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Investment Tinkoff Broker platform

Developers: Tinkoff Bank
Last Release Date: 2019/05/14
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: Systems of remote banking


Tinkoff of Investment is the online platform for opening of broker accounts.

The main idea of Tinkoff of Investments — to provide to clients of mass market the simple and convenient solution for investments at the exchange with a basic set of options and the intuitive user interface. Using Tinkoff of Investments clients can select securities and pay them using the bank card and also monitor the movement of quotations in the investment market.

Mobile application of the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform allows to acquire far off shares of the companies and ETF funds, bonds, currency.


An opportunity to lock in profits in the first day of biddings

On May 14, 2019 Tinkoff Bank reported that bonus clients of the broker platform of Tinkoff of Investment (the qualified investors) had an opportunity to participate in the IPO of the world companies on an equal basis with large investment funds and investment banks.

Conditions under which they can lock almost instantly in the first day of biddings in profits in case of growth of stock of the placed companies and not wait for end of the long lokap-period from 14 to 180 days blocking security sale are available to users of the Premium rate of Tinkoff of Investments.

Users of Tinkoff of Investments already took part in the IPO of Yunji company (popular Chinese service trade through messenger WeChat). In the first day of a trading in shares of Yunji investors could earn up to 60% of invested funds. In the near future clients of Tinkoff of Investments will be able to take part in the most anticipated IPO, for example — Luckin Coffee (network of coffee shops in China, the competitor Starbucks) Palantir Airbnb.

It is possible to expose purchasing requests of actions on the IPO directly in mobile application of Tinkoff of Investment in a special widget which is available in a news feed of service or through the personal manager.

The trend on "unicorns" and the IPO grows, especially — in foreign markets. So, in 2018 the companies coming to the American exchanges managed to place papers for the amount of $46.8 billion. The excellent start in 2019 was received by Pinterest and Zoom. Now to become the owner of a share in a perspective startup or in the large company with good business even prior to official biddings also our bonus clients can.
Alexander Emeshev, vice president, director of new product development of Tinkoff of Bank

Availability of take profits, stop losses and portfolio analytics

On March 18, 2019 the Tinkoff Bank company announced large-scale updating of the broker platform of Tinkoff of Investment and start of a number of functions and opportunities for clients of service.

Updates of the Tinkoff Investitsii platform

According to the company, within a week will become available to users of Tinkoff of Investments:

  • Stop losses and take profits
  • Several values for the paper price
  • Robo-edvayzer with investment profiling
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Exchange glass for the Trader and Premium rates
  • The web terminal for the Trader and Premium rates
  • Limit requests for off-board securities for the Premium rate
  • Materials of Vedomosti for bonus clients

Stop losses (stoploss) allow to limit possible losses at management of an investment-portfolio. Using stop losses the client creates order (acceptable level of asset cost, below the current price) on automatic security sale in case of an adverse price performance at the exchange. Take profit (takeprofit), on the contrary, gives the chance to sell assets at the favorable change in price (above the current value of paper) and helps to lock in profits on the price set by the client.

Stop losses and take profits give the chance to be protected from volatility of stock exchange market and allow to close the deal automatically. When the price of paper reaches the level set by the client, to the user of Tinkoff of Investments the push-notification comes.

At the position closing (sale of the paper) service will automatically cancel all stop losses and take profits exposed on this asset (in them there will be no need if shares are already sold) therefore the client will not need to move away them manually. Buy accidentally paper on credit and receive minus balance on the account as happens on other broker platforms, it will be impossible. Stop losses and take profits are available to owners of all rates of Tinkoff Investitsii service.

For obtaining push-notifications on achievement by paper of the desirable price users of Tinkoff of Investments can set several values (prices) at once. So it will be simpler to clients to control price range at the exchange. For this purpose it is necessary to press a hand bell image button in the upper right corner of mobile application of Tinkoff of Investment.

