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Ivideon SaaS-service of video surveillance

Developers: Mobile video solutions (Ivideon)
Last Release Date: 2019/05/13
Technology: SaaS - Software as service,  Video surveillance systems


VSaaS-service allowing to organize quickly video surveillance on an object: at office, the apartment, the private house, shop, at the enterprise. It is possible to mount hundreds of the cameras on different objects and to get access to them in one place: in a personal account of Ivideon. Viewing cameras is performed by any convenient method. On the computer (in the application or the browser), on the tablet or phone.


Agreement SberCloud and Ivideon on development of the system of video surveillance and video analytics

On June 6, 2019 the company Ivideon announced conclusion of an agreement with SberCloud (Oblachnye technologii LLC) for joint development and the subsequent commercial system implementation cloud video surveillances and video analysts under the SberCloud brand. The agreement was signed by the CEO of SberCloud Alexander Sorokoumov and the CEO of Ivideon (JSC Mobilnye videoresheniya) Andrey Yudnikov.

Within the agreement of SberCloud and Ivideon will create the video surveillance system capable it is reliable to save records in a cloud and to process large volumes of data from a video flow in real time. The intellectual control panel, the system of notifications on events and analytical reports which can be managed in the single interface of the event center will be available to users.

A system will be constructed based on cloud infrastructure of SberCloud and a technology platform of video surveillance and analytical services Ivideon. The joint product will allow the companies to leave to the sector of specialized projects, such as "Safe city", and on the market of corporate services, significantly having expanded a solution portfolio for large and medium business. At system development special attention will be paid to safety of transfer, storage and use of video data according to requirements of the Russian legislation (152-FZ "About personal data").

The joint project with Ivideon will allow us to enter the perspective and fast-growing market of intellectual video surveillance. Modern video surveillance systems and hands-off processing of video data already became indivisible element of city and industrial infrastructure. They not only ensure safety, but are a part of end-to-end systems of control of transport, production, retail and other types of business. Our cloud competences and Ivideon technologies allow to create the highly competitive product having special characteristics. Such partnership shows the amplest opportunities of cloud services, their universality and readiness for application in any technology and business processes,
noted Alexander Sorokoumov, the CEO of SberCloud company

Having received investments in 2018, the Ivideon company actively develops the product portfolio, mainly regarding video analytics. We want that clients did not select between technologies, and used ready service and a set of analytical modules within a single modern cloud platform. Ivideon jointly from SberCloud offer services in service model that allows customers to reduce risks, terms and investments on implementation of a system of video analytics. Clients of Ivideon significantly reduce costs in non-core assets, such as server hardware, data storage, tasks of integration, and have an opportunity to be focused on the solution priority problems of business performance,
told Anton Pereyaslavsky, the director of corporate department of Ivideon

Integration into the cameras Hikvision is EasyIP 2.0 plus and EasyIP 3.0

On May 13, 2019 the company Ivideon, the developer of the same name cloud service video surveillances and video analysts and the producer of video surveillance systems Hikvision presented the next joint solution – the updated lines of cameras on G1 platform with the motorized lens and a firmware of Ivideon among which advantages:

  • Modern G1 platform with the resolution up to 8 MT (4K)
  • Powerful processor of image processing and additional functions
  • The motorized lens 2.8 - 12 mm with autofocusing
  • IK-illumination with EXIR 2.0 technology which provides more uniform illumination (unlike an array of LEDs)

Integration of the cameras Hikvision with Ivideon service provides significant expansion of the range of the equipment for different object types and tasks, simplicity and efficiency of connection and service, reliability and security of a video surveillance system. The cameras DS-2CD2423G0-IW, DS-2CD2423G0-I, DS-2CD2523G0-IS, DS-2CD2523G0-IWS with the built-in microphone will be suitable for small premises where viewing and record of video with a sound is required. For difficult conditions where connection of the external microphone with higher quality is required, the cameras DS-2CD2143G0-IS and DS-2CD2123G0-IS approach.

The firmware of Ivideon gives the chance of storage and work with cloud archive directly, without the need for installation of servers or loggers on an object.

Availability to a line of the project cameras Dahua Eco-savvy 3.0

On February 25, 2019 the DahuaTechnology company announced the large integration project implemented together with Ivideon company thanks to which with advanced functionality of Eco-savvy 3.0 it is enough to users of cameras to update internal software of the devices to receive the premium solution based on cloud computing: the cameras Eco-savvy 3.0 are directly connected to Ivideon cloud. Read more here.

