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MIPT, T8 and Corning: A transmission system of a high-speed signal on long distances

Developers: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), T8 OF STC, Corning Incorporated
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/29
Branches: Telecommunication and communication
Technology: SCS

2019: Installation of a record of sending range of a high-speed signal

On November 29, 2019 the institute of MIPT reported that his researchers together with engineers of T8 companies (Russia) and Corning Incorporated (USA) created a transmission system of a high-speed signal on long distances without active intermediate gain. The similar systems will help to carry out the Internet and other types of communication to the remote localities.

Fiber optic communication

In the countries in which there are big not populated spaces such as Russia or Canada, or a set of islands as in Indonesia is a problem with laying of the systems of communications. Information transfer in that case requires construction of intermediate stations of signal multiplication, otherwise it just will not reach a destination point. To reduce the price of communication on a long distance, the fiber optic systems which can transmit a signal without gain on the way are invented. For November, 2019 there are systems capable to connect stations at distance to 500 km with speed up to 100 GB/page.

Authors of this work managed to transmit a signal to distance of 520 km from speed of 200 GB/page. Earlier similar ratio of speed and range was reached only in scientific laboratories, however results were not applicable beyond their limits. This time for transfer used the cables of Corning company available to purchase. It does technology of transfer applicable in field conditions. That the signal did not fade, it was strengthened right at the beginning and far off in two intermediate points.

Near the transmitter we placed a source of vysokoenergetichny electromagnetic radiation. It allowed to strengthen considerably an input signal and to register it on the opposite end of a cable,


The cable was separated into 3 sections, each of which consisted of consistently connected wires of 2 types. Also in junctions of sections receivers for remote optical pumping were installed. By means of laser radiation electromagnetic waves which strengthened a signal were transferred to these receivers. Junctions of sections were picked up for the most optimal signal multiplication. The first receiver stood on distance of 122 km from the transmitter, the second – in 130 kilometers from the receiver. Researchers selected the frequency of change of a signal optimal based on the ratio of a signal to noise from the work – 57 billion times per second. Though the used system allows signal transmission with a speed up to 400 GB / with, engineers lowered it to 200 GB / with for increase in range.

We conduct work on creation of a fiber optic system with the increased maximum speed. If for November, 2019 the upper bound of speed about 400 GB / with, then is going to reach further the speed of 600 GB / with on the canal. In a projectible system we could achieve improvement of a signal for channel speed 200 and even 400 Gbps. I think that in 2020 we will be able to update our record of range,
supplements Vladimir Treshchikov, the CEO of T8 company

The received results can be applied at the end of 2019 to communication of the remote areas, for example such as island of Sakhalin.