Users also had an opportunity to define the investment profile (the attitude towards risk) directly in mobile application of Tinkoff of Investment: moderate, conservative or aggressive. For this purpose the client needs to fill out the short questionnaire with simple questions of experience at the exchange, the admissible amount for investment, demanded tools for trade and so forth. Specially under an investment user profile it will be possible to make the diversified portfolio of securities, for example — using a robo-edvayzer. Besides, in the directory of papers those that do not approach under an investment profile of the client will be mentioned: opposite to such assets the icon with a red palm will be located, at the same time they will be available to purchase, as well as other papers.

In Tinkoff Investments there was a section of Analyst where users of service can see diagrams on asset types (to an action, the bond, ETF), on the industries and the companies, statistics on profitability and cost of an investment portfolio. Here users will be able visually to see — of what papers its portfolio and as far as these assets consists are diversified.

The Glass tab became available to owners of the Trader and Premium rates to each separate paper. The exchange glass is a list of limit requests in stock exchange market at the moment. Requests for sale are highlighted in red color, on purchase — green. The exchange glass will allow clients to see queue of requests and to estimate their liquidity. Data in a glass are updated in real time. Moreover, clients of Tinkoff will be able to submit the limit application directly from an exchange glass.

The limit request is exposed when the client wants to purchase or sell shares at the price necessary to it. So, the user of Tinkoff Investitsii service can be sure that he will purchase paper not more expensively than that cost that he specified in the request. At the exchange queue is formed of such requests. The price is better (for the counter party), the closer by the beginning of queue the request of the client is located and the earlier it will be performed.

Since March 20, 2019 owners of the Trader and Premium rates will be able to use free of charge the Tinkoff web terminal for purchase and security sale. Using the web terminal clients can make transactions at the exchange and to see all information on biddings at once on several screens, in any browser and on any number of devices, to flexibly configure the interface of the web terminal and to monitor updates a market date (exchange data) in streaming mode. Data on transactions, positions and portfolio return in the Tinkoff web terminal are available to viewing for the entire period of work of the client with Tinkoff Investitsii service — i.e. from the moment of opening in it the broker or individual investment account, but not for last trade day.

Bonus clients of Tinkoff of Investments had an opportunity to expose limit requests for tools from the augmented list of securities (more than 10,000 papers, including — off-exchange), for example – stocks of the Frankfurt or Amsterdam exchanges.

In a news feed of service articles of the newspaper and the website Vedomosti appeared.


Individual investment account

On November 19, 2018 Tinkoff Bank announced that in Tinkoff Investitsii service the individual investment accounts (IIA) appeared.

According to the company, two options of tax deduction will be available to owners of IIS. The first, type "A", citizens of the Russian Federation with the official income assessed by the PIT can use. This option for November, 2018 allows to return 13% of the amount invested through IIS within 400,000 rubles in a year (at most — 52,000 rubles a year). At a deduction of type "A" tax authorities will return to the client money from the amount, vyplachennoyy to the state as income tax. This option suits beginners and conservative investors, strategy kotorykhstroitsya on investments in tools with the low level of risk, for example — in the Federal Loan Bond (FLB). The deduction of type "A" can be received every year.

The second form of a deduction, type "B", allows the client not to pay income tax (for November, 2018 13%) on profit on transactions at the exchange. Such type of a deduction will suit investors who actively trade at the exchange and are going to get essential profit on purchase and security sale.

The individual investment account is intended for investments for 3 years and more. If the user decides to draw money from account earlier, then it should be closed — the client will not be able to use tax deductions, and the received deductions should be returned.

The individual investment account — multiple currency (it is possible to store, for example, for November, 2018 US dollars on the account — for this purpose them need to be purchased at the exchange), but it is possible to fill up IIS only in rubles. For November, 2018 a maximum amount which it is possible to enter on IIS — to 1 million rubles a year. For investments for large sums the client of Tinkoff of Investments can use the broker account in addition to IIS.