Key properties. Requirements

The main Ivideon properties (for February, 2019):

  • all main systems capabilities are available free of charge. Additional services (cloud archive and video analytics) are for a fee provided;
  • the video analytics, optimal at cost, for small and medium business giving opportunities of the large analytical systems: facial recognition, detection of queues, determination of existence of goods on shelves;
  • the quality of work can be estimated, without spending money for software and the equipment. It is enough to install mobile application of Ivideon and to come into a demo mode or to set Ivideon Server, having connected to it the available webcams;
  • the loaded system servicing more than 3 million users;
  • an opportunity for clients to watch the video in any place (the network data centers Ivideon is unrolled worldwide);
  • the Ivideon service is supported by the famous producers of IP cameras and the equipment for video surveillance;
  • the free application of Ivideon Server supports work with webcams, a wide line of cameras of different producers and also some digital video recorders (DVR). Has all basic functions of observation system. Can locally work without binding to a cloud service of Ivideon.


  • the computer, web or the camera (both IP, and analog cameras are supported);
  • The IP camera with Ivideon service onboard. In this case the computer is not required;
  • simple installation of the free application Ivideon Server: it is enough to connect the camera to the computer, to install the program, and the video surveillance system will begin work;
  • access to a video information is possible from any point where there is a communication with the Internet.

2018: Three modules of advanced video analytics

In 2018 the Ivideon company released three modules of advanced video analytics at once: facial recognition, detection of queues, determination of existence of goods on shelves.

According to developers, the video analytics of Ivideon with a high accuracy will recognize persons in real time and opens ample opportunities in security and business optimization. The system of face recognition is required for determination of regular customers that is necessary for service quality improvement, for the analysis of marketing campaigns, access control on the territory, abuses of regulations of labor protection, a time recording.

At the same time, a system allows to reduce number of cases of theft. It is enough to load the suspect's photo into the database and then to look for detections on specific cameras, the statuses of recognition, a photo or name of the person, selecting any available time frame.

The cost of the solution is tied to the volume of traffic which, in turn, depends on the number of people in lists of recognition. Thus, the solution is available at cost to small and medium business on objects where the volume of traffic is not so big, as at the big enterprises.

The module "Detector of Queues" allows to control emergence of queue, to collect and analyze statistics, to send to all interested persons instant notifications on queues in shop, in a warehouse, in front of the point-of-sale terminal, in any zone selected for monitoring.

In turn, service of determination of goods on shelves is intended, in the first queues, for retailers and allows to control goods availability, to keep track of efficiency and correctness of window dressing.

2017: Updating of Ivideon of Cash desk

The resident of a cluster of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation Ivideon company released update of Ivideon of Cash desk. In a personal account of Ivideon for business there was an opportunity to connect the cash iiko systems: browse events from cash desks and their video. So far the solution is aimed at automation of restaurant business, but other spheres and the cash systems will appear in the nearest future.

Why began with the cash systems for restaurants? Among clients there is Ivideon more than 250 restaurants which use video surveillance as the instrument of security, quality evaluation of service and even as means of customer acquisition (for example, the network of pizzerias has DoDo Pizza). But first of all the complete solution allowing to automate control of work of an institution is interesting to most restaurants, bars or cafe: both video surveillance, and cash system.

The solution Ivideon of Cash desk allows to save considerably on implementation and service of all system thanks to a cloud computing architecture. Ivideon using software of iiko monitors events from point-of-sale terminals, using at the same time a cloud for storage of video and information on events. It is possible to look at all data from any browser in a personal account of Ivideon with the intuitive interface. If it is necessary to watch only video of a cash event — it is possible to make it through applications for iOS or Android.

It is important that cash events are completely integrated with a video series — it is not necessary to reduce transactions with video manually on time. Data from point-of-sale terminals are transferred at first to the iiko server with the set Ivideon software, then — to Ivideon cloud where they are synchronized with videos from cameras.

The solution Ivideon of Cash desk is quickly deployed, does not require big starting costs. Restaurants where cash registers with iiko are already installed, will require only installation of the camera, a monthly subscription fee of 990 rubles for the license iiko and from 150 rubles for Ivideon service for 1 camera. Additional servers are not necessary.

