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Developers: Instream
Last Release Date: 2019/07/10
Branches: Information technologies
Technology: OS


Lotus operating system

The Lotus operating system is intended for deployment as a part of a hardware and software system and represents the complex of programs providing control of computer engineering means hardware, organizing work with files and accomplishment of applied programs, performing input and output of data.

"Lotus" is included in the Register of the domestic software. Register number 4695.


Compatibility with products of EOS Group

On July 10, 2019 the EOS Group company reported that its software products successfully passed test for compatibility with the products "Enstrim". During testing the working capacity and correctness of joint functioning of software products is confirmed: "Project management system" (PMS), "The system of cryptographic providing the application software KARMA", "The automation system of office-work and electronic document management of DELO" (EDMS "DELO") developed by Electronic Office Systems company and the Lotus Operating system (edition for servers and workstations) developed by Enstrim company. It gives the chance to state structures and corporations effectively to use the tested software for the organization of more productive work.

Compatibility with TrueConf Server and TrueConf for Linux

The company TrueConf and domestic manufacturer of operating systems Enstrim announced on June 25, 2019 technology partnership within which the software of TrueConf was certified for work from corporate OS Lotus, created based on cores Linux. The compatibility of solutions will allow to expand scope of application video conferencings in domestic IT- the sphere and also will simplify import substitution for the organizations with high requirements to security.

The Russian companies TrueConf and Enstrim carried out a series of tests upon completion of which they announced technology partnership and compatibility of the solutions. The companies certified program system of a video conferencing of TrueConf Server and also the client application TrueConf for Linux for work with Lotus OS.

The program TrueConf Server VIDEOCONFERENCING system and Lotus OS enter the Unified register of domestic software that will allow customers to integrate in the IT infrastructure solutions of both companies in the conditions of implementation of the program of import substitution.

Certification of compatibility with the Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop computers

On May 6, 2019 it became known that the Lenovo company underwent certification of compatibility with the Lotus operating system of the Russian developer Enstrim LLC. The document confirms working capacity and correctness of sharing of software and the equipment. It gives the chance to state structures and corporations to use for operation of the structure of Lenovo as they select computers and notebooks based on domestic OS.

Enstrim is OS producer and enters official register of developers Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Among customers of the organization — budgetary institutions, state authorities and defense industry enterprises. The majority of the state information systems is supported Lotus.

Enstrim developed four versions of Lotus OS: for servers, information booths, working and terminal stations. A system supports different options of architecture of processors: x64, x86, MIPS, ARM. Its users receive the qualitative interface, a predictable system behavior, applications launch of Win32, access to corporate mail, the address directory, the calendar and network resources.

Lotus OS allows administrators to support group politicians in the domain of a directory service the Active Directory and Lotos Directory. The graphic administration console simplifies to the employees management of IT infrastructure. In addition developers provided instruments of migration for simple transition to OS from earlier installed systems. "Lotus" supports the popular information security tools (IST), such as SecretNet (Code of Security), DallasLock (Confidant) and also means of cryptographic protection (CIPF), such as Krpitopro and Vipnet. A system completely conforms to requirements of the legislation in the field of data protection.

The Lenovo company is glad to cooperation with Enstrim LLC. We see in it big perspectives for work with the Russian market. Thanks to partnership we will be more widely provided in state structures and other important fields of the IT industry of the Russian Federation.

As a result of the joint tests which are carried out EuropeAsia by Lenovo (East/) LLC and Enstrim LLC, certification was received Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop computers by M720q Tiny (Intel Core i3 of the eighth generation), Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q Tiny Intel Pentium (Gold), Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q Tiny, Lenovo ThinkCentre M920q Tiny, ThinkCentre M920x + TIO 24. These devices easily integrate for creation of infrastructure of virtual desktops (VDI) that simplifies IT processes in the company[1].

Compatibility with JaCarta

On April 17, 2019 Aladdin R.D., the Russian developer and solution provider for information security support reported what together with Enstrim, providing a full range of services in creation and maintenance of corporate information systems, was carried out by tests on compatibility of the products. Read more here.

Compatibility with Postgres Pro

On March 18, 209 Postgres Professional reported that based on technical testing system compatibility of management of bases dannykhpostgres Pro and the Lotus operating system is confirmed. Both products are included into the Unified Register of the domestic software that allows to use them within the import substitution program. The certified versions of Postgres Pro DBMS and Lotus OS meet high safety requirements in respect of data protection.

Compatibility of Lotus and Postgres Pro OS
One of the most important problems of the present is vertical and horizontal integration the Russian information systems. The broader and deep integration is provided with domestic developers, the it is simpler to find to the Customer the complex of solutions which is most satisfying his requirements.
Alexey Kurenev, director of the company Enstrim

Many customers are interested in "turnkey" import substitution by stacks of the Russian software. Compatibility of Postgres Pro DBMS and Lotus OS among themselves and also with the My Office office suite and the environment of virtualization Rosplatforma offers many good prospects in this way.
Ivan Panchenko, deputy CEO of Postgres Professional

Appointment. Editions. Features

For March 18, 2019 the Lotus OS is intended only for corporate use. Extends in several editions: Server and for workstations, including thin clients who maintain architecture h64 and h32 In architecture of Lotus OS porting mechanisms on other architecture are put.

The platform is delivered with a basic set of programs and services. Has a number of opportunities:

  • support group the politician, both in the domain Active Directory, and in own implementation of a directory service - Lotos Directory;
  • possibility of native applications launch of Win32;
  • existence of the graphic administration console;
  • simple instruments of migration from the inherited systems, support of the popular information security facility and a CIPF.

The Lotus operating system is compatible to the majority of the state information systems.