The number of users of mobile application reached 500,000 people

On October 3, 2018 Tinkoff Bank announced that the number of users of mobile application of Tinkoff of Investment reached 500,000 people since launch of the broker platform in 2015.

Tinkoff of Investment is mobile application for security purchase at the exchange with a basic set of options and the intuitive user interface. Among opportunities of the Tinkoff Investitsii application there are the round-the-clock account replenishment, payment of the security transactions by the card at any moment of biddings at the exchange, autocurrency conversion upon purchase of papers, the round-the-clock and instant output and online calculation of taxes, services of a robo-edvayzer who helps to collect an investment portfolio and also an investment news feed using such sources as Reuters, Interfax, Rambler News Service, 80% of all transactions with securities within the online platform happen in mobile application of Tinkoff of Investment, 20% — on the website

According to the Moscow Exchange (MICEX) for September, 2018, Tinkoff Investitsii take the fourth place among brokers on number of active clients and the sixth place by the number of open accounts. Every fourth account at the Moscow Exchange is opened through Tinkoff Investitsii service.

In July, 2018 the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform started a robo-edvayzer who allows to collect in couple of clicks the balanced investment portfolio from several securities. For October 1, 2018 over 80,000 users use the recommendations of the robot adviser, with his help about 400,000 briefcases with the average check of purchase of 60,000 rubles are generated.

Most of users of Tinkoff Investitsii service (87%) are men at the age of 25-35 years. 82.5% of users of the broker Tinkoff platform are interested in technologies, 77.9% — financial market, 73.9% — macroeconomic and political news, 66.8% — popular scientific events, 62.2% — the bank industry, 61% — lifestal-actions, 60.6% — sport.

At the end of September, 2018 Tinkoff Bank started Tinkoff Investitsii Premium service which clients got access to the widest directory of world securities for the Russian market ( more than 10,000 positions) and support of the personal manager directly in mobile application.

Investment Tinkoff Premium

On September 26, 2018 Tinkoff Bank announced start of Tinkoff of Investment Premium service which clients will get access to the directory of world securities and support of the personal manager in mobile application.

According to the company, difference of Investment Tinkoff Premium service — an opportunity to make all transactions and to make any investment decisions in mobile application in several clicks, without calls to the consultant and personal meetings. The team of the personal managers and analysts available in a chat of 24/7 mobile application will work with each user of service.

For September, 2018 more than 10,000 securities of issuers from 30 countries are available to users of the solution (hundreds of foreign ETF; eurobonds, including — highly profitable emerging markets; actions and bonds of the foreign companies and so forth).

One of key features of this service is the lack of the minimum threshold of an input on the amount of the account.

To begin to use investment service, it is necessary to be the current client of the broker platform "Investment Tinkoff" and to receive the personal invitation from bank, or to leave the request for access to service on the website of bank.

Clients of Investment Tinkoff Premium service with the status of the qualified investor have unlimited opportunities for investment. For example, it is possible to purchase bonds of such companies as Alibaba, Ford and IBM. Papers of such companies as Sony, Samsung, AG Siemens and other are available to the investors preferring actions.[1]

Partnership with Thomson Reuters

On September 5, 2018 the Broker service Tinkoff Investitsii announces partnership with Thomson Reuters company — the supplier of analytical information for business and professionals.

Within partnership of Tinkoff of Investments and Thomson Reuters clients of an investment online service will get access to topical world news, data on issuers, analytical reports on the interesting industries and the companies that will allow them to build competently investment strategies and to build a portfolio on the American and Russian security markets.

Information messages of Reuters can be read in an investment tape of the Tinkoff Investitsii application. Each news will be tied to the specific company. Users of broker service Tinkoff will be able to configure a personal investment news feed and to obtain information on those papers which interest them.

Over 500 news from Reuters in Russian according to papers of the western and Russian companies in a week will be available to clients of Tinkoff of Investments. Using an operational and reliable source of information users of broker service Tinkoff will be able to make investment decisions and also will receive the maximum information covering of the American market in Russian.

