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Kupijapan Marketplace

Developers: Russian Post, Itsumo
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/29
Branches: Internet services,  Trade
Technology: Trade automation systems


2019: Start of Kupijapan electronic platform

On November 29, 2019 it became known that the Russian Post and Itsumo started in the test mode electronic platform for sale of the Japanese goods in Russia.


In a marketplace basis under the name of the party put philosophy of the Japanese quality in each unit of production. All range of goods will be selected manually and to arrive on the platform from producers that guarantees its authenticity and the most comfortable cost for the buyer.

To Russia it is going to deliver the most relevant goods and those which earlier available to sale only in the market of Japan, for example, cosmetics, goods for health, means for care of children and many other things. Each order will be received by the track number by which sending can be monitored in a personal account.

All prices on the platform are provided in Russian rubles, purchase is performed also easily, as well as in the Russian online store. The goods in department of Russian Post or the courier to the buyer for the house will be delivered.

The project on creation of a joint marketplace with partners from Russia is beyond usual trade online. At each stage of cooperation we are going to acquaint each Russian buyer with our culture, its key values and effective approach to business closer. It is important for increasing customer satisfaction and the level of their loyalty to products from the land of the rising sun,
marked out the director of the company of Itsumo Mamora Sakamoto[1]


Link to Kupijapan marketplace