The next stage in solution development of Ivideon of Cash desk — integration with cash desks Shtrikh-M for retail and the systems of other producers. The second release of Ivideon of Cash desk in which automatic detection of violations will appear is planned for spring of 2017: the user will receive notifications on potential fraud which can be browsed also in a format of daily/weekly reports.

2016: Setup of video cameras from a cloud

On August 15 the Ivideon company provided a possibility of setup of parameters of video cameras by means of a cloud service.

Need of changes in setup of video cameras not a rarity. Not always the client accepts parameters, the systems installed by default at installation: excessively high quality of the picture overloads data transmission channel, the microphone writes a confidential talk of top managers, camera IK-illumination mistakenly reacts in the conditions of the specific illumination of an object. That to correct it the specialist should leave to an installation site for what business incurs additional expenses, especially in cases when the camera is deleted on hundreds of kilometers from[1].

Representation of service, (2014)
Representation of service, (2014)

Process of setup of cameras is simplified also for installation of desirable parameters enough several mouse clicks in a personal account.

Settings of the image regulate:

  • permission of video,
  • bitrate and picture frequency of the main and additional flows.

All of them directly affect quality of the broadcast image. Regulation of parameters of a video flow helps to achieve minimum possible volume of the traffic proceeding from the camera when preserving acceptable quality of the image. According to the company, it will reduce the cost of ownership of a video surveillance system due to reduction of requirements to capacity of an Internet channel.

Settings of a sound influence whether the camera will broadcast a sound. The user can be necessary to switch-off the microphone for ensuring privacy of subjects to observation (for example if protection does not need to hear a talk of employees). And if the camera is mounted in the noisy premises — there is no sense to transfer, listen and write a useless background. Shutdown of the microphone helps to lower the volume of the transferred traffic. Installation of time can be necessary if the camera is located in the time zone other than the observer.

Installation of the password for an input in the web interface of the camera became only via the web interface earlier. To make it far off, it was required to provide at first the accessibility to the camera on the Internet that will not always perhaps and not always be approved with requirements of information security. Now it is possible to set the password in the account in Ivideon "cloud", from any place where there is an access to network.

The network addresses (MAC-and the IP addresses of the camera) appeared in the updated firmwares of cameras from Ivideon.

2015: Ivideon is integrated with IFTTT

On December 21, 2015 the Mobile Video Solutions company announced integration of service of video surveillance of Ivideon into the IFTTT platform.

Developers declared availability of use of means of video surveillance on the Internet as elements of the smart home. For this purpose it is necessary to integrate the IP cameras integrated with service with other components of the world of Internet of Things.

Examples of the software interface on different devices (2014)
Examples of the software interface on different devices (2014)
More than a half of Russians dream of the house which would switch off electricity and switched-off electric devices in the empty apartment, closed the crane and even locked a door for the forgetful owner, informed the owner on operation of smoke detectors, gas or on penetration into the apartment of foreign person. For some systems of the smart home - a security issue, for others – economy. Now the most popular service is a video surveillance. Only in Russia at Ivideon – hundreds of thousands of clients. Now, having downloaded the IFTTT application, they will be able to connect the home sensors connected to the Internet in a single whole.

Now the Ivideon application has the channel. In it seven templates ("recipes" in terminology of developers of the IFTTT platform) allowing to start quickly use of the systems of intellectual video surveillance are provided.

Recipes set reaction of the camera to different events. For example, it automatically joins as soon as the smartphone appears out of the Wi-fi home network or the Nest thermostat passes into the away mode. Both events indicate leaving of the owner. When it returns, notifications cease to be sent, and color of a "smart" LED lamp will specify whether the movement in its absence was recorded.

2014: Samsung and Philips implemented tens of thousands of smart cameras with service of observation Ivideon

The Ivideon company announced in the summer of 2014 successful continuation of cooperation with two manufacturing companies of consumer electronics Philips and Samsung. The number of the sold cameras with support of service of the Russian developers stepped over a mark of fifty thousands of devices.

Philips became the first international partner of Ivideon, the first negotiations on the beginning of cooperation took place even in the summer of 2013 at the initiative of the Dutch giant. In their result new models of smart cameras from Philips began to be delivered complete with the software of Ivideon. It replaced the established solutions of other producers which because of unstable work sparked criticism of users. The smart cameras Philips InSight + are on sale more than in 50 Apple Store shops in Central Europe. It is planned that at the end of 2014 more than 50.000 devices will be implemented, at the same time the sales level of smart-cameras of Philips increased by 30%.