We are glad to announce the beginning of cooperation with analytical Reuters agency. Now users of Tinkoff of Investments will be able to receive based on an investment news feed deeper and objective examination from Reuters and also more dense maintenance on all cycle of trade operations.
Alexander Emeshev, vice president, director of new product development of Tinkoff of Bank

Partnership with Tinkoff Bank — a significant step in development of our business in the region. We understand how it is important to obtain operational information in quickly changing stock market and to receive it from a reliable source. Our company is glad to offer clients of the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform the checked information, advanced technologies and our international examination for creation of strategy and entry into other markets.
Evgeny Rasskazov, the acting as the managing director of Thomson Reuters in Russia and the CIS countries

Number of users of a robo-edvayzer — 40 thousand human

The Bank announced on August 16, 2018 Tinkoff that the number of users of the robot adviser (robo-edvayzer) of the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform reached 40 thousand people in a month after service start.

Robo-edvayzer Tinkoff in only several minutes by the set parameters can collect the investment portfolio balanced on the industries and the companies taking into account the available amounts of investments, with an optimal ratio of risk and profitability.

In total in a month service generates 142 thousand investment portfolios. The average bill for purchase of assets using a robo-edvayzer was 60 thousand rubles and $1,678. Mainly users of a robo-edvayzer purchased ruble securities in a portfolio. Among those who made an investment portfolio using a robo-edvayzer, 23 thousand people — users of Android, 17 thousand — iOS.

According to plans of bank, in the closest release of service there will be such opportunities as purchase of the investment portfolio collected by a robo-edvayzor, directly from the bank card and instant autoconverting of money upon purchase of a portfolio in the currency other than card currency. Besides, in the nearest future the robo-edvayzer of Tinkoff will become available in the web version.

Start of the robot adviser

The service of the robot adviser (robo-edvayzer) using whom clients can create the diversified investment portfolio became available to users of the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform. Those users who did not manage to open the broker account yet, but already became authorized in Tinkoff Investments, can use an option of selection of assets (without purchase), reported on July 17, 2018 in Tinkoff Bank.

Robo-edvayzer Tinkoff is integrated directly into mobile application Tinkoff of Investment. According to bank representatives, in only several minutes by the set parameters he can collect the investment portfolio balanced on the industries and the companies taking into account the available amounts of investments, with an optimal ratio of risk and profitability. Every morning the robo-edvayzer updates data based on which makes recommendations to users of the broker platform.

Robo-edvayzer will be especially popular by those users who for the first time make an investment portfolio and do not know in details yet as biddings at the exchange are arranged. For more experienced investors the robo-edvayzer can become the additional instrument of decision making and search of the interesting investment ideas. Thus, we solve a problem of the first step and we help our clients to build a full-fledged investment portfolio right after registration — Alexander Emeshev, the vice president, the director of new product development of Tinkoff of Bank said.

To use a robo-edvayzer, the client needs to come into the Tinkoff Investitsii application, on the homepage to click an icon with the image "headings of the graduate" and to answer simple questions ("In what currency you want to invest?", "How many you are ready to invest?", etc.). Further it is necessary to select the option "Purchase". Transaction amount will be charged off the broker account.

In upgraded version of the Tinkoff Investitsii application the tape of investment news also appeared. Now users of service can receive the arranged and personalized list of information messages (news, the ideas, forecasts) on the companies interesting by it (which were added to the section Favorites) and according to papers from an investment portfolio. In a news investment-tape the special algorithm analyzes contents of messages and defines with what to the companies they are connected. Such option allows to show to clients relevant content, but not all information flow at the same time. The tape of investment news will integrate different sources of information, for example, of Rambler News Service,, Interfax. Bank is going to expand the list of sources.

Among other updates of the broker Tinkoff Investitsii platform: a possibility of display of a portfolio in convenient currency and the improved search.

The options given above will become completely available to clients till July 20.