAA, will be provided to the I quarter of 2020, and all "smart" TVs under a brand of Hisense will be available around the world in the middle of 2020.