Besides, the agreement on start of smart cameras with the preset Ivideon service in the markets of Russia and Eastern Europe signed producer of electronics Samsung. Within the first batch 10.000 Samsung Ivideon SmartCam devices are released. Their sale started at the beginning of June through corporate online store on the website Ivideon (more than 2,000,000 unique visitors a month) and in networks of the largest Russian distributors and retailers of electronics Merlion, Euroset, Eldorado and others. Also Ivideon will also create several own points distribution offline. They will work in own shop of the company in the territory of shopping center "Savelovsky" and also based on a promo-point in Shopping Center Metromarket. According to the first months the iVideon service allowed to raise sales of this type of devices from Samsung by 25%.

Cameras with the preset software allow to receive additional feature set which normal IP cameras do not have from Ivideon. So the camera can connect to the cloud storage for archiving of records and automatically transfers disturbing information on different events, for example, at detection of the movement, a sound or at unplanned switching off of the camera. For remote contact with the camera the user can use the multiplatform applications working as on desktops (operating systems Windows, Mac OS are supported and Linux), and on popular mobile devices under management iOS and Android. The Ivideon service has the increased security level, and its IT infrastructure georezervirovana that allows to avoid loss of important records.

2013: Ivideon Server 1.11

The Ivideon Server program functions as a part of web service which is provided free of charge for non-commercial use.

The Ivideon Server program will help any user to install own video surveillance system in five minutes. For this purpose it is necessary to create an account on the website, to download and install the Ivideon Server program, to connect the webcam or the IP device and to tie the program to Ivideon account created earlier. After that you will be able to watch everything that occurs indoors in the browser, through a personal account on the website Ivideon, or on the iPhone screen and iPad. A system performs broadcasting in real time and also conducts archiving of videos. Thus, at any time it is possible to browse the archive corresponding to a certain date.

The application will be useful for a wide range of users who in everyday life are faced the need to provide video surveillance behind the apartment, giving, office, shop or other object. For example, if you leave the child of one at home, then you can not worry that he will remain without supervision. You at any time can see what happens in the apartment where you would not be – at work, in supermarket or in the machine. If you are sent on leave abroad, you can check at any time work of the employees at office directly on the beach under the scorching sun.

Unlike solutions of competitors, Ivideon Server is a universal system which can work with cameras of any producers, and not just with the limited list of models. Besides, the program for normal functioning does not need the external IP address.

New opportunities in Ivideon Server 1.11:

  • The new, improved detector of the movement is implemented.
  • Setup of sensitivity of the detector of the movement is added.
  • The feature for continuous record of archive is added.
  • Complete enciphering of video on SSL is implemented.
  • The feature to select the H264 codec at record of archive from Webcams is added.
  • The feature to set FPS and the bitrate of record from Webcams is added.
  • The quality of record from Webcams is increased.
  • Local viewing is available in the maximum quality now.
  • Reliability and safety of work is increased.

2012: Key properties. Requirements

(Data are relevant for January, 2012)

Main Ivideon properties

  • the known brand - the leader in plot area of video surveillance systems via the Internet
  • a system works for free if only remote access to video and archive is required. Additional services are for a fee provided.
  • the quality of work can be estimated, without spending money for software and the equipment. It is enough to come into the Demo or to set Ivideon Server, having connected to it the available Webcams.
  • the most highly loaded system which reliability is checked by a huge number of free users
  • the Ivideon company unrolled network of the data-centers worldwide that allows to watch equally qualitatively the video really in any place
  • applications for Apple of devices from Ivideon company are recognized the best in the class
  • the Ivideon service is supported by the famous producers of IP cameras and the IP equipment
  • the free application of Ivideon Server supports work with Webcams and a wide line of IP cameras. And also with IP servers and some DVR. Has all main functions of modern observation system. Can locally work without binding to Ivideon service if it is not required deleted prosomtr


  • computer,  web or IP camera;
  • The IP camera with ivideon service onboard. In this case the computer is not required
  • simple installation of the free application Ivideon Server: it is enough to connect the camera to the computer,  the video surveillance system will begin work to install the program — and;
  • access to a video information is possible from any point where there is a communication with the Internet.