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Developers: Canon (Canon Ru)
Date of the premiere of the system: February, 2020
Branches: Internet services

2020: Start of service

In the middle of February, 2020 the Canon company started a cloud platform for direct transmission of photos and video on devices. Innovation under the name provides the free cloud storage with automatic loading of files from cameras of Canon.

As the producer specifies,  represents not just storage — the service helps users to manage all photo and video files. Content, automatically or manually sent from Canon cameras on communication Wi-Fi, service places in the central storage from where they can easily be transferred to different devices and to other Internet services, including Google Drive, Flickr and YouTube.

Canon started free service for direct transmission of photos and video on devices

In June, 2020 Canon will allow to make backup copies in Google Photos via Google One and will start service of a subscription to the expanded cloud storage and also will expand partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud (service on the basis of a paid subscription).

For reliable backup of the finished shooting material without use of memory cards service allows to connect the camera of Canon to the Internet and within 30 days free of charge to load into the cloud storage any files, including RAW images and video 4K. After the 30-day period users will have access to miniatures of photos 2048 pixel wide.

Users of Canon will be able to sort images and to publish them in social networks or to send by e-mail.

For all images copies in the amount of, convenient for the publication in social networks will be created, and the most important photos and videos can be transferred to long-term storage with a capacity of 10 Gbytes.

In the presence of Internet connection of the image in the background will be automatically transferred to service[1]

Start of it was announced less than in two weeks after closing of other cloud product of Canon — Irista service.