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Honor Sport Pro Bluetooth earphones

Developers: Huawei Device
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/07
Branches: Show business, leisure, sport

2019: Bluetooth earphones Honor Sport Pro

On November 7, 2019 the company Huawei under the HONOR brand provided Bluetooth-earphones HONOR Sport PRO focused on fans sport, a mobile way of life and high-quality sounding. HONOR Sport PRO are executed in gradient flowers and received the energy efficient battery, the built-in Type-C connector for fast charging from smartphone, function of instant interface HiPair and technology of volume sounding.

The Huawei company provided Bluetooth earphones Honor Sport Pro

According to the producer, HONOR Sport PRO earphones are created taking into account needs of users who lead active lifestyle and at the same time appreciate a qualitative sound and comfort. Despite compact dimensions, the device it is equipped with dynamic radiators with a diameter of 13 mm which provide pure sounding with the broad range of frequencies. The system of noise reduction, a diaphragm from thermopolyurethane and the body from high density polymer create optimal conditions for reproduction of qualitative audio with saturated basses, providing complete immersion in the atmosphere of the reproduced media file. The microphone with function of suppression of noise of wind guarantees complete audibility during the conversation in the open air. The low delay at audio delivery will become advantage to fans of dynamic mobile video games.

HONOR Sport PRO earphones are equipped with the energy efficient lithium battery with a capacity of 120 мА×ч and thanks to economic Bluetooth chip can work without recharge till 18 o'clock in a playback mode of music and till 12 o'clock in a talk mode. The technology of fast charging allows to fill up a stock of energy of earphones on 4 working hours in only 5 minutes, claim in Huawei.

According to the statement of the producer, Bluetooth earphones HONOR Sport PRO are equipped with the built-in plug USB Type-C which supports technology of instant interface HiPair. Thus, earphones can be charged even on the run, having connected them to the computer, the tablet or the smartphone with function of the return charging. HONOR Sport PRO earphones are developed for intuitive and comfortable use. The control panel with three buttons allows to regulate easily a sound in earphones and to switch music tracks. The built-in magnetic sensors perform functions of inclusion and switching off: it is rather simple to connect the left and right inserts the backs, and the device will pass into sleep mode instantly to join and set connection when the user disconnects them again. Such solution saves battery power and increases convenience of control of the device.

The built-in magnetic sensors perform functions of inclusion and switching off.

Inserts of earphones have semi-intra channel construction for reliable fixing in ears during run and accomplishment of other physical exercises. Thanks to the soft cable with a memory effect from alloy of titanium and nickel, it is convenient to carry earphones on a neck, and the soft silicone covering provides comfort even at long-term use, emphasized in Huawei.

Earphones are protected from moisture according to IPX5 standard that allows to use them during a rain and not to worry about impact of sweat on the device during the trainings. Gradient colors — flickering red, flickering gray and flickering violet turn HONOR Sport PRO earphones into a fashionable accessory which emphasizes individual style of their owner, consider in Huawei.

Sales of Bluetooth earphones HONOR Sport PRO in Russia start since November 15, 2019. The recommended retail price will be 4990 rubles.