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Lotus SameTime Unified Communications

The name of the base system (platform): IBM Notes/Domino
Developers: IBM
Branches: Internet services
Technology: Video conferencing,  Office applications

IBM of Lotus Sametime is the scalable corporate platform for message exchange and web conferences. It is integrated with IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office, allows to build in different plug-ins. It is compatible to AOL, Yahoo, Google Talk and Jabber-clients.

The latest version of IBM of Lotus Sametime 8.5 is focused on a possibility of the instant organization online of meetings both between the staff of the company, and with participation of external partners. Now the user can create the password-protected virtual meeting room for couple of clicks, add to it the necessary documents and invite participants simply having dragged their mouse from a contact list. Along with it, the structure of Lotus Sametime includes now the built-in Web client who allows to communicate with clients and partners via the public website of the company. The visitor can begin a session communication online (including a chat, audio, video communication) having clicked Click-To-Meet. It is also possible to use the Web client for the organization online of meetings through the intranet the portal, without the need for installation of the client of Lotus Sametime. The new version of Lotus Sametime offers the improved mobile versions for Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile and also integration with visual communication systems Cisco Polycom Radvision Tandberg , etc.

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