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Honda Asimo

Developers: Honda Motor
Date of the premiere of the system: 2000
Last Release Date: 2011
Technology: Robotics


2018: Development termination

At the end of June, 2018 Honda announced the termination of development of the humanoid Asimo robot who is considered the character of the Japanese robotics. The Japanese company made this decision to focus on use of Asimo technologies in more practical areas, such as patient care and motor transport.

The version of Asimo, last for the end of June, 2018, was submitted in the 2011th. Robots (all seven basic Asimo models were produced) generally leased for different mass actions, like motor shows.

Honda stops development of the legendary Asim robot
Honda stops development of the legendary Asim robot

Honda could not make Asimo really mass commercial product therefore was decided to stop development of the robot. However its technologies and an operating time it is inflated application in other products of the Japanese producer, including in an exoskeleton for  the help in  rehabilitation of Walking Assist and a system for  the self-balanced Riding Assist motorcycle.

At the same time Honda does not intend to leave the markets of robotics and artificial intelligence. The company already conducts development of biped robots who will replace Asimo, but will not use this brand.

Honda designated the direction of the work in the field of robotics at the beginning of 2018 when provided the quartet of robots (see video above): the AI device expressing emotions, the compact pilotless ATV, the "smart" refrigerator on wheels and a maneuverable wheelchair with a huge number of settings. All this equipment was going to be used in real life.

Honda is going to place emphasis on robots for the help to the patients recovering functions of the motive device. Robots should accompany and at need to support patients, to help them to make motive exercises or procedures. These intentions are stated in development plans for the company till 2030.[1]


The Honda Asimo robot (growth is him only 130 centimeters weighing 50 kilograms) the name not only is conformable with a surname of Isaac Asimov, but also, in general, opens the general mission of the project. Asimo is decrypted as - Advanced Step in Innovative MObility. The Honda corporation works on creation of androids since 1986, but this model became really disruptive. In addition to very advanced motility, Asimo not bad is guided in a situation, avoids collisions with moving objects and also is able to recognize the speech, gestures and persons.

The biped, quickly walking and speaking humanoid Asimo robot was for the first time provided to public in 2000. Its last, most perfect model was developed in 2011. These robots lease, they act as active participants of different mass actions.