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Juul C1 (electronic cigarette)

Developers: Juul Labs
Date of the premiere of the system: August, 2019
Branches: Food industry,  Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

2019: Entry into the market

In the middle of August, 2019 the producer electronic sigaretjuul Labs provided a product with the system of face recognition. As the centers for control and prevention of diseases accused electronic cigarettes of the tobacco use growth by teenagers, now only persons 18 years of age or over can smoke them, and the electronic cigarette of new generation is ready to provide performance of the law.

The electronic Juul C1 cigarette on Bluetooth is connected to Android- to the smartphone which through the application traces all attached devices, controls vaping and at the same time estimates how many years to the user. The product first in own way was released in the British market after testing in Canada.

In electronic cigarettes the system of face recognition appeared
In electronic cigarettes the system of face recognition appeared

According to the managing director of the British division of Juul Dan Thomson, users need to undergo strict testing of age before they are able to use the device. Process includes face recognition and two-stage data validation using third-party databases.

The device also allows users to control quantity of tightenings in day and also to find an electronic cigarette in case of loss. The electronic cigarette is delivered with function of automatic blocking which switches-off the device and on allows them to use if it it appeared out of an area of coverage of phone of the owner.

The director of Juul product management Roxy Wacyk noted that the company is regularly going to update the application and considers functions which will allow users to control independently vaping and to prevent use of the device in public places, such as schools.

Juul developers assured that their product is intended not for data collection, and for providing data to clients. The company states that it will not transfer or sell data to the third parties without the permission of users.[1]