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ImmuniWeb Domain Security Test

Developers: ImmuniWeb
Date of the premiere of the system: May, 2020
Branches: Internet services
Technology: Cybersecurity - Information loss preventions

2020: Start of service

In the middle of May, 2020 the ImmuniWeb company which is engaged in web security provided free service ImmuniWeb Domain Security Test which will allow the enterprises and the organizations to estimate the vulnerability in the Darknet. The online test allows to detect whether there are data and documents of the company at "dark network".

New free service was integrated into security test of the domain ImmuniWeb which can also reveal cases of domain squatting, a phishing, violation of the rights to trademarks and false accounts of social networks for the organizations of all sizes.

Free service for monitoring of availability of data of the company in the Darknet is started

To find information on the organization in the Darknet, including about the cracked credentials and the stolen documents, the user needs to enter the URL address of the website and several minutes to wait for results.

According to ImmuniWeb, the AI algorithm allows service to trace constantly hacker forums, the selected IRC canals, the underground markets, chats of Telegram and other places of the Darknet and normal Internet where business in the stolen data is done.

Most often the stolen accounts from the compromised websites, servers and platforms of SaaS and also other data types, including the stolen source codes, databases and documents are on sale. According to firm, all information collected from the Internet is studied and ranged for the purpose of extraction of information, critical for users. Any information which will be recognized irrelevant duplicative or counterfeit, is removed a system.

To prohibit cyber-swindlers to use the free online test in the illegal purposes, a system does not display the compromised identifier of an account or passwords. It just shows classification of data and risk assessment. Details of incidents of security are disclosed only after check of the identity of the user.[1]