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MTT VoiceBox

Developers: Multiregional Transit Telecom (MTT)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/05/21
Branches: Housing and public utilities, service and household services,  Real estate,  Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care
Technology: CRM,  Speech technologies

2020: VoiceBox solution development

On May 21, 2020 the provider of intelligent solutions for business of JSC MTT announced product development of VoiceBox which allows to automate voice communications with clients.

MTT started factory of voice VoiceBox robots

In a personal account of VoiceBox it is possible to assemble the voice robot who will perform only the necessary functions solving problems of specific business. He will help to make accessibility of results simpler, to automate practically any repeating business process requiring customer interaction. Service is intended to bring closer business to end consumers, to save employees from routine actions and to switch them to more important issues, that having increased service quality, claim in MTT.

"During an era of personalisation of services we aim to approach flexibly customer needs and to create both individual solutions for the large companies, and versatile tools for automation routine, but, at the same time the important business processes requiring voice communication with the client. VoiceBox allows to receive a range of services in one "window": voice robot, communication services and numbering. What significantly saves time and financial resources",

According to the developer, the VoiceBox interface is simple and intuitive. Any specialist without skills of programming can work in it. The robot gathers from ready functional units: the entering and outgoing calls, recognition and speech synthesis, the interactive menu, logical processing, readdressing, integration into the external database. Depending on the purposes of an advertizing or information campaign it is possible to select suitable number: city or in format 8-800. It is also possible to plan campaigns for a certain period and in real time to trace statistics. Besides, VoiceBox can be integrated with the majority of the CRM systems, for example, of Bitriks24 or amoCRM.

In MTT noted that the solution is especially relevant when many companies are forced to pass only to voice and text communications with clients. And also will help the companies which gradually return to offline and want to notify clients on the beginning of work, change of a location, stocks and new offers. VoiceBox can be used in the different industries and segments where automation of communications is required. For example, Internet service providers can use the robot for reminders to clients about need to pay Internet access and estimates of level of service, polls of clients about job satisfaction of assemblers, service qualities, etc. Beauty shops, medical clinics, real estate agencies using the robot can confirm or postpone the client's visit, and online stores to inform the buyer on an order status or to confirm delivery. VoiceBox allows to automate any repeating processes.

According to the developer, the feature of a product is that the platform is provided for creation of the robot free of charge, the user pays only